The Quran is more correct than the Torah and the Gospel

Originally, God revealed each of the Torah to Moses, the Gospel to Jesus and the Quran to Mohammed.

The first two had suffered much alterations relating even to the major principles of the faith and relating even to the First Commandment itslef: the most important of all the Commandments: that God is One without associate or son or equal.

While the Quran is pure and intact; therefore refer to the Quran which is the same as the original but not the distorted books of God.

Originally the Torah revealed to Moses, and the Gospel revealed to Jesus as is the Quran revealed to Mohammed confirm each other particularly concerning "the devotion to God alone" which is [The First Commandment].

But the events of history led to the disappearance of the original Torah, the available Torah now is in fact The Torah [or Hebrew Bible] of Ezra which is full of mistakes and lies.

While the Gospel, it is obvious that there are now 4 gospels when God did reveal only one Gospel full of wisdom and parables; this was because of many factors like the charlatan kings e.g. Constantine.

While the Quran: it is the original and kept by knowing it by heart: like the Ten Commandments.

So the Quran confirms the Ten Commandments, and the Quran is only comparable to the Ten Commandments written by God Himself: the Quran is the word of God word by word and letter by letter