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    Kirlian's Photography

    Quoted from the book (An Hour with Ghosts) ByMohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilli
    Kirlian's Photography

    The failure of the science – till now – to prove scientifically the existence of the spirit, does not at all mean that it is not existent; for the cosmic radiations coming from the space and falling on our planet since millions of years ago; these radiations were existent even before scientists were able to discover them. Similarly Roentgen rays were always existent even before scientists were able to prove them and before scientists of physics could discover and apply them.

    The atmosphere of the earth is full of millions of musical tones broadcasted by the world broadcast stations, in addition to the pictures and films of various television channels. But we cannot verify these pictures and tones except via the way of the radio and television sets. In addition, there are sounds that we cannot hear and lights that cannot be seen in spite of their existence.

    The question is: Haven't we now any instrument by which we can pick the picture of the spirit or the soul!?

    By using a new technical device for reception, the Soviet engineer Semyon Kirlian
    was able in Krasnodar to make the radiation energies which come out of the bodies of living beings, to make them apparent and visible to the eye. Moreover, Kirlian's photography, which was invented by this engineer, allowed the appearance of some bodies that were not present originally; for there appeared on the Kirlian's image a person with his two normal legs in spite of that one of his legs had previously been amputated.

    Kirlian achieved another important advance when he proved that at the moment of death of the experimental animal, sparks of body energy depart slowly from the material body then they put out. So were these sparks: "the spirit" as we call them?"

    This is what I have quoted from "The Student Voice" magazine.

    التعديل الأخير تم بواسطة thamer ; 09-21-2012 الساعة 09:44 PM
    توقيع thamer

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