Soora 13


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


The meaning


More explanation

[2] 1. Alif, Lam, Miem, Ra.

[These abbreviated letters mean:]

Recite To people, O Mohammed, the Messenger. (R.T.M.M.)

(Those signs of revelation of the Scripture a.

The [Quran] which has been revealed to you [O Mohammed] from your Lord is the truth b, but most people believe notc.)


[3] 2. God it is Who raised up the [gaseous d] heavens without any pillars e, about which you may have knowledge [in the future] f;

then He mounted over the throne g,

and subjected the sun and the moon h; each [of the sun and the moon] running on [in its orbit i] for an appointed term j;

He directs the am'r [from the heaven to the earthk];

He expounds the revelations l;

that you may have sure belief in the meeting with your Lord. m


[4] 3. And it is [God] Who supplemented the earth n,

and made [mountains] to land thereon o,

and [made therein] riversp;

and of every fruit q He made, therein, two spouses [: male and female r];

He covers the day with the night s.

All of that t [indeed] includes indicative signs u to a people who contemplate v.


1 a It means: Recite to people O Mohammed, the messenger the signs of revelation of the Book, i.e. the ayat and sooras revealed before this soora, and you have written in the book: rehearse it to people that they may receive admonition.

1 b So dont doubt about it, and dont pay attention to their words, when they said: the one who revealed to you is a devil or genie.

But the revelation that has come to you is from God.

1 c And therefore, they dispute with you with their words of falsehood.



2 d Such gases that are harmful to man.

2 e Because He made the [gases] light in weight so they rose up from the earth lest people should perish because of their suffocating and poisoning gases.

2 f The Arabic word in the aya means the knowledge.

The heavens here means the atmosphere of the earth, and they are seven gaseous layers, so they are mentioned here in plural, while they are mentioned in singular in the Quran 55: 7, which means:

(And the firmament has He raised high, and He has brought down the Law [of justice included in the heavenly scriptures.])

2 g The throne is an ethereal layer, situated over the seven ethereal heavens inhabited by angels. However, I have explained in full about the Throne and the heavens in my book The Universe and the Quran so read it if you like to have more explanation.

2 h For your advantages like your calculations, the growing of your plant, the falling down of your rain and a reason for your living; for without the sun there will not be any man living on earth.

2 i For the sun rotates around its axis, and the moon circles around the earth.

2 j i.e. to a limited term and a stated time known to Us, when their life will end: the moon will divide into two halves and the sun will attract the moon to it, while the sun life will end and its surface will become cold and it will become an earth, then it will burst by means of the gases which will be imprisoned inside its core, so it will split up and become nineteen pieces which will be attracted to the sun nearest to them, and so they will circle around it and a new solar system will result instead of the present one.
So if you like to have more explanation then read my book:
The Universe and the Quran .

2 k It means: He sends down the angels to guide and teach you.

This is like His saying be glorified in the Quran 32: 5, which means:

(He directs the 'amr' [: the angels] from the heaven to the earth.)

2 l It means: He explains them in details.

2 m It means: So that you may believe in the existence of a second world other than your material world which is the world of souls: the ethereal world, and the judgment and rewarding will be there.



3 n With the dusty and rocky substances, gases and water, until its cold crust increased and it became suitable for habitation.

The supplement which He sent on the earth is the celestial rocks and meteorites which fell on it in the beginning.

In addition, the cosmic dust particles falling on the earth in large amounts, which increased its cold crust.

Moreover, the gases combine with other elements and so increasing their volume; e.g. the oxygen gas combines with the iron increasing its volume and forming the iron oxide. And the carbon dioxide gas combines with the calcium oxide to increase its volume and form the calcium carbonate.

As such the earth crust started to increase gradually, by means of the gases and the rocks falling from the space, in addition to the dust particles and the rain until it became suitable for habitation.

3 o i.e. For its balance lest it should sway away and rotate unsystematically. And that the mountains will be as indicative marks and signs for you in the earth, lest you should miss the way. And they also have a role in cooling the weather in summer time, and for many other advantages.

3 p Which flow for your advantages: like your drinking, and that your ships move along them, and to give drinks to your cattle, your gardens and fields. In fact there will be no life on your earth without the water.

3 q He made the fruits on your trees, so that you eat some of them, store some of them to the time of winter, and you extract of them drink and oil for your food.

3 r In order that the fertilization will result, and the fruit will be formed.

3 s With its darkness; that is because of the rotation of the earth around its axis, so that We made the night for your sleep and your rest with the sleep, without which you would have perished because of tiredness.

3 t Which We have just mentioned.

3 u i.e. clear indications that there is an All-Able and All-Knowing Creator of the universe, Who created all these things for your advantage; therefore, you should worship Him and be grateful to Him for these bounties.

3 v About them and about their creation; while the heedless do not contemplate, so they are like the tied beast: it is concerned only with its fodder.



[5] 4. There are, in the earth, pieces [not from the earth in origin] adjacent [in place] to each other a, and gardens of vines b, and [on earth there are] plants and palm-trees: some from palm-seedlingsc and others not from palm-seedlings; [and all trees, plants and palm-trees] being watered with the same water, and we prefer some of them to others at eating d.

In that e, are indicative signs f to a people who discern [and think.]


4 a i.e. they neighbored each other; they are the meteorites which fell on the earth to become the mountains, then when the rain came down on them, the plant grew.

4 b Were formed on those mountains.

4 c Which grow around the palmtree without being planted from the seed. In Iraq, it is called Tala, while in the Andalus and other Arab countries it is called Sino.

While the other kind of the palm tree is planted from the growth of the seed.

4 d So that this is sour, that is sweet, this is salt and that is bitter; and as such their tastes, colors, smell, and sizes vary in spite of that the earth, the water, the air and the climate is the same in the same country, but the fruits differ; so had this been the work of nature as do they imagine, then all of that would have been of the same pattern, the same color and the same taste.

4 e Eating out of the various kinds of fruits.

4 f Of a Creator Who created them, and All-Knowing Who perfected them.




[6] 5. Should you [Mohammed] surprise [of anything], then the surprising [thing] is their saying: "If we die and become dust [following our death and the tearing up of our bodies], shall we then be newly re-created!?" a


[7] 6. Such [deniers] are those who disbelieve in their Lord[s might], and such [disbelievers] will have the fetters on their necks [in the afterlife], and such will be the fellows of Fire [on Doomsday] to abide therein forever.


[8] 7. The [associaters or idolaters] ask you [Mohammed] to hasten on the [evil] punishment [for them], before the good [mercy and forgiveness] b;

while the exemplary punishment [of nations of the disbelievers] passed away before them c.

Your Lord shows much forgiveness for people d in spite of their wronging [themselves], and your Lord is Severe at punishment e.



5 a It means: Will our cut up remnants and the putrefied dust collect to be a man once again? But this is impossible!









7 b That was when Gods messenger said to them: If you believe, God will forgive you your sins and show mercy to you in this life of the World and in the Next Life; but if you disobey my order and do not believe, God will send down the punishment on you and destroy you as did He destroy the people of the elephant.
So one of them said: God, if this truly is the truth coming from You, then rain on us a shower of stones out of the sky as did you rain on the people of the elephant and on the people of Lot. He said this with mockery.

7 c i.e. the punishment of the past nations who denied their apostles (or messengers) passed away before them, and they heard about their stories, and saw their ruins; so how dare they ask for the punishment, and how dont they believe in order to get the mercy and the forgiveness of God?

7 d If they believe, convert and submit themselves to God.

7 e To anyone of them who persists on his disbelief and does not convert.



[9] 8. And those who disbelieved say: "If only a miracle a were sent down onto him from his Lord!"

You [Mohammed] are only a warner b,

and for every [erring] people [did We send] their guide c.


[10] 9. God knows what every female bears d, and whatever wombs may fall short of completion e or [may] increase f; for to Him everything g is in a strict measure.


[11] 10. [God Who is] the All-Knowing about 'the unknown' h as well as 'the known' i; the All-Great j, the Most High k.


[12] 11. [To God] it is alike anyone of you who conceals his saying and anyone who proclaims it l, anyone who hides himself in the night and anyone who sallies by daym.


[13] 12. For him [: the guide], there are pursuing [angels n] from before and behind him, who guard [that guide] from the am'r of God o;

God never changes what [grace] any folk have [from God] unless they first change the [good habits and righteous acts] of their own souls.

If God intends evil to any folk [because of their wrong- doing], then the [evil] cannot be averted, and apart from God they will have not any patron p.


8 a Like the staff of Moses, the female camel of Salih and other miracles.

8 b And you will not be given the material or objective miracles which they demand, because that will not satisfy them, but when they see the miracle, they will say, as did the past nations say before them: This only is a manifest magic.

8 c To guide them to the way of the truth. And as such did We send you, Mohammed, as a warner and guide.



9 d Whether it is a male or female.

9 e i.e. and He knows also what wombs may recede or decrease by the aborting of its fetus.
9 f i.e. or [the pregnant may] exceed [in her pregnancy] so that there may be two or more fetuses in her womb.

9 g Of the elements and substances from which the fetus is formed; all that, according to Him, is done with a precise measure, with no increment or decrease; because if such substances increase or decrease, then the newly born may be defective or diseased; so Glory be to God, the Best of Creators.



10 h Which is everything absent from you, and which you dont know and dont see, including the knowledge about the fore-future.

10 i Which is everything present with you, and which you know and see.

10 j i.e. He is the Most Proud and to be worshipped with reverence and glorification.

10 k Above all creatures.



11 l i.e. To God, it is the same whether anyone of you speaks his words secretly or proclaims it publicly; [God hears and knows all that.]

11 m It means: God be glorified sees what the darkness of night conceals, as does He see what the sunlight exposes in daytime.


12 n i.e. For the guide, mentioned in the aya 13: 8 which means:

(You [Mohammed] are only a warner, and for every [erring] people [did We send] their guide.)

12 o The word Amr implies every kind of the spiritual creatures, and its plural Umoor.
It means: the pursuing angels guard the prophet from the evil spiritual creatures like the genies, devils and others.

The guarding by the angels is special for the prophets and guides, and it is not for all people. This is indicated by His saying be glorified in the Quran 72: 26-27, which means:

(The All-Knowing of the fore-future, and He does never acquaint any [of His creatures] about His knowledge of the fore-future. Save only to any messenger whom He likes [to acquaint with some of the fore-future knowledge]; so He appoints watching [-angels] to go behind him and in front of him.)

It means: God sends for the apostle or messenger some angels to guard and watch him.

12 p To take care about them and rid them from that evil.



[14] 13. It is He Who shows you the lightning, for fear [of thunderbolts] and hope [about the rain], and produces the clouds [from seas and rivers], heavy [with rain.]


[15] 14. The thunder celebrates His praises a as do angels b, for fear of Him. He sends the thunderbolt to smite therewith whom He will [to kill or harm]; yet theyc dispute about God d, the while He is Mighty in interference [between man and his heart.] e


14 a It means: The sound of the thunder exalts God above having any partner or participant; this is for anyone who thinks and contemplates about the thunder how it occurs in the space without any tool or trumpet to produce the sound; and in spite of that, it is a strong horrible sound; dont such sounds indicate Gods might and oneness, when He produced them without any machine and formed them without any difficulty.

14 b Also celebrate and glorify God fearing Him.

14 c i.e. the associaters.

14 d In spite of the large number of proofs indicating His oneness.

14 e Arent they afraid lest He should interfere between them and their hearts, when they will do to themselves as does the enemy do to his enemy; then when they will awake from their confusion and see what they have done to themselves they will regret and grieve about their negligence. And this is the most severe torment that man may have, that is the torment of conscience.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 8: 24, which means:

(And know that God intervenes between man and his heart.)



[16] 15. His [preaching] is the preaching of truth a; but those who call to other than Him b, they answer them not at all c, save as one [soul] who stretches out his hands to the water d that it may reach his [spiritual] mouth, but it reaches it not e; for the praying of unbelievers [of the idols] is only in missing [of the truth.]


[17] 16. All those in the heavens and the earth f prostrate g themselves to God, willingly or unwillingly h ; so do their shadows [give witness to their prostration], day and night i.


15 a It means: The one who invites people to God alone, and forbids the worshipping of idols, then his invitation is an invitation of truth, and he is correct in his inviting [others to God], and if he asks his need from God, He will answer him.

15 b i.e. those who invite people to worship the idols, and they ask their needs from the idols.

15 c i.e. they will not grant them their needs, because the idols are inanimate and they do not harm nor profit anyone. Moreover, the angels do not hear their request, because they are far away from them in the heavens, and even if they hear, they will not answer them, because the affair altogether is by Gods hand, not by the hand of angels, neither by the hand of prophets, nor by any otherone brought close to God.

Therefore, their praying of the peers [whom they allege to God] is useless, and nothing can be obtained from asking them, but only the wishes; it means: they will not have any benefit from asking of the idols and peers, but only the wishful thinking of such associaters and idolaters and their delusions which are within themselves, when they say: The idols will help us against our enemies and grant us our needs and intercedes for us before God; therefore, the parable for these associaters and their asking of the idols is:

15 d i.e. like a man who has gone, following his death, to the world of souls, and he, being thirsty, approaches the river and stretches out his hands to the water to scoop and drink, but he cannot do that because he has become spiritual and light like the air while the water is heavy, so he cannot carry the water to drink it. So when he desperates of that river, he returns with his thirst and loses his hope. Therefore, similarly the one who stretches out his hands to the idols or to other creatures and asks his needs from them hoping that they will grant him his needs, will return with frustration and loss.

15 e Because the water is material and heavy, while the soul is ethereal and light and cannot carry it neither can it drink of it. While about the righteous souls: they will drink ethereal water brought by the angels from Paradise. Refer to my book:  Man after Death



16 f i.e. the planets including the earth.

16 g The prostration means the submission and compliance with Gods orders.

16 h i.e. some of them comply willingly, and these are believers; while others will be compelled to comply, and these are the disbelievers: they will be compelled to submit to the punishment following their death.

16 i It means: continuously.



[18] 17. Say [Mohammed, to these associaters]: "Who is the Lord of the heavens and the earth?" a Say: Isnt He God? [They will say: "Yes, He is] God."

Say: "Do you then take as patrons b apart from Him those who have no power for benefit or harm even for themselves c?"

Say: "Are [then] the blind and the All-Seeing equald?

Or are the darkness and the light equal?" e


[19] 18. Or do the [associaters] assign to God [some] associates [: the angels] who created the like of His creation, so that the [two] creations [that of God and that of the associates] seem to them alike [and undistinguishable]? f

Say: "God is the [only] Creator of everything [in the universe], and He is the One [Who can create living beings g], the Dominant [over His servants. h]"


17 a i.e. Who created the planets including the earth. And who is their owner? And who rotated it around its axis to make the day and night, then He rotated it around the sun to make the four seasons and in order that you might know the calculation of years, months and days? And who created on it various creatures, made the water to flow and planted all kinds of plants?

17 b To ally with, love and worship them.

17 c And how can such one do to you any benefit or avert from you any harm?

17 d It means: Are they equal in that; so you worship the blind statue and disobey the All-Seeing God?

17 e It means: Anyone worships statues will fall in the depths of the darkness of ignorance; and anyone worships God, God will enlighten his way, so he will be guided to the truth, and God will cast in his heart the light of knowledge and guidance. Do you then consider the darkness and the light equal?



18 f The meaning: Did the angels, worshipped by the associaters, create some creatures similar to Gods creatures, and the associaters saw the creatures [created by the angels] with their eyes?

Or did the angels tell them that they created some creatures, which when the associaters saw, the creation was confounded before them, and they could not distinguish Gods creation from the angels creation, and therefore, they worshipped the angels and took them as associates [with God]?

18 g And there isnt in the universe any creator but He alone.

18 h It means: All of them submit themselves to His authority, either in the life of the World or in the Next Life.



[20] 19. He sends down from the sky [rain] water [which falls on the mountains], so that the valleys flow [with water] according to their measure a,

so the torrent b drifts [with it] a multiplying "zabad" [: drifted substances c],

and [the torrent drifts also] some of what they heat with fire: seeking the ornamentd, or [they heat with fire, for their] use that being "zabad" [: drifted substances] like it e .

As such does God give the parable for the truth and the falsehood f: As for the "zabad" g; it will go awayh, whereas that which benefits people i will remain on earth.

As such does God give parables. j


19 a It means: The rain water flows from these mountains to the valleys, then the water flows in the valleys, in little or large amount according to the extent of the mountains.

19 b i.e. the water, flowing from the mountains, drifts with it.

19 c Which are the calcium sulfate [: the gypsum]and the calcium carbonate [: the limestone] and other substances, which form in the earth and multiply by the combining of two elements [or more.]

In addition, the torrent drifts also colored stones and precious stones (or gemstones) like the Carnelian, the Turquoise and others.

19 d Which is the silver sulfide [Acanthite ]; the ornaments are the bracelet, the necklace, the anklet, the earring and others.

In the past, people did not know any method to extract silver from its ore, other than only this method: that is they would dig a hole in the ground into which they put the silver sulfide, then they kindle fire which will lead to the removal of the sulfur after its conversion into the gas of sulfur dioxide following its heating, and that which would remain in the hole would be the silver, which they took to make the ornaments from it.

19 e Which are the calcium sulfate [the Gypsum: like the selenite Gypsum also whitesands Gypsum , and veins of Gypsum , and calcium carbonate [the Limestone ].

So when people heated that with fire, it would become the gypsum, the gypsum plaster, and the lime which is the calcium oxide.

The gypsum is used in building; the gypsum plaster is used for molds and in hospitals to dress bone fractures: (the orthopedic cast), and for other advantages; while the lime is used in the preparation of the caustic soda and the bleaching powder (the Chlorine) and for other things; and all of that is for many advantages and uses.

Moreover, one of what they heat with fire, for their advantages is the kaolin or the white clay used in the manufacture of porcelain dishes.

19 f The true or the truth is the Islam religion, and the false or the falsehood is the religion of associaters and idolaters.

19 g Which is the sulfur.

19 h With the wind, and that is by means of heating; it is an unpleasant gas, because it is poisonous and has a bad smell, causing tightness in the chest of anyone who inhales it and leading to much coughing, and if the gas is too much it will even cause death. While the silver remains pure and non- polluted, bright to the eyesight, valuable and has many advantages.

God gave a parable about the religion of the associaters: it is like the sulfur dioxide gas which is poisonous to the one who inhales it, and has a foul smell, then it will soon be removed from the silver by heating and go away with the wind.
And He gave a parable about the religion of the Islam: it is like the silver without impurities, and it remains on earth to be used for ornamentation.
The meaning: The pagan Arab religion of the idolatry will disappear, as does the sulfur go away from the silver by heating.

19 i While the Islam religion will remain firm on earth, luminous and giving many advantages to the one who embraces it.

19 j i.e. Like this parable, does God give parables and examples for people, that they may be guided to the way of the truth.



[21] 20. For those who respond to their Lord a will be the most fair [reward b], but those who respond not: eventhough they possessed all that is in the earth, as a whole, and as much [wealth] again therewith, they would ransom themselves thereby [but they could not attain that.]

These will have an evil reward c; and their resort will be Hell d; evil is their preparation. e


[Then God be glorified explained the difference between the believer and the disbeliever, and said:]

[22] 21. Is he then, who knows that [the Quran] which is revealed to you [Mohammed] from your Lord is the truth f, like him who is blind [about the way of the truth g]?

But only men of understanding receive admonition h.


[23] 22. Who fulfill God's covenant i and break not the pact j.


[24] 23. [Those] who connect [the relation with the kindred] that God commands to be connected k, and dread their Lord l, and fear of the worst punishment [in Hell.]


[25] 24. And [those] who persevere patiently [in fighting the associaters] seeking [for Paradise which is in] the aspect of their Lord [in the ethereal heavens], and establish the prayer, and expend [on the poor and needy] of that with which We provide for them secretly [to those poor who do not beg them] and in public [to the poor who beg them], and avert evil with good [act m]; theirs shall be [in the Next Life] the abode [of rest and prosperity.]


[Then God be glorified explained about the abode which they will inhabit in the Next Life, and He said:]

[26] 25. Seven gardens, into which they will enter together with those righteous n out of their fathers, wives and seed; and the angels shall come to [visit] them from every door [of the mansion o];


[27] 26. [The angels will say to them]: "Salam to you; according to that you did patiently persevere [in the life of the World p]; now how excellent is the ultimate abode q.


[Then God be glorified started to dispraise Jews, and to explain about what they will have in the life of the World because of their disbelief and association, and what they will have in the Next life because of their breaking of the covenants which God ratified with them by means of their prophets, so He said:]

[28] 27. But those who [everytime] break the covenant r of God after ratifying it,

and sever the [connection with their kindred, and the helping of the poor and the needy] which God commands to be joined [with as much money as they can to support them],

and make mischief in the earth s;

for them is the curse t, and [in the Next life] there will be for them [Hell as] a most worse home u.



20 a With the belief, and they believe his messenger

20 b In the Next Life.

20 c This is like His saying be glorified in the Quran 2: 202, which means:

(God is Swift at the rewarding.)

It means: He is Swift at recompensing and dealing with; so if their work is righteous, He will reward them with a good reward; and if their work is evil, He will reward them with punishment.

20 d To which they will resort.

20 e Which they prepared for themselves.




21 f So he responds and believes.

21 g So he denies and acts the hypocrite. Certainly they are not equal in the sight of God.

21 h It means: it is only men having minds and reason that will receive the admonition of the Quran.









22 i With which they covenanted the prophet to help him.

22 j Which they ratified with the prophet.





23 k According to what man can do to help his poor kindred.

23 l So that they do not disobey him.







24 m i.e. they repel the bad behavior of people by their good act; it means: if any man reviles them, they say to him: May God forgive you your sin. And if a man treats them with offense, they treat him with kindness.














25 n i.e. those among them who believed and did righteous deeds; in order that their delight will be accomplished by their gathering with their fathers, wives, sons and daughters.

25 o To congratulate, ask Gods blessing and greet them.







26 p To the obedience of God and in distress and affliction for His sake.

26 q To which you have attained.












27 r With which they covenanted God to worship Him alone, and that they should not associate with Him any creature. But they broke the covenants, betrayed concerning the pacts and worshipped the idols.

27 s By stirring the sedition, and by making statues, idols and pillars to worship them.

27 t In the heavenly books, to be an abasement and disgrace for them in the life of the World.

27 u In which to dwell.



[Some Jews said to some Muslims: If you had truly followed the truth, then God would have given you as much money as has He given to us, and would not have let you poor; therefore, this aya was revealed:]

[29] 28. God enlarges provision and straitens it to whomsoever He likes a.

And [Jews] rejoice in the life of the present World b, but the life of this World is only a little comfort c in [relation to] the Next Life.


28 a It means: God gives much provision to any of His servants He likes, and He constricts the provision for others, in a way of trying them to see will they give gratitude and give thanks, or will they deny.

And the much wealth is not essentially given to the one that follows the truth; but God gives to disbelievers much wealth in the life of the World in order that they will lose in the Next life.

28 b Their rejoicing is firstly with the wealth and children, and secondly: they rejoice with their wishful thinking when they said: We are the chosen people of God Who will not punish us in the next life more than seven days.

28 c i.e. like what victuals and essentials the traveller takes for his journey, then his victuals will finish within a short time. While the victuals of the Next life will last forever, will not vanish, neither will it corrupt nor finish.



[30] 29. And those who disbelieve say: "If only a miracle were sent down upon him from his Lord!" a

Say [Mohammed, to them]: "God misguides whomever He will b, and guides to His religion whoever [of you, disbelievers] turns [towards Him c.]


[Then God be glorified described those who believed out of Jews and others, so He said:]

[31] 30. Those who believe [in the Quran],

and with God's admonition their hearts find confidence d.

Surely, hearts do find confidence e with [the Quran which is ] the admonition of God.


[32] 31. Those who believe and work righteous [works]; there will be for them a good reputation [in the life of the World, written in the heavenly books] and a good return [in the Next Life.]


29 a As did Moses bring the staff, and then we should believe him.

29 b The meaning: The guidance to the way of the truth is not by seeing the miracles, but the guidance is up to God, for God guides whomever is worthy of guidance, and misguides whomever deserves the misguiding according to his bad manner of behavior and his wronging people.

Had the guidance been by mere seeing of the miracles, then Pharaoh would have been guided and believed in Moses, but he did not believe in spite of the many miracles brought by Moses, because Pharaoh was a wrong-doer, and therefore guidance did not involve him. And as such you have not been involved by the guidance according to your wrong-doing and bad manner of behaviors.

29 c i.e. who repents from his bad acts and returns to God with righteous deeds.

Such man, therefore, God will guide to the way of the truth, so he will believe in Mohammed and convert.




30 d i.e. they are certain and confident about the reward and prosperity for the believer, which is mentioned in the Quran.
The meaning: Their hearts have confidence and find reassurance about Gods admonition, and they are certain about it.

30 e i.e. their hearts find reassurance about Gods mercy and reward.



[This aya was revealed about the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, when the associaters wanted to write the certificate of the Treaty, when Gods messenger said to Ali: Write (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.), so Suhail son of Amr and the associaters said: We dont know the Most Gracious, but write: In your name, O God, and as such were the people of the Ignorance Pre-Islam period used to write.
Then Gods messenger said: Write: This is what Moahmmed the messenger of God agreed with ..

But the associaters of Quraish said: If you had been the messenger of God, we would not have fought and barred you, we should have wronged you then! But write: This is what Mohammed son of Abdullah agreed with ]

[33] 32. As such have We sent you [Mohammed] to a nation a before which [many] nations did pass away b; to recite to them [the Quran] that We have revealed to you; yet they deny the Most Gracious c.

Say: "He is my Lord; there is no god [in the universe] but He; in Him I do put my trust [to propagate the preaching to His worship], and to Him [surely] is my repentance d."


[This aya was revealed concerning some men among the Pagan Arab; of them were Abu Jahl son of Hisham, and Abdullah son of Umayya Al-Makhzoumi: they sat in the backyard of Kaaba in Mecca, then they sent for the Prophet salam to him who came to them.

Abdullah son of Umayya said to him: If you like that we should follow you, then move the mountains of Mecca, by your recital of the Quran, and remove them from us, so that Mecca will widen, for it is a narrow land, and make for us in it many water springs and rivers, and then we will believe and follow you.

Or revive for us your grandfather Qusay or any of our dead whom you like, in order to ask him is what you say true or false.

Therefore, this aya was revealed:]

[34] 33. If there were a Quran with which mountains were moved [as do they suggest to you], or the earth were cut up [so that fountains would gush out of it], or the dead were made to speak [as do they suggeste]; but the decision as a whole [to guide or misguide them and also to move the mountains and cut up the earth] is due to God f.

g Have not those, who believe, despaired yet h; that had God [so] willed, He could have guided all mankind? i

And still those, who unbelieve, are afflicted by a calamity in their homesj, because of what they acted [against you k], or it settles near their home l, until Gods promise [to help the believers] comes [to pass];

Certainly God will never fail [His] promise m.


[35] 34. [Many] messengers before you [Mohammed] were scoffed at, and I respited those who disbelieve [in order that they might repent, but they increased in their disbelief], then I seized them [with punishment]; so how did [they find] My punishment [with which I promised them?]










32 a i.e. As had We sent many messengers (or apostles) to their nations, and they had denied them, as such have We sent you, Mohammed, to a nation ...

32 b Who also denied their messengers.

32 c Because they did not know that the Arabic word Al Rahman i.e. the Most Gracious is one of Gods names and attributes.

32 d It means: To the Most Gracious is my repentance.










33 e And their dead tell them that Mohammed follows the truth, they would not believe you Mohammed unless God will.

Similar to this aya, is another one in the Quran 6: 111, which means:

(But even though We should [As do they suggest] send down the angels to them [to tell them that you are God's messenger],

and the dead should [after reviving them] speak to them [that Mohammed is God's messenger],

and We should gather together all [beasts from every side] coming forth to them [and speak to them that you, Mohammed, are God's messenger]

they would not believe [in you, Mohammed, but they would say that they are bewitched] unless God so willed [: to guide them aright.])


33 f It means: the decision about guiding or misguiding them is up to God, as is also the moving of the mountains and the cutting of the earth up to God alone, and in fact He is All-Able to do that, but this will not occur unless at the approach of Doomsday.

33 g Some Muslims invited the associaters among their relatives to the Islam, hoping that they might convert; and then if they encounter them in the battle field, they will hesitate about fighting them; therefore, His saying be glorified was revealed:

33 h Of the conversion of the associaters among their relatives, and so they should fight them violently and with firm will, and they should not be sluggish to fight them.

33 i But God guides whomever is worthy of being guided, and misguides whomever deserves the misguidance. Therefore, dont hesitate about fighting them, for they will never convert.

33 j That will settle on their own home: like the killing, plundering, illness, death, drought and other calamities in the life of the World.

33 k For that they drove you out of Mecca and hurt you.

33 l Which are the voracious animals; it means: they inhabited the mountains near to them, to attack them by night and eat their cattle and chicken; such beasts were the wolves, foxes, snakes and lions. In fact some of them were devoured and eaten by the lion.

33 m In fact, God fulfilled His promise to help the believers with victory against the disbelieves, and He shuttered the unity of the disbelievers.



[36] 35. Is He [: God,] the Observant over every soul according to [the righteous or evil deeds] that it earned a [like an inanimate idol b]?

Yet they ascribe to God [these idols as] associates.

Say [Mohammed, to them]: "Tell me about their [true] names! c

Or will you inform [God d] of [the idols] that do not know [anything about creatures and different languages] in the earth? [For do they know the concealed language of the animal] Or [do they know] about overt words?" e

f But the guile devised by unbelievers has been made fair-seeming to them g, and they are barred from the [right] way h;

whomever God misguides, then there will not be for him any guide i.


[37] 36. For them is torment [with disease, calamities, captivity and killing] in the Worldly life, and the doom of the Next Life is more painful [and more severe to them], and they have none to protect them from God [s punishment.]



35 a So that He sees its acts and records its deeds.


35 b So that neither does it understand nor does it see, and you consider it an associate or participant with God in the worship so that you worship it. So look Mohammed to these associaters and how do they consider such stones as intercessors according to their claim.


35 c i.e. tell me about the matter out of which you made the idols, so that we may see are they the creator or created things? Do they know about what exists on earth or what is in the sky? Or are these idols mere stones?

And if they say: [Mere] stones. Then say to them: How do you then worship the stones when you yourselves made them by your hands?


35 d And impose on Him according to the desire of your souls, while if you think and contemplate


35 e No, they dont know about the hidden words neither about the audible voice.


35 f Therefore, anyone worships the stone, then he is misguided away from the way of the truth.


35 g i.e. the devil made fair to them their acts of the falsehood, so they devised their guile against you.


35 h i.e. the devil barred them from believing.


35 i To the way of the truth.



[38] 37. The likeness of the Garden [or Paradise] with which are promised those who safeguard [themselves against God's punishment] a,

beneath [the trees of] which rivers flow, its food is perpetual b, and [likewise] its shade c!

Such [Garden] will be the end of those who safeguard [themselves against God's punishment] d;

while the end of disbelievers will be the Fire e.


37 a It is like your gardens which you have in the life of the World concerning its trees, but the difference between them is that the gardens which you have are material, the trees of which dry and die, while that which We have [in the Next Life] is ethereal, the trees of which do not dry nor do they die, but they will last forever

37 b i.e. that, of its fruit, which is eaten is perpetual on the trees all the time, because there is no summer or winter in Paradise, but only spring and autumn continuously.

37 c It means: Its shade is also perpetual, because it is stationary in its place in the space, does not rotate around itself as does the earth so that the shade will transmit on it from a place to another.

37 d i.e. their end will be in Paradise in which they will prosper.

37 e In which they will suffer.



[39] 38. Those [Jews and Christians], to whom We gave the [Heavenly] Booka, rejoice in that which is revealed to you [Mohammed!] b

And out of the [Arab] clans there are some who deny part of it. c

Say [Mohammed]: "I am commanded only to worship God [alone] and not to associate [anything with Him]: to Him I do preach d, and to Him will be my return.e


[40] 39. Thus f have We revealed the [Quran] to be an authoritative judgment in Arabic g.

But if you [Mohammed] follow their vain desires even after the knowledge [about facts] that has come to you, then you will have no patron [to take care about your affairs] nor any defender against God [to protect you from their evil.]



38 a And who converted and believed in Mohammed.


38 b i.e. They rejoice when they hear an aya or a soora of the Quran, because it invites to the monotheism and the exclusive devotion to God alone, as does the Torah invite people to such monotheism and to discard idols.


38 c i.e. some of them object to the ambiguous ayat of the Quran, because he does not understand their meaning and therefore, he denies them.


38 d It means: I invite people to worship God.


38 e And to God I will go [after death.]





39 f i.e. as had We revealed the heavenly books in the languages of their peoples, thus have We revealed the Quran in Arabic


39 g So that you may judge them according to the statements which God has revealed in the Quran.



[Some associaters among the Arab said: Had Mohammed been any prophet, he would not have married such many women; wasnt Jesus single and he did not marry?

Moreover, had he been any prophet, he would have brought us the miracles as had Moses and Jesus brought.

Therefore, this aya was revealed:]

[41] 40. We did send [many] messengers a before you [Mohammed], and appoint for them wives and offspring.

And it was never the part of any messenger to bring a miracle [of His own accord, and he could not do that] except as God permitted b.

For every period was a book.


[42] 41. God [in the Quran] cancels [some statements of the Torah] as He likes c, and He affirms [in the Quran, some other statements of the Torah as He likes] d; with Him is the Essence of the Book e.


[43] 42. Whether We show you [Mohammed, in your life time,] some [of the torment f] with which We promise them, or [either We make you die and] take your soul to Us g, but your duty is only to convey the message, and the retribution is due to Us [in the Next Life.] h


[44] 43. See they i not that We come to the earth [with destruction and punishment] and [so We] reduce it of its edges j ?

God judges [disbelievers with everlasting imprisonment in Hell]; there is none to change His judgment k: and He is Swift in punishment.


[45] 44. Those before them did [also] design plots [like their plots against the apostles and the believers and hurt them],

but [frustrating their] plotting as a whole is due to God l;

[for] He knows the [evil and deceit] earning of every soul [so He tells His messengers and prophets to be cautious of the unbelievers], and soon will the unbelievers come to know who will get the [good] ultimate abode [and then they will regret.]


[46] 45. Those who disbelieve say [to you O Mohammed]: "You are not sent [by God.]"

Say [Mohammed, to them]: "God suffices as a Witness m between me and you,

as does [the Mahdi n] who possess [true] knowledge of the Scripture."


40 a They were Noah, Abraham, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Zachariah, Isaac, Jacob and many other apostles or messengers. None of them was single but only John and Jesus; then why do these associaters deny your marriage, Mohammed? Such denial is only because of their ignorance about affairs?

In addition, they are ignorant about the consequences of the miracles, which they demand of you. But God is All-Knowing about the consequences of affairs and is All-Knowing about the miracle suitable to every generation, and to the messenger who brings it, and to the nation to whom he is sent. And about the book suitable to that time, and statements included in that book suitable to the time of that generation.

40 b It means: Except the miracle which God gave to him, he would bring it to his people and he could not bring anyone else.

E.g. if Pharaoh said to Moses: I dont accept this staff from you, which you cast on the ground to become a serpent, but I will give you another staff, which you may cast on the ground to become a serpent, then if Moses cast it on the ground, it would not be a serpent.

As such, every prophet has his special miracle from God, which he cannot bring anyone else of his own accord, but only according to Gods permission.

Moreover, each nation has its suitable miracle, on account of the different time, languages, doctrines and knowledge acquired by that nation; so this is the meaning of (For every period was a book.)

It means: To each time is a special kind of miracles which suit that time, a book suiting that period of time, the religious statements included in that book which suited the generation of that time, and a messenger or apostle proper for that particular nation.

Therefore, the staff [of Moses] suited the time of Pharaoh, because the magic was prevalent with them, so Moses brought the staff and invalidated their magic.

The reviving of the dead suited the time of Jesus, because medicine was prevalent with them, and physicians were unable to do like to what Jesus did of healing the congenitally blind and the albino.

The Quran suited the Arab and their time, because they were fluent and eloquent in their language, so God be glorified said in the Quran 52: 34, which means:

(Then let them produce words like the [Quran] if they are truthful [in their claim that Mohammed has invented it.])



41 c He cancels or invalidates some of the duties included in that book [: the Torah], being heavy on your nation, Mohammed; i.e. the statements of the Torah which were heavy and hard for the Children of Israel, and so He gives you many statements that are easier to your nation.

41 d i.e. He affirms in the Quran some of the statements which were imposed on the Children of Israel, so that you should perform such duties as did the Children of Israel perform, like the fasting, prayers, the Zakat alms and other religious duties.

41 e Which is the Preserved Tablet [ in heaven.]

This aya is like His saying be glorified in the Quran 2: 106, which means:

(Such of the revelations [of the Torah] as We may annul [in the Quran] or preserve, We will bring [in the Quran] one better than it or one similar to it.)


(God [in the Quran] cancels [of the statements of the Torah] whatsoever He likes)

It is like:

(Such of the revelations [of the Torah] as We may annul [in the Quran])


While (or preserve) i.e. We leave it as it is in the Torah, so that the statement of the Quran will be like that of the Torah.
It is like:

(and He affirms [in the Quran, whatsoever of the Torah statements He likes])



42 f Like their humiliation with captivity and killing in the life of the World; such torment which in fact is little in the life of the World compared to the Afterlife.

42 g When you yourself will see the torment with which We promise them and how they will cry for help.

42 h Therefore, dont pay attention to their denial.



43 i i.e. these stubborn associaters.

43 j i.e. We reduce the volume of the earth with the cutting off, and We reduce its people by death and plague.

In the past, God be glorified cut it up into nine pieces, after being one earth, so that those pieces became the planets. Therefore, it was divided and its volume decreased.


This is implied by His saying be glorified in the Quran 21: 30, which means:

(Do not those who disbelieve know that the heavens and the earth [: the planets including the earth] were united [as one planet], then We split them up [into many pieces]?)


It means: The planets together with the earth were one earth, and He split it up into many pieces.

Afterwards, because those pieces were not spherical at the start, but have peripheries and protrusions, the peripheries separated from them because of their rotation around themselves and around the sun also; therefore, those peripheries became the moons to shine for them. This is implied by the part of the aya: (from its edges), and so, their volumes decreased also.

Third: The gases and molten substances coming out of volcanoes, will cause empty spaces inside the earth, and by this means the surface of the earth will contract gradually and its cold crust will break, and accordingly the elongated mountainous chains will form and the earth surface will decrease.

Lastly, the earth will split up into small pieces which will disperse in the space.

As in His saying be glorified in the Quran 69: 14, which means:

(And the earth [together] with the mountains are borne, and crushed with a single crash.)

It means: They will be crushed altogether.

In fact, this terminal incident will be on Doomsday.

The meaning: The One Who could tear the earth with its extent and cut it up into small pieces; isnt He More Able to destroy the associaters and tear up their bodies?

43 k i.e. none can avert His decree, neither is there anyone to avert His punishment.



44 l Similar to this aya is another one in the Quran 14: 46, which means:

(They have designed their plots [against you, Mohammed], when [the frustration of] their plots is due to God.)



45 m i.e. Gods testimony for me that I am sent by Him; His testimony or witness is in the Quran which is the word of God.

45 n i.e. the Mahdi, who guides people to the way of the truth, and has the knowledge of the heavenly books like: the Torah, the Psalms, the Gospel and the Quran; he also will testify and give witness for me.

[The late interpreter of the Quran and the Bible added also:]

Praise be to God Who gave to me the knowledge of the Scripture and guided me to the correct way; He is the All-Generous the Most Offering One.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 13 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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