Soora 63


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. When the hypocrites a come to you [Mohammed] they say: "We bear witness that you are indeed the messenger [: the apostle] of God."

And God knows that indeed you are His messenger [to them], and God bears witness that in fact the hypocrites are liars [in their words.]


[3] 2. They have made their oaths as a shield b, so they have barred [men] from the way of God.

Surely they [will be punished in the Next Life], [and] evil are their deeds [in the life of the World.]


[4] 3. That [punishment] is [their reward] because they had believed, then they have disbelieved; therefore a seal [of disbelief] has been set on their hearts, so they do not realize [the truth.]


[5] 4. And when you see them, their [tidy] bodies please you c; and when they speak, you listen to their [embellished] wordsd.

They are e as propped up reeds. f

They deem that every cry [of anybody] is against them [so they turn g.]

Truly, they are the enemy [to you and to the believers], so beware of them. The curse of God be on them; how they are turned away [from the truth h!]



1 a They are those who show the belief and faith, while they conceal their disbelief.







2 b To protect themselves lest they should be killed.











4 c On account of their nice appearance and their beautiful wear.

4 d i.e. their nice speech, fluent tongue and eloquent expression.

4 e In their instability about the Islam religion.

God be glorified simulated the hypocrites to the dry reeds, which you see it beautiful, bright and yellow like the gold in color, and man deems it rigid and hard but it is hollowed fragile which will be easily broken if it is compressed.

So likewise the hypocrites: their appearance and their speech please you so you think they are wise and intelligent, but they in fact are the opposite of that: devoid of reason and thinking, coward and fearful of the evil which they conceal within themselves to the believers.

4 f It means: these reeds are supported to a wall lest they may fall on the ground. The meaning: these hypocrites have a chief who supports them, who is Abdullah son of Ubay the chief of the hypocrites.

4 g Because of the perfidy and betrayal which they conceal in their hearts.

4 h Even after the proof has become evident.



[6] 5. And when it is said to them: "Come [now and apologize] to the messenger of God, and he will ask forgiveness [of God] for you", they twist their heads [in aversion] and you see them turning away [from the truth], waxing proud [rather than submitting to the messenger of God.] a


[Then God be glorified said:]

[7] 6. It is all the same, concerning them, whether you [Mohammed] ask forgiveness [of God] for them, or not; God will never forgive them [because they are hypocrites]; truly God guides not the evil-doing people [to the way of the truth, because of their bad conduct.] b


[8] 7. It is they who said [to their companions: the hypocrites among the people of Medina]: "Do not expend on the [poor emigrants] that are with God's messenger so that they may disperse [and leave him alone.] c

Yet to God belong the treasuries of the heavens and the earth [and He will offer, in the near future, to the poor believers out of His grace d]; but the hypocrites do not understand [about the future.]


[9] 8. They say: "When we return [from the expedition against Beni Mustaliq] to [the city of] Medina, [we] the mightier ones will expel, out of it, the more abased [: the messenger and the emigrants.]"

Yet the might e [as a whole] belongs [exclusively] to God, His messenger and the believers, but the hypocrites do not know [the final consequences because of their ignorance and their conceit with the money.]


5 a These ayat were revealed about Abdullah son of Ubay and his companions the hypocrites, when they said: "If we return [from the expedition against Banul Mustaliq] to [the city of] Medina, [we] the mightier ones will expel, out of it, the more abased [: the messenger and the believers]"

Then when Gods messenger asked them about that, they swore to him that they did not say that.

Therefore, these ayat were revealed to explain that they in fact said that.





6 b Similar to this is another aya in the Quran 9: 80, which means:

([Mohammed,] ask [from God] to forgive them, or ask not [from God] to forgive them; if you [Mohammed] ask [from God] to forgive them [even] for seventy times, God will not pardon them.)

Therefore, look to this aya and contemplate its meaning: how God addresses His messenger, and say to him: (if you [Mohammed] ask [from God] to forgive them [even] for seventy times, God will not pardon them.)

And in spite of the clear meaning of this aya, we find a large number of people carry the dead of their relatives from one city to another in order to bury them near the graves of the imams and sheikhs, bothering themselves with the difficulties of the travelling and with much expenditure which are spent on the funeral procession, and to busy themselves with that, leaving their businesses and works for trivial things without benefit or purpose, but only the loss of time and the squandering of money.

They think that the imams will intercede for them before God or avert from them the chastisement of God for what they deserve according to their disobedience and sins; as if they did not read or hear the word of God that means: (if you [Mohammed] ask [from God] to forgive them [even] for seventy times, God will not pardon them.)

And as if they did not read His saying be glorified in the Quran 39: 44, which means:

(Say: "To God belongs exclusively the [right to permit] intercession.)

Moreover, if you ask one of them: Why do you carry the dead of your relatives to the graves of the imams?

He will say: Because they seek their protection to save them of the chastisement.

Therefore, such are their doctrines, while God be glorified said in the Quran 72: 22, which means:

(Say: "None shall defend me against God [if I disobey Him for your sake], nor can I find [any shelter eventhough] a grave to hide me from Him.")

The meaning: Say: If I disobey my Lord, none will protect me from Him, nor may I find any shelter to resort to it in order to hide and get rid of the chastisement.

I say: If none protects Mohammed in case he disobeys some of Gods commands, then how about other people, particularly if he is a disobedient or guilty.

In addition, is the body (which will perish) the true man, so they may carry it to the graves of imams and patrons, or is the ethereal (or spiritual) soul?

So when it is proved that the soul is the true man, what then is the value of the body which will decay and be rotten and become dust?

Moreover, Prophet Mohammed salam to him said: Wherever [man] dies, bury him.

Therefore, carrying the dead from a city or country to another city is not allowed and is useless.

Afterwards, God be glorified said:




7 c Abdullah son of Ubay said this, so God be glorified said:

7 d And they will not need the expenditure of the hypocrites.




8 e i.e. the victory and power.


[10] 9. O you who believe, let not your riches nor your children distract you from mentioning God [with glorification and praise.] a

Whoso does that b, surely they will be the losers [in the Next Life.]


[11] 10. Expend [in charity on the poor and needy] out of that which We have provided for you, before death should come to anyone of you, and he should [then] say:

"My Lord, had You given me respite for a little while [in the life of the World], I would have then expended in charity [on the poor and needy, out of the money which I left behind], and I would have been one of the righteous [in words and work.]" c


[12] 11. But God will never give to any soul respite [in the World], when its appointed [death] time is due, [but it will go after death to the world of souls]; and God is Most Aware of all that you do d.



9 a i.e. distract you from the five daily prayers, from seeking His assistance at standing up and sitting down, from thanking him after eating and drinking, from praising Him for His bounties and from praying Him when you are in need and poverty.

9 b And busy himself with the money and children rather than Gods remembrance and mentioning.




10 c He in fact says such words when he is in death bed, because he sees the angels and souls, and the truth is unveiled to him, but his words will be useless and there will not be any postponement of his death appointment; as in His saying be glorified:









11 d So He will recompense you according to your deeds.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 63 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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