Abraham emigrated from Iraq to the Land of Canaan: which is Jordan
When Moses ordered his people to conquer the Holy Land which God ordained them that they would enter it: it was Jericho. And that was according to a command of God to conquer the idolaters or heathens of Jericho
But they rebelled and refused to fight in God's way against the idolaters

Of course Zionists have now come to Palestine, without any command of God, to fight against Muslims who worship God alone, and Muslims are not heathen nor idolaters

Then wars continued against the heathen or idolaters of Palestine, so Joshua, then Saul, then David then Solomon ... all of them struggled to help God's religion

In the time of Solomon, the golden age, the state spread all over Palestine and had good relations with the surrounding regions, like Lebanon when Solomon made a deal with the king of Lebanon to buy from him the wood for constructing the House of God at Jerusalem

and like the kingdom of Sheba in Yemen, ruled by Queen Balquies

But Mecca in Saudia Arabia and the surrounding regions, there is no indication about anything touched it; specially they were at that time inhabited and ruled by Ishmael's sons and descendants who worshiped God alone without associate, according to the religion of their grandfather Prophet Abraham: that is when the idolatry did not come yet to Mecca, and that was before Mohammed by more than thousand of years

By the way, Moses married his wife out of the Arab of Midian in Sinai, that was when he fled Pharaoh and went to Midian, and he had two sons from his Arabian wife. The father of this woman, his father in law as called by the English, was a righteous man, following the creed of Abraham, and the Midianites used to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca.

This is in the Quran about the Queen of Sheba
43 :27
Then [Solomon] diverted [and prevented] her from worshipping [the sun g] that she worshipped apart from God; she was [one] of a people of disbelievers
.................................................. ..
g So she refrained [from her idolatry] and changed her doctrine

Then she said after she converted and submitted to God's religion: lit. became a Muslim together with Solomon

44 :27
She said: "My Lord, I have wronged myself [by worshipping the sun], but [now] I submit myself, together with Solomon, to God the Lord of the worlds." h
.................................................. .
h Then she returned to her country

The interpretation is by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly

Therefore, she returned to her country, as the queen of that country, and it seems that Solomon only had dominion on that country, but not occupation