The liberation of Palestine

Many men announced and wished they could fulfil the dream of all Arabs and Muslims: that is the liberation of their dear homeland of Palestine and in particular the dear city of Al-Quds or Jerusalem, like to Saladdin who had liberated it from the Crussades before.

Israel like a draggar in the heart of the Arab homeland and the Muslim world is still there since 1948 or before that.

But none of these men could achieve this purpose till now; although the prophecy in the Quran (and the Bible) is very obvious.

Why is this?
Because the Muslim world now is like a body without spirit or soul ... this is because they (like the past nations of Jews and Christians) have fallen in the enthusiasm about their imams and sheikhs .. and this is the reason for their decline and the setting of Jews and Christians on them to occupy their land and plunder their wealth.

But this situation will change .. not by the Arab Spring as they call it, but ... when they ((devote themselves to God alone)) without associate, and foresake the enthusiasm about Prophet Mohammed, his comapnions and his family members.

I think, when there is one man truly devoted to God alone, and the nation confirm him --> he will - by God' will - liberate Palestine and fulfil the Arab dream and ambition ..

this man is the Awaited Mahdi who will liberate Palestine very very easily, after he eradicates the enthusisam and idolatry.