Soora 50


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. a Qaf.

[This abbreviated Arabic letter means:]




c By the glorious Quran!









[3] 2. Now they surprise that there has come to them a warner [: Mohammed, the son of Abdullah] from among themselves; so the disbelievers say: "This [indeed] is a strange thing."







[4] 3. "Is [it true] that d when we die and become dust, [we will then be recreated and will return to be alive once again?]

Such a returning is far [from reason.]"







[Therefore, God be glorified said:]

[5] 4. Well we know that which the earth consumes of their f [bodies, but not the souls.]

And with Us is a book [in which their deeds are written], preserved [with Us g.]






[6] 5. But they have denied the truth when it has come to them, therefore they are now in confused state [: of doubting.] h


1 a Quraish tribe said that the Prophet was mad, while another group said that he was a magician. So God be glorified disapproved their words, and said:

1 b i.e. Mohammed is a guardian on you, who desires every blessing to you, like the guardian of orphans who brings them up and takes care about their affairs, but is neither mad nor magician.

1 c Then God be glorified swore by the glorious Quran that Mohammed is a guardian on you who desires every blessing to you.

Another aya similar to this one, is in the Quran 18: 1-2, which means:

(Praise is due to God, Who has sent down, to His servant [Mohammed], the Book, and has not assigned in it [to his servant Mohammed] any encumbrance.

[Then God be glorified started to describe His servant Mohammed, and He said:]

[So that Mohammed will be] a guardian [on you]:

to warn [the disbelievers] of a mighty punishment [coming] from Him,

and [to] bear glad tidings to the believers.)


So His saying be glorified in the aya, which means: (a guardian) is a description related to His servant Mohammed, not related to the book.

Because each prophet is a guardian on his nation like the guardian on orphans.

Moreover, God be glorified said in the Quran 98: 5, which means:

(Being hanifs [or monotheists according to the religion of Prophet Abraham],

and to observe the [prescribed] prayers,

and to pay the Zakat [alms, out of their wealth];

such [religion just mentioned] is the religion of the [apostles or messengers who were] guardians [on their followers.])













3 d With which Mohammed threatens us: that we will return to life once again.














4 f It means: We know that the earth will consume their bodies after death, and converts them into dust, but souls are eternal and living, which neither will the earth consume nor will the wind tear up; because the soul is the true man, while the body is nothing more than a mold for forming the soul.

4 g So We will punish them according to their disbelieving and denial of the message of Our messenger.










5 h The meaning: The associaters are in a confused doubt about the Prophet salam to him: some of them say: he is mad, others say a magician, some say: a poet, some say: a liar and others say: truthful; and so on they do not settle on one single opinion.



[7] 6. Will they not look at [and consider] the sky above them: how We have constructed it [in gaseous layers packed one over another] and adorned it [with the planets and meteors], and that it has no gaps [between its layers a]?


[8] 7. And the earth have We supplemented [with dust particles, meteorites and gases] b,

and cast on it [mountains] that heavily landed c,

and planted on it all pleasant kinds [of plant.] d


[9] 8. As an insight [for Gods servants e] and an admonition to every servant who turns [to God with repentance and obedience.]


[10] 9. And We sent down from the sky [rain] water as a blessing f, and caused to grow therewith gardensg and the harvest grain h [of crops.]


[11] 10. And 'tall graceful' palm trees, having spathes i, piled up [each above the other.]


[12] 11. [We made such plants, seeds and fruits as] a provision for [Our] servants, and with the [rain water] We quicken a dead land j.

Even so will be [your] going out [of Mecca and your migration to Medina.] k


6 a But they are laid, without separation, one over another; He means by that the gaseous layers.

This also has been explained in my book The Universe and the Quran





7 b i.e. He increased its [mass and volume] by means of the dust particles which fall upon it coming from the space, and the gases which combine with the metals leading to the increase in their volumes; in addition to the celestial rocks [: the meteorites] which fall upon it.

7 c It means: We cast on the earth the meteorites which were in the space, and they became meteorites that landed and settled on the earth.

7 d i.e. every kind having beautiful scene like sweet-smelling flowers, fresh trees and green fields.




8 e To think about them and realize that there is a Maker Who has made them and an All-Wise God Who perfected their creation, so that they should be grateful to Him for such bounties.



9 f With which the plant is blessed, i.e. increased.

9 g And orchards.

9 h i.e. that is harvested, like the wheat, the barley and others.




10 i Which is the first to appear of the fruit.




11 j Which is devoid of any plant, so that it becomes green and grassy.

11 k It means: We will enrich you after the poverty, and dignify you after the humiliation. So the life is an implication of the dignity and richness, and the death is an implication of the humiliation and poverty.

Therefore, in this aya, God be glorified encourages the believers to go out of Mecca and to migrate to Medina.



[Then God be glorified told about some disbelieving nations to confirm the Prophet and to threaten the disbelievers, and He said:]

[13] 12. The people of Noah denied [the messengers] before [your people], and [so did] the people of the Torrent a [of Arim at Sheba] and the [tribe of] Thamood b,


[14] 13. And [the tribe of] Aad c, and Pharaoh, and the brethren of Lot [: the people of Sodom],


[15] 14. And the people of the [miraculous] Tree [or the Ayka of Midian d], and the people of Tubba e; all [of them] denied the messengers, so My [punishment] with which I threatened [them] was duly fulfilled f.


[16] 15. Were We, then, wearied by the first creation? [: their creation at the beginning in the wombs of their mothersg.]

No, indeed; but they are in 'confusion and doubting' as to the new creation h.





12 a This word has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 25: 38.

12 b i.e. the people of Prophet Salih.






13 c i.e. the people of Prophet Hood.





14 d They were the people of Prophet Shu'aib; the Ayka or the [miraculous] Tree was his miracle; as was it explained in the interpretation of the Quran 15: 78.

14 e He is Tubba the Himiarite, about whom we have explained in the interpretation of the Quran 44: 37.

14 f i.e. the punishment which We warned them of, by the tongue of Our apostles, was due for them, and they were worthy of it.




15 g Didnt we create them without tiredness, difficulty or toil?

15 h i.e. the recreating of the decayed bodies, for there is not any toil, or difficulty to Us to resurrect them once again, but this is useless; because souls live forever, and it is the souls that will be taken to account and be requited.



[17] 16. And certainly We created man; and We know what [doubts] come within his soul, and We are even nearer to him than his jugular vein a.


[18] 17. When the two [angels] b receive [the orders to take his soul out of his body]: one sits on the right [side of the man about to die], and [the other sits] at his left [and they take his soul or spirit out of his body.]


[19] 18. He utters not a word but there is by him an observing [angel] c, ready [to record it.] d


[20] 19. Finally, the stupor of death [will] come with the true [promise e]; this is what you were trying to evade f.


[21] 20. The horn [shall] be blown [on Doomsday]; that [day will] be the Day of the Threat [with severe chastisement for every stubborn disbeliever.]


[22] 21. And every soul [shall] come g, with it a driver h and a witness i.


[At that time, it will be said to him:]

[23] 22. You used to be oblivious to this j; but We have now [by death] removed from you your cover k, so today keen is your sight. l


[The disbeliever knows that he did some righteous deeds in the life of the World, but he will not find anything of that in the Next Life, so he will ask the observing angel and say to him: Have I any righteous deeds written with you for my behalf?, and the angel will answer:]

[24] 23. His companion [: the 'Observing Angel' will] say: "This is [the record of your deeds; it is full of sins;] I have with me, ready [for testimony.]"


[At that time, God be glorified will say to the two angels just mentioned: the driver and the witness:]

[25] 24. "Cast into Hell every stubborn disbeliever."


[26] 25. "the hindering of charity m, the transgressing [on the weak] and the waveringn."


[27] 26. "Who set up with God another god [which he worshipped] o; therefore, you twain cast him into the terrible chastisement [of Hell.]"


[28] 27. His companion p [will] say: "Our Lord, I did not order him to be arrogant [against Your messenger], but he [himself] was at misguidance away [from the truth.]"


[29] 28. He q [will] say [to them:] "Dispute not before Me! For beforehand I sent you the threat r."


[30] 29. The sentence passed by Me cannot be changed s, and I am not in the least unjust to My servants t.


[31] 30. On the day when We will say to Hell [: Saqar]: "Have you been filled up? u " And it will say: "Are there any more?" v


16 a The meaning: We hear the doubts that come within his soul, before his ears, may hear that; his ear to which the jugular vein is so near.

Similar to this aya in meaning is His saying be glorified in the Quran 56: 85, which means:

(And We [: Our angels] are nearer to him than you are, but you see [the angels] not; [because they are ethereal and you are material.])

It means: The angels of death are nearer to him than you are, but you do not see them.

These are two veins on the sides of the neck, draining the blood from the head and joined to the vein [that drains the blood to the heart.]




17 b The angels of death are two:

One of them is sent by (the angel Ezrael) who has the record of the end of the life of every man in the life of the World.

And the second is the observing angel who is the angel in charge of recording the deeds of that man.

The indication that they are two is His saying be glorified in this soora 50: 21 which means: (And every soul [shall] come, accompanied by

a driver [: the angel of death, driving him to the "gathering- together"]

and a witness [: the observing angel, who wrote his deeds in the World, in order to give witness about him.])

Many of those about to die, tell that these [two angels] wear white clothes, and that they sometimes make mistake about one with a similar name or a similar name of the father, so they take his soul out of his body, then they realize that they made a mistake, so they return that soul to his body.

Then God be glorified explained that there has been put, in charge of every man, an angel to watch his deeds and record his words and write them in his book of deeds, and God said:




18 c Watching his deeds and words, and writing all that in the book of his deeds.

18 d And readily prepared for this purpose.




19 e With which We promised them about the Judgment, the punishment, the prosperity and the reward; for there are only few minutes separating him from the meeting of his reward.

19 f And deny, so you said: There will be no sending to the Next Life, neither will there be any requital.




21 g To the "gathering- together".

21 h i.e. the angel of death, driving him to the "gathering- together".

21 i i.e. the observing angel, who wrote his deeds in the World, so as to give witness about him.




22 j i.e. this day, judgment and punishment.

22 k The cover is the body which was covering the soul to protect it from external factors.

22 l It means: sharp-sighted.

The sight is one of the special senses of the soul, while the eye is one of the body organs of special-senses. This has also been explained in my book Man after Death.




25 m Like the alms giving and the kindness to the kindred.

25 n About the sending of souls to the Next Life and about the Judgment.




26 o It means: he was an associater [: associating others with God in the worship and glorification.]




27 p i.e. his religious leader, who invited him, in the life of the World, to the association with God.




28 q i.e. God be glorified.

28 r In the life of the World, and you did not refrain, but you disobeyed My command.




29 s i.e. dont hope that I may change My threat and punishment to whom I promised the punishment.

29 t So I never punish anyone without having done sins.




30 u On account of the large number of genies and humans cast into you?

30 v This actually is a parable which God said to tell about its tremendous volume, because Saqar is many times bigger than our Sun, and this latter is estimated by astronomers to be million times bigger than Earth.



[32] 31. And Paradise shall be brought near to the God-fearing, -- not hardly far [for them] to attain a [and to enter.]


[33] 32. This is what you are promised with [for the Next Life.]

[It is] for everyone who constantly turns [to God's obedience, and] observes [Gods statements b.]


[34] 33. Who fears [God] Most Gracious, in privacyc, and comes [to the Next Life] with a complying heart.


[At that time, it will be said to them:]

[35] 34. Enter [Paradise] in peace d! This [day] is the day of lasting [forevere.]


[36] 35. In [Paradise] they shall have whatever they desire f; and yet there is with Us [for them even] more [than what they desire g.]



31 a Because, following their death, they will enter into the Garden of Refuge, so the Garden or Paradise of prosperity will be near to them, which they will enter on Judgment Day.




32 b Which he should not transgress.





33 c i.e. when he is alone, and none of people is near him; so he fears God and does not disobey him.








34 d i.e. being safe of any harm and secure from any adversity.

34 e After which there will be no transferring.




35 f i.e. what their souls desire.

35 g Which they did never see before.



[Then God be glorified threatened the disbelievers among the people of Mecca, and He said:]

[37] 36. And how many a generation We destroyed before [your people], who were stronger than [your people] in might!

So excavate throughout the land [about their ruinsa.]

Will there be any escape?b


[38] 37. Surely in that [history of the ancients and the excavation of their ruins], there is an admonition to anyone having a [comprehending] heart [and a listening ear],

or who listens [to the word and to the recital of the Quran] and attends [such recital with a conscious and alert mind.]


36 a The meaning: You, associaters, go yourselves and excavate their ruins, and seek after their remains in the earth and in their ruined habitations which fell on and destroyed them; then take lesson of them, for indeed you are not stronger than those disbelievers who denied the apostles (or messengers) and whom We terminated with the earthquake, neither are you more numerous than those whom We destroyed with the hurricane; therefore, submit yourselves to Our command and believe in Our messenger: so that you may be saved of the punishment, and attain the ample reward.

36 b For you, from death and destruction, but only with Our might and will?

Similar to this aya is another one in the Quran 6: 11, which means:

(Say: "travel about the earth, then see what was the consequence of [those] deniers.")



[39] 38. We created the heavens and the earth a, and all [moons, meteorites and meteors] that are between them in six days b, and no fatigue touched us. c


[40] 39. Bear, then, [Mohammed] with patience, all that [denial and mockery] they say [about you.]

And hymn the praises and glory of your Lord d, before the rising of the sun and before [its] setting.


[41] 40. And praise Him [early] in the night, as also [late in the night:] when the stars disappear from sight. e


38 a i.e. the planets including the earth.

38 b i.e. in six thousands of our years.

38 c This has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, chapter 35, and in my book The Universe and the Quran




39 d By saying:

Glory and praise be to God.

God is Most Great.

No god but God alone without associate.




40 e The meaning of these two ayat is: Glorify God at the coming of every cosmic sing which you see.

So glorify Him when the day comes, and when the night comes, and when you see the stars at the early part of the night, and when the stars disappear in the end of the night.

And say:

Glory be to God Who created them with His might, formed them with His wisdom and moved them with His will.

Glory to God: the Lord of the heavens and the earth: the Lord of the great throne!



[42] 41. And listen [O Mohammed] on the day when [Israfil:] the Caller shall call from a near place. a


[43] 42. On the day when they hear the shout with [fulfillment of] the true [promise b];

that [day] will be the day of the coming forth c.


41 a At that time, Prophet Mohammed will be in heaven, while disbelievers will be on earth.

The earth is far away from the gathering-together in the space.

So the angel Israfil will be near Mohammed in heaven, and Israfil will call the souls of disbelievers who will be still on earth far away from the "gathering-together" in the space.

Therefore, God be glorified said in another aya 41: 44, which means:

(Such [associaters] will [on Doomsday] be called to, from a place far away [from them.])

While in this aya, He said (from a near place); because the addressing in this aya is to Prophet Mohammed who went up to heaven following his death, as did all prophets, martyrs and saints go to the Paradises in heaven following their death.

While the addressing in the aya 41: 44 is to disbelievers who will remain on earth till Doomsday, when the solar system will tear up.



42 b As did We promise them.

42 c They will come out of the broken up earth and go up to the "gathering-together" in the space, while they will be ethereal souls.



[44] 43. And it is We Who give life a and cause deathb; and to Us is the return [of souls after death c.]


[45] 44. On the day when the earth will split up d [and part] off them, hastening forth [they will come.]

That e will be a "gathering-together", quite easy for Us [to make.]


[46] 45. We are Best Aware of what they say f, and you [Mohammed] are not a tyrant over them g;

so admonish, with the Quran, him who fears h the threat [of God.]


43 a To the bodies out of the dust and water.

43 b By returning them to the dust.

43 c When We will punish them for their evil deeds, and reward them for their good acts.




44 d It means: The earth will split up (or tear up) to become meteorites; at that time, the souls will be hiding in graves, fissures, caves and basements to protect them from the burning sun rays.

The reason why souls will hide in graves, because the earth surface will be leveled before Doomsday, and there will be no buildings to protect them from the rays and heat of the sun, neither will any mountains nor anything else; therefore, they will hide inside graves.

God be glorified said in the Quran 20: 105-107, which mean:

(They ask you [Mohammed] about the mountains [of Mecca, on that day.] Say [to them]: "My Lord, will smash them [into scattered dust.]"

So He will leave it as a level plain [in which there will be no hill or valley.]

Wherein you will see neither any elevation nor any depression.)

So when the earth will tear up, the souls will come out of their hiding places and appear to the sight, because they will have no shelter to resort to, neither any tunnel inside which they will hide; so at that time, they will scatter in the space like the locust.




44 e So that day is the day of the sending forth to the "gathering-together", which will be so easy to God; because: merely the angel Israfil will call them, and they will answer his call and gather before him.



45 f About disbelieving you and denying your apostle-hood.

45 g But you have an easy nature, and a merciful heart and you pardon their mistakes, so why do they go away from you?

45 h So he will comply to the truth, and believe in God and His messenger.



By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 50 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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