Soora 52


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. [I swear] by the Mount El-Tor! a [: Mount Hor: Mount Sinai!]


[3] 2. And by a Book [that was] inscribed b!


[4] 3. In a parchment c [that was later] scatteredd!


[5] 4. And [by] the constructed House e [of the Lord, at Jerusalem!]


[6] 5. And [by] the towering canopy f !


[7] 6. And by the sea g seared [by the sun!]


[8] 7. Surely, your Lord's punishment [for the associaters] will inevitably occur [in time.]


[9] 8. There is none that can avert it [from them.]


[Then God be glorified explained when its time will be, and He said:]

[10] 9. Upon the day when the sky will violently heave. h


[11] 10. And the mountains i will move along [towards the sun.]


1 a It is the mountain which Moses climbed to supplicate his Lord on it; it is called by Jews Hor or Horeb.




2 b God inscribed it by the pen of His might; they were the stone tablets on which He inscribed the Ten Commandments; then they wrote them in the Torah collection [: the Old Testament.]



3 c The parchment is the gazelle leather, on which they used to write the Torah, the lawful and unlawful religious statements, stories of the prophets before the time of Moses and after him, the travels of the Children of Israel, when they went in their exodus out of Egypt ..etc. This is called the Torah collection, which Christians call the Old Testament.

So the parchment is the gazelle leather used for writing after some processing, because there was no paper for writing at that time.

3 d And torn up by Nabuchodonosor.




4 e It is the Holy House of God at Jerusalem, which Prophet David started to build and which Solomon completed after him.




5 f He means by it the mountain which split, and the split portion inclined over the Children of Israel who were below it, and it was about to kill them altogether, because they disbelieved Moses when he brought down the Tablets, and they said: Who believes it is from God!?

But when they saw that, they feared and cried: We believe; We believe!

So the split portion settled back in its place, and did not fall upon them.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 2: 63, which means:

(And [remember] We made a covenant with you, and [remember] We caused the [Mount] Hor to tower above you.)

Therefore, the split portion of the Mount Hor (or Tor) is the towering canopy above those who were below it.




6 g It is the Red Sea which Moses crossed together with his people, and in which Pharaoh and his troops were drowned.

The word by in all the sentences is for oath or swearing; and all of them are examples of swearing about the past; i.e. God be glorified swore by events that passed away, about peoples who denied their apostles (or messengers), and so God brought down on them such punishment, destruction and ruining.

The details of each of these events are as follows:

First: God be glorified swore by the Mount El-Tor [: Mount Hor or Mount Sinai], and He means by that the incident which happened over it, which is the story of Moses with the seventy men out of his people, when they said: Show to us God conspicuously. So he took them and climbed up the mountain with them, and he said: "My Lord, show me [Yourself], in order that I may look at You."

God be glorified said: "You will not see Me. So a thunderbolt came down on them so that Moses fell down swooning, while all those [seventy men] who were with him died.

Their story in fact is [written and] known in either of the Torah and the Quran.

It is a threatening oath to the associaters which means: If you do not believe in Me and believe My messenger, I will send down a thunderbolt from the sky as did I send down on those seventy men when they were arrogant and over-proud over Moses, denied him and said: Show to us God conspicuously.

Second: While His saying be glorified in the second aya which means: (And by a Book [that was] inscribed!)

The Book is the stone tablets on which God be glorified wrote by the pen of His might, and Moses brought to his people.

Moses in fact brought down two tablets which he threw violently on the ground and they broke up, then he brought two other tablets, but he wrote them by his hand, so in total they were four tablets.

Those Tablets would have been a sign and a miracle for the Children of Israel and lasting remains after him, had they not disbelieved and worshipped the calf.

But when he came down form the mountain and saw his people worshipping the calf, he was angry with them and threw the tablets violently on the ground and they broke up into many pieces so the Children of Israel lost them, because the writing was protruding from the stone and obviously it was not the writing of any human being, but was from God be glorified.

The addressing in this aya is to the associaters too; the meaning: If you do not believe in Me and believe My messenger and refrain from your stubbornness, you will lose the Quran which is a glory for you and a mercy in the life of the World and in the Next Life, on account of the knowledge, wisdom and exhortation included in it; as did the Children of Israel lose the two Tablets including the Ten Commandments.

Third: while His saying be glorified in the third aya which means: (In a parchment [that was later] scattered!)

He means by it the Torah collection; and the scattered means the dispersed, the torn up, whose parchments were scattered on the ground. That is because Nabuchodonosor tore it up.

The addressing in this aya is also to the associaters and disbeleivers.

The meaning: If you do not believe in My One-ness and believe My messenger, you will lose the Quran as did the Children of Israel lose the Torah collection when the king of Babylon tore it up, when they disbelieved and worshipped the Baalim, Astaroth and others.

Fourth: while His saying be glorified in the fourth aya which means: (And [by] the constructed House [of the Lord, at Jerusalem!])

The addressing is also to the associaters among the Arab, and the meaning: If you do not believe in My one-ness and refrain from worshipping the idols, I will set against you some who will take the House from you, which includes your glory, and will break up your idols, as did I send on the Children of Israel the king of Babylon who broke up their idols, demolished the Holy House of God at Jerusalem which would have included their dignity, and in its preserving would have been their glory, had they not disbelieved and worshipped the idols.

Fifth: About His saying be glorified in the fifth aya which means: (And [by] the towering canopy!) It is the split portion of the mountain which inclined on them and was like the ceilings above their heads. Anyhow, we have spoken about it.

Sixth: While about His saying be glorified in the sixth aya which means: (And by the sea seared [by the sun!])

He means by it the Red Sea which was parted for Moses who crossed it together with his people and in which Pharaoh and his hosts were drowned. The addressing is also to the associaters; and the meaning: If you do not believe my messenger, I will terminate you as did I terminate Pharaoh and his hosts in the sea when they denied Moses and did not believe in him.

So all this was a threatening with an imminent punishment, then He threatened them with another postponed punishment, and He be glorified said:




9 h The sky here means: the gaseous layers, about which it has been explained in this book and also in my book The Universe and the Quran

The meaning: On that day, the gaseous layers which cover the earth will be disturbed and will heave on each other, then will split up and mix with each other and be like the smoke.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 44: 10-11, which mean:

(But watch [O Mohammed] for the day when the sky will bring an obvious smoke. That will overwhelm people, which will be a painful torment.)




10 i The mountains here means the meteorites, about which I have fully explained in my book The Universe and the Quran

The meaning: On that day, the meteorites [which now circle around the earth] will move along in the space towards the sun, and will not anymore circle around the earth, as is it the condition now; that is because the earth will lose its gravity due to the coldness of its core, so at that time the sun will draw the meteorites to it.



[12] 11. Woe a, on that day, to deniers [of the messengers.]


[13] 12. Who plunge [in the discourse of falsehood], and play [with their idols b.]


[14] 13. On the day [of Doom] when they will be thrust along, with an [incessant] thrust, into the fire of Hell c.


[15] 14. "It is this the Fire about which you disbelieved [in the life of the World.]"


[16] 15. "Is this d then magic e!? Or do you not see [the truth f !? ]


[17] 16. "Broil you thereing: the same will it be for you whether you forbear [the chastisement] with patience, or not h: you will only receive the recompense of [your own deeds i] that you did [in the life of the World.]"


11 a On account of the fear, terror, horror, and thirst which afflict them, in addition to different kinds of chastisement.




12 b As does the girl play with the doll.




13 c i.e. they will move to it in haste without delaying, because it will gravitate them to it.


And then it will be said to them:







15 d Which you are now seeing.

15 e As used you to say, in the life of the World, about Our signs.

15 15 f Because Mohammed has confounded your eyes, as had you said this in the life of the World.




16 g i.e. suffer you its heat.

16 h Your patience and impatience will make no difference for you.

16 i Including your evil acts, your disbelief and denial of the messengers [or apostles.]



[18] 17. Surely those who ward off [the disobedience of God] shall be amidst Gardens and prosperity.


[19] 18. "Chatting and repeating their words of delight": on account of [the various bounties] that their Lord has given them;

and their Lord has averted, from them, the chastisement of Hell.


[20] 19. Eat [of the fruits of the Garden] and drink [out of its rivers] pleasantly [in recompense] for [the righteous deeds] that you did [in the life of the World.]


[21] 20. [In Paradise] they will recline on couches arranged in rows; and We [shall] wed them to girls with whitish bodies and wide-eyes. a


[22] 21. Those who believed, and their seed [: their children who did not become adults] also followed [along with] them in belief b

We [as a favor of Us on the fathers] will let their seed [: their children] join them [in Paradise c];

And We even will not decrease anything from [the reward of] their work [because of admitting their children with them in Paradise.]

[Then God told about the condition of the adults among their seed, who are sinners:]

Every man [of them] is detained [in the world of the Barzakh d] pledged [: accordingly punished] for what [crimes and sins] he earned [in the life of the World.]


[23] 22. And We shall supply them [: the people of Paradise] in addition with much fruit and meat such as they will desire.


[24] 23. They shall pass therein from one to another the cup [of wine, and shall clink their cups of wine] which cause neither quarrelling nor [the transgressing of one on another, like the wine of the life of the World which causes that] they may sin.


[25] 24. And there go round about, waiting on them, young servants e of their own, as if they were hidden pearls [in purity.]


[26] 25. And they shall advance to each other [and reminisce among themselves], asking questions f.


[27] 26. They will say, Before this, when we were among our families, we were very much afraid [that, on account of our sins, we may be forbidden Paradise.]


[28] 27. But God has been Gracious to us [with His forgiveness], and has spared us the torment with the scorching wind.


[29] 28. We used before to pray Him [and He answered our prayer.]

Surely, He is the All-Bountiful [to His servants], the Most Merciful [to believers.]






















20 a This has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 44: 54.





21 b i.e. the children believed in God and His apostle, and even though the children did not do any righteous work by which they deserve Paradise.

21 c So that they will delight with them and their happiness will be complete.

21 d i.e. the spirit-world.































24 e They are the children of disbelievers who die before attaining adulthood; they will be the servants of the people of Paradise.




25 f About what happened to them in the life of the World, and about the deeds by which they [will] have attained Paradise.


[Then God be glorified addressed His noble messenger, and said:]

[30] 29. Therefore [O Mohammed], admonish [your people with the Quran]; for with your Lord's blessing [: making you, an apostle] you are neither a soothsayer nor mad [as do they claim.]


[31] 30. Or do they say: [Mohammed is] a poet for whom we await the time accidents? a


[32] 31. Say [O Mohammed, to them]: "Await then [my death]; for, together with you, I too am awaiting [God's help against you. b]"


[33] 32. Or do their intellects bid them [to this awaiting]? Or are they an insolent people? c


[34] 33. Or do they say: "[Mohammed] d has invented the [Quran]?" Never, but they do not believe!


[35] 34. Then let them produce words like the [Quran] if they are truthful [in their claim that Mohammed has invented it.]


[Then God be glorified argued against atheists, and He said:]

[36] 35. Or were they created without there being anything e ? Or were they themselves the creators f ?


[37] 36. Or did they themselves create the heavens and the earth? g No, [they didn't]; but they have not sure faith h.


[38] 37. Or do they possess the treasuries of your Lord? i

Or are they themselves the governors [of the universe j]?


[Then God be glorified said:]

[39] 38. Or have they a stairway [or elevator] by which they [can go up to heaven and] listen [to the revelation k]?

Then let [such] a listener, whom they claim, produce an obvious evidence [to that.]


[40] 39. Or has He daughters, whereas you have sons? l


[41] 40. Or do you [Mohammed] ask them for a wage [for conveying the message], and so they are weighed down with loss of money m ?


[42] 41. Or have they [knowledge of] the Unknown, and so they write down [a book that does just like the Quran tell about the past and the forefuture?] n


[43] 42. Or do they intend to devise a plot [against you, Mohammed, and against the believers?] But the disbelievers themselves are [in fact] the victims of the plot [of Satan o.]


[44] 43. Or have they another god, [to provide provision] for them, other than God? p

Glory be to God, above that which they associate [with Him!] q


30 a i.e. that he may die or be killed, and so we will get rid of him!




31 b And you will know which of us will overcome and defeat his opponent.




32 c It means: their arrogance urges them to plot against Our messenger!




33 d Of his own accord, and that the Quran is not from God as does he claim.

Therefore, God be glorified said:




35 e I [the interpreter Mohammed-Ali Hassan] said that the Arabic word i.e. thing means the matter; so the meaning is:

Were the souls of these atheists formed without the material bodies, so they say: The ether fills the space from eternity, and our souls were spontaneously formed from the ether without any Former or Creator!

Yes, indeed, they were formed from the ether, but who created the bodies in which their souls were formed? Didnt God create them and create the heavens and the earth and all their inhabitants?

35 f Of the material bodies.

Some atheists believe in the existence of spirits, but they say they exist from eternity without any Former or Creator of them. And that their number is limited and fixed. One of such atheists was the compiler of the book 'On the Margin of the Ethereal World'.

They say also that the spirit enters the womb to build around it a body to be a man, then it separates by death from this body to form another body. And as such it transmigrates from one body to another.

God be glorified said about them in the Quran 45: 24, which means:

(They say: "There is nothing but our [present] Worldly life; we die and our [children] live, and nothing but Time [factors] destroy us.

Of that they have no knowledge, they merely conjecture.)




36 g It means: Or had these atheists created the matter out of which I created the heavens and the earth, and so they deny the One Who created them?

No, for it is God Who created the matter and created the heavens and the earth and all those who are therein.

36 h Because of their ignorance and stubbornness.




37 i So they offer the prophet-hood to whomever they like and please; therefore, they say: "If only this Quran was sent down to a prominent man out the two cities: Mecca and Taif!"

37 j So they do whatever they desire? No, it is neither this nor that.




38 k And by this way, they know that the Quran is forged; therefore, they deny it?




39 l And this is to show their nonsense, because they ascribe to God that which they disdain [: they disdain the daughters, and prefer the sons for themselves]; so that they say: The angels are Gods daughters!




40 m i.e. the sum of money, which you ask of them, is so heavy to them; and so they abstain from the belief? No, it is neither this nor that.




41 n No, it is neither this nor that.

42 o But they do not realize the truth till they will fall in the abyss, and at that time they will regret.




43 p No, but in fact there is no god in the universe other than God.

43 q i.e. declaring Him above having any associate.



[45] 44. But had they seen [some heavenly] fragments a falling down [upon them, they would not have believed that, and] they would have said: "[It is only some] accumulative cloud." b


[46] 45. So forsake them c till they will encounter their day, in which they will [be killed, then] be shocked. d


[47] 46. The day [of the Battle of Badr] when their guile shall avail them naught [to avert their slaying and captivity e], and they shall not be helped [by their people of Mecca f.]


[48] 47. And there surely awaits the wrong-doers a chastisement [in the Next Life, after their killing] other than that [slaying and captivity], but most of them know not [the final consequences. g]


[49] 48. So forbear patiently to the commandment of your Lord h: for surely you [Mohammed] are under Our observation i.

And celebrate the praises of your Lord, when you rise up [from sleep at morning j.]


[50] 49. And for the [first] part of the night k glorify Him, as also at the disappearance of the stars [from sight in the late part of the night.]


44 a i.e. pieces of stone.

44 b The meaning: Had We cast down, upon the people of Mecca, a large number of stones, as had We cast down on the host of the elephant, and they had seen the stones in the sky, they would have said this is only some clouds accumulating on each other.




45 c After you, Mohammed, have warned them.

45 d With the punishment, in the Barzakh world (or the Afterlife.)




46 e This happened in the Battle of Badr when seventy of their chiefs were killed and other seventy men were taken captives.

46 f And by their families; that is because the site of Badr is far away from Mecca, so that the reinforcements will not reach them before elapsing of several days.




47 g Because they do not believe in the existence of spirits.




48 h The meaning: Warn those whom you, Mohammed, have not warned, and forbear patiently the denial of those whom you have warned, until God helps you against them.

48 i And Our care, so they cannot kill you.

48 j And say: Glory and praise be to Him Who made me die [by the sleep] then quickened me [by the awaking.]




49 k When you see the stars.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 52 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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