Soora 16


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[In the beginning, the Islam was weak, and the Muslims persistently asked for victory from God against the associaters, and repeated their words to the Prophet: When will we have victory? Therefore, this aya was revealed:]

[2] 1. God's decree [relating to your victory, Muslims,] is coming on; therefore, seek not to hasten it. Glory be to Him! High be He exalted above that the [associaters] associate [with Him.] a


[3] 2. He sends down the angels b, [under the leadership] of [Gabriel] the [Honest] Spirit: [who is one] of [Gods] Am'r c, to whomever of His servants He will d, [saying]: "Warn [people] that there is no god but I, so ward off My [punishment.])


[4] 3. He created the heavens and the earth with the true [promise. e]

High be [God] exalted above [such trivial creatures] that they associate [and worship besides Him!]


[5] 4. He created man from scanty [seminal] fluid f; yet he becomes a manifest g opponent.


[6] 5. And the cattle He created them; wherein is warmth h, in addition to many [other] advantages for you, and of which you eat [cheese, butter, fat, yoghurt and milk.]


[7] 6. They also provide you with a beautiful scene to [delight] your [sight], when you return them home [from the pasture at evening] and when you drive them forth to the pasture [at morning.]


[8] 7. And [camels] carry your heavy loads [and luggage] to a country which you cannot [otherwise] reach unless with much trouble i to yourselves; for your Lord is Most Kind [and] Most Merciful j.


[9] 8. And [He created] horses, mules and asses, for you to ride [in your travels], and as an adornment [in your feasts and festivals.]

And [in the future] He will create that about which [kind] you know not [like the elephant, the rhinoceros and others.]


[10] 9. It is up to God [to show] the right and correct way k,

and some of the [ways adopted by people] are deviating [from the right way.]

But had [God] willed, He would have guided all of you [to the way of the truth l.]



1 a The meaning: Dont hasten about the victory, because in delaying it there is an advantage for you which you dont know.
Similar to this in meaning, is His saying be glorified in the Quran 19: 84, which means:

(So make no haste [for the punishment] against these [disbelievers: they will die and follow those before them and be punished]; We are only counting against them the number [of the remaining days of their life.])




2 b From the ethereal heavens to the earth. And all these angels together with Gabriel are among His spiritual creatures, [each kind of them is called Amr.]

2 c This word (Am'r) indicates every ethereal spiritual creature. In my book Man after Death I have fully explained about this point.

2 d i.e. to whom God chooses to be an apostle (or a messenger); so God will say to the angels to tell the apostles (or messengers) that they should warn people that no god but God alone




3 e Another aya similar to this one has been interpreted within the interpretation of chapter 6: 73.




4 f Then as He perfected his creation, prepared for him the milk in the breast of his mother, took care about him, provided for him, made his parents kind to him; but as he grew, became older, then became a strong man, he started to oppose Our apostles.

4 g i.e. his enmity and opposition are evidently obvious.




5 h It means: From their wool and wabar (or camel wool), you make dresses useful to you for warmth.




7 i i.e. unless with much difficulties and tiredness because of the far distance.

7 j When He created these cattle and subjected them to you.




9 k It means: It is up to God to guide you to the way of the truth, by sending the apostles (messengers) to you, and you should obey and believe them.

This sentence is related to the aya 16: 2 (He sends down the angels, [under the leadership] of [Gabriel] the [Honest] Spirit [one] of His Am'r.)

The meaning: It is up to God to guide you to the way of the truth and righteousness, by means of sending the revelation and the heavenly books to the prophets and apostles in order to teach and make you understand.
The purpose of that is that you should worship God alone and should not associate anything with Him.

Therefore, it is up to God to explain about the way, and it is up to you to choose: if you obey you will be guided and if you disobey you will be disbelievers.

Similar to this aya there is another aya in the Quran 76: 3, which means:

(We have shown to him the [correct] way; [and have given to him the free choice] whether to be grateful or ungrateful.)

9 l But He guides any who deserves the guidance according to his good manners and morals and his kindness to the poor and needy, while He misguides any who deserves misguidance according to his wrong-doing and evil manners of behavior.



[11] 10. It is [God] Who sends down [rain] water from the sky; out of it you have your drink, and there grow from it trees a to which you pasture your cattle. b


[12] 11. With which He produces for you the corn, olives, date-palms, grapes, and every kind of fruit.

Surely, this indicates a sign c for a people who reflect.


[13] 12. And He has subjected for your [service] the night and the day, and sun and moon; and stars [to give you light at night] are subjected by His command; surely, this [subjection] indicates signs to a people who understand d.


[14] 13. And the [plant and animal] which He has created and spread abroad on earth, with different colors [and kindse]; surely, all this [plant, flowers and animals] indicates a sign f to a people who receive admonition.


[15] 14. It is He Who has subjected the sea g, that you [people] may eat fresh meat [of the fish] from it, and has brought forth from it [the pearl and coral] ornaments which you wear and you [man] may see the ships sailing h throughout it [some ships going and others coming] and that you may seek after His bounty i, and that you may be grateful [to God for such bounties.]


[16] 15. And He cast [mountains] that landed firmly on the earth j; lest it should totter with you k; and [He made on it] rivers and ways; that you may find your wayl.


[17] 16. And [He made on earth] waymarks m; and by the stars they are guided [by night to your places and to the country at which you aim n.]


[18] 17. Is, then, He Who creates [these things] as [those o] who do not create?

Will you then not realize [the admonition]?


[19] 18. And if you [people] would count up the bounties of God, never would you be able to number them p; surely, God is Most Forgiving [to the grateful q, and] Most Merciful [to the merciful r.]


[20] 19. And God knows the [intentions] which you [people] keep secret [in your breasts], as well as that which you proclaim [before people.] s


[21] 20. And those t whom you worship apart from God cannot create any of the things [which are on the surface of the earth], but are themselves created u.


[Then God be glorified said:]

[22] 21. [They are now] dead, not alive v, and they perceive not as to when they shall be sent [to the Gathering-together on Judgment Day w.]


10 a Out of which you also irrigate your trees and plants.

10 b With no difficulty or worry for supplying the cattle with the fodder.



11 c i.e. a clear indication of a Creator Who created all these cattle, trees, fruits and plants, all of which are to your advantage; therefore, you should be grateful to Him for such bounties which He bestowed on you, and you should not worship anyone else, because none deserves the worship other than God alone Who has expounded His signs to a people who contemplate about this creation, and so they will be grateful to Him Who created all that.




12 d So they think and study Astronomy.








13 e Of the plant, flowers, fruits which cannot be totally estimated and counted in number

13 f Of a Creator Who created all that and the All-Knowing God Who invented this creation.





14 g And made it easy to you to travel over the sea, and to take many beneficial things out of it.

14 h i.e. they make their ways on its surface, and producing sound of its impact with the water and air while moving along.

14 i i.e. to ride in the ships, and by that to seek after the provision out of His bounty.






15 j God be glorified said i.e. (And He cast), because the first mountains formed on earth were meteorites which fell on the earth to become the mountains.

In my book The Universe and the Quran I have explained fully about Mountains

15 k It means: lest the earth should sway and heave with you.

The meaning: God made the mountains to balance the earth in order that the earth should regularly move around its axis and around the sun.

15 l To your places and to the city where you want to go.



16 m Like the hills, mountains, valleys and the changing of the area of the land from dusty to sandy to rocky and others, lest you should miss the way and you may guide by means of such waymarks to your places.

16 n When the nomadic Arab traveled by night, they used to find their direction, by the fixed stars, on their way until they reached to the place to which they wanted to go.



17 o Whom you consider as associates of God in the worship.



18 p Because they are innumerable.

18 q Who thanks God for His bounties, so that he expends out of that on the poor and the wretched.

18 r Who shows mercy to the weak and needy.





19 s Therefore, be caustious, and dont contradict His commands.





20 t It means: their dead kings and chiefs, to whom they made statues which they worshipped apart from God.

20 u i.e. We create for them grandsons and progeny: a generation after another.

An aya similar to this one has been explained in the interpretation of chapter 7: 191


21 v It means: their kings, to whom they have made statues which they worship, are dead; it means: now they are spirits who cannot do anything to assist them or help them against their enemies.

21 w And when they shall be gathered together in the Next Life for judgment and requital, so how will they hope for the intercession of such souls and how will they worship them apart from God?

Now, history has repeated itself in this generation: so that most of people started to worship the dead sheikhs, imams and scholars, and to sanctify their graves, vows for them and ask their needs from such dead saints, and they associated them with God in the worship, in spite of that they know the saints did not create anything in the earth, and that the saints do not know when they will be sent for the Judgment.



[23] 22. [O people,] your God is One God a. As to those who believe not in the Next Life b: their hearts deny [the truth], and they are arrogant [to comply with it.]


[24] 23. Undoubtedly, God knows [all] that they conceal and proclaim [so He will punish them according to their words and acts]; surely He does not like the arrogant.


[25] 24. When it is said to the [associaters]: "What is it that [revelation which] your Lord has sent down [to Mohammed?]", they say: "[Only] written fables c of the ancients."


[So God be glorified said:]

[26] 25. So let them bear in full d the burden [of their sins] on the Judgment Day, in addition to some of the burden of those whom they lead astray [away from the truth] without knowing [about the consequence] how evil a burden will they beare!?


[27] 26. Those, that were before [these associaters among your people], contrived [against their prophets f], so God destroyed their building from the foundations g, and the roof fell down upon them [and they died], and the chastisement came to them, from where they could not perceive h.


[28] 27. Then on the Day of Judgment He will disgrace them [before the public] and [the angel in charge of their punishment] will say: "Where are my associatesi, for whose sake you opposed [the believers and whom you defended]?"

Those [prophets] who were given knowledge said [to them in their material life of the Worldj]: "The disgrace and evil, this day, are for disbelievers."


[29] 28. Those, who wrong themselves k, [and] whose [souls] are taken [from their bodies], by the angels [at the time of death];

they will [then] submit themselves [to the truth, yield l and say]: "[In our opinion, we think that] we did not do any evil."

[The angels will reply to them:] Yes, indeed; [your acts were evil, and] God is Most Aware of all [the disbelief and association] that you were doing [in the life of the World.]


[30] 29. So enter the gates of Hell, to abide therein forever." How evil [indeed] will [your home] be: the home of the arrogant!



22 a So dont worship anyone else, and dont ask your needs but only from Him alone.

22 b i.e. the final spiritual life.










24 c Which are untrue.










25 d With nothing of their sins may be lessened for them, whatever their sons may ask forgiveness for them.

25 e And do they now prepare for Judgment Day.






26 f Like the contriving, of your people against you, Mohammed. And they denied them; some of them were the gang among the people of Salih who conspired to kill him by night.

26 g It means: God destroyed their building from its foundations; that was when He quaked the earth with them.

26 h i.e. the earthquake came to them from below their feet, so all of a sudden they perceived their house collapsing on their heads.



27 i Any aya including the word my associates or my partners, it is the saying of the angel in charge of their chastisement; because they worshipped the angels and said they are the daughters of God.

That is because the angels are associates or partners [with each other] in the work and in Paradise.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 41: 47, which means:

([Then] on the day when the [angel in charge of their chastisement will] call to them: "Where are my partners [who are like me, and whom you associated with God? So call them now to intercede for you!]

They [will] say: "You have heard us calling them [but none of them has answered us], and none of us has seen [any of them.]")

27 j But they did not listen to their words, neither did they work according to their command.




28 k By worshipping the idols and statues.

28 l When submission and yielding will not avail them anything.



[God be glorified firstly mentioned the words of the disbelievers about what He revealed to His messenger, then He followed that by mentioning the words of the believers, and He said:]

[31] 30. It was said to the [believers] who ward off [God's punishment] a: "What is it that your Lord has revealed [to your prophet?]"

They said: "[It is] good [for us.]"

[Then God be glorified said:]

The good [reward] in the [life of the] World is for those doing good [acts.] And the home of the Next Life will even be better [than the life of the World is.]

Pleasant indeed will the home of [the Next Life be for] those warding off [the sins.]


[Then God be glorified started to describe that home which they will enter and dwell in, and He said:]

[32] 31. Seven Gardens which they [will] enter with rivers flowing below their [trees]; therein they will have whatever [food, drink, dresses and purified wives] they desire;

as such will God reward those who ward off [His disobedience.]


[33] 32. Those, whose [souls] the angels restore [from their bodies through death], being goodly b; [the angels] say: "Peace be to you! Enter the Garden for [the righteous acts] that you were doing [in the life of the World.]"





30 a It means: the associaters said to the believers:


























32 b i.e. their hearts are purified from the envy, charlatanry, lying, the showing off to others and hypocrisy.



[34] 33. Will these [associaters] wait for nothing other than that the angels [of death] should come to them [to take their souls out of their bodies a], or [O Mohammed] that your Lord's command b should come?

So did those before them [deny and hurt Our messengers c]; it was not God Who wronged them but it was they who did wrong their own souls.


[35] 34. So the evil of what [evil acts] they did [in the life of the World d] smote those [who were before them], and it surrounded them [the chastisement of the Next Life] that at which they mocked e.


[36] 35. Those who associate [others with God] say: "If God had so willed, we would not have worshipped anything apart from Him f; neither we nor our fathers; nor would we have prohibited anything without His [command. g]

As such did those who were before them [do, and say words like their words. h]

[so, God be glorified explained:]

Then, are the messengers responsible for anything but only to deliver the message clearly? i


[37] 36. We did send into every nation an apostle [proclaiming]: "[O people] worship God [alone], and avoid [following] the arrogant j."

So some of them God did guide k, but others had the straying incumbent on him l. Then [O people of Mecca] move about in the land m and see the consequences of deniers n.


33 a And will they believe when then their belief will not avail them anything?

33 b To chastise the associaters by the hands of the believers by fighting and defeating them.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 9: 14, which means:

(Fight them [: the associaters], and God will chastise them by your hands, and will degrade them, give you victory over them [in the war] and allay the breasts of a folk of believers.)

Therefore, what for is all such stubbornness and arrogance?

33 c So We destroyed them because of their sins.



34 d And their denial of the messengers.

34 e i.e. they used to mock the promise and the occurrence of the punishment.



35 f It means: Had God commanded us to forsake their worship, then we would have forsaken it. But in fact God honored them and commanded us to worship them, and they are our intercessors before God.

35 g But God forbade us such things, and so we obliged ourselves to such forbidding.

35 h Because they found their fathers working according to that program, so they thought that it was God Who commanded their fathers with it, therefore they adopted it and worked according to it.

For this reason, they said: (If God had so willed, we would not have worshipped anything apart from Him; neither we nor our fathers);

35 i The meaning: Our messengers (or apostles) told you, conveyed the message and warned you; therefore, you have no excuse after all this.




36 j That is the Devil and every chief or king mighty and proud over following the truth.

36 k To the way of the truth, so he believed and followed the apostle (or the messenger.)

36 l Because of his wronging people, and his hypocrisy.

36 m To the habitations of these deniers and to their ruins and relics.

36 n Who denied the apostles; wasnt their end the destruction and ruining?



[Then God be glorified addressed His messenger Mohammed and He said:]

[38] 37. [O Mohammed] even if you try your best to guide them aright, surely God never guides those [of them] whom He misleads a, and you will not find for them any helpers b.


[39] 38. They have sworn by God the most earnest oaths [saying]: "God will never send [to the Next Life] those who die." c

[Therefore, God replied to them:]

No, but e it is a promise [binding] upon Him, but most men know not [the truth.]


[40] 39. That He may [later] manifest to them [the truth of] that f on which they do dispute, and that those who disbelieve may realize that they were liars [in their claim g.]


[Then God be glorified threatened them with destruction and ruining, and He said:]

[41] 40. The only words We say to anything, when We desire it [to be a ruin], is that We say to it: "Be", and it is [as We will.]





37 a It means: Anyone whom God misguides, you cannot guide him whatever you may advise and admonish, because they deserve the punishment.

37 b To help them when the punishment will befall them.







38 c It means: There isnt another life after death, neither will any judgment nor any punishment.

38 e No, they will be sent and punished according to their acts.







39 f i.e. the subject of the sending to the afterlife, and other subjects, the truth of which is confounded to them.

39 g That God will not send to the Next Life, those who die.



[This aya was revealed concerning the believers who were persecuted by the associaters in Mecca before the emigration to Medina:]

[42] 41. And those who fled, for God's [sake], after they were oppressed [and persecuted by the associaters and idolaters], We will surely establish them in this [life of the] World in a good [city a]; but the reward of the Next Life is greater, if they but know.


[43] 42. Such as forbear [the hurt] patiently [in Gods way], and on their Lord they do rely [to propagate the Islam religion b.]




41 a Instead of their hometown, which is the city of Yathrib (: Medina), and We will give them wealth to let them live in a better condition.







42 b And they do not pay attention to anyone.



[The associaters among the Arab denied the apostle-hood of Mohammed salam to him and they said: Had our Lord willed to send any apostle (or messenger), He would have sent some of the angels.

Therefore, this aya was revealed:]

[44] 43. We did not send before you [Mohammed] any [messenger] other than men to whom We revealed a.

[Then God be glorified addressed the associaters and said:]

Inquire then of the people of the 'Admonition' [: the Torah], in case that you yourselves do not know c.


[45] 44. With the evident proofs and scriptures d.

And We have revealed to you [Mohammed] the 'Admonition' e [: the Quran] so that you may explain to people what [statements and admonitions] have been revealed to them [so that they may be admonished with it], and that they may contemplate [its revelations f.]




43 a So dont pay attention, O Mohammed, to their words; but comply with what you are commanded.

43 c It means: Ask the people of the Torah: Were their prophets some angels that came down from heaven, or were they humans like them?











44 d This sentence is related to His saying be glorified in the previous aya 16: 43 which implies:

(We did not send before you [Mohammed] any [messenger] with the evident proofs and scriptures other than men to whom We revealed.)

44 e That is the Quran, with which is admonished anyone who accepts admonition.

44 f And so they may believe.



[46] 45. Do they feel secure, those who devise evil [plots against the Prophet and the believers], that God may cleave the earth open with them [as did He cleave it with Korah and others], or that the chastisement may come upon them, from whence they do not expect?


[47] 46. Or the [chastisement] may seize them during their travels [going and coming for trade and their other affairs]; they cannot [indeed] escape [Gods punishment.]


[48] 47. Or the [punishment] may come on them with gradual extermination [until they will be annihilated by plague, killing or some other infectious disease.]

But even your Lord [O unbelievers] is Most Kind [and] Most Merciful. a















47 a So according to His kindness, He gave you respite in order that you may repent and desist from your wickedness and disbelief.



[49] 48. Will these [associaters] not regard such things [: of plants, animals and mountains] God has created [on the earth surface]; the shadows [of any of these things] withdraw a and fall on the right [one time] and [on] the left [another time] b: [and all such plants and animals] adore God c in submission?


[50] 49. Whatever [comets, meteorites and meteors] d are in the heavens, and animals [moving] on the earth, and the angels, adore God [complying with His commands]; nor are they big with pride [over worshipping Him.]


[51] 50. They fear their Lord from above them e, and they do whatever they are commanded f.


48 a i.e. the shadow withdraws to its condition of the day before, and transmits from one place to another, because of the rotation of the earth around itself.

48 b Is not the transmission of the shadow from a place to another an indication of the movement of the earth and its rotation around its axis, in order that the night and day will form?

48 c It means: the plant and animal submit to the instinct which God inserted in them.



49 d The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 55: 6, which means:

(The stars and the trees fall down [on the earth in prostration.])

Therefore, the adoration of the star is its falling down.



50 e That is because the angels inhabit the seven ethereal heavens and the Throne is above them; so for this reason, God said in the aya (above them.)

50 f i.e. they do everything God commands them with, and they never disobey Him about anything.



[52] 51. God said: "Don't take for god: two gods; it is only One God, so [O people] do dread Me [alone a.]


[53] 52. All that is in the heavens and the earth belongs to Him b; and the submission will at last be to Him c; so will you beware of anyone else than God d?


[54] 53. [O people] whatever grace you may have; it is only from God; then when evil befalls you, [surely] to Him you will cry. e


[55] 54. Then when He removes the evil from you; behold, a party of you will associate [others] with their Lord f.


[56] 55. In order to deny [the grace] that We gave to them g;

[Therefore, God be glorified said:]

so enjoy [your life of the World] but you will come to know [the consequences of your blasphemy and association with your Lord.]


51 a i.e. fear of Me, and dont fear anyone else.



52 b As possession and as servants.

52 c It means: If they dont submit to Him in the life of the World, they will submit in the Next Life.

52 d The meaning: Will you beware and fear of the created beings, and will you not beware of Gods punishment, while at last you will submit to Him?

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 37: 9, which means:

(To repel them violently, and another chastisement will be for them [on Doomsday.])



53 e It means: At the time of distress and affliction, you cry out, supplicate and complain to Him to save you from the distress; i.e. at the time of distress you pray God and complain to Him the affliction to save you from it, but at the time of relief and prosperity you forget about Him and worship those other than Him.


54 f So that they will ascribe some associates with Him in the worship.




55 g So they say: such grace and bounties came only to us, by means of our gods and their blessing.

As such, in our generation, do most people say: These bounties have come to us by the sheikhs and imams and their blessing.



[57] 56. They assign to [their associates] that know nothing a a portion out of [the cattle and crops] with which We provide for them b.

But by God! you will surely be questioned about your lies [against God c.]


[58] 57. And they claim and ascribe daughters to God be exalted He [above having any daughter] while for themselves [they want sons] that they desire d.


[59] 58. When if any of them is given the good tidings of [the birth of] a female [child e], his face will be darkened f [with shame] and he will choke inwardly [with his grief, because of the daughter that has been born for him.]


[60] 59. With shame does he hide himself from his people, because of the bad news he has had. [He discusses the matter with himself:] Shall he retain it on [sufferance and] contempt, or bury it in the dust g?

Evil, indeed, is that they judge h!


[Then God be glorified said:]

[61] 60. For those who believe not in the Next Life an evil parable is applicable i, while for God a supreme parable j is applicable.

He is the All-Mighty [in His kingdom], the Most Wise [in His creation.]


[62] 61. If God should take men to task for their evildoing and wrongdoing [so that He hastens the punishment for them], He would not leave on the [earth surface], even one creature that moves [on it, and He would rather exterminate them as a whole.]

But He defers their [punishment] to a stated time [of their death k]; and when their time [of death] comes, they shall not put it back by a single hour nor put it forwardl.


[63] 62. They assign to God [the daughters] that they themselves dislike; and their tongues utter lies [by saying] that they will have the best outcome [with God.]

[So God be glorified replied to their words:]

Without any doubt n they shall have the Fire [in the Next life], and they will scatter [by deatho.]



56 a Neither about their act, nor about the share which they assign to them.

56 b And they claim they do it only to be brought close to God in his neighborhood, as God mentioned that in the Quran, chapter 6.

Nowadays, most people act in a similar way; and they assign, to sheikhs and imams, a share of their cattle and possessions, so that they dedicate it exclusively to these sheikhs and imams and to their graves or tombs.

56 c By claiming that God honored them and assigned the intercession to them, so they will intercede to you before God, according to your claim.



57 d It means: they want sons for themselves, and dont want daughters.




58 e i.e. that his wife has born a daughter for him.

58 f This is a parable of the Arab for the shame and disgrace.







59 g So that she will die and he will be rid of her shame. This was called by them the (Waad); so he would dig a pit in the ground in which to bury his daughter alive for the fear of dishonor.

59 h i.e. evil is their decision: that they assign to themselves what they like and to God what they dislike.




60 i i.e. the darkness of face and the dishonor will be for them in the Next Life, which is the parable God has set for them in the previous aya 16: 58, which means:

(His face will be darkened [with shame], and he will choke inwardly [with his grief.])

60 j Which is the glory and the sovereignty. So the supreme parable among people about the dignity and might is that they say: He is mighty like a sovereign or monarch.







61 k It means: to the time of their death, and He will punish them in the world of souls [: the afterlife.]

61 l i.e. none can postpone or bring earlier their death, even for one hour.









62 n The Arabic word in the aya has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, chapter 11.

62 o So that neither will their union last, nor will their multitude be stronger.



[64] 63. By God! We, surely, sent [messengers] to nations before you [Mohammed], but the devil made their deeds [of falsehood] fair-seeming to them a. So the [devil] is their master today [in the world of souls b], and for them will be a painful torment [on Doomsday.]


[65] 64. We have sent down to you [Mohammed] the Scripture c, only that you may explain to them the [truth] from which they deviate d, and [the Quran is light and] guidance and mercy to a people who believe.


[66] 65. And God sends down [rain] water from the sky, and gives therewith life to the earth [with the plant and much vegetation] after its death [with the drought.]

Surely this includes a sign for a people who listen [and understand.]


[67] 66. Surely there is a lesson [and indication] for you [about Gods might], included in the cattle:

We give you to drink of that which is in the interior [of the udder] from between the filth and the blood pure milk, [uncontaminated with any filth or blood] e, palatable to drinkers.


[Then God be glorified mentioned another bounty, and He said:]

[68] 67. And of the fruit of the palms and the grapes, you [people] take therefrom sweet things f and good provision g; surely, in that h is a sign i for a people who have sense j.


[69] 68. And your Lord [O Mohammed] inspired the bee [with its instinct and inborn drive, saying]: "Take to habitations [and to produce the honey] in the hills, in the trees and in the hives which they make and hang. k


[70] 69. Then eat of all [the kinds of] fruits, and being submissive, [to your instinct, and being diligent] follow the ways of [the instinct made for you by] your Lord.

There comes forth from their bellies [the honey:] a drink of various colors [some of it is white and another is red like the dibis or the date syrup], wherein is cure for mankind [from some diseases].

In that [bee, honey and its hexagonal cells of the hives] is indeed a sign [indicative of a Creator Who created it and an All-Wise God Who inspired itl] for people who reflect [in its creation, its hives and honey, and they thank God for that.]


63 a Therefore, they denied and mocked Our messengers, and so We took revenge on the deniers.

63 b i.e. he has control of them, rules over them and humiliates them; it means: In the life of the World, he deceives them, and in the Barzakh world [or the Afterlife] he enslaves them and they serve him.



64 c It means: the Quran.

The reason that God be glorified said which means the Scripture or the Book, and did not say: the Quran because it implies: We sent down to you the tales and stories of the past nations.

64 d And they incline to the idol worship, and to much illusion about the lawful and unlawful, and the denial of the sending [of souls] to the afterlife and the Judgment.



66 e That is because the fodder which the cattle eat, will lead to the formation of the blood and the milk and the rest will be filth or dung.

So God be glorified did not mean with His saying (from between): the place between the dung and the blood; but this is a parable of the might and ability; the Arab say: From among many hundreds, it was I who succeeded.

And From among all people, it was I alone who could see the crescent or the new moon.
It means: I was capable to succeed so I succeeded and I saw it.
Therefore, (from between the filth and the blood) means: the food will form the blood and the rest will become dung; but with Our might and ability, We formed another item which is the milk, for We made another set for milk formation in the udder of the female among the cattle and others, and We gave it to you to drink.

Moreover, (of that which is in the interior [of the udder]) indicates the masculine tense in Arabic grammar; it is about the inside of the udder, not about the inside the belly of the cattle, because the site of the milk is not in the abdomen of the cattle but in their udders.

And for this reason, it is mentioned in masculine tense in the aya.



67 f Which is the dibis (or the date syrup) from the date, and the glucose from the grape.

67 g i.e. and you take from both of them a good provision: like the candy and the jam; so that the rashi candy is made from the dibis and the rashi (or the ground sesame); the jam is made from the dibis and the sour lemon (or the lime); the sawieq [which is a kind of mush] is made from the dibis and the ground barley; and the vinegar and the pickles are made from the dibis or the date.

This is some of what is made from the date of the palm; while the grape and the rest of fruits and their advantages like their candy, drinks and jam: all that requires a special book and which we cannot expound here.

67 h Candy, jam and juice to drink, which you extract and manufacture.

67 i i.e. a clear indication that there is a Creator Who created such fruits, and a Maker Who perfected their manufacture, just as that the candy, jam and juice do not come to existence by chance, neither does nature make them, unless you make them by your hands, and if not that some experienced people, make them, then the candy will burn, the jam will corrupt and the juices will be fermented.

So likewise, the Creator of the creation: had He not perfected its making, then life would have been corrupted, and creatures would have died, so that no living being would have remained on the earth surface.

67 j i.e. people who use their minds and think about these creatures, and thank God Who created all that.


68 k It means: Take homes for you [for dwelling and for producing the honey] in the hills, homes in the trees and also homes in the hives that people make and hang in their ceilings or the like.



69 l So you should worship and thank Him for such bounties. And indeed it is a sign for a people who think and contemplate.


Some Advantages of the Honey

I here mention to you what is written in the (Manar Al-Islam) magazine, number 1 of the second year, an essay by Dr. Abdul Razzaq Nawfal entitled (The Bee Drink); he said:

According to the progress in the applied sciences and the wide extension in the field of research in many states and countries, it has now been recognized that the bee honey varies in color according to the variation of the pasture of the bee out of flowers, and that it thus takes its color from the colors of the solar spectrum, graduating from the white with all its degrees to the yellow with all its grades to the red with all its hues; to the extent that the bee food can be recognized by the color of the honey which it produces.

Undoubtedly, Gods messenger Mohammed could not attain such knowledge by observation and traveling to many agricultural countries and by studying the applied sciences, while he grew up in the desert of the Arab land, and he did not depart from that region in which the agricultural ways did not differ with any tangible difference. Moreover, he was illiterate who did not read or write, but only that God Almighty mentioned this fact [about the bee and honey] in His glorious book: the Quran.

So by means of the progress of the sciences of the health, medicine and nutrition, it is now known that the bee honey carries cure for people, and the modern science declares that the bee honey is the doctors weapon against most of diseases, and that its use is in continuous increase as medicine progresses, for it is given by mouth and by other ways, and it is given as tonic and nutrient; and so it helps the body to recover, and is given as antidote of the poisoning by many foreign substances like arsenic, mercury, in addition to chloroform; and also it is given to counteract the poisoning resulting from the diseases of the body organs like the renal failure, and resulting from diseases of the liver, stomach and intestines; and is used also in the pyretic conditions, like measles, pneumonia, and meningitis; and generally in the inflammations of the kidney, and in the congestion of the brain and in brain tumors.

In addition it is used in cases of diabetes mellitus.


Cure by the honey:

And the science of medicine is still discovering every day, a new thing about the curing of people by honey. Recently, it has been declared by one of the outstanding surgeons of England, that he used the bee honey to cover the complications of wounds resulting from the surgical operations which he did, after it is proved that it helps to heal wounds quickly, without leaving behind any scar in the site of the wound. And that there is a substance included in the honey which enhances the regrowth of human tissues, so that wounds will heal smoothly.

This also confirms the prophet-hood of Gods messenger Mohammed salam to him; for how could he attain such knowledge which only recently the science has reached, and by using the advanced means of examination and the equipment of research and investigation.

However, Muslims do not wonder why the Glorious Quran call, as drink, that which issues from the bee abdomen, and does not say it is strictly the honey; while the honey [in word] has been literally mentioned in the Quran 47: 15, which means:

(The likeness of the Garden which the pious are promised

[: it is like the gardens that you plant, but the difference between them is that: the gardens, which you have, are material which dry up and die, while those which We have are ethereal that will not dry or die and will remain forever]:

In it are:

rivers of incorruptible water: [the taste and odor of which will not change forever because it is not material, while the taste and odor of the water which you have will change if it does not flow],

rivers of milk the taste of which never changes [whatever time passes],

rivers of wine delicious to those who drink,

and rivers of purified honey.)


But should they work hard in research, they would reach to the scientific facts about which the modern scientific progress has declared.

For the word drink stated by the Glorious Quran indicates that the research should not confine to the honey exclusively, because the exact word of the honey was not mentioned.

Now science does state that many drinks issue out of the bee abdomen, including cure for people. Among such drinks is the Royal Food which is not honey and which the bee excretes out of its abdomen. It has the property to cure more than the property of the honey by tens of times.

And it has been found also that there is another drink which comes out of the bee abdomen, that is the Bee Venom excreted by the way of its stinging apparatus; this poison or venom is used in treating many difficult diseases like the rheumatism, lumbago, sciatica and the pain, stiffness and inflammation of joints.

Surprisingly, hospitals of America, Europe and Russia started to use the bee poison by the direct way, which is the bee stinging the site of the man disease.

In the conference on the bee scientists announced, few months ago, the new discovery of the Bee Milk which is a drink issuing from the bee abdomen, which was not known before; such bee milk that is not more than few drops coming on consecutive periods; such milk may fulfill the dream of humanity about the existence of some substance which may increase the life span of man; that is because this milk has a complete, quick and certain property to eradicate germs, microbes and fungi.

Therefore, as such does the Glorious Quran mention precisely that a drink comes out of the bee abdomen, having different colors, so if the color is in fact the color of the solar spectrum, then the honey is produced with all the colors of the solar spectrum; and if it indicates the shape and form, then the drink which issues from the bee abdomen is different actually in shape and form: because it is either honey, royal food, poison or milk; this is in addition to the wax which has an undoubted healing property.

Hence, one marvelous word in the Quran has been mentioned, which none of people can bring about anything similar to it.
In addition, one of the honey advantages is that if someone has a chronic hiccup, then he may be relieved of his hiccup, by ingesting a little amount of honey which will remove that hiccup.


Moreover, Dr. Mohammed Nezar el-Datar, the specialist in Dermatology and Venereology and Plastic treatment, PhD in medical sciences, compiled a book in Arabic, about the advantages of the honey, which he named (Honey Includes Remedy for People).

Comment by the interpreter of the Quran, Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly: In these ayat, the address to the bee is by the feminine expression, because it is the female which works and produces the honey, while the male has no function other than only the fertilization of the queen.



[71] 70. God created you [from the dust of the earth]; then will take you back [to Him through death.]

And some of you will be kept back to the vilest state of life [to become senile, doting and childish], that after knowing somewhat [in the past], they may know nothing [in the future a.]

God is All-Knowing [about the advantage of people], All-Capable [to weaken or strengthen the memory.]


[72] 71. God has preferred some of you over others in provision [so that some of you are rich and others are poor, some are the owners and others are owned, in order to try you.]

But those who have been preferred [over others in provision] will not give the excess of their provision to those [slaves] whom they possess b; that they may share equally in the [ownership.] c

Then will they deny the grace of God? d


[73] 72. And God has made wives for you, of your likeness e, and has made for you of your wives sons and [made for you] grandsons [from your sons f.]

And He has provided for you the 'good and wholesome things' g.

Will they then believe in vain things h, and be ungrateful for God's gracei?


70 a Because he will have a weak memory, so that he will not remember [the old knowledge] or retain any [new] knowledge, in order that he may not become proud on people because of his knowledge, as did Iblies (: Satan) become proud over the angels.



71 b It means: the owners will not give the excess of their provision to their slaves so that they all will be equal in the ownership, because they disdain that their slaves may be associates with them in the ownership

71 c So while you disdain that your slaves be associates with you in the ownership, then how will you assign associates with God, while all of them are His slaves and His created beings?

71 d i.e. they deny Gods grace to them and ascribe it to their gods.


72 e In order to incline to them and enjoy their company.

72 f They are sons of the sons, in order to be delighted by them, and have enjoyment with them.

72 g Of plants, trees, animals and birds, a large number that is uncountable.

72 h i.e. they believe in the idols and think that the idols may profit them and intercede for them and bring to them all these good things, and that all that is according to the idol blessings.

72 i And deny it. He means by the grace of God, the Quran revealed to His messenger.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 93: 11, which means:

(And as for your Lord's favor [on you: which is your message]: 'rehearse and proclaim' it [to people.])

It means: Rehearse and proclaim to people the revelation which We have revealed you, and dont conceal anything of it for the fear of Quraish.

And God be glorified said in the Quran 68: 2, which means:

(With [the apostle-hood:] the grace of your Lord, you are not mad [as do these associaters claim.])

It means: The apostle-hood is a grace and favor from your Lord, and it is not any madness as do these associaters and idolaters claim.



[74] 73. And they worship, besides God, [the angels and idols] that cannot control for them any provision in the heavens a and the earth b and have no power [at all to do thatc.]



[75] 74. So do not consider any equals to God d, for God knows [which one is honored by Him e] and you [people] do not know [that f.]


73 a Originally, it is (in the heaven and the earth.) And I have explained about the heaven in the interpretation of the Quran 34: 24, which means:

(Say: "Who provides for you from the [gaseous] heavens [with the rain] and the earth [with the plant and fruit?]")

And I explained that it is originally heaven not heavens.

73 b It means: The [angels and idols] cannot control for them any provision so that they may provide them with the rain from the gaseous heavens, and with the plant in the earth.

73 c Because all that is by the hand of God, and He is the Provider for His servants.



74 d i.e. dont ascribe to God any like or equal, so that you may say: the angels are Gods daughters, and the Christ is Gods son, and these are our intercessors before God, so you worship and sanctify them besides God.

This is indicated by His saying be glorified in the Quran 43: 17, which means:

(And when any of them is given the good tidings of [the birth of a girl-child for him], that which he has attributed to [God] Most Gracious, his face is darkened [with shame among his companions and his people], and he conceals [his grief, in his heart.])

Therefore, the parable, of the equal of God, which they claimed is their saying: The angels are Gods daughters; and the begotten of course will be like the father.

74 e And which one He will honor with the intercession.

74 f But you in fact are ignorant about that.



[76] 75. God propounds [concerning believers] a parable [of two men of the Children of Israel:]

[one of them was Jeroboam son Nebat] an enslaved servant [of Solomon a], having no power over any [wealth or ruling b],

and one [Rehoboam son of Solomon] for whom We provided with a fair provision from Us, so he expended out of [his fathers inheritance] secretly and openly [in Gods way. c]

Can they be equal [before God: those who followed Jeroboam the disbeliever who made them disbelievers, and those who followed Solomons son who improved their condition and ameliorated their religious obedience?]

[Therefore, you believers, who follow Mohammed, say:]

Praise be to God e.

But [actually] most of them do not know [the truth f.]


[77] 76. And God propounds [concerning the associaters] a parable of two men [of the Children of Israel] one of them [: the Samaritan g] was dumb [then We enabled him to speak],

having no disposal of any [wealth and how to obtain it, then we bestowed on him health and wealth, but he disbelieved];

and he was a burden h on his guardian i: wherever might he direct him, he brought no good j;

could such a man be equal with one [: Aaron] who commanded justice, and was on a 'straight and standard' way k?


75 a Then he rebelled against Solomon, even after Solomon honored and brought him close to him.

75 b And We gave to him [wealth] and made him ruler, but he was ungrateful and associated [others] with God.

75 c So Jeroboam rivaled with Rehoboam son of Solomon about the kingdom, and fought him. And the majority of the Israelites followed Jeroboam the disbeliever, who made for them two calves of gold and invited them to worship them, and they worshipped the two calf statues and disbelieved; while only a minority of them followed the son of Solomon the righteous man.

75 e Who guided us to the way of the truth, and let us follow Mohammed who improved our religious obedience, and God saved us from those ignorant associaters.

75 f i.e. most of people are ignorant and they in fact do not know the truth.


76 g Who made the calf for the Children of Israel and so they worshipped it.

76 h It means he was dull, stupid and a burden on his guardian.

76 i Who took care about him and raised him, because he was an orphan.

76 j It means: he was not useful to his guardian: wherever he might send him for any purpose, he did not bring any good outcome; neither did he get any advantage.

76 k It means: he followed the monotheism and the exclusive devotion to God alone, and followed the way of the truth.

It means: Were they equal in guidance? For the Samaritan invited his people to worship the calf, and a large number of them followed him, so they disbelieved, lost and were killed; while the other party followed Aaron and did not worship the calf, so they were successful and were saved from the killing and punishment.

Therefore, this is a parable propounded by God be glorified concerning the associaters and idolaters among Quraish, so that He likened Abu Jahl to the Samaritan who misguided his people with the calf worship and so they lost; and He likened Mohammed to Aaron who forbade his people from worshipping the calf and so they succeeded.

Therefore, you should follow Mohammed in order to succeed as did Aarons followers succeeded who did not worship the calf.



[78] 77. And to God belongs the knowledge of the Unknown a in the heavens and the earth b; and the matter of [the coming of] the Hour [of mans death] is as [quick as] the eye twinkling, or even is nearer [in time.]

Surely, God has full power over all things.


[79] 78. And God has brought you, [people], out of the wombs of your mothers while you knew nothing; and He assigned to you the hearings c and eye-sights d and [spiritual] hearts e: that you may be grateful [to God.]


77 a So We told you, Mohammed, about what you did not know, like the story of the Samaritan and Aaron and others.

77 b i.e. the planets including the earth. And God is All-Able to destroy them in one minute.



78 c Which is a sense of the soul.

78 d The eye-sight is the eye of the soul.

78 e The [spiritual] heart is the heart of the soul.

It means: Following your delivery from the wombs of your mothers, We formed for your spirits: hearings, sights and [spiritual] hearts.

That is because the soul forms inside the body: the ether particles enter into the pores of the body to construct inside it an ethereal structure which is identically like the body: so that an ethereal hand will form inside the material hand, an ethereal eye will form inside the material eye and an ethereal ear will form inside the material ear, and as such will all the body and special senses of the body, but the special senses of the soul are called: hearing, sight and [spiritual] heart.

God be glorified said in the Quran 17: 36, which means:

(And do not go after the [flaws of your Muslim brother] about which you [man] have no knowledge; for the hearing, the sight and the [spiritual] heart, of all these it shall be inquired.)

So, these three are among the special senses of the soul.

The meaning: It is souls, not bodies, that will be inquired of the good or the evil acts which they did.



[80] 79. Have the [people of Mecca] not regarded the birds [which bombarded with stones the host of the elephant a] obedient in the atmosphere of the sky; none withholds them [from bombarding them with stones] save God; surely this [bombarding of the host of the elephant] includes signs for a people who believe [in its occurring.] b


[81] 80. And God has made your homes as an abode c for you, and has made for you [also], of the hides of cattle [portable] homes d which you find light [to carry] on the day you set out in your journey, and [you easily erect] on the day you settle; and of their wool and their camel-fur and their hair: furnishings [for the home like the spread, mattress, pillow and bags for carrying], and [the wear and fur] which you enjoy for a while [before the coming of your death and your transmission to the world of souls.]


[82] 81. And God has made for you, out of the things He created, [some objects] that give you shade [against the sun e];

has made for you small homes [: caves and caverns f] in the mountains;

has made for you garments to protect you from heat, and coats [of mail] to protect you from your violence.

As such will He perfect His grace on you that you may submit [yourselves and comply with the truth.]


[83] 82. But if they turn away [from you, Mohammed g], then your duty is only to convey [the message] clearly h.


[84] 83. They recognize the blessing of God i, then they deny it, and the most of them are the ungrateful [of Gods grace to them j.]



79 a Which were led by Abraha the Abyssinian; this incident took place before the Islam, in the year of the birth of Mohammed: Gods messenger. The host led by Abraha had an elephant, and were attacked by swarms of birds which pelted them with stones and destroyed them. Refer to the interpretation of chapter 105 the translater.]

79 b Another aya similar to this one is in the Quran 67: 19.


80 c i.e. a place where you dwell; that is by creating for you the building materials for the construction of your homes.

80 d That are made from the woven goat hair.










81 e i.e. things which give you shade against the sun heat, like mountains, buildings and trees.

81 f It means: He made for you in mountains, caves and caverns to which you resort on need and at distress and in your journeys.











82 g And do not listen to your words

82 h While the severe punishment is up to Us.

82 i They know that all the bounties are from God, then they say: God does only provide for us by the blessing of and by means of their idols. But they dont say: such bounties are by Gods grace to us.

Similarly, nowadays most of people say: God only provides for us and give to us by the blessing of the graves of imams and sheikhs, without them we would have perished.

82 j So they say: All the wealth that we gain is according to our cleverness in trade and industry, but it is not from God.



[85] 84. And [We threaten you of] the day [of Doom] when We send out of every nation a witness a [to their blasphemy and association], then there is no leave for disbelievers [to speak b], neither are they conciliated c.


[86] 85. And when wrong-doers will see the doom, [they will regret, bite at their hands and wish they would be Muslims, and] the [punishment] will not be lightened for them, nor will they be given respite [to some later time.]


[87] 86. And when those who associate [partners with God] behold their associates d, they e will say: "Our Lord, these are our associates whom we worshipped apart from You [in the life of the World!]"

But they f will object to their words [saying:] "Surely you are liars g."


[88] 87. And on that day, the [associaters will] offer submission to [the judgment and will of] God [not voluntarily but forcibly], and all that they used to forge [shall] fail them h.


[89] 88. For those who disbelieve and bar [people] from Gods way, We add the [after death] doom to the doom [which afflicted them in the life of the World], because they used to do mischief. i


84 a The witness is their messenger or apostle and the recording angels too will witness against them.

84 b i.e. they will not be listened to in order that they may apologize.

84 c i.e. neither will they be conciliated, nor will they be asked to improve their acts there; because the Next Life is not a home of duties, but a home of taking to account and punishment.







86 d Whom they worshipped in the life of the World, like angels, the Christ and sheikhs.

86 e i.e. the associaters.

86 f i.e. angels, sheikhs and imams.

86 g In your words, because we did not invite you to worship us, neither did we command you to sanctify our graves, but in fact we ordered you to worship your Lord alone, and we asserted this to you, but you changed your religion and altered according to your own desires; therefore, dont accuse us with your own crimes.




87 h It means: Their lies which they forged that their associates will intercede for them before God; such lies will be useless, because their associates will leave them and will not intercede for them.




88 i With their acts of falsehood, and their barring people from the Islam religion.



[90] 89. On the Day [of Judgment] We shall send into every nation a witness a against them, one out of themselves b: and We shall bring you [Mohammed as] a witness against these [associaters] c.

And We have sent down to you [Mohammed] the Book [: the Quran] explaining all things [of the religion], a guide [to those accepting its guidance], a mercy and glad tidings to Muslims [of admission into Paradise d.]


[91] 90. God commands justice [when judging between opponents], kindness [to people, and in particular the parents, the weak and the needy] and [command you] to give to [the poor among your] kinsfolk [according to your means];

He forbids indecency [which is the adultery and homosexuality], abomination e and [forbids] the transgression [on peoplef];

He exhorts you [people, with such admonitions] that you may accept the admonition [and avoid the disobedience and indecency.]


89 a Who is their messenger or apostle whom they denied and hurt.

89 b i.e. one of their people who speaks their language.

89 c Concerning the hurt, denial and mockery they acted against you.

89 d To anyone holds fast with the Quran and works according to its statements, and does not associate anyone with his Lord.



90 e Which is every disobedience forbidden by the religion.

90 f i.e. He forbids wronging people and plundering their rights.



[Some associaters came to those out of them who believed, and said to them:

We are more numerous, more wealthy and more armed with weapon than you are; so dont kill yourselves by following Mohammed, but forsake him and return to us, and you will be saved from the killing.

Then some of them intended to return to the associaters; therefore, this aya was revealed, and the address is to Muslims:]

[92] 91. [O Muslims,] fulfill God's covenant a when you have entered into it, and break not oaths b, after having ratified them [with Gods name], and [after] you have made God your 'Surety' c; [for] God knows all that you do [concerning either the fulfillment or breaking of the covenant.]


[93] 92. And be not [concerning the breaking of the covenant and oaths] like the [silkworm] which [after completing its pupation period] tears up its yarn [or cocoon] into shreds, after it has been firmly spun d.

[So] you take your oaths as mere deceit and betrayal among yourselves, because one party [of the associaters] is more numerous [, more wealthy and more powerfully armed] than another party [of the believers!]

God only tries you with the [covenant e]; and on the Day of Judgment He will certainly make clear to you that [of your religion and doctrines] whereon you were at variance.


[94] 93. [O people] had God willed, He would have made you one nation f.

But He misleads whomever He Will, and guides aright whomever He will g;

and you, [people on Judgment Day,] will surely be questioned h about all that you used to do [in the life of the World.]


[Then God be glorified addressed the Muslims who were deceived by the associaters, when they tried to turn them back to the religion of the disbelief and association, so He said:]

[95] 94. Take not your oaths i as mere deceit and trickery j among yourselves, lest some foot should slip after standing firm k, and you should suffer punishment for that you turned back from God's way, and grievous chastisement will be for you [in the Next Life.] l


[96] 95. Nor do you exchange the covenant of God for any miserable price m: for with God is [a prize] far better for you n, if only you knew [your terminal end.]


[97] 96. What [wealth and property] is with you must vanish o: What [wealth and property] is with God [in the ethereal heavens] will endure p.

And We will certainly reward those, who patiently persevere [about Gods obedience], a best recompense for their work.


[98] 97. Whoso, whether male or female, works righteous [work], and is a believer, We will let him live [in the Next Life] with a goodly life q;

and We will reward them with a best recompense for the [righteous] deeds they did [in the life of the World.]






91 a Which was the pledge of allegiance to Gods messenger.

91 b It means: the oaths of the pledge of allegiance.

91 c i.e. a Witness and a Watcher.



92 d It is the silkworm: it spins the silk and weaves it around itself and then sleeps, then when it awakes from its sleep, it will start to cut and tear up its cocoon into shreds, and will go out of it and fly away.

The meaning: Dont break your covenants, O Muslims, which you covenanted with the Prophet, then your striving and work will go the ways of the wind and you will lose, as does the silkworm lose its cocoon when it tears it up.

92 e To see will you fulfill your covenant with the Prophet, or will you break it.




93 f Muslims and monotheists: exclusively devoting themselves to God alone.

93 g i.e. He misguides whomever deserves the misguidance on account of his evil acts and his wicked intention with people; and He guides whomever is worthy of guidance because of his good conduct and his kindness to the weak and needy.

93 h So that the disbeliever will be questioned in a way of rebuking and censuring, and the believer will be questioned in a way of judgment.


94 i The oath is the swearing by God.

94 j So that you swear lies and show something other than what you conceal.

94 k This is a parable about those who deviate from the way of the truth; it means: lest you should miss the correct way after being rightly guided.

94 l In summary: God says: Dont swear by God falsely (which is the perjury); because the perjury leads to hypocrisy of the heart, and the hypocrisy leads to disbelief, so you will lose your religion, and your destination in the Next Life will be in the fire.


95 m It means: Dont swear by God and ratify the covenant then you betray the covenant for the purpose of the money which is only little in relation to the Next Life.

95 n Than the money of the World is, because the latter will go away, while that which is with God is perpetual and will not go away, for it is ethereal and spiritual.


96 o It means: What wealth and property is with you will not last forever, because it is material.

96 p And will not finish or corrupt whatever time may pass, because it is spiritual.



97 q It means: We will let him live there a prosperous and happy life, without any trouble.



[99] 98. When you [Mohammed] recite the Quran, seek refuge in God from Satan, the pelted one a.


[100] 99. No power has [Satan] over those who believe and put trust in their Lord.


[101] 100. His power is only on those who follow him and those who, because of him, are associaters.



98 a Lest he should attend your session and, with his suggestions, distract the disbelievers from listening to the Quran.



[The fasting of Jews is for twenty three hours in a day and night, so when His saying be glorified in the Quran 2: 187 was revealed, which means:

(And eat and drink until the whiteness of the dawn will be distinct to you from the blackness of night at dawn.)

So the Jews said to the Prophet salam to him: You are only a forger; this is not the statement for the fasting.
Therefore, this aya was revealed:]


[102] 101. When We substitute one revelation [of the Torah] for [another] revelation [in the Quran] a and God knows best what He reveals [of statements proper for every nation ] the [Jews] say [to our messenger Mohammed]: "You are only a forger b." But most of them are not acquainted [about the truth c.]


[103] 102. Say: "[Gabriel] the Holy Spirit has brought the [statement about the fasting] from your Lord [O Mohammed] with the true [religion], in order to confirm [the faith of] those who believe, and as guidance d and glad tidings [of Paradise prosperity] to Muslims."


[104] 103. And We know well that the [Jews] say: "Only a man teaches hime."

[So God replied to them, and said:]

The language of that they wickedly point to is foreign f, while this [Quran] is Arabic pure and clear g.








101 a It means: If We change one of the Torah statements for another which We prescribe in the Quran for Muslims.

101 b Because your statements are contrary to the Torah statements; while such objection is only because of their ignorance about the original Torah.

101 c And for this reason, they object to you.


102 d To the way of the truth, for those who accept its guidance.



103 e i.e. a man teaches Mohammed the Torah which when he studied, and he claimed the prophet-hood.

103 f i.e. they deny the statement of the fasting as it is in the Quran 2: 187 which means:
(And eat and drink until the whiteness of the dawn will be distinct to you from the blackness of night at dawn.)

While the language of the Torah is the Hebrew; so how does Mohammed know Hebrew in order to study the Torah?

103 g Which does not include any Hebrew or Syriac words.



[105] 104. The [disbelievers] who do not believe in the revelations [: the Book] of God; God does not guide them [to the Islam], and theirs will be a painful chastisement [in the Next Life.]


[106] 105. Only they invent falsehood: who believe not in the revelations of God, [and it is not Mohammed, as do they claim], and it is they who are the liars [by saying: The idols will intercede for us before God and their other lies.]


[107] 106. Anyone who disbelieves in God [and apostasies from the Islam religion] after having believed [then he will incur Gods wrath] excepting one being forced [to make a declaration of disbelief, so he blasphemes taking caution lest he should be killed], but his heart remaining firm with belief, [and he is believing a]

But anyone whose breast is pleased with the disbelief: on such is wrath from God, and theirs will be a mighty chastisement [in the Next Life.]


[108] 107. That [punishment will be their reward], because they preferred the present life [of the World] over the Next Life, and that God guides not the people of the disbelievers [to the way to Paradise.]


[109] 108. Those God has set a seal [of the rayn] on their hearts [because of their hypocrisy], and on their hearing [with deafness], and on their eye-sights [with blindness], and such are the heedless [to the remembrance of their Lord.] b


[110] 109. Undoubtedly c, it is they who will, in the Next Life, be the losers [of Paradise and its prosperity.]


[111] 110. But surely your Lord [O Mohammed], for those who emigrated [from Mecca to Medina and joined the Prophet] after having been persecuted, and who then struggled [together with the Prophet] and patiently persevered [to the religion and the struggling]; your Lord after the word of blasphemy is indeed: Most Forgiving [for them], Most Merciful [to them.]
















106 a Then no blame on him for uttering the word of blasphemy, if it is for taking caution and fearing of being killed.


















108 b This is like His saying be glorified in the Quran 18: 28, which means:

(And obey not him whose heart We have made heedless of remembering Us; so that he follows his own desire [to worship the idols, angels and others], and his endeavor [with worshipping them] has resulted in his complete loss.)






109 c The Arabic word in the aya, translated here as (undoubtedly), has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, chapter 11, and also in this chapter 16.



[112] 111. On the day [of mans death] when every soul will come [to the world of souls] disputing a in its own behalf, and every soul will be [fully] recompensed for all [the righteous or evil work] that it did, and they will not be wronged [by any increase or decrease of the requital or reward.]


111 a Every soul will dispute with those who deceived him and invited him to the association and the disbelief, and will say to them: "Had you not [prevented us from believing,] we would certainly have believed [in the messengers.]"



[113] 112. God propounds an example [to the people of Mecca]: a city [of Sheba] that was

secure [of the enemy: none transgressed on it],

peacefully safe [of any usurper and transgressor],

and amply provided with its sustenance from everywhere;

yet it was ungrateful of the bounties of its Lord [as are the people of Mecca ungrateful to God];

so God seized it with starvation and terror because of [the idols] that they made [and worshipped.] a


[114] 113. And there came to them an apostle from among themselves, but they called him a liar, so the torment seized them, while yet they were wrong-doers. b


112 a They were the people of Sheba; God destroyed their Dam of Maarib, so their water went away, their trees dried up, their land became barren and their plant decreased, so that they suffered from starvation, and God cast enmity among them and they were divided and scattered.


113 b God be glorified propounded a parable to the people of Mecca by the city of Sheba in Yemen, when its people were secure, living peacefully and with their provision coming to them amply from everywhere; but when God sent them an apostle, they denied and hurt him, so God humiliated them with starvation and disease and scattered them throughout the land.

And as such, were the people of Mecca secure and living peacefully with their provision coming to them from everywhere, but when God sent them Mohammed, they denied and hurt him; so unless they should abstain from hurting him and unless they should believe in him, God would humiliate and scatter them as had He scattered the people of Sheba.

God be glorified said about their story, in the Quran 34: 19, which means:

(But they said: "Our Lord, prolong the interval [stations] of our travels"; and they wronged themselves [by committing the disobedience], so We made them as but tales, and We scattered them utterly. Surely, in that are signs [and lessons] for every enduring and grateful man.)



[115] 114. So eat of [the cattle] that God has provided for you [O Muslims], lawful and gooda; and be grateful for the favors of God, if it is He Whom you serve.


[Then God be glorified addressed the Muslims, and said:]

[116] 115. He has made unlawful for you only the carrion, the blood, the meat of swine and that on which the name of other than God has been invoked b.

But whoever is forced by necessity [to eat any of such forbidden meats], neither desiring [the pleasure of eating], nor transgressing [, by doing so, the statements of God], then [surely] God is Most Forgiving and Most Merciful. c


[Then God be glorified addressed the Muslims also, and said:]

[117] 116. But do not say with your tongues any lying words, [such as]: this is lawful d and this is unlawful e

to invent a lie against God [by ascribing the forbidding to Him];

[for surely] those, who invent a lie against God, will not prosper f.


[118] 117. A brief profit [which they enjoy in the life of the World, then they will die], and for them awaits a painful chastisement [in the Next Life.]


[119] 118. For Jews, We forbade that about which We have told you [Mohammed] before [this aya.] g

We did not wrong them [by forbidding them that], but they were used to wrong their own selves [with the disobedience and the ungratefulness to Gods bounties.]


[Afterwards, God be glorified told about those who repented, and He said:]

[120] 119. Then, surely, your Lord [O Mohammed, is All-Forgiving] for those who do evil with ignorance [about its consequences], then afterwards they repent [from the disobedience] and reform [their acts]; surely your Lord even after that, is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.



114 a Do not forbid for yourselves anything of that as do the associaters.



115 b i.e. that which is slaughtered for anyone else than God; its eating is forbidden.

115 c An aya 2: 173, which is similar to this one, has been interpreted before.





116 d About the unlawful, which you yourselves make lawful, like the dead animal.

116 e About the lawful, which you yourselves make unlawful, like the Sa'iba.

116 f i.e. neither will they be saved of the punishment, nor will they prosper in the Next Life.







118 g That is His saying be glorified in the Quran 6: 146, which means:

(To Jews We forbade every [animal] with undivided hoof [and chews the cud] etc.)


Moreover, the dead animal, the blood and the meat of the pig are also forbidden to them.



[121] 120. Surely Abraham was a [guidance] model a, devoutly obedient to Godb, a [monotheist:] Hanief, and he was not one of associaters.


[122] 121. Grateful for [Gods] bounties; [God] chose him [for the prophet-hood c] and guided him to a right way [of the truth d.]


[123] 122. And We bestowed on him a blessing e in [this life of the] World, and in the Next [World], he is one of the prosperous. f


[124] 123. Then We revealed to you [Mohammed]: "Follow the religion of Abraham, the Hanief [: the monotheist], who was never one of the associaters."


120 a Imitated by his children, progeny and the believers following him. The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 2: 124, which means:

([God] said: "Surely, I will appoint you a religious leader for people [to follow your example.]"

Said he: 'And out of my seed [may You also appoint religious leaders!]')

120 b i.e. devoted to God in the obedience and worship.


121 c Because of his good intention and kind manners of behavior.

121 d i.e. the way of monotheism or the exclusive devotion to God alone.


122 e i.e. the bounty of wealth, children and position.

122 f In place and good condition; it means: As did We promote his condition in the life of the World, so did We promote his condition in the Next Life and give him a high position.



[The Prophet salam to him was asked by one of his companions about the day of rest of every week, and he said: It is the Friday.

The companion said: Jews consider it the Saturday (or the Sabbath.)

Therefore, this aya was revealed:]

[125] 124. The Sabbath was prescribed only [as a trial] of those [Children of Israel] who violated it a.

But [O Mohammed] surely your Lord will decide between them on Doomsday concerning what they used to violateb.


124 a It means: The statement for the Sabbath concerning the abstaining from working, selling and buying and forbidding of the fishing and hunting for the Children of Israel on the Sabbath, was only a trial of them [but not for Muslims]: to see will they comply with or contradict Our commandments?

But according to such trial, We found their majority contradict Gods commandment; i.e. they contradicted Gods order concerning the abandoning of selling and buying, hunting and fishing, and others on the Sabbath.

124 b It means: concerning their opposing of the commandment of God: so that they sold, bought and fished on their Sabbath.



[The associaters demanded of Prophet Mohammed an objective miracle like the staff of Moses and the female camel [of Prophet Salih], so that they might then convert; so the Prophet prayed God to give [him] what they requested; therefore, His saying be glorified was revealed:]

[126] 125. [O Mohammed] invite [people] to the way of your Lord a with wisdom and fair exhortation b,

and reason with them in better [ways and words than theirs] c,

for surely your Lord knows best anyone who errs from His way, and He knows best who are liable to guidance d.


[The associaters mutilated the dead bodies of the Muslims in the Battle of Uhud, and particularly the body of Hamza the Prophets uncle: they incised his abdomen, cut off his nose and ear, and cut his genitalia; Hind the daughter of Utba extracted his liver and started to masticate it.

So the Muslims said: Should God give us victory over them, we will mutilate those alive among them in addition to the dead.

Therefore, this aya was revealed:]


[127] 126. [O Muslims,] if you chastise [the associaters according to their offense against you], chastise [only] like to that you have been chastised; and yet assuredly if you show patience [and do not mutilate the slain among them], better it is for those that are patient.


[128] 127. [O Mohammed,] forbear patiently [the hurt and denial of your peoplee],

yet is your patience only with [the help and care of] God [about you.]

And do not grieve for those [among your companions who are killedf],

nor let you[r chest] be straightened for what the [associaters] devise [against you, for God will help you against them.]


[129] 128. Surely, God is [along] with g those who ward off [the association and disobedience] and who are charitable [to people, particularly the poor and needy.]




125 a i.e. to His religion and the way leading to His paradises.

125 b It means: With the rational proofs and the scientific evidences, and there is no need for the objective miracles, because when they see the miracles done, they will say: This is only a clear sorcery, and will not believe just like the nations passed away whom We destroyed because of their denial of the messengers and their stubbornness.

125 c The meaning: Deal with them gently and kindly and with good words, in order to comply with you and submit themselves to your order.

125 d So He will guide them, if you speak to them and explained to them about the way of the truth.









127 e For your Lord will help you against them.

127 f Because they have been admitted to Paradise with gladness and delight.






128 g i.e. God is along with them: by helping them.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 16 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)



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