Why God set Nabuchodonosor on the Israelites

Because they associated others with Him in violation of the First Commandment: so they associated the Baal, Astaroth, the gold calves made for them by Jeroboam son of Nebat which he erected in Shekim and they went on worshiping such idols and the Star Sirius in addition to the tombs of their prophets and religious men.(Of course such association with God was the result of their wrong-doing and wickedness as it is written in many books of the Torah included in the Old Testament

God caused the people killed and fallen captive and their temple destroyed and their Torah torn up. So that their glory was completely abolished: even their king taken captive and his eyes quenched and his sons killed before his eyes

Therefore, this was the revenge of God against the idolatrous people who violated the First Commandment in addition to all other Ten Commandments

The Torah is so extensive with its so many books of the prophets, and there was no publishing and printing at that time, and there is nothing documented or written that Daniel or others have written the Torah once again, might be according to their situation in the captivity and the extensive nature of the Torah Bible

But it is documented that the Priest Ezra re-wrote such Torah following their return from the captivity of Babylon

Then when the Christ came he confirmed the Ten Commandments and tried to make people understand and work according to the essence of these Commandments and not to the external words only. Therefore, with his parables and seremonies he asserted such teachings

Moreover, not all the statements were distorted; the main statements generally accepted and the Christ busy himself by making people undestand his teachings of the essence of the Commandments

Later on, God revealed the Quran which abolished the statements of the Torah and brought its statements: some similar to the Torah statements and others milder than the statements of the Torah
So now, the believer in God alone without associate and the believer in all the prophets including Jesus and Mohammed and the believer in all the revealed books from God: the original Torah, the original one Gospel, and the Quran ... such believer will follow the true authentic new orders and statements revealed by God, and the old distorted ones should be discarded
And the believer in God as One without associate or son and such believer in the Quran will have the advantage of the easy statements of God revealed in the Quran and getting rid of the confused and distorted words included in the Torah and the Gospel