Soora 64


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. [All birds] that [fly] in the [gaseous] heavens a and [all beasts] that [move] on the earth glorify God, to Whom belongs the ownership [of everything] b, and the praise is due [of His creatures] to Him c; and He is Most Able to do all things.


[3] 2. He it is Who created you [of earth], but some of you unbelieve [in the sending of souls to the Next Life] and some believe [in the Judgment]; and God is All-Seeing of what you dod.


[4] 3. He created the heavens and the earth e with the true [promise of destruction that will be fulfilled], and shaped you [in the wombs of your mothers] with nice shapes [O Children of Adam f], and to Him will the final resort be [following your death.]


[5] 4. He knows whatsoever [living creatures g] are in the heavens and the earth, and knows whatever [evil intentions] you [people] keep secret [in yourselves] and whatever [words and news] you proclaim [by your tongues]; for God is All-Knowing [of the secrets] that are in breasts h.


1 a i.e. in the sky.

1 b Out of which He offers to whomsoever He pleases.

1 c On account of His abundant surplus.





2 d So He will reward each one of you according to his belief and work.






3 e i.e. the planets including the earth.

3 f For God be glorified made them more beautiful than the other three human races: the black, the yellow and the red: Red Indians.

In my book The Universe and the Quran I have explained fully about The four human races





4 g So He provides for them.

4 h So reform your consciences in order that your consequence will be better.



[6] 5. Have you not received the tidings of those that had disbelieved before [and how We had destroyed them], so they suffered the evil consequences of their disbelief and deception a, and there yet awaits them a painful chastisement [on Doomsday b]?


[7] 6. Such [punishment was their requital] because their messengers came to them with the clear evidences [of their apostle-hood], but they said: "Shall human beings [like ourselves] be our guides?" c

Therefore they disbelieved [in the messengers], and turned away [from accepting the invitation to God.]

But God was in no need of their worship d; for God is All-Sufficient e, All-Laudable f.


5 a The Arabic words in the aya, which means: (the evil consequences of their disbelief and deception) has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 5: 59, and 59: 15.

It means: They were punished on account of their disbelief and suffered the consequences of their deception and wickedness.

5 b Other than the chastisement of the Barazakh world [or the Afterlife.]



6 c And had Our Lord liked to send any messengers, He would have sent down some angels.

6 d He has many other servants who worship Him.

6 e He does not need the worship of associaters.

6 f i.e. He is praised by His angels.



[8] 7. The disbelievers assert that they will never be sent forth [to the Next Life a.] Say:

"Yes, by my Lord! You shall be sent forth [to the Afterlife following your death, then to the 'gathering together' on Doomsday] b, then you shall be informed [by the angels] about what you did c.

That [sending forth and gathering-together] is quite easy to God." d


[9] 8. Believe, therefore, in God and His messenger, and in the Light [: the Quran] which We have revealed.

And God is All-Aware of what you do [so He will reward you according to your deeds.]


[10] 9. On the day of [your death] when He shall gather you [in the Barzakh world or the Afterlife e] till [Doomsday:] the Day of Gathering f; that shall be the Day of 'mutual loss and gain' g.

And whosoever believes in God and does righteous [work], God will conceal his evil deeds [from the sight of souls], and admit him into Gardens underneath [the trees of] which rivers flow, therein to dwell forever; that [admission in Paradise] is indeed a mighty triumph.


[11] 10. Surely, those who disbelieve [in Our messenger: Mohammed] and deny Our revelations [of the Quran, revealed to Our messenger]; such will [following their death] be the fellows of Fire to abide therein forever; and evil [destination] will [their] destination be [therein!]


7 a For the requital and punishment.

7 b The associaters thought that the sending forth is for the dead torn up bodies, so they denied that, but God be glorified meant by the sending forth, the sending forth of souls from bodies to the ether world or the world of souls.

And the second sending forth will be on Doomsday: souls will be sent forth from the earth to the space where the gathering-together will be.

But He did not mean by that the resurrection of the torn up bodies; for this reason, He be glorified said:

(Say: "Yes, indeed, by my Lord! You shall be sent forth [to the Afterlife, then to the 'gathering together'])

7 c i.e. the angels will inform them about their evil deeds and rebuke them for their deeds.

Moreover, they will not be taken to account, but they will enter Hell without Judgment.

7 d So that Israfil will merely call them to the gathering-together, and they will respond to him; as in His saying be glorified in the Quran 17: 52, which means:

(On the day when he [: the angel Israfil] will call you [for Judgment and Requital] and you will respond, with His praise, and will think that you tarried [in the life of the World] only for little time.)




9 e While you are souls, to be ready for the Day of Gathering.

9 f In which the first will gather with the last people, as will the inhabitants of the planets gather with the inhabitants of the earth; it is Doomsday.

9 g i.e. in which is the winner and losing: the winner is the believer who sold his life of the World for his Next Life, so he wins; and the loser is the disbelievr, the disobedient, the hypocrite and the associater who sold his Next Life for his life of the World so he loses.



[12] 11. No affliction befell [the disbelievers by your hands, Muslims], but only according to Gods leave [for you], and whoso believes in God [and thinks that God will help him against the associaters], God will guide his heart [to the way of overcoming and to the means of victory so as to overcome his enemy], and God is All-Knowing about everything [so that He will guide you to the way of victory and triumph against the associaters.]




[13] 12. Obey God [concerning what He commands you to], and obey the messenger [concerning what He forbids you from], but if you turn away a, then the duty of Our messenger is only the plain conveyance [of the message.] b


[14] 13. God [is your Lordc]; there is no god [in the universe] but He, and in God let believers rely d.


12 a From him, and do not listen to his words, you will regret.

12 b And he has conveyed the message and warned you, so there is no excuse for you afterwards.





13 c So worship Him.

13 d To propagate the religion of the Islam.



[15] 14. O you who believe, there are among your wives and your children some [that are] enemies to you; so beware of them [lest they should tempt you in religion and prevent you from pardoning those who wrong you.]

But if you pardon [those who wrong you] and overlook [those who hurt you] and forgive [those who insult you]; then surely God is Most Forgiving [for you], Most Merciful [to you.]


[16] 15. Your wealth and children are only a trial [for you] a, and with God is a tremendous reward b.


[17] 16. So ward off God's [punishment] as much as you can, and listen c, comply d, and expend [in alms] out of your wealth e, [and you will find it f ] better for your souls.

For whoso is guarded against the [evil decreed for him] by whatever little g [alms he may give to the poor]; indeed such [who expend] will prosper [in the Next Life.]


[18] 17. If you [believers] lend to God a good loan h, He will multiply it for you [manifold] i, and forgive you [your sins]; God is All-Rewarding [for the spending j], All-Clement [towards the sinners k.]


[19] 18. [That is God] the All-Knowing of what is absent [from you] l and what is present [with you]m, the All-Mighty [in His kingdom], the All-Wise [with His creation.]














15 a By which We check you to see whether you will occupy yourselves with that and forsake your prayers, or you will prefer your Lords obedience to your wealth and children.

15 b To whoever prefers God's obedience to his wealth and children.




16 c To the Quran recited to you by the messenger, and to his admonitions.

16 d God and His messenger.

16 e On the poor and needy for the sake of God.

16 f Before you, in the Next Life.

16 g The Arabic word in the aya ; i.e. the little sum of money, has also been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 4: 128.





17 h Which is the expenditure for the sake of God; God considers it like a loan that should be repaid.

17 i God will give you many folds instead of your expenditure in His way.

17 j Of those who spend in alms.

17 k It means: He does not hasten to punish them in the life of the World, but He gives them respite, so that they may repent.




18 l Or unseen, imperceptible and unknown to you.

18 m Or visible, perceptible and known to you.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 64 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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