The decline of America

America is now on the downhill decline; I don't wish it for the brave and generous American people, and I love the American people for their freedom of thinking and love of science, but I think that's it.

The factors leading to the decline of America:
1- The atheism: which is the denial of God Almighty and Most Gracious; which will result in the top ungratefulness to God's bounties.
2- The enthusiasm about Jesus Christ, so that they considered him the son of God or God Himself or a part of Trinity. --a violation of the First Commandment.
3- The patronism: that is taking a large number of saints as patrons Patron Saints Index - SQPN , on whom they rely and ask their needs from, and believe they save them from dangers and increase their fortune.-- a violation of the First Commandment.
4- The prevailed adultery in the community in the name of love: the girl-friend and the boy-friend instead of the wife and husband.
5- The homosexuality aknowledgement and justification by law: marriage of the same sex to which they give court certificate like the husband and wife: and this is the top of immorality.
6- The transgression on other nations and peoples of the world: their rabied fleets go here and there to spread their alleged democracy.
7- The economic problem of the usury: the ratio of profit for lending and borrowing, which is the ruling way in the banks.

All these points --> lead to God's wrath, and the decline of their civilization.
God is Just: as they do to peoples, God will do the same to them.
God punishes the atheist, the idolaters, the enthusiastic and the worng-doer.

The way to prevent this decline:
1- Glorify God alone without associate or equal or son: according to the First Commandment.
2- Be just with other nations and do not align to the side of Zionists to the disadvantage of the Arab and Palestinian people in their homeland.
3- Resort to the Ten Commandments and apply them: the relation is only by the marriage of wife and husband;
and stop the justification of the homosexuality which is the top of oppression and humiliating the dignity and the manhood.
4- Abandon the usury and ratio of profit, and in stead encourage the work and companies and factories and farmers to increase the production.
5- Take 20% out of the gain of every individual and company who gain much more their requirements.
And redistribute that for: the poor, the needy, the way-farer, the orphans and widows, those who are much indebted, ..etc.

Monotheism Is the Way of Success