Soora 44


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. Ha, Miem:

[These abbreviated Arabic letters mean:]

Wisdom [or admonition, and] Repeated [stories.] [: W. R.]


[3] 2. And the enlightening scripture. a


[4] 3. We [started] revealing the [Quran] on a blessed night b; for surely We [now as in the past] are warning [people against worshipping the idols.]


[5] 4. During which all the admonishing am'rs [: angels] are distributed [to admonish the believers by the way of inspiration.] c


[Then God be glorified said:]

[6] 5. [Such] Am'r [: angels] coming from Our [neighborhood in the ethereal heavens, the dwelling-place of angels]; We sent [angels to the prophets and apostles in the past d.]


[Then God be glorified explained that sending of these angels to the prophets and messengers is part of His mercy to people, for they guide them to the way of the truth, so they will be safe of the punishment and enter Paradise.

This is concerning the Next Life; while in the life of the World, this will remove from them their loving and worshipping of statues, and remove from them the ignorance and their bad habits and acquaint them with valuable religious and Worldly knowledge; therefore, their minds will attain high level, and their souls reach the high ranks of perfection, dignity and honor; so God be glorified said:]

[7] 6. [Sending those angels is] a mercy from your Lord [O Mohammed;] He is the All-Hearing [of their prayer], the All-Knowing [of their circumstances.]


[8] 7. The Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them e; so if you are certain [about that, then be certain about the words of Mohammed, Our messenger].


[9] 8. There is no god [in the universe] but He [alone.]

He gives life [to the inanimate making out of it the living beings],

And [He] causes death [of the living beings: He is All-Able to do either of these];

your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers.










2 a So these are three sorts; viz. the wisdom, the repeated stories and the religious laws.

Which has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, soora 43: 1-2.




3 b i.e. We started revealing the Quran in the night of Qadr or the 'Night of Importance' or value.




4 c The meaning of the aya is as follows:

In the night of the Qadr, every admonishing angel will be isolated, in order to be distributed to believers, so as to admonish and lead them to the correct way, by means of inspiration.




5 d And as such do We send them at the present time.
























7 e This has been explained many times.



[Then God be glorified addressed His messenger, and said:]

[10] 9. In fact, they are in doubt [about the sending forth to the Next Life], playing [with the gifts they offer to their idols as a child playing with the dresses she prepares for her doll.]


[11] 10. But watch [O Mohammed a] for the day when the sky will bring an obvious smoke.


[12] 11. That will overwhelm people, which will be a painful torment. b


[13] 12. c [They will say:] "Our Lord, remove the torment from us; [for now] we do believe [in You and in Your prophets.]"


[So God be glorified said:]

[14] 13. They can receive no admonition at that time e, though [in the past] an apostle had come to them, [whose truthfulness was] obviousf.


[15] 14. Yet they turned away from him and said: "One taught [by men g], a madman h."


[16] 15. Behold, We are removing the chastisement a little [while i]; behold, you will come [to another torment and to another smoke coming from the bursting of the sun j.]


[17] 16. On the Day [of Doom] when We will assault most mightily; surely We will take revenge. k


10 a i.e. wait and you, yourself, will see their punishment.




11 b This event will occur on Doomsday; such smoke will be formed from the gaseous layers which are above the earth, for they will tear up and mix with each other to become a smoke.

That is His saying be glorified in the Quran 21: 104, which means:

(As did We start [its] first creation [from smoke], will We turn it back again [into smoke] a promise [binding] upon Us; surely We are going to perform it [as did We do before.])

It means: We will turn it back into smoke as was it in the beginning.

At that time, they will say:




12 c These ayat have been explained in my book  The Universe and the Quran under the title of The sky will be upset




13 e The meaning: On that day there will be no messenger (or apostle) to guide them and they may accept his guidance, neither will their repentance be accepted if they repent, because the way to repentance will be closed or blocked.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 6: 158, which means:

(On the day [that] one of your Lord's portents will come, it shall not profit a soul to believe [at that time] that never believed before [the occurrence of that portent], or earned some good by his belief.

Say [Mohammed to these associaters and idolaters]: "Wait you [for the occurrence of that portent; for] we [too] are waiting [for your death in order that We will punish you in the world of souls].")

13 f According to his proofs and miracles.




14 g And so he brought the Quran.

14 h On account of his claiming the apostle-hood; therefore, they denied and hurt him.




15 i Because the smoke will disperse in the space, and so its impact on them will be less.

15 j Because the sun will burst and so fire and smoke will come out of it to fill the vicinity of the planets including the earth.

This has also been explained in my book The Universe and the Quran under the title of: The sky will be filled with fire and smoke .




16 k On associaters, unbelievers, the guilty, wrong-doers, atheists, the disobedient and the deniers of the apostles (or the messengers.) So they are seven categories equal to the number of the letters of the Arabic word in the aya:

== ==




[18] 17. Before the [associaters of the Arab], We tried the people of Pharaoh [with much wealth and provision]; and there came to them [Moses, son of Amram] a messenger most honorable [by God.]


[And Moses said to them:]

[19] 18. [Saying:] "Deliver to me [the Children of Israel:] the servants of God [and do not torture them]; I am to you a messenger, trustworthy [of conveying the message.]


[20] 19. And [saying:] "Exalt not yourselves with arrogance against God [by disobeying His messengers]; behold I come to you with the clear miracle [indicating my truthfulness.]" a


[21] 20. "And I seek refuge in my Lord and your Lord [from your evil and] from that you may stone me." b

[22] 21. "But if so be that you believe not in my [mission], then leave my [people: the Children of Israel] alone [and do not enslave them.]" c


[23] 22. Then he called upon his Lord [saying]: "These are a guilty peopled."


[24] 23. [Then his Lord answered his prayer]: "So take away My servants [the Children of Israel out of Egypt] by night; surely you will be followed [by Pharaoh together with his hosts.]"


[25] 24. "And leave the sea [behind you] be not blocked off e; for inevitably they are a host [of Pharaoh, and will be] drowned [in the sea.]"


[Then God be glorified said about Pharaoh and his host who were drowned in the sea]

[26] 25. How many [nice] gardens and [flowing water] springs have they left [behind],


[27] 26. and sown fields f, and how noble a station g,


[28] 27. and what prosperity they had enjoyed and rejoiced in!


[29] 28. Thus h and We made [all] that an inheritance for another people i.


[30] 29. Neither heaven nor earth wept for them j, nor were they given respite k.

















19 a Then they threatened to kill or stone him, so he said:







20 b As you say: I seek refuge in God from the pelted devil.




21 c But they did not agree to any of these two things: neither the believing nor the sparing of the Children of Israel from service.




22 d They did neither believe nor leave [the Children of Israel] be.












24 e So that those after you may keep walking into it.












26 f i.e. much plant.

26 g i.e. honorable place of social gathering, and high ranks.




28 h i.e. As did We drown them, thus did We take that prosperity from them.

28 i The meaning: We drowned Pharaoh and his host and We took away from the rest the prosperity which We had given to them.




29 j The weeping of heaven is the rain, and the weeping of the earth is gushing of water from springs and fountains.

So this is a parable which God be glorified said, which means: Neither did the mercy of heaven touch them with the rain, nor the kindness of the earth with the gushing of water from springs and fountains.

29 k But We hastened to destroy them.



[31] 30. And certainly We did save the Children of Israel from the humiliating persecution a:


[32] 31. from Pharaoh; he was arrogant and one of inordinate transgressors.


[33] 32. And We chose the [Children of Israel to worship Us] out of all nations [of their time],

and even We knew [that they would not fulfill it b, but because We had promised Abraham and so We fulfilled Our promise to him.]


[34] 33. And We gave them the miracles c that included an obvious trial [to Pharaoh and his people.]



30 a It means: from the enslaving.










32 b And would not give it its due interest and concern.








33 c Like the frog, the locust, the blood and the other miracles previously mentioned.



[35] 34. These [associaters among the Arab] do say:


[36] 35. "It is only our first death and we are not going to be resurrected [after death.]" a


[37] 36. "So bring [back] our forefathers [from the graves], if what you say [of the Next Life, the reward and the requital] is true.


[So God be glorified said:]

[38] 37. Are they the best [in number and might] or are the people of Tubba and those who were before them?

We destroyed them [when they denied the messengers: or the apostles]; surely they were guilty. b




35 a It means: They deny the sending of souls to the Next Life, and the Judgment.















37 b He was Tubba, the Himiarite, one of the kings of Yemen; his name was Asaad son of Karb; he converted and followed the religion of Moses, and his people followed him and converted; then after his death they disbelieved; therefore, God dispraised them, with exclusion of him; he marched with his host eastward and westward; he was the first one to clothe the Kaaba at Mecca.



[39] 38. And We created not the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, just to play. a


[40] 39. We created not both of them but with the true [promise b], but most of them know not [the truth c.]


38 a But We created them for a wise purpose: to create the genie-kind and the human-kind on them, so that they may worship Me alone.

As in His saying be glorified in the Quran 51: 56, which means:

(I created not the genie-kind and human-kind but only to worship Me [alone.])




39 b With which We promised the angels; as in His saying be glorified in the Quran 2: 30, which means:

(And remember [Mohammed] when your Lord said to the angels: "I am about to place [Adam as] a successor in the earth [to succeed the nations that passed before him.])

39 c For they are ignorant about consequences.



[Then God be glorified threatened the associaters among the Arab, and He said:]

[41] 40. Surely, the Day of Separation [of their souls from their bodies a] is their appointed time [for punishment], altogether b.


[42] 41. The day when a friend cannot avail [his] friend aught [of the punishment] c, nor can they be helped.


[43] 42. Save those [monotheists] upon whom God will have mercy d; He is the All-Mighty [in His kingdom e], the Most Merciful [to the believing monotheists.]


[44] 43. Surely, the Zaqqum tree. f


[45] 44. [shall in the Next Life be] the food of the sinful.


[46] 45. Like the "turbid oil [of sesame: or Tahini] g " seething in their bellies [after its eating],


[47] 46. Like the seething of boiling water h.


[Then God be glorified will say to the stout angels of punishment:]

[48] 47. "Take him and carry him to the midst of Hell.


[49] 48. "Then pour upon his head of the boiling liquid i so as to torment him."


[And it will also be said to him]:

[50] 49. "Suffer [of the pain of the chastisement; for] it is you that are the arrogantj, the distinguished k."


[51] 50. [Then it will be said to them:] "Surely, this is that about which you 'doubted and disputed'."




40 a By means of death.

40 b And they cannot escape the punishment.




41 c i.e. a loving one cannot avert any bit of the chastisement form his beloved one.





42 d So He be glorified will pardon them after they fulfill their due punishment.

42 e And will take vengeance on associaters and the guilty.






43 f It is the Indian fig (or Opuntia): a tree with much thorn; it has many kinds.









45 g The "turbid oil [of sesame]" or Tahini is boiled on fire to separate the sesame oil from it.





46 h i.e. as does water boil inside the boiler.











48 i Which is the lava coming out of volcanoes.

j With your abstinence from believing and your arrogance against Gods messengers.





49 k With what wealth you possessed [and contributed] for the idols and for the war against the believers; therefore, this day neither will your power defend you, nor will your wealth save you.



[Then God be glorified started to describe the God-fearing, and the reward that they will have in the Next Life, and He said:]

[52] 51. Surely, those who ward off [God's disobedience] [will] be in a secure station [from the harm and from cosmic disturbances.]


[53] 52. Among Gardens and fountains [of flowing water.]


[54] 53. [They will be] wearing [garments] of silk and silk brocades a, [and they will be] facing one another [as they take seats.]


[55] 54. As such b, and We [shall] wed them to wide-eyed whitish women.


[56] 55. They [will] ask therein [the servants to bring them of] all kinds of fruit [of Paradise, to eat of it], and [they will be] safe [of indigestion and disease, whatever they may eat.]


[57] 56. They taste not [the pain of] death therein c, save only the first death d. And [their Lord will] save them from the doom of Hell [fire.]


[58] 57. A bounty from your Lord [O Mohammed.] Such is the supreme triumph [that they will attain.]














53 a Which is a kind of silk.





54 b i.e. as will God show them mercy and pardon them, as such will He admit them into Paradise.











56 c Because they are ethereal souls who do not die.

56 d Which they passed in the World.



[59] 58. And only We have made the [reciting of the Quran] easy by your tongue [Mohammed, so that you may recite it to your people] so they may receive admonition.


[60] 59. So [O Mohammed] look for [God's help against them]; for they are looking for [your death.]



By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 44 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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