Soora 58


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[These ayat were revealed concerning a woman: one of the Helpers (: the people of Medina who believed and helped the Prophet); that womans name was Khawlah daughter of Tha'labah; her husband was Aws son of Samit.

A quarrel occurred between the two, and he said to her: You are to me, as is my mothers back. And this was their word of divorce in the Jahiliah (or the pre-Islam period of ignorance.)

Then he felt remorse for what he said; so his wife came to the Prophet asking him about that.

The Prophet said to her: I see that you have become forbidden to him.

So when she heard these words of the Prophet, she lifted her head to heaven and said: God, You know my condition, so show mercy to me.

God, I have kids from him, if I let them go to him, they will be lost; and if I take them with me, they will starve.

Therefore, these ayat were revealed:]

[2] 1. God has heard the words of [Khawlah] who disputes with you [Mohammed] concerning her husband, and complains [what she suffers] to God . God hears both of you conversing a together; surely God is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.


[Then God be glorified disapproved such custom of their divorce, and He said:]

[3] 2. Those of you [Muslims] who say, regarding their wives, "Be as my mother's back", they are not truly their mothers b; their mothers are only those who gave them birth, and they c are surely saying words that are not acknowledged [in religion], and a falsehood.

Yet surely God is Most Pardoning, Most Forgiving [to believers.]


[4] 3. And those who [for the first time] said, regarding their wives, 'Be as my mother's back,' [they are pardoned this first time without expiation.]

And if then they repeat once again what they saidd [in the first time], they shall [in the second time expiate by] freeing a slave [or a captive], before the two of them may contact one another [in bed.]

By that e you are disciplined f; and God is Most Aware of [all] that you do g.


[5] 4. And whoso has not [the required money to free a slave] must fast two consecutive months before they may [sexually] contact one another h, but anyone unable [to fast] has to feed sixty of the needy i.

This [fasting or feeding] is in order that you may believe in God and His messengerj.

These [statements] are the limits prescribed by God [so trespass them not], and there will be a painful chastisement [in the Next Life] for those who deny [these limits.]






















1 a i.e. your discussion and disputing.











2 b It means: These are the customs of the associaters, so desist from it, because the wife is not the mother.

2 c i.e. the associaters who divorce their wives by saying to them: "Be as my mother's back."







3 d It means: The first time he said such words: "Be as my mother's back" God pardoned such first time: he can return his wife without expiation; but if he returns once again to say to his wife: "Be as my mother's back" the expiation is incumbent on him.

3 e Freeing of a slave.

3 f So that you may not repeat such words anymore.

3 g Therefore, He will reward you according to your deeds.








4 h i.e. before he may do sexual intercourse with her.

4 i i.e. he should feed them a major meal: either at noon or at evening.

4 j And to know that it is God Who commanded him to this.



[6] 5. Those who oppose [the command of] God and [the command of] His messenger will, surely be abased even as those [associaters] before them were abased.

We have already revealed clear revelations, and there will be a humiliating chastisement [in the Next Life] for those who deny [Our revelations.] a


[7] 6. On the Day [of Doom] when God will send them all [to the gathering together b], and will inform them of their deeds c [which] God recorded [in their book of deeds] and which they forgot about [when they were in the life of the World]; for God is Witness to all things d.



5 a This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 2: 114, which means:

(For them is degradation in the present World, and in the Next Life a mighty chastisement.)








6 b In order to punish them for their disbelief.

6 c Of the wrong-doing and association.

6 d i.e. He is Present: Hearing and Seeing.



[8] 7. See you not, [Mohammed], that God knows [all cosmic events] that are in the [gaseous] heavens a and [all political plights] that are in the earth b?

There is not any 'secret discourse' between threec, but [God] is the fourth of them [in awareness d]; neither five [men], but He is the sixth of them; neither fewer than that, neither more, but He is with them, wherever they be, then on Doomsday He will inform them with [all] that they did;

for God is All-Knowing about everything.


[9] 8. See you not those who were forbidden the [sinful] 'secret discourse', yet revert to that which they were forbidden [to do]?

And they e hold 'secret discourse' among themselves sinfully and for transgression and rebellion against the messenger.

And when they come to you [Mohammed] they salute you f, not as God salutes you [but with the salutation of the pre-Islam ignorance.]

And they say [to themselves]: "[If Mohammed was truthful] why would not God punish us for our words g [at once]?"

[Therefore, God be glorified said:]

Sufficient for them is Hell: In it will they suffer, and an evil [destination] is such destination [in Hell!]


[10] 9. O believers, when you hold 'secret discourse [among yourselves], do it not sinfully and for transgression and rebellion against the messenger [as do the hypocrites and Jews do]; but do it for righteousness and piety h; and ward off [the punishment of] God, to Whom you shall be gathered together [on Doomsday i.]


[11] 10. 'Secret discourses' [for sinning and transgression] are only [enjoined] by the devil [: the chief of hypocrites: Abdullah the son of Ubay]; in order that he may grieve the believers j.

But he cannot harm them in the least k, except as does God allow; and in God let the believers put their trust [in all their conditions.]



7 a So He tells you about that.

7 b So He informs you about who carries out that against you, so that you be cautious of them.

7 c Who make 'secret discourse' among themselves.

7 d So as if He is with them, and so He tells you about their words and work.











8 e They were the hypocrites; they made secret discourse and whispered to the Jews, and winked looking to the believers so as to insert doubts in their hearts; therefore, Gods messenger forbade them that, but they reverted back to the like of their acts.

8 f They said: A happy morning! which was the greeting of the Jahiliah or the pre-Islam period of ignorance; but they did not say: Salam to you, Gods messenger!

While Jews used: Assamu to you! They meant: the venomous viper.

8 g Which we secretly say, among ourselves, against him and against the believers in him.














9 h i.e. consult each other for doing the righteous work, obedience and God-fearing.

9 i When He will reward you according to your deeds.









10 j With such 'secret discourses', because they might think that a disaster afflicted their companion in the battle, so they would become sad.

10 k i.e. except what God decrees for them.



[12] 11. O you who believe, when it is said to you: "Make room in the assemblies [to let others sit]", then make room [in order that the comer may sit] a, and so God will make [your palaces in Paradise] roomy for you.

And when it is said: "Rise up and move forward [in the masjid]", then rise up and move forward b, and so God will raise those among you who believe [that God will make their palaces roomy for them] and those [scribes of the Quran] who are oriented [with writing] [many] ranks c;

for God is Most Aware of all that you do.


11 a This aya was revealed concerning their crowding in the assembly of the Prophet. There were some men: if they settle in their places [in the mosque, to hear the sermon of the Prophet], they will not allow it for the those coming after them.

The meaning: let some of you make place to others [to sit in the assembly of the Prophet in the mosque.]

11 b Making place for the comer to you.

That is because Muslims wanted to face the Prophet, face to face, and they did not want to go forward near to the pulpit on which Gods messenger sat.

11 c It means: He will increase their rank more than others rank in the Next Life.



[A Muslim saw a dream which disturbed him, and when it was morning he came to tell his dream to the Prophet. Another one heard a bird shouting at him, and he conceived omen of that, so he came to ask the Prophet about that and tell him his story.

Therefore, this aya was revealed:]

[13] 12. O you who believe, when you make private discourse with the messengera, then give free-will alms [to the poor] b before your private discourse.

That [offering to the poor before the private discourse] will be better for you [in the future] and purer for your [hearts, from doubts and anxiety, and from the evil which you anticipate.]

But if you have not [alms to give, then perform the prayers and ask God to avert the evil from you]; for God is Most Forgiving [to those who perform the prayers], Most Merciful [to supplicants.]


[14] 13. Have you [believers] conceived fear [of the vision and conceived omen of the bird shout, and this time] you have not preceded your 'private discourse' by almsgiving [to the poor]?

But now you having not done so and God has turned towards you c [after your prayers]:

So perform the [prescribed] prayers, give the Zakat [due alms d] and obey God and His messenger.

[Surely] God is Most Aware of [all] that you do [so beware of His punishment.]








12 a Consulting him in some of your affairs of the life of the World, fearing of the consequence of such affair.

12 b So that God may avert from you the evil and that which you anticipate its occurrence.

It means: Before coming to the Prophet and asking him about your problem and that which you are afraid of and of its consequence give some alms to the poor.











13 c i.e. He has accepted your repentance.

13 d If you can afford it.



[15] 14. Havent you [Mohammed] noted those [hypocrites] who have taken for friends a people [: the Jews] against whom God is wrathful? a

These [hypocrites] belong neither to you [: believers] nor to the [Jews.] b

And they swear upon falsehood [that they did not act the hypocrite], when they know [that in fact they are the hypocrites.]


[16] 15. God has prepared for them a terrible chastisement [in the Next Life]; surely they [are not believers and] evil are their act c [against the believers.]


[17] 16. They make their oaths d as a shield e, and [by doing so] they bar [people] from the way of God.

So there will be for them a humbling chastisement [in the Barzakh world: or the Afterlife.]


[18] 17. Their wealth shall not avail them, nor their children at all, against [the chastisement of] God; they are the fellows of the Fire, and [on Doomsday] they shall dwell therein forever!


[19] 18. On the day when God will send them forth [from the earth to the 'gathering together' in the space], all [of them f], and they will swear [upon falsehood] to him [: the angel charged with their punishment] as do they [now] swear to you [falsely that they are not hypocrites] and they consider that they [rest] on a [religious base], but in fact they are the liars [in words and oaths.]


[20] 19. The devil has had [complete] control over them g, so he has made them forget to remember God h; such are the devil's party i, and it is the devil's party who are the losers [in the Next Life.]



14 a i.e. the hypocrites befriend with the Jews and unveil the secrets of Muslims to them.

14 b But they see-saw and they are hypocrites.








15 c That is the hypocrisy and befriending with the Jews: Gods adversaries.







16 d Which is the swearing by God.

16 e To avert from themselves the accusation and the suspicion by Muslims.















18 f The hypocrites, atheists, disbelievers and the guilty.










19 g And he has captured their minds.

19 h And for this reason, they do not fear Him and do not make any consideration for the Next Life.

19 i i.e. his followers and host.



[21] 20. Surely those who oppose [the commands of] God and His messenger; they [following their death] shall be among the most abased.


[22] 21. God did write [in the Preserved Tablet in heaven]: "[At last], I will be the Victor, I and My messengers a; for God is All-Powerful b, All-Mighty c.


[23] 22. You will not find any people, that believe in God and the Last Day d, allying with those who oppose [the commands of] God and [contradict] His messenger, eventhough these [that contradict Gods commands] being their fathers or their sons or their brothers or their tribesmen.

Those [who do not ally with God's opponents] [God] has established faith in their hearts e and confirmed their [faith with the Quran revealed to their messenger by Gabriel, the Holly] Ghost [coming] from [God.]

And [in the Next Life] He will admit them into Gardens beneath [the trees of] which rivers flow, to abide therein forever.

God will be well-pleased with them [according to their exclusive worship and obedience], and they will be well-pleased with Him [for that He guided them to believe and that He let them obey Him.]

Such are God's party f; surely God's party will be successful [in the Next Life.]








21 a That is His saying be glorified in the Quran 12: 110, which means:

(Till, when the messengers despaired [of the believing of their peoples] and thought that they were denied, then came to them Our help.)

21 b He helps His messengers and those who believe in them.

21 c In His kingdom; He does whatever He likes.



22 d i.e. they believe in Doomsday, because it will be in the last one of the earth days, because the earth will tear up, and afterwards there will be no night and day.

22 e i.e. He affirmed the belief in their hearts and made it fair to them.

22 f i.e. the helpers of His religion and the inviters of His creatures to worship Him.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 58 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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