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The soul is breathed into the fetus after 8 weeks - منتديات الهدى
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    The soul is breathed into the fetus after 8 weeks

    In the name of God and Bhmayor
    The soul is breathed into the fetus after 8 weeks
    In terms of the texts of the revelation of the Quran and Sunnah and embryology ancient and modern supported images clearly show us and no room for doubt that the phases of the first three; sperm and the clot and the embryo be in six weeks, not 4 months, and to breathe life be after the completion of the settlement, adjustment, and photography to create the bones and clothing, meat and skin and the creation of hearing and sight at the end of the eighth week of pregnancy.
    And can stand to see her baby is moving clearly on the screen of a screening ultrasound in the ninth week, and as a state real specific - where people are convinced more news realism confirmed and accurate - they told me my sister that she saw her baby in the ninth week of pregnancy on the screen of the device is moving in like a jump or kicking, and I wondered that they do not feel this movement, said the nurse that he is too small to feel. This movement occurs by virtual skeletal muscle, and it is known from verses 12-14 of Sura believers that the creation of skeletal muscle (meat, coating the bones) to be developed after the end of the embryo and the creation of the bones.
    As discussed below (breathed) of the book (the benefits of the university)

    Stages of creation:
    Sperm in the first week, then the leech in the second week and third, and then begins the heart beat at the beginning of the fourth week and begin the process of the embryo to the fortieth day of pregnancy, and is divided into an embryo, is synthetic in the fourth week is not the form in which no planning, and then begins the synthesis emergence of sprouts arms and legs , head and abdomen and more buds internal organs while retaining in the embryo, and then begin the settlement, adjustment, and imaging to create bone where it appears the first centers of ossification Visalb the body and is seeking to acquire skeletal cartilage and then coated with meat and skin and then be the creation of hearing and sight, and that from the beginning of the seventh week to the end of the eighth week, then All internal and external devices may Tkhalguet order of God Almighty in the form of a mini, and the length of the embryo-3cm in an entire human {blessed be Allah the Best of creators} and the fetus continue to grow slowly until the twelfth week, and then grow very quickly after that until the end of pregnancy.
    Original Scientific Research:
    Allah says: {And indeed We created man from a strain of clay, then We made the sperm in McCain's decision, then we have created sperm Fajlguena leech Hirudo embryo Fajlguena Vksohna embryo bones with flesh and bone we have created a different creature blessed be Allah the Best of creators! 12-14 believers.
    He says: {O you people, if you are in doubt of the expedition then we have created you from dust, then from the sperm and then from the leech embryo of synthetic and synthetic 5} pilgrimage.
    The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: {that one of you brings to Islam in his mother's womb for forty days, then have the leech like that, then be in the embryo, like that, then send the King to see when the spirit and ordered four words books of his living for him and his work and the two or Said} Agreed upon by Muslim / 2643.
    He said peace be upon him: {If passed sperm There are two and forty nights God sent to the property photographed; and create and heard her sight and her skin and flesh and bones and then said, O Lord; recall or female? Make up the Lord wills, and writes the King, and then say, O Lord; for? Lord willing, as he says and writes the King, and then say, O Lord; his living?Make up the Lord wills, and writes the King, then King out the newspaper in his hand, not more than what is lacking is not true} Muslim / 2645.
    In the (year) said: {The sperm if signed in the womb for forty nights - or he said: five and forty nights breathed into him the Spirit, he said, brought a king of the uterus enters depicts his bone and flesh and blood and hair and nails and nose and eyes, then say: O Lord; recall or female ? ..} horses in the shadows of Paradise / 179.
    He said: {enter the King on the sperm after it settles in the womb forty - or - five and forty nights, he says, O Lord; Doomed or happy? Victban, he says, O Lord; recall or female?Victban, writes, and his work and its impact him and his living, and then folded newspapers, do not be increased or decreased Sahih Muslim} / 2644.
    He said: {The sperm is in the womb for forty days and then imagined by the king - you guessed it, said Zuhair said: who created says, O Lord; recall or female? And makes God is male or female, and then say, O Lord; syngeneic or abnormal? Together and makes God, or abnormal, then say, O Lord, what living is what created him? Then it is naughty or happy corrected} Muslim / 2645.
    Combination is still scattered and spread; Valentafh cells are rapidly divide in like a drop of water, and the coherence increases (gathering) of these cells during this phase and then in the process of clot and then in the process of the embryo is a piece of flesh, coherent process of combining the first hadeeth includes three phases, and the character favorably saying {then the leech ...} is a tendency in the deleted, a sperm, or is the separator between the whole and detail, and saying {that} ie in the forty days, but he {like this} means that the clot and the embryo is a combination mentioned in the beginning of the talk; any such combination, which began in the process of sperm, and in one of the accounts by al-Bukhaari / 7016 confirm this: {The creation of one of you brings together in his mother's womb for forty days and forty nights, and then a leech like him, and then the embryo like him! conscience is here returned to the masculine a combination.
    The verse clearly indicates that the bone after creating the embryo, and in the second hadeeth; begin shooting, which begins the creation of bone after 42 days of pregnancy, and this was confirmed by modern science. It is clear in conversations the second, third and fourth that writing (male or female) and four words are after the 40-45 days of pregnancy, but the second hadeeth explained that this writing be after imaging, and apparent second version of the book (year) indicates that the soul is breathed be before imaging, while in the first conversation is with writing four words where the separation between them with the word (f) and this showed, in the novel Bukhari / 3154: {then Allaah sends an angel to four words writes his work and him and his living and naughty or happy, and breathed into him} and so be the first weeks of pregnancy: sperm and then leech embryo (in 40 days), and photography, and write (male or female) and write four words and breathed the soul after 8 weeks of pregnancy.
    And the conjunction of the words of God Almighty, then we have created a different creature! Came a line between detail and whole, which refers to rapid change and the great difference between the beginning of pregnancy to the covering of the bones with flesh, and obviously in the form of the fetus with the eight weeks that the human being and a clear humanitarian All Hearing and his moderation and his image in the -3cm long, and you could see his movement with modern equipment at this fetal age and height {blessed be Allah the Best of creators}.
    What about consensus?
    Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar said in the (open) that scientists agreed that the soul is breathed not until after four months. This, as the forty days are all developed from three phases (the sperm and the clot and the embryo), we found an error that, while the words of the Prophet peace be upon him: Verily, Allah does not gather with my on going astray} (Saheeh), perhaps intended Baldilalh error in the rulings illegal, and the error here is in understanding the story of the News of Revelation, the provisions related to it which the scholars have differed.
    Then I saw a description mentioned by Ibn Hajar in (open) without objection it: (They said that if semen is encompassed in the uterus did not throws turned on himself and intensified to fully six days (1) Vinqt the three points in the positions of the heart, brain, liver, and then shows among those dots lines five to fully three days and then implement the vessels in which to fully fifteen (2) are characterized by three members then extends moisture bone to fully twelve days (3) and then separated head from the shoulders and the Parties on the ribs and abdomen of the fetus (4) in nine days, then is this distinction so that it appears on broken four days, thereby completing the forty days, this is the meaning of saying peace be upon him together created in forty days, and it depends what the most beautiful in it) Fath al-Bari 11/481, I say after this that the fetus can not be described Balalqh Balamadgh is not synthetic after the separation of the head and shoulders of the Parties on the ribs.
    As for the reports in the novel Imam Ahmed / 3553: {to be sperm in the womb for forty days, the same does not change, if passed Forty-leech and then became the embryo as well as the bones, then} Ibn Hajar and al-Arna'oot: isnaad weak and uninterrupted.
    I have no doubt that this consensus is the wisdom willed by God Almighty; was probably to prevent a consensus on a going astray, and God Almighty knows best and
    (1) when fully developed sperm and the beginning of the attached wall of the uterus after 7 days from the beginning of pregnancy (fertilization).
    (2 ) means 6 +3 +6.
    (3), thus 27 days at the end of the process the embryo is synthetic.
    (4) of this synthetic description of the embryo.

    This image of Jenin after 9 weeks of pregnancy
    توقيع الزبيديه

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