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The idolatry in the community - منتديات الهدى
  • تطبيق البحث في القرآن الكريم مع التصفح وتفسير الآيات القرآنية المتشابهة بأسلوب واضح ومفهوم للجميع من كتاب تفسير المتشابه من القرآن.
  • اثبات عدم وجود ناسخ ومنسوخ في القران الكريم
  • وقت الافطار الحقيقي في شهر رمضان على ضوء القران الكريم
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    تاريخ التسجيل : Sep 2011
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    The idolatry in the community

    Jews, Christians and Muslims: all of them reject the idol and the idolatry.

    In particular, the first commandment is contrary to statues and idols:

    ((Take for yourself no engraven statue to worship and sanctify.))

    Prophet Abraham who was before Jews, Christians and Muslims; he in fact is their grandfather. And he broke up the idols of his people.

    The strange thing in this subject is that:
    atheists, idolaters and associaters who associate others with God; they respect each other idols and gods, but are enemies of God Most Gracious.

    They call it the traditions, but when it came to God Most Gracious, all these are enemies of God their Creator the Most Gracious and Al-Mighty.

    توقيع John Wassov

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    رقم العضوية : 419
    تاريخ التسجيل : Sep 2011
    المشاركات : 248
    التقييم: 10
    Most of people following each of these religions:

    ((they fell in the idolatry and the enthusiasm about thier Jesus, saints, Jewish sages, imams, sheikhs and others.))

    Christians have erected statues of Mary mother of the Christ in their churches, in additions to statues of many saints, and the cross itself is an idol of the Christ being crucified.

    Jews sanctify the graves and shrines of their prophets and religious sages like The grave of Abraham in the Al-Khalil, the grave of Rachel, the grave of Bar Yohaya ...etc.

    Muslims in all their countries fell in this idolatry: the graves of their imams, sheikhs and religious men everywhere are sanctified. In addition to images and pictures of their Prophet Mohammed and the imam Ali and his sons ...etc.

    Now atheists, the enemies of God, attack the belief in God and the "exclusive devotion to God alone" and leave idols and idolaty: because these are traditions that should be respected.

    So this is the best obvious proof that such atheists follow the suggestions of Satan from whecne they are not aware.

    In this respect they are like their allies the idolaters and assoiaters.

    And it is very strange to see the Pope condemn the destruction of the idol of Buddah because it is a tradition: in this respect he defends his own idolatry.
    توقيع John Wassov

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