Stephen Hawkins warned of answering the aliens and that people should be cautious of them

The ET beings; I believe there are such beings .. some call them the aliens
The planets of our solar system with the exception of Mercury and Venus, that once had born life which was terminated later on
The rest of planets from Mars and outwards .. all have life .. plant, animal and man (like us to some extent with differences like the different races on our Earth)

If we look to the sky and see all these stars glistening and illuminating .. all this is not in vain .. life is there on all the earths or the planets whether our solar planets or far planets outside our solar system

The universe, I think, is full of life and living beings .. intelligent .. to worship God alone as the One God in the entire universe: no god but He alone, and having a large number of names.

As in the Quran 55: 78, which means
{ Blessed be the name k of your Lord, having majesty and honor}
.................................................. .........

k i.e. His names have increased, and His position is lofty, and He has the majesty and honor

Anyhow, life does not evolve as this atheist insists .. it is created by a Most Wise and All-Mighty God

So one day .. in the near future, I believe a meeting will take place between the man of Earth and the ET man: either they will come or we will go
I think man of Earth will go to Mars and to Jupiter or Saturn and will find the man of Mars, the man of Jupiter or its moons


One point: man of Earth goes over-planets (like over-seas) with his aggressive attitude or with his peace attitude; almost while they are evil, they will anticipate evil and will make evil, and will have the evil consequences. Or if they are good vice versa