All the concessions about the Aqsa mosque, Jerusalem and Palestine are refused, and are never accepted by the Islamic nation

Zionist Jews of Tel Aviv are known to all people by their cunning and deception

At 1948 they occupied a large part of Palestine the homeland of the Arab Palestinians, then they occupied the rest of that country in the year 1967
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And since then they worked to terrify the Palestinians to force them to leave their country by many ways, and to seduce them by giving them money or other things to do so

Now they negotiate with the some of the Palestinians to get more concessions about the Palestine homeland, Jerusalem and the Aqsa mosque

The Aqsa mosque is the house of God for worshipping God alone, and the Palestinians are not idolaters like they were at the time of Moses and Joshua

Palestinians now are Muslims worshipping God alone and believing in all the prophets including Jesus and Moses, and they believe in the Torah revealed to Moses and the Gospel revealed to Jesus in addition to the Quran revealed to Mohammed

Muslims do worship God alone in the Aqsa mosque and they do not worship idols

Moreover, the Aqsa mosque belongs to God Who has given it as inheritance to Muslims to worship Him alone and to glorify His name in it

In addition, Palestine, Jerusalem and the Aqsa mosque do not belong to anyone or any group: Jews, Christians, even not to any Muslim. It belongs to God Who gave it to Muslims to worship Him alone, and they have been doing this since more than 1400 years

Therefore, all the concessions about the Aqsa mosque, Jerusalem and Palestine are refused and never accepted by the Muslim nation

A Warning to Jews of Perishing, If they do not believe in the Quran