The Torah :The Hebrew Bible

God-be exalted- said to Moses the son of Imran: “Cut out two tablets of stone.” Then God- be exalted- by the pen of His Ability, wrote ten words[ on the stone tablets], i.e. ten commandments, which Moses brought down from the Mount Sinai, in the wilderness of Sinai. Then God-be exalted- inspired to Moses what was lawful and what was unlawful, and instructions and tales about the old nations and about the prophets and apostles, that Moses folk wrote down on the parchments, i.e. gazelle’s skin; because there wasn’t paper for writing at that time .Then they copied from the Book of Abraham and some of the scriptures of prophets and their stories with their nations that they wrote down on the gazelle parchment, and that book was called “The Torah Collection” or “ The Hebrew Bible”, which Christians call the “ The Old Testament”; the Children of Israel worked according to its instructions. But they did not hold fast with this religion and with what God had commanded them of the Law included in it, but they changed and altered [it] after the death of their prophet Moses, and they disobeyed their Lord’s commandments.

The first disobedience they committed, was that they married the idolatresses, while God- be exalted- prohibited, in the Torah, their marriage to the idolatresses , so this marriage was a misfortune for them; for it caused their destruction; because those women asked their husbands to worship the idols and they obeyed the women about that and associated[ the idols with the Lord in their worship.] One of them was King Achab: he married Jezabel who was an idolatress worshipping the idol Baal or Baalim. She asked her husband King Achab to worship the idol, and he obeyed her and served it, adored it and ordered his people to do like him, so they obeyed him and worshipped it. Since then, they went on serving the idols both the kings and the people, and they were fifteen kings of the Children of Israel. The last one of them was Sedecias: he was taken captive to Babylon by the king of Babylon who put out both his eyes, then he died in his prison at Babylon.

God- be exalted- sent many prophets to the Children of Israel who prohibited them from idolatry and from marrying idolatresses, but they did not listen to them and did not obey their orders, but disbelieved them, insulted them and killed some of them. The last of the prophets who prohibited them from idolatry were: Isaiah, Jeremiah and the last of them was Ezekiel. And because they didn’t give up the worship of idols; God gave the king of Babylon a power over them so he killed them, destroyed their temple at Jerusalem, tore up their Torah and took their wealth in possession. He also took captive the rest of them to Babylon where they stayed for seventy years serving Nabuchodonosor, king of Babylon. But when Nabuchodonosor died and his son reigned after him, he permitted them to return back so they returned back to Palestine after that period of time.

Therefore, their original Torah was torn up by the king of Babylon and they lost it. While as regards the tablets of stone, Moses threw them violently on the ground when he saw his people serving the calf [statue] which the Samaritan made for them, so the tablets were broken into pieces. While as regards the ark, it was plundered, in the war, by their enemies. Therefore; neither Torah, nor tablets
were left for them.

As regards the present Torah [or Hebrew Bible], it was written for them by the priest Ezra [or Esdras] the son of Siraeh, who altered some of its instructions, tales and stories of the prophets… etc. that act might have been intentionally or not; because he became old forgot what was written in the original Torah, after the seventy years that he tarried at Babylon.

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The Conflict
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