Man needs to follow; and if he has any goodness, he may be followed
At the same time: both the leader and followers should be friends

So if man finds wisdom, he ought to follow it, and to seek after wisdom and the correct idea and act
And the wise rational man better gives his acquired knowledge to others

Quran 31: 15, among the exhortations of Luqman (Tobias) to his son, which means
{And follow the way of those who turn devoutly to Me i}
.................................................. .........

15 i i.e. work according to the way of the obedient worshippers

This indicates following others when they enjoin the correct program

While on the other hand, it is in the Quran 15: 17, also among the advice of Luqman (Tobias to his son), which mean
My son, perform the prayers, enjoin the right, forbid the wrong and forbear patiently that which afflicts you

which implies the commanding of every righteous work and forbidding every indecent conduct

The Admonition in the Quran

Anyhow, Abu Abd-Allah said: I don't mind following the word of a child if it is correct
Comment: God makes this child understand or utter something about which we are confused, and so we find the truth from his mouth