Soora 29


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. Alif, Lam, Miem.

[These abbreviated Arabic letters mean:]

(Recite To them, O Mohammed!)a


[3] 2. Do the people [who have believed] think that they will be left [lingering behind, merely for] that they say: "We believe", and will not be tried [by the struggle in God's way?] b


[4] 3. We certainly tried those [Children of Israel] that were before them c, and assuredly God will know [by means of the trying] those [of you] that are truthful, and assuredly He will know the untruthful.


[5] 4. Or do those [associaters] who practice evil [deeds] deem that they will forestall Us d?

Evil indeed is their decision e.


[6] 5. Whoso looks forward to be in [the neighborhood of] God f, [let him know that] the appointed God's [reward] is surely coming [after death g]; He is the All-Hearing h, the All-Knowingi.



1 a This has been explained in the interpretation of soora or chapter 2 of the Quran.







2 b The meaning: Their belief is not enough by words without acts.





3 c When We commanded them to fight the Amalecite and to conquer Jericho.





4 d Concerning what We want about the conveyance of the message of Our messenger Mohammed, when they decided in the House of Counsel [of Mecca] to kill him.

4 e Of killing the messenger and foil and annihilate the Muslims by torturing and driving out; for We saved him from their hands and their plan did not succeed, neither did their decision about him, and We dispersed them and annihilated those stubborn among them.




5 f And to live in the spiritual heavens, then let him worship God alone, and then he will not need any intercessor.

5 g When man will go from this life of the World to the Afterlife.

5 h Of their prayer.

5 i About their piety.



[7] 6. And any [of you, Muslims,] who struggles [in God's way], struggles only for his own [benefit]a; for surely God Is 'Not In Need' of all the worlds.


[8] 7. And those who believe and work righteous [deeds] from them shall We blot out [all] their sins, and We shall reward them with a best [recompense, in the Next Life] for the deeds they have done.


[9] 8. We have recommended man to be kind to his parents; but if they try [their best] to make you associate with Me [in the worship], that about which you have no knowledge, then do not obey them [to what they invite you.]

To Me you [all] shall return [after death], and I shall inform you b of what you were doing [in the life of the World.]


[10] 9. And as for those who believe and work righteous [deeds], We shall surely admit them in [Paradise together with] the righteous.


[11] 10. And of people [of Mecca who converted] there are some who say: "We believe [but the belief has not reached his heart]", but if he be made to suffer for [the cause] of God, he considers his persecution by people as the chastisement of God [in the Next Life c.]

And then if help [to the believers] comes from your Lord [O Mohammed], they will say: "We were [along] with you [coveting for the spoils of war.]"

[Therefore, God be glorified disproved him, and said:]

Is not God Best Aware of what [belief or non-belief] is in the hearts of [all creatures of] the worlds?


[12] 11. And assuredly God will know those who are [truly] believers, and assuredly He will know the hypocrites [by means of the trial.]



6 a So he will have the dignity in the life of the World and the prosperity in the Next Life.





8 b It means: I shall punish you about your association, if you associate [with Me in the worship.]








10 c So he forsakes the struggling in Gods way, because he fears the hurt.



[13] 12. Those who disbelieve say to those who believe: "Follow our way [of religion], and [if there is any fault in that] let us bear [the burden of] your faults."

[Therefore, God be glorified replied to them:]

But they will not bear anything of their faults a; in fact they are untruthfulb.


[14] 13. They will certainly bear their burdens, and other burdens along with their burdens c; and on the Day of Judgment they will surely be questioned concerning [the lies] that they were forging [to the feeble-minded and so they barred them from the way of the truth.]


12 a The faults are not material so that man may bear them, but they are done within the matter; e.g. if somebody blaspheme, the word of blasphemy issues from his mouth, and the mouth is a material thing, while the word is semantic non-material; its implication: But they will not bear anything of their faults which were formed in the matter.

12 b About their guarantying the bearing the burden of their mistakes.






13 c It means: they will bear their sins in addition to other sins, of those whom they misguided away from the way of the truth, with their deception.

Similar to this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 16: 25, which means:

(So let them bear in full the burden [of their sins] on the Judgment Day, in addition to some of the burden of those whom they lead astray [away from the truth])



[15] 14. We did send Noah to his people a, and he tarried among them a thousand years, all but fifty b; and the flood overtook them c while they were wrong-doers [of their own selves in addition to Noah.]


[16] 15. But We saved him [from the drowning] together with the fellows of the ship [who embarked together with him], and We made [that event] an indicative sign d to [all] the worlds.


14 a To invite them to Gods worship, and to warn them against worshipping the idols.

14 b And they did not believe but denied him.

14 c In recompense of their disbelief.



15 d Indicating Our might and ability to annihilate and destroy.

In fact, Noah kept up inviting his people to believe for six hundred (600) years, and then the deluge or the flood overtook them, after which he lived three hundred and fifty years (350). Then he died. Therefore, his years in total were one thousand minus fifty [or 950] years.

Actually, people lived such large number of years, because the rotation of the earth around its axis and around the sun was faster than it is today, so that their year equaled two of our months. Therefore, if we compare their years with our years, we will find their life span a little more than the life span of our time or equal to it.

That is because when the rain came down profusely on the earth and the deluge occurred, the earth surface became colder than before because of the water, and such coldness was the reason for the slowing of the earth rotational movement, so that the day and night became longer and the year became longer, and so the life span of man became less than it was before, in respect of counting.

And there will come a time in which the day and night will be longer than we have today, and that is because of the coldness of the core of the earth, which will be gradual; so as much as its heat gets less, its rotational movement will be slower around its axis, until a day will come the length of which will be equal to one thousand of our years, which will be the last one of the earth days, to which God be glorified points out in the Quran 22: 47, which means:

(For a day with your Lord is as [long as] one thousand of your years.)

God be glorified said also in the Quran 32: 5, which means:

(He directs the 'amr' [: the angels] from the heaven to the earth, then it will ascend to Him [in heaven] in a day, the measure of which is a thousand years of that you [people] count [of your years.])

Moreover, the long and short life span or age can be deduced by reviewing the Torah [included in the Old Testament], to see that the ages of Noah and those before him were by hundreds of years; while after Noah, their ages became by tens of years; and this is only because of the slowing of the earth movement of rotation, so that the years have become long after they had been short.



[17] 16. And Abraham, when he said to his people: "Serve God and ward off His [punishment]; such [warding] is better for you [than the unbelief and the disobedience], if you understand [the consequence of your unbelief.]"


[18] 17. "You merely worship apart from God idols [which cannot benefit nor harm you], and you only invent a lie a.

Surely those apart from God whom you worship cannot control any provision for you; therefore seek provision with God b;

serve Him and be grateful to Him;

to Him [indeed] you will be returned [following your death c.]"


[19] 18. "But if you deny [my message to which I am inviting you, then [know that] nations before you did also deny [their messengers, so God terminated them because of their denial.]

And the duty of the messenger is only to convey [the message] plainly."


[20] 19. Have the [people of Mecca] d not seen how God begins the creation [from the dust] then returns it [to the dust following death e]?

Such [extermination of these associaters] will be an easy matter f to God.


[21] 20. Say [O Mohammed, to them]: "Journey throughout the earth, and see how He began the creation g, then God will form the other formation h; for God is All-Able over everything. i "


[22] 21. He punishes whomsoever [of the guilty] He will j, and grants mercy [with pardon and forgiveness] to whomsoever [of sinners] He will; and to Him you [all] will be returned k.


[23] 22. You [associaters] cannot disable [God] neither in the earth [during your material life] nor in the heaven [during your ethereal or spiritual life] l; and apart from God there will not be for you any patron m nor any helper n.


[24] 23. Those who disbelieved in the signs [of revelation o] of God and [in] the meeting with Him p; such q despaired of My mercy r, and such will have a painful chastisement [in the Next Life.]


[Then God be glorified returned to the story of Abraham, and He said:]

[25] 24. But the response of his people was only that they said [one to another]: "Slay [Abraham] or burn him." [And they cast him in the fire], and God [with His might] saved him from the fire.

Surely, in this [event] are signs [indicating God's might] for a people who believe [therein.]


[26] 25. And [Abraham] said [to his people]: "You only take idols [to worship] apart from God, [in order] to have friendship among yourselves in the life of the World s; but on Judgment Day you will deny one another and you will curse one another t; your resort [as a whole] will be [into] the fire, and you will not have any helper [to save you from God's punishment.]"


[27] 26. And Lot believed [and complied] to him u, and [Abraham] said [to his father and his people]: "I am going to leave home to [where] my Lord [has commanded me; for] He is the All-Mighty [in His kingdom and will take revenge on you], the Most Wise [by sending me to the land of Canaan.]" v


[28] 27. And We offered to [Abraham, his son] Isaac [after his son Ishmael], and Jacob [his grandson from Isaac.]

And We appointed the prophecy and the [heavenly] scripture to [Abraham's] seed.

We also gave to him his wage w in the [life of the] World, and in the Next Life he is among the righteous [whom We settle in the Paradise of Prosperity.]









17 a By calling these idols as gods.

17 b It means: Dont ask your provision from the idols because they cannot do that, but ask provision from God.

17 c And then He will punish you according to such acts of yours.




















19 d This actually is a warning, which means: Have they not seen, so as to fear the consequence?

19 e This has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 10: 4.

19 f Without any difficulty.




20 g Who had been before you, and they had denied their messengers (or apostles) as have you denied; see their ruins and how We terminated them so that their habitations remained empty and were not inhabited after them.

Therefore, if you insist on your denial and do not believe in Our messenger, Mohammed, We will terminate you as did We terminate them.

20 h It means: God will form people other than you, and will see their acts.

Similar to this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 6: 6, which means:

(So We destroyed them because of their sins, and produced after them another generation.)

And He said in the Quran 6: 133, which means:

(If He will, He can put you [people] away [with plagues, earthquakes, storms or others], and let whomsoever [of the four human races on the earth globe] He pleases to succeed after you,

even as did He produce you from the seed of another people [who existed before you, then died.])

20 i i.e. He is All-Able to terminate the disbelievers and form another people instead of them.




21 j No intercessor may prevent His will.

21 k It means: You will return to the world of souls after death, then on Doomsday to the Gathering-together for judgment and requital.




22 l It means: You can neither escape from Him, nor is there any shelter to which you may go and He cannot capture you; but wherever you go, you will be in His capture, under His control and in His kingdom, then He will take revenge on you.

God be glorified said in the aya which means: (nor in the heaven [during your ethereal or spiritual life]), because spirits can go up in the sky as can they go down to the earth like birds, because they are light in weight, and quickly moving, neither any door may prevent them, nor any barrier may bar them; they see the angels, genies and devils and can hear them.

22 m To take care about you and to defend you.

22 n To help you and to save you from Gods punishment.




23 o Brought by the messengers of God.

23 p i.e. they deny the sending to the Next Life and the Judgment.

23 q Those who died before you.

23 r It means: They despaired of the forgiveness and of Paradise.






25 s By your gathering together, both the leaders and the followers, to worship the idols.

25 t The leaders and the followers.





26 u It means: Lot believed the words of Abraham and worked according to his program. As such did Abrahams wife Sarah believe him.

26 v Abraham migrated together with his clan from Iraq to the land of Canaan, about 1805 B.C.






27 w Which is the good reputation, the righteous sons and the much wealth.



[29] 28. And Lot; when he said to his people: "You do commit such indecency as no people in all the world [ever] committed before you!"


[30] 29. "You do come [sexually] to men [instead of women], and [by such act] you ban the way [of travelers] a; and in your club you commit lewdness b !"

But the only answer of his people was their saying [in a way of mocking]: "Bring upon us God's punishment if you [indeed] are telling the truth c."


[31] 30. [Therefore, at that time, Lot] said: "My Lord, help me with victory over the lewd people."


[32] 31. And when Our messengers [: the angels] came to Abraham with the good tidings [of begetting a son], they said: "We are [certainly] going to destroy the people of this city [of Sodom]; for [surely] the people thereof are wrong-doers. d "


[33] 32. [Abraham] said [to the angels]: "Lot is there in [Sodom.]"

They said: " We know best about who are there; assuredly we shall deliver him together with his family, except his wife; she will be with those buried [under the wreck.]"


[34] 33. And when Our messengers came to Lot e, he was troubled on their behalf f, and was much embarrassed with them, so they said: "Fear not [about us], nor grieve; for surely we are going to deliver you and your family [all, from the earthquake] save your wife [: the old woman], who will be buried [under the wreck.]"


[35] 34. "We shall send down upon the people of this city [following its destruction with the earthquake] wrath out of heaven g for their ungodliness." h


[36] 35. And We have left an evident sign i concerning those [four cities], for people who reflect j.




28 a i.e travelers will not pass by your city, if they hear about such act of yours.

28 b By indecency and exposure of the shame or private parts.

28 c About your claim that you are a messenger of God.
















31 d For they come sexually to travelers in their rears.







33 e It means: When the angels came to Lot telling him about the coming of the punishment in order to leave that city.

33 f i.e. he was sad and depressed, when he saw they were nice and beautiful, and because he knew the habits of his people concerning guests and travelers; so when the angels noticed the expression of fear on Lots face, they reassured him.





34 g i.e. a chastisement from the space, in order to terminate those who survive after the earthquake.

34 h Therefore, go out, together with your family, from the city and get away from it, lest the earthquake should afflict you.

So Lot departed from it at dawn time and got away from it, and at morning, the earth was quaked and their houses collapsed over them and they died under the wreckage.

They were four cities, which had been in the place of the Dead Sea; they are mentioned in the Torah [included in the Old Testament], chapter 19; the names of the cities are: Sodom where Lot dwelt, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboyim.





35 i That is the cleavage, which was covered by water to become a lake [: the Dead Sea.]

35 j It means: for the one who uses his mind and forsakes the blind following of his fathers, and hear about the story of those people and then to receive admonition and avoid the disobedience, and keep up to the obedience and so he will succeed in both this life of the World and the Next Life.



[37] 36. And to [the tribe of] Midian [We sent] their brother Shu'aib a who said: "My people, serve God [alone b] and seek after [the reward of] the Last Day c, but do not corrupt, spreading [your] mischief in the earth. d "


[38] 37. But they denied him, so the [earth] quake seized them; and by morning, in their habitation, they [were dead and] lay prostrate [under the wreckage.]


[39] 38. [The tribes of] Aad and Thamood [We had also destroyed before], as it is obvious to you [O people of Mecca] from their [ruined] habitations e.

Satan barred them from the [straight] way f, [as has he barred you], though they were rationally discerning g.


[40] 39. Also [We destroyed] Korah, Pharaoh and [his minister] Haman; Moses did bring to them the evident [miracles h], but they became arrogant in the land, and they escaped not [Our punishment.]


[41] 40. Each [of these] We seized according to his sin: We sent against some of them a pebble swarm i, and some were seized by the blast j, and We cleft the earth open with some of them k, and some We drowned [in the water.] l

God would never wrong them m, but they were wont to wrong themselvesn.


36 a Two ayat similar to this one has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, soora (or chapter) 7 and 11.

36 b And forsake the worshipping of idols.

36 c i.e. seek after the reward and prosperity in the last day of your life, in which you will go to the world of souls.

36 d It means: Do not make corruption and mischief, and then your mischief will spread throughout the earth, because of your travelling and sojourning.







38 e And from their tales spoken unanimously by people.

38 f And guided them to the way to Hell.

38 g But they did not use their minds because they had blindly followed their fathers, as have you blindly followed your fathers.







39 h Indicating his truthfulness.







40 i Those were the people of Lot.

40 j i.e. the great sound of the earth and its noise when the earthquake befell their land.

40 k He was Korah and his companions.

40 l Those were the people of Noah, and Pharaoh with his host.

40 m With the destruction that afflicted them.

40 n With their disbelief, association [with God] and their evil acts.



[Then God be glorified gave an example about custodians of idols, who serve the idols and invite people to worship them: being like the spider which took a home [: its cobweb] for trapping insects; and He said:]

[42] 41. The likeness of those [custodians of idols] who have taken to themselves [the idols as] patrons [and invite people to worship the idols], apart from God,

is as the likeness of a [female] spider a that takes to itself a home [: its spider web or cobweb]b; but of all homes the frailest c one is the home [: the spider web or cobweb] of the spider, if they but knew [the truth.] d


[Then God be glorified started to threaten the associaters with punishment, and He said:]

[43] 42. Surely, God is Most Aware of whatever thing e they worship apart from Himf, and He is the All-Mighty [with His sovereignty], the Most Wise [with His acts.]


[44] 43. And such are the parables [that have just been said], We set forth for mankind g, but only those understand them who have knowledge h.


41 a It is the female spider which waves the cob; the female eats the male, and the young nymphs eat each other.

41 b To trap, with it, flies and insects; and it does not take such web to protect itself from the heat or coldness, neither to protect itself from the wind, but only for trapping.

As such do the servants of idols take the idols as a means of gaining money from the feeble-minded who bring for them their vowing of alms, the gifts, sacrifices and other things like carpets, spreads and stuffs, and they make their livelihood out of the unlawful money.

Then God be glorified explained that this will not last more than only a short period of time, then they will go following their death to the world of souls, when We will punish them on account of such of their acts; and He said:

41 c Or the finest, thinnest and most delicate.

41 d The meaning: The idols are weaker than any creature; because they cannot defend themselves against any danger like the breaking or destruction, then how can they defend you or intercede for you?

The thread of the spider consists of 25 filaments, so that you see the bundle of filaments within one thread having such thinness. This was unknown to people before the invention of the microscope in this age.

Sheikh Tantawi Jawhari drew the spider and its tail which spins the threads, in his book (Jewels of the Quran Interpretation) when he interpreted this aya.

Spiders are of many kinds and species which differ in different countries where they exist; some spiders are harmful and poisonous and they sting like the scorpion; while some others are useful and wave the silk like the silkworm.

Nowadays, a large number of such charlatans and impostors deceive people and invite them to worship the graves, on the pretext that they are the graves of saints; and that is in order to live on the unlawful money, and they do not take any consideration about the Next Life; so that you see a bad-mannered man who is mean and forsaken by his own family, and he comes to a place situated by the side of a road, collects dust and build there a grave, then he brings a green slab of cloth and puts it on the fake grave, then he enkindles a candle stick on the grave, then he ascribes to it a name and attributes it to one of the sons of prophets, sheikhs or imams.

Then when one of people passes by him and asks him about the grave, he will say: He is the son of Hassan or ascribes it to other imams, then he starts to praise that grave and say that he wrought miracles, healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind and made the handicapped rise and walk, and as such he deceives people with his lies and trickery, so that his case will spread in the villages and the neighboring cities, so people will come to him with presents, alms, sacrifices, candles and others.

Then following a short period of time, may be less than one year, such man will become rich, respectful among people, having cattle, property, wealth and others out of the wealth of people; but he does not know that he has sold his Next Life for the expense of his life, and cast himself in Hell, together with a multitude of people who worshipped and sanctified the graves.

Therefore, this man is like the Samaritan who made a calf statue of gold, and invited his people to worship it and they worshipped it; so he is one of human devils, and will go to Hell with its evil consequences.


42 e The word thing means the matter.

42 f Therefore, He will make the idols as pebbles for Hell, and make those who invite people to the idols as its firewood.



43 g To let people understand.

43 h i.e. none will understand them, but only those whom God favored by giving them some of His knowledge.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 6: 105, which means:

(And that We may explain the [Quran in the future] to men who know [the modern sciences.])



[45] 44. God created the heavens and the earth a in truth b; surely this c indicates a sign [about the occurrence of Doomsday] to the believers [in it.]


44 a i.e. the planets including the earth.

44 b i.e. with the true promise, which means with the destruction of the solar system. This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 6: 73, which means:

(And He it is Who created the heavens [: the planets] and the earth with the true [promise], and on [Dooms-] day He will say: "Be [destroyed]" and it will be [as He will say.])

It means: He will say to the creation: Be a ruin, and it will be as will He want.

It is the Doomsday in which the sun and its satellites [the planets and moons] will tear up.

In my book The Universe and the Quran I have fully explained about the universe, the heavens and the earth and other portents of Doomsday.

44 c Destruction.



[46] 45. [O Mohammed] rehearse [to your people] what [stories of prophets] have been revealed to you of the [past Heavenly] Book, and establish the prayer [together with your companions]; for surely the prayer forbids [its performer] from vile deeds and evil acts a.

[Indeed] God remembers [you with His mercy] far more [than you do remember Him with your obedience.] b

God is Most Aware of your work c.


45 a A wise man said: God has set two things for you, one of them is bidding and the other is forbidding: the first, which is the mans own self, bids evil; as in His saying be glorified in the Quran 12: 53, which means: (The [human] soul incites to evil.)

The other one is the prayers that forbid evil; as in His saying be glorified in this aya: (Surely the prayer forbids [its performer] from vile deeds and evil acts.)

Therefore, whenever your own self incites you to disobedience and lusts, then seek to overcome it with the prayers.

45 b Similar to this in meaning is His saying be glorified in the Quran 2: 152, which means:

(Therefore [always] do remember Me [with glorification], and I will remember you [with favors.]

Be thankful to Me, and deny not [My favors on you.])


45 c Whether it be good or evil, and sooner or later, He will reward you according to your acts.



[47] 46. But [O believers,] dispute not [concerning the religion] with the People of the Scripture a unless it be in [a way] that is better [than theirs]b, except such of them as do wrong c.

And say [to those among them who are not wrong-doers]: "We believe in [the Quran] that has been revealed to us and [the Torah d] revealed to you, our God and your God is One, and to Him we have resigned e."


[48] 47. Thus have We revealed to you [Mohammed] the Book [: the Quran; as had We before revealed the Torah to Moses];

then those, [Jews and Christians who have converted], to whom We gave the Book [: the Bible] do believe [in the Quran]; some of these [Arabs] too believe in the [Quran];

but none denies Our revelations except the ungrateful [to Our bounties.]



46 a i.e. Jews and Christians.

46 b It means: Reply to them with the rational arguments and scientific proofs.

46 c i.e. those who plundered your rights, transgress on you or break your covenants or pacts; for the wrangling is useless with such people, but the only useful thing will be the fighting against them.

46 d It means: What was written on the Tablets, which are the original and authentic Torah.

46 e i.e. To God we are submissive and compliant.



[The Prophet salam to him wished that he would know the writing in order to write the Quran by his own hand, rather than his companions, so as to preserve it against alteration; therefore, this aya was revealed:]

[49] 48. You [Mohammed] were not [able] to read any book before [the Quran] a, nor to write it with your right hand b; for then those who follow falsehood would have doubted.


[50] 49. But [the Quran] is evident revelations in the hearts of those who have been given knowledge c, and none deny Our revelations [by seeking to alter Our revelations] save wrong-doers d.


48 a i.e. We have not let you read any book before the Quran, neither the Torah, nor the Gospel nor any other book.

48 b i.e. you could not write it with your right hand, because you have not learnt the writing, and this has been according to Our will, for had you known the writing and reading, then those following the falsehood would have found some means to insert doubt in the hearts of people, in order to bar them from believing in you; and for this reason, We have taught you neither the writing nor the reading of books.


49 c It means: Do not fear that some of the Quran may be altered because your companions, who have been given knowledge, have known it by heart, so dont worry for that.

49 d So, in the Next Life, We will take revenge on every wrong-doer.



[51] 50. [The Jews] say: "If only revelations [inscribed on stone like that which Moses brought down from God a] had been sent down on [Mohammed, we would then have believed.]"

Say, [Mohammed, to them]: "The revelations are with God [Who sends them down as He pleasesb]; and I am only an obvious warner c."


[52] 51. So is it not enough for them [as an indication of your truthfulness d] that We have sent down to you [Mohammed] the Book [: the Quran] which is rehearsed to them e?

Surely, in such [sending down of the Book, and exposure of the Torah mistakes] is a mercy f and an admonition to [those who understand:] a people who believe [in God and His messenger.]


[53] 52. Say: "God suffices as an [Attending] Witnessg between me and you.

He knows all [secrets] that are in the heavens and the earth h.

Those who believe in the falsehood i and disbelieve in God such will be the losers j.


50 a It means: like the Tablets.

50 b And the Stone Age had passed away, and now this has been the age of the science, knowledge and eloquence of the Arabic language; therefore, now there is no need for sending down the stones.

And if you had been true in your claim that you will believe when you see them, then you would not have disbelieved Moses when he brought down the Tablets, and your fathers said: Who believe it is from God!? then the Mount cleft and the cleft-portion inclined and hovered over them and was about to kill them, had they not cried: We believe! We believe!

50 c So anyone seeks after the Next Life and its prosperity, let him believe, and who desires for the Fire and its hell, let him disbelieve.



51 d This actually is a warning which implies: Is the Quran not enough for them, as an indication of your truthfulness, so that they should beware of Gods punishment if they oppose and contradict you?

51 e To tell them about what is in their Torah, in spite of that you are an illiterate Arabian man, while the Torah is in Hebrew and it includes a large number of mistakes, alterations and changes, but the Quran has brought the truth and exposed the mistakes which Ezra, the son of Siraeh, had written.

51 f To believers lest they should not lose their discerning and wisdom.



52 g Who hears your words and sees your acts, so He will punish you accordingly following your death.

52 h Therefore, your secrets cannot be hidden from Him.

52 i These were the associaters among the Arab; they asked some of the Jews: What do you think about Mohammed; is He a prophet as does he claim, or is he a magician?

They said: Had there been any prophecy, it would have been out of ourselves; but he in fact is a magician.

The meaning: Those who believe in your falsehood, O Jews.

52 j Because they listened to your words, and you misguided them away from the truth, as are you yourselves misguided.



[54] 53. And they a bid you [Mohammed] hasten on the chastisement b.

[So God be glorified said:]

But had it not been for a term [of respite] appointed c, the chastisement would certainly have come to them d.

And it will certainly come to them suddenly [at their death], but they now perceive not [the angels of chastisement e.]


[55] 54. And they bid you [Mohammed] hasten on [their] chastisement [in this life of the World], but surely Hell is [now] encompassing the unbelievers [in the Next Life.] f


53 a Your people.

53 b That is the saying of Nadhir, the son of Harith: Rain down on us [a shower of] stones out of the sky, or bring to us a painful chastisement.

53 c It means: Had We not postponed their chastisement to a certain time later on.

53 d But We have in fact postponed their chastisement to another time, for some purpose that they do not know.

53 e Present near to them, writing their acts and recording their words, and they will seize their souls when their death appointments are due.




54 f It means: The disbelievers who were before you: the earth swallowed them, so they are chastised in the fire which is in its core and in the volcano fire which comes out of the earth core; therefore, the fire encompasses them from every side.

As such, will you who now hasten on the chastisement be chastised in such fire, following your death.



[Then God be glorified mentioned another punishment which will afflict them afterwards, that is when the earth will stop its axial rotation, and the day will be perpetual and so the heat will increase in that day, the duration of which will be one thousand of our years, and He be glorified said:]

[56] 55. On the day when the chastisement will cover and overwhelm them from above them a and from below their feetb, and [the angel of chastisement] will say: "[O unbelievers] taste [the torment in recompense of] what [evil acts] you were doing [in the life of the World.]"




55 a With the heat of the sun and its rays.

55 b With the severe and radiant heat of the earth.



[Then God be glorified explained that His servants are not excused about forsaking His obedience, and He said:]

[57] 56. O My servants who believe, truly, spacious is My earth a; therefore do worship Me [and Me alone!] b


[Then God be glorified explained that death is eminent; therefore, they should not wait for the situation to change, and they should not be slow concerning the migration, and He said:]

[58] 57. Every soul will taste [the feeling and pain] of death c, then unto Us you [all] will be returned d.




56 a So if they prevent you from My obedience, then migrate to another country where you will be safe of your enemy.

56 b And do not worship anyone else.




57 c So hurry up for Gods worship and obedience, before the death may come to you.

57 d When you will find the recompense of your acts.



[59] 58. Those who believe and work righteous [deeds] to them shall We give a home in the Garden: in lofty apartments a beneath which rivers flow; to be therein forever an excellent reward for the toilers [in Paradise.]


[60] 59. Such as forbear patiently b, and on their Lord they do rely c.


[61] 60. How many a beast that [does not] carry its own provision [to its burrow and shelter]: God provides for it [when it searches about its provision] and for you [when you seek after your provision] d; He is the All-Hearing e, the All-Knowingf.



58 a Literally, it means the room in the second floor.





59 b About the hurt of the associaters and concerning the emigration for propagating the religion.

59 c To propagate the Islam religion, and they do not pay attention to anyone that may blame them.




60 d So do not be so greedy about the life of the World.

60 e Of your words when you pray for.

60 f About your conditions when you are hungry.



[62] 61. If you [Mohammed] ask the [associaters]: "Who created the heavens and the earth and subjected the sun and the moon?" they will [answer you and] say: "God [did all that.]

How then are they turned away [from worshipping God to worshipping others apart from Him?]


[63] 62. God increases and restricts provision to any of His servants He pleasesa; surely God has full knowledge about all things b.


[64] 63. And if you [Mohammed] ask them: "Who sent down [the rain] water from the sky, and therewith revived the earth after its death [: its barrenness?]" they [surely] will say: "God [did all that.]"

Say: "Praise be to God! c But most of them do not understand." d


[65] 64. This life of the World is nothing more than a pastime [with wealth] and playing [with children] e, whereas the home of the Next Life, that is the everlasting life, if only they knew [the truth.] f









62 a It means: God one time increases provision for His servant, and another time He restricts his provision, to examine him by that and see: will he be grateful or will he blaspheme?

62 b i.e. He knows about the advantages of His servants, so that He provides for them with what is proper for them.




63 c For His guidance, His many bounties and the revealing of His revelations.

63 d i.e. they do not use their minds about that, because they are blind imitators.







64 e Then you will leave both the wealth and children, and will depart from them and go to the Next Life; so the wise man should forward for his Next Life, and his life of the World should not distract him from his Next Life.

64 f So work for your everlasting life and do not bother yourselves with the life which will inevitably disappear, and which you will leave shortly.



[66] 65. When they embark in the ships [in their journeys], they call on God [at the time of danger a], making their religion devoted exclusively to Him b; but when He delivered them safely to the land c, they associated [others with God.] d


[67] 66. That they may deny [the bounties] that We have given them e, and enjoy themselves [with seeing their idols]; but they will surely know. f


[68] 67. Have they not seen that We have appointed [for them] an inviolable sanctuary g, while people all about them are being ravaged? h

Is it then in falsehood i that they will believe, and be ungrateful for the bounty of God? j


65 a And at the time of violence of storms and the surge of sea waves.

65 b And they do not pray anyone else.

65 c When they went to Abyssinia, pursuing after Jaafar, the son of Abu Talib, and his companions: the believers.

65 d Their story is mentioned in the Quran 10: 22.



66 e The meaning: They associate the idols with God in order to deny Gods bounties to them and to ascribe such bounties to the idols and their good fortune.

66 f They will know the final consequences of their disbelief and association, when they will be admitted into the Fire.



67 g [That is the Inviolable House of God at Mecca], in which they will find themselves secure of being murdered or plundered.

67 h It means: the people round about Mecca: beat and kill each other, and they plunder their luggage and property; that is in the villages and valleys round about Mecca,

[while they are safe and secure in Mecca.] So would they worship the Lord of this Inviolable House, and forsake the worship of the idols and statues?

67 i It means: Will they believe in delusions?

67 j It means: They deny Gods bounties to them, and ascribe that to the blessing and good fortune of the idols.

Similarly, in our time, some and in fact most people believe that bounties and the provision come to them by the blessing of imams and sheikhs and their good fortune.

Therefore, if you ask anyone about his condition, he will answer: By Husseins blessing, I am very well.

Another one will say: With Husseins blessing, I am prosperous and healthy.

And when he goes out of his house at morning, he says: I rely on (or trust in) you, Ali the son of Abu Talib.

And if he is afflicted with a distress, he will say: Ali, help me.

And if he stands or sits, he will say: O, Ali [help me.]

But he does not seek assistance of God Who created him and provided for him.

So isnt this the obvious association with God?

In fact such words were said by the men in the Ignorance Pre-Islam period; certainly they are the losers.

[Such ways of association are also practiced by Christians, Jews and others, about their saints, sages and religious men The translator.]



[69] 68. And who does more wrong than he who invents a lie against God a, or denies the Truth [: the Quran] when it has come to him [from God?]

Is there not a home in Hell b for those disbelievers?


[70] 69. And those who strive in Our [cause] c, We will surely guide them to Our ways d; and, certainly, God is [along] with the charitable e [to the poor.]


68 a And ascribe to God associates and intercessors without true knowledge.

68 b Where they dwell.




69 c It means: who strive in Gods way.

69 d It means: We will expose and expound to them every ambiguous matter, in order to realize the truth and work with the acts that are proper, so that their reward will increase in the Next Life.

69 e By helping and assisting them.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 29 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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