Soora 114


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. Say, [Mohammed]: "I seek protection [of God] the Lord a [and Creator] of men,"


[3] 2. "The King [and Owner] of men," b


[4] 3. "The God of men," c


[5] 4. "From the evil of the invisible whispering d,"


[6] 5. "That whispers e in the breasts of men,"


[Then God be glorified explained from whom such whispering or suggestion comes, and He said:]

[7] 6. "[Coming] from genies f and men g."


1 a The word in the Arab language is the chief who has the sovereignty on his people.




2 b While any other king: his kingdom will inevitably disappear.




3 c The god means the deity or the worshipped one.




4 d Or that which slinks away from the sight!




5 e The whispering or suggestion issues from devils and evil souls, and the implication of the words reaches to the memory so man will perceive it and understand its meaning.




6 f Devils in fact are the disobedient genies.

6 g It means: the spirits of the disobedient and hypocritical men.



The interpreter of the Quran and the Bible: Mohammed Ali Hassan Al-Hilly said:

By God's help, the interpretation of the Glorious Quran entitled (The interpretation of the Revelation) is completed; written by Mohammed-Ali, son of Hassan, son of Mahmood, Al-Hilly by residence, the Iraqi by country.

So praise be to God: for His guidance and for granting us success to achieve this, and for His Grace and favor on us.


The Translator E. A. Nassir said:

God be glorified honored me to translate this valuable interpretation of the Quran; for His surplus is so tremendous on us: to see whether we will be grateful or ungrateful; so all praise and gratitude is due to Him: the Praiseworthy, the Most Gracious.


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