Did Prophet Abraham wrangle with the angels, who were his guest?
Prophet Abraham was kind-hearted; he wrangled with the angels concerning Lot's people.
Was that a correct or wrong act?
How did he wrangle? And what for?

They were three angels sent by God to give the good news to Abraham of begetting a boy born to him by Sarah his wife; and they told Abraham they would go to Lot's people for their punishment.

Quran 11: 74-76, which mean
{ 74. And when Abraham's fear subsided, and the glad news [of the male child] came to him, he started to dispute with Us m about Lot’s people.

75. Indeed, Abraham was clement n, oft-sighing [for his father and his people o] and oft-returning [to God with obedience and worship].

76. [The angels said:] "Abraham, forsake this [word and the disputing about Lot’s people]; for the bidding of your Lord has come [about the punishment and the termination, so it will inevitably befall them], and indeed there is, coming to them, torment that cannot be turned back [away from them.]"}
.................................................. ...............

m i.e. to dispute and ask Our messengers about Lot’s people.
His dispute was that he said to them: “If there are in the city fifty believers, will you destroy [all Lot’s people]?”
They said: “No.”
He said: “Then if forty!”
They said: “No.”
And he kept up decreasing the number, and they kept up saying: No, until he said: “If one!”
They said: “No.”
So he argued with them concerning Lot, and said: “Lot is in the city of Sodom.”
They said: “We know better about those in the city: so we will save him together with his family.”

n i.e. he does not rush in various circumstances.

o Because they did not listen to his words, neither did they refrain from worshipping the idols.

The interpretation is by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly