The ComRes survey, published on Wednesday, asked several questions about religion and perceptions of Jesus among 2,000 youth ages 11 to 18

The poll, which was conducted Dec. 7–19, 2016, found that among the 2,000, only 54 percent of people would describe Jesus as a "real person who actually lived," with 27 percent calling Him a "mythical or fictional character," and 19 percent saying they don't know

Of those who believe Jesus is real, only 30 percent said He was "God in human form." The most popular selection was that He was a "prophet/religious leader but not God," at 40 percent, while another 18 percent called Him a normal human being

Most UK Students Say Jesus Is Real, but Not 'God in Human Form': Survey

This is because the youth mind is fresh and nearer to the correct logic and reason