Soora 56


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. When the inevitable [serious event a] will occur, [what will your fate then be, O deniers of it!]


[3] 2. None can tell that its occurrence is a lie.


[Then God be glorified started to describe such events that will happen on that day, so He said:]

[4] 3. Depressing, elevating [of the objects of the solar system.] b


[Then God be glorified started to describe some of the events which will happen before Doomsday, and which will be some of its portents:]

[5] 4. When the earth will be shaken with [severe] shaking.


[6] 5. And the mountains will be crumbled with fine crumbling.


[7] 6. And will convert into dust dispersed [on the ground.]


1 a i.e. Doomsday.












3 b i.e. it will depress an object and elevate another one.

The meaning: It will upset the order, so it will tear up the sun to make it planets, and will tear up the present planets into meteorites, and so on the rest of cosmic changes.

In my book The Universe and the Quran, I have explained about it with full explanation.



[8] 7. And you will [then] be three categories.


[Then God be glorified started to explain the fate of each of these three categories, and He said:]

[9] 8. [Firstly] those pertaining to the right a; what [a reward] will be [for] those pertaining to the right!


[10] 9. And those having evil omen b, what a punishment will be for] those having the evil omen!


[11] 10. And the outstripping [others to believe in the messengers or the apostles], the outstripping [others to obedience and charity.]


[12] 11. Such will be those brought close [to the neighborhood of God.]


[13] 12. In the Gardens of Bliss c.


[14] 13. A large number of the ancient [generationsd.]


[15] 14. And a little number of the later [generations e.]


[16] 15. On lined up couches. f


[17] 16. Reclining upon them g, set face to face h.


[18] 17. There wait on them boys who are kept [in Paradise] forever. i


[19] 18. With cups and jugs [for drinking water] and [wine] glasses [filled] from a river flowing [with wine.] j


[20] 19. They [will] not be dispersed from it k, nor [will] they be depleted [of their drink.] l


[21] 20. And such fruit [of Paradise] as shall they choose.


[22] 21. And such meat of birds as shall they desire.


[23] 22. And girls with wide eyes and white faces [: houris.]


[24] 23. Like the pearl well-preserved [in the shell.] m


[25] 24. As a reward for [the righteous deeds] that they did [in their life of the World.]


[26] 25. They shall hear therein n no idle talk o, nor any [talk of] guilt p.


[27] 26. But only [their] saying [to each other]: "Salam [to you! q], Salam [to you!r]"









8 a i.e. those given their book of deeds by their right hand, and the angels will give them good news of prosperity and happiness.





9 b i.e. those given the books of their deeds by their left hands, and they will be ominous of it and of the chastisement which they will have.















12 c In which they will prosper.




13 d Who outstripped their people to believe in their messenger (or apostle) and worked according to his program.




14 e Who outstripped their people to believe in their messenger Mohammed; for those who outstripped others to the belief were of little number, while those pertaining to the right are of large number, and this aya in fact concerns the outstripping others to believe in the messenger.





15 f i.e. couches laid adjacent to each other.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 52: 20, which means:

([In Paradise] they will recline on couches arranged in rows; and We [shall] wed them to girls with whitish bodies and wide-eyes.)





16 g i.e. upon the couches.

16 h Talking to each other.





17 i Who will neither be driven out of Paradise, nor will they die, nor will grow older.




18 j This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 47: 15, which means:

(And [in the Garden there are] rivers of wine delicious to those who drink.)





19 k i.e. none may disperse them from it.

19 l i.e. they will not run out of their drink.





23 m It means: Their bodies are transparent and bright like the pearl before its extraction from inside the oyster; because it is transparent before its extraction, then when they extract it and it comes into contact with the air, its color will then become silver white.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 37: 49, which means:

([And who are transparent souls] as if they are concealed pure eggs.)

i.e. the egg-white protected within its shell; for the albumin or the white of the egg is transparent before its cooking; and when it is cooked, its color will then be white.





25 n i.e. in Paradise.

25 o Like the shouting sound and the quarrelling.

25 p Like the backbiting and slandering.




26 q For welcoming, one time.

26 r For farewell, another time.



[Then God be glorified described some of what He has prepared for those pertaining to the right, and He said:]

[28] 27. And those pertaining to the right; what [a reward] will be [for] those pertaining to the right! a


[29] 28. [They will be] amid lot trees [the fruit of which is] obtained by striking [the lot-tree with the stick.] b


[30] 29. And clustered banana bunches c.


[31] 30. And [in] lasting shade. d


[32] 31. And out-poured water e [like the water-fall.]


[33] 32. And fruits abounding.


[34] 33. Neither limited in time f nor forbidden g.


[35] 34. And [houris as beautiful as] butterflies h, raised [from the earth up to the paradises in heaven.]


[36] 35. We have formed these [houris out of ether], a perfect formation [inside the material molds of their bodies.]


[37] 36. And made them virgins. j


[38] 37. That are noble and chaste k and [youth] equals of age l.


[39] 38. [All of that m will be] for the [men] pertaining to the right.


[40] 39. A large number of the ancient [generationsn.]


[41] 40. And a large number of the later generations o.



27 a It means: Do you know what a reward will be for them!? This in fact is to honor them and to explain about the reward and honor they will have with God.






28 b It means: The immortal boys of the Garden will strike it with the stick and bring its fruit to them. That is because some fruits are culled by the hand, from the low small tree, while the high trees are struck on its branches with a stick, so that its fruit will fall; such trees are like the lote tree, the walnut tree and the mulberry.




29 c i.e. banana piled upon each other.




30 d i.e. [a shade that is] continuous and constant always; because Paradise or the Garden is fixed and stationary in the space and does not rotate around itself like the earth so that sun rays may transfer upon it.




31 e From above to below.




33 f It means: it does not finish in winter time as in the life of the World, but it remains on trees forever.

33 g i.e. none may prevent them from culling it, for it is their own and they dispose of it as they like.




34 h God be glorified simulated the houri girls to butterflies with their beauty and nice shape.




36 j Because souls persist as were they in the time of their youth, so that they will not become elderly, neither will they have any defect; therefore, that which die after marriage and after being deflowered, will return to be virgin in the soul world; and the child who is not circumcised in his early days, will return to be uncircumcised in the soul world.




37 k It means: They are without defect or bad habit; none of them is adulterous, disobedient, wicked or betrayer of her husband; but all of them are good and righteous.

37 l All of them are girls, none of them is an old woman, because they are ethereal; I mean spiritual souls; they are not material; and therefore, they do not grow old in age.




38 m i.e. the beautiful girls that are butterfly-like, the abundant fruits, the poured out water and the piled banana trees; We made all that the share of those pertaining to the right: who are




39 n Who followed the program of their prophets and who did not associate anything with their Lord.




40 o It means: out of the nation of Mohammed, because he is the seal of the prophets.



[Then God be glorified mentioned about the punishment He prepared for those pertaining to the left, and He said:]

[42] 41. And those pertaining to the left; what [punishment will be for] those pertaining to the left!?


[43] 42. [They will be] in the midst of a glare of fire and hot wind and extremely hot liquids.


[44] 43. And [under] the shade of a 'pitch-black smoke' a.


[45] 44. Which is neither cool nor useful. b


[46] 45. Indeed, before this, they lived luxuriouslyc.


[47] 46. And they insisted [in the life of the World] on the serious oath d, which they broke [in the Next Life.]


[48] 47. And they used to say: "If we die and become dust and bones, shall we be then brought forth [alive out of our graves!?]"


[49] 48. "And so will our forefathers be [brought forth alive out of their graves!?]"


[50] 49. Say [Mohammed]: "The ancient [generations] and the later [generations]"


[51] 50. "All will be collected [in the Barzakh world or the Afterlife e] till the appointment of a day f well-known." g


[52] 51. "Then, you: the erring h, the deniers i!"


[53] 52. "You will surely eat out of [ethereal] trees [formed] from the Zaqqum j."


[54] 53. "And will fill therewith k your bellies."


[55] 54. "And will drink very hot water on top of that [thorn l.]"


[56] 55. And drink as drink thirsty camels that have roamed [in the desert m.]


[57] 56. "This [food and drink] will be their indulging on the Day of Requital n [in the Barzakh world or the Afterlife.]"









43 a i.e. of a thick black smoke: the gases and smoke that emerges from the sun after its explosion.




44 b That is because while the shade in the life of the World may not be cold, but it averts from them the sunrays and they will be at comfort with it; whereas the shade of these disbelievers does not protect them from the sunrays and heat, and they have no comfort with it, but they will suffocate by its gases, pant with its heat and will bewilder in its blackness.



45 c And the luxury distracted them from Gods obedience, and they denied the sending of souls to the Next Life. As in His saying be glorified in the next aya:




46 d They swore, in their life of the World, that there will be no sending of souls to the Next Life. Then following their death, they admitted the sending of souls to the Next Life, when they themselves saw that by their own sight; so that they will break their oath.

God be glorified said in the Quran 16: 38, which means:

(They have sworn by God the most earnest oaths [saying]: "God will never send [to the Afterlife] those who die.")


















50 e And they will be then ethereal souls; I mean: spirits.

50 f Which is Doomsday.

50 g The meaning: You are living, and will not die, because the bodies alone will die, while the souls will remain, and will gather in the Barzakh world (or the Afterlife) till Doomsday, when you will be sent forth from the earth to the space where the Judgment, requital and punishment will be.




51 h From the way of the truth.

51 i Of the messengers (or apostles.)




52 j Which is a kind of thorn-trees.




53 k i.e. with such trees.




54 l Which they will eat.




55 m When they come to the water.




56 n i.e. the day on which they will be convicted and punished in the Barzakh world.



[Then God be glorified said:]

[58] 57. It is We Who have created you: why then will you not accept the truth [about the sending of souls to the Next Life?] a


[59] 58. Have you considered [the semen] which you emit [into the wombs b.]


[60] 59. Do you yourselves create it [as an embryo] or are We the Creators?


[61] 60. It is We who have ordained death among you c, and We have not done it before,


[62] 61. to exchange [new bodies:] the likes of you d, and to reincarnate you [again] into [these new bodies], that you know not about [their recreatione.]


57 a Just as have you believed about the first creation?




58 b At the time of the sexual intercourse.




60 c In order that souls, by means of the death incident, will come out of their material molds which are the bodies, and so the souls will go to the ethereal world to live there for eras and long periods of time without dying or perishing.



61 d Because the soul is analogous and identical with the body in which it has been formed; so that it is like the body in stature, frame and shape; but only it is spiritual while the body is material.

It means: To substitute your decayed bodies by new bodies, which We create out of that dust and decayed remnants, then to return such souls into them.

61 e But only they are doubts and illusions that which you speak. And is it logical that We return the bird to its egg of which he came out?

But the logical is that We create a new egg to form inside it another bird, rather than that We return the bird to its egg, as do you think and object to Us.

Similar to this aya, is another one, that is His saying be glorified in the Quran 70: 40-41, which means:

(But [should] I swear [for the future] by the Lord of the rising and the setting [of the sun on the planets] that certainly We are Able [to recreate them, after their death.]

[Moreover We are Able even] to substitute [for them new bodies that We recreate] better than theirs, but We had not done [such a thing] before [save only to manifest a miracle.])



[Then God be glorified said:]

[63] 62. And having known the first formation a, why dont you then consider? b


[64] 63. Will you consider that which you cultivate?


[65] 64. Is it you [yourselves] who plant [and grow] it, or are We the planter?


[66] 65. Had We willed [to harm and deprive you of it], We could have made it broken straw [without grains], and you would then have repeated your words, saying:


[67] 66. "We are the losersc."


[68] 67. "In fact, We are completely deprived [of the fruit and product of our cultivation.]"



62 a And how We have created you from scanty seminal fluid [poured] in the wombs of your mothers, and you see how the Child is formed and how it grows; moreover, you have known that man consists of a material body and an ethereal spirit, and that the body is nothing more than a mold for forming the soul, which when becomes hearing, seeing and thinking, will not then be in need of the body

62 b i.e. why wouldnt you then think about this, and desist from such words and imaginations of returning the souls to their decayed bodies.















66 c We lost our cultivation and efforts; and you would then have said:



[69] 68. Will you [people] consider the water which you drink?


[70] 69. Is it you that send it down from the clouds, or are We the sender?


[71] 70. Had We willed [to harm and deprive you of it], We could have made it 'bitter and salty' [like the sea water]; so would you now be grateful [for such bounties which God bestows on you?]


[72] 71. Have you considered the fire which you ignite by striking a?


[73] 72. Is it you who produce its tree b, or are We the Producer? c


[74] 73. We have made it d an admonition and a boon for those dwelling in the wilderness e.


[75] 74. Then glorify the name of your Glorious Lord f.

















71 a [In the past] they used the trigger which is a small iron piece: the size of the thumb, which they struck on a pebble, and a spark would issue with which they enkindled the firewood by means of the Qow.




72 b The Arab in the past used certain trees called the Murkh and the Ifar, which are some trees with which they ignited the fire by the trigger because such trees are inflammable.

72 c A similar aya has also been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 36: 80.




73 d i.e. the fire.

73 e Which is the land where none else than they dwell.




74 f i.e. say: Glory be to my Great Lord and praise is due to Him.



[Then God be glorified started to threaten the associaters and disbelievers with a chastisement that will occur in the end of time (and this is its time), so God be glorified swore and said:]

[76] 75. But, no! I swear by the falling [sites] of comets [in the future.]


[77] 76. And it is surely an awesome a oath, did you but know [that.]


[78] 77. That [this, indeed] is a Quran most honorable [by Mohammed, his followers and the angelsb.]


[79] 78. In a well-preserved Book [in heaven.] c


[80] 79. Which none, shall touch, except the purifiedd.


[81] 80. A revelation from the Lord of the worlds.


[82] 81. Will you then hold this divine discourse e with disregard and ignoring? f


[83] 82. And [do you] make the denial [of Our revelations and the message of Our messenger, as a gratitude] for [Our] providing for you?










76 a Because of its impact and because people will be concerned about it, according to the destruction, ruining and perishing that it will cause.




77 b For all of them honor and glorify it, while you laugh at [and ridicule] it because of your ignorance about the ambiguous ayat of the Quran.



78 c It means: We wrote it in the Preserved Tablet and kept it with Us.




79 d From the filth, and from being unclean following sexual intercourse.










81 e i.e. the Quran.

81 f The meaning: You do not take it into consideration; neither do you listen to it.



[84] 83. When the [soul or ghost of anyone of you] comes up to the larynx; [ why should those present near him not repent? a]


[85] 84. And you b, the while [sit] looking c.


[86] 85. And We [: Our angels] are nearer to him than you are, but you see [the angels] not d.


[87] 86. But, if you are not indebted [to Us, because of your sins] e,


[88] 87. Why cannot you restore [his soul to his body f], if you are truthful? g



83 a But they become more hard and stubborn?




84 b The family of the man on his deathbed.

84 c At him in the pangs of death.




85 d Because the angels are ethereal and spiritual, while you are still in the material world.




86 e i.e. if you are not sinful.




87 f By supplicating Us, just like how the prophets Jesus and Elia did before.

87 g In claiming that you are not sinful, neither neglecting about His obedience.



[89] 88. So if the [deceased] is one of those close [to God]


[90] 89. then [there will be for him] comfort a and fragrance [of flowers] and the Garden of Bliss b!


[91] 90. Or if the [deceased] is one of the fellows of the right c,


[92] 91. then 'salam be to you [and congratulations]' from the fellows of the right. d


[93] 92. And in case the [deceased] is one of the deniers [of the messengers], the straying [from the way of the truth.]


[94] 93. then [he will settle in] an abode with boiling liquid [in the Barzakh world or the Afterlife.]


[95] 94. and the roasting in Hell [on Doomsday.]


[96] 95. Surely, this [tidings which We have told you] is the very truth.


[97] 96. Therefore, glorify the name of your Lord, the Great.






89 a Which is the state of rest and ease.

89 b Into which he will enter and prosper.





90 c i.e. those given their books of deeds by their right hands.




91 d i.e. your brothers: the fellows of the right will greet and congratulate you when you will enter into Paradise.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 56 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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