Soora 74


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[The Prophet was sleeping in his bed covered with his blankets, when Gabriel came down to him by night, and started to recite to him and say:]

[2] 1. O you [: Mohammed] covering yourself [with your blankets!]


[3] 2. Arise, and warn [your people against worshipping the idols a.]


[4] 3. And magnify [and glorify] your Lord.


[5] 4. And purify your clothes [from the dirt and filth.]


[6] 5. And [after having warned them] forsake those b saying 'derisive poetry' [against Gods messenger.] c


[7] 6. And bestow not charity and boast with it. d


[8] 7. But forbear [the hurt of your people, and let that be] for [the sake of] your Lord e.


[9] 8. And when the percussion [surface: the Horn] is percussed. f


[10] 9. That [percussion] shall be then [a proclamation of] a distressful day.


[11] 10. [Which] will not be easy for disbelievers [but will be severe.]









2 a And invite them to worship God Most Gracious.











5 b This aya was revealed concerning them.

5 c And I ensure that I will take revenge against them.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 73: 10-13, which means:

(And forbear patiently [O Mohammed] their words [of the denial and mockery], and [now after you have warned them] forsake them with good leaving.

Leave to Me those who deny [Our messenger]: those given grace [of wealth and children.] And respite them for a little time.

For We have kinds of severe punishment, and a burning extensive fire.

And food that chokes [its eater], and a painful punishment.)




6 d i.e. do not boast or taunt, to the one whom you give alms, in a way that you consider your offering is much.




7 e And He will reward you in the Next Life.




8 f The Arabic word in the aya indicates the percussing on a wide drum.



[The Prophet sat in the [Inviolable] Mosque [at Mecca], and started to recite the Quran, soora (or chapter) 40, which means:

(Ha, Miem:

[These abbreviated Arabic letters mean:]

[Wisdom, O Mohammed!] [: W. M.]

(Revealing of the Book [: the Quran, including wisdom and admonition] from God, the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing.)

(The Forgiver of sins [for the obedient], the Accepter of repentance [of those who repent], the Severe at punishing [the associaters]; and the Generous etc.)

At that time, Walid son of Mughira was near to him hearing his recital; then when the Prophet noticed him listening, he repeated the reciting of the soora.

So Walid went to the meeting-place of his people, and said: By God, I have just heard from Mohammed some words which are neither the word of humans, nor the words of jinns (or genies); it is sweet, and eloquent; its high part is fruitful, and its lower part is productive; it is high and nothing can be higher than it.

Then he said: You claim that Mohammed is mad or possessed, but have you ever seen him strangle anyone? They said: No.

Then he said: And you say: he is a soothsayer, but have you ever heard him saying any soothsaying? They said: No.

He said then: And you say: he is a poet, so did you ever find him deal with poetry? They said: No. So what do you say about him?

Therefore, he thought for a little while, then frowned and said: He is only a magician! Dont you see him separate between man and his wife and son?

So they were glad with his words, and they dispersed admiring him; therefore, these ayat were revealed concerning him:]

[12] 11. [O Mohammed] let me [deal] with him whom I created lone a.


[13] 12. To whom I granted abundant wealth [with many advantages.]


[14] 13. And sons standing before him. b


[15] 14. And made [his livelihood affairs] easy for him.


[16] 15. Yet, he is greedy for more c.


[17] 16. Certainly not! d for he was stubbornly opposed to Our revelations.


[18] 17. But from now on I shall inflict him with difficulties, [and following his death, I shall constrain him] to a hard ascent. e


[19] 18. Indeed he reflected [on the Quran] and [with falsehood] did he consider [it.]


[20] 19. May he be killed! how he considered! f


[21] 20. Then may he be killed! how he considered! [He will be chastised after being killed.]


[22] 21. Then he contemplated [to find some way, so as to refute and disprove the Quran.]


[23] 22. Then he frowned and was gloomy g - [faced.]


[24] 23. Then turned away [from believing] and was arrogant [to Our messenger, and did not yield to the Islam.]


[25] 24. And he said: "This [Quran] is only an influential sorcery h."


[26] 25. "This is nothing else than speech of mortal man."


[So God be glorified said threatening him:]

[27] 26. I shall surely roast him in Saqar. i


[28] 27. But do you know what Saqar is!? j


[Afterwards, God be glorified explained some of its features, and said:]

[29] 28. It does not leave [anyone in the space without drawing him towards it]; it does not spare [anything around it without burning it with its heat.]


[30] 29. It is [nowadays] looming to mankind k.


[31] 30. Imposed upon it [the attraction of] nineteen [planets.] l








































11 a i.e. when his mother gave birth to him, he was lone: having no money, no wife and no children, then He gave him.

The meaning: Let me deal with him; I will avert his evil from you and take revenge against him according to his denial.





13 b And attending with him. They were ten; three, out of them, believed.









15 c i.e. that I should increase his wealth and sons!





16 d I will not give him more, but I will destroy him and disperse his property.




17 e i.e. he will suffer and face difficulties and chastisement from now on.

In addition, following his death, He will make him ascend up to the fatal gaseous layer.

A similar aya has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 72: 17, which means:

(And whoso turns away from the remembrance of his Lord [and does not thank Him], He will drive him up [in the sky] to be chastised [in the fatal gaseous layers.])





19 f i.e. may God be against him! on account of his consideration; moreover, God will prepare someone to kill him.















22 g i.e. the color of his face changed and became dark red like the date before its ripening.

This expression is similar to His saying be glorified in the Quran 75: 24, which means:

(And [some] faces on that day shall be gloomy.)




24 h i.e. which influences the soul.




26 i It means: he will be roasted in the fire of Saqar, which is one of large suns; it is the Fire with which God threatens the disbelievers.




27 j This is to magnify its condition, its severe heat and large diameter.




29 k It looms to people from far away, so they see it as one of the stars, because it is so far away from them.




30 l i.e. imposed on it is the function of holding nineteen planets. That is because when the life of our present sun will end and its surface become cold, it will burst and become nineteen pieces. Then such pieces will become planets, i.e. new earths, which Saqar will draw towards itself, and they will orbit around it, and in this way a new solar system, other than our present system, will form.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 14: 48, which means:

(On the day [of Doom] when the earth shall be exchanged by another earth, and the [gaseous] heavens too [shall be exchanged by other gaseous heavens]; and [all] shall come forth unto God, the One, the Subduer.)

In my book The Universe and the Quran, I have fully explained about these ayat, [under the title of: The sun will burst and Formation of the new planets.]

But the associaters thought that the number of the angels responsible about Hell is nineteen, and they mocked their little number.



[32] 31. We have appointed only [stout] angels a to be the wardens of the Fire, and We have appointed their [iron] punishment-equipment b only for chastisement of those who disbelieve ---

So that those [Jews and Christians] who were given the [Heavenly] Book may have certainty [about mentioning the angels, because they know they are strong, and know their might and control on people, as this is written in the Psalms],

and so that those who believe may increase in belief [when this information, about the power and authority of angels, is confirmed by the people of the Bible],

and that those who were given the [Heavenly] Book and have [now] believed may not be in doubt [about the prophet-hood of Mohammed, when the Pagan mock at the little number of the angels],

and that those [hypocrites] in whose hearts there is a disease [of doubt], may say: "What has God meant by this [little number] as a parable [when He said: nineteen?]"

[As has God misguided these disbelievers by this ambiguous aya and by this little number], so does God misguide [away from the way of the truth] whomever c He will [by the ambiguous ayat of the Quran], and He guides aright whomever d He will [by the plain ayat of the Quran.]

But none knows [the large number and the different kinds of] the hosts of your Lord but He [alone.] e

And this [soora] is only an admonition to all mankind. f


31 a So that none of disbelievers can resist or escape from them.

31 b Like chains, maces and fetters.

God be glorified said in the Quran 76: 4, which means:

(Surely, We have prepared, for disbelievers, chains and yokes [binding hands to necks] and a blazing fire.)

The meaning: We only have made the iron equipment prepared by the angels, only for chastising those who disbelieve.

31 c Because such person is disobedient and is a wrong-doer, who deserves the misguidance.

31 d Because such person is good-hearted, truthful with his words, kind-hearted who deserves the guidance on account of his good manners.

31 e The associaters were deluded about the number, when they thought that the number of the keepers of Hell is nineteen.

31 f This is mentioned in the Psalm 103 of David: 19-22; he said:

The Lord has established His throne in heaven, and His kingdom rules over all.

Praise the Lord, you His angels, you mighty ones who do His bidding, who obey His word.

Praise the Lord, all His heavenly hosts, you His servants who do His will.

Praise the Lord, all His works everywhere in His dominion. Praise the Lord, O my soul.



[Then God be glorified said:]

[33] 32. No, [they cannot get rid of the chastisement; I swear] by the moon [when it will divide into two halves! a]


[34] 33. And [by] the nightb when it will retire [from you, and will never return to you!]


[35] 34. And [by] the morning when it will shine forth c!


[36] 35. [That] surely [Saqar] is one of the greatest [suns.] d


[While His saying be glorified - in the following aya means:]

[37] 36. [We have sent Mohammed as] a warner to the human race.


[38] 37. To anyone of you desires to precede [his people to Paradise e], or to lag behind [those who will ascend to the Paradises f.]


32 a This is an oath of threatening by the chastisement when Doomsday will approach.

33 b Which is the last one of the earth nights, which will last one thousand of our years.

Similar to this aya, is His saying be glorified in the Quran 91: 4, which means:

(And [by] the [everlasting] night, when it shall [with its darkness] enshroud that [region of the earth! When there will be no moon, no sun and the water will freeze; so people will die from coldness and starvation.])

And God be glorified said in the Quran 93: 2, which means:

(And [by] the night when it shall be quiet and everlasting!)

Moreover, God be glorified said in the Quran 89: 4, which means:

(And by the night when it will spread [like an infection, from one planet to another: from Mercury to Venus to the Earth and to Mars.])

In addition, God be glorified said in the Quran 92: 1, which means:

([I swear] by the night, when it shall enshroud [that region of the earth]!)

So all these ayat are preceded by the word i.e. if, which indicates the future, and all of them include the description of Doomsday and what changes will occur in the universe.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the following aya:

34 c The meaning: when its light will appear, and its sun will shine, and the night will not come to you once again, then what will you do, and in what direction will you go, and run away from the severe sun heat; which is the last one of the earth days, that will last one thousand of our years.

This will happen when the earth will stop its axial rotation, so that the night will be perpetual on one of its two sides till Doomsday; and the day will be perpetual in the other side till Doomsday.

35 d i.e. that it is one of the large volume suns, so how can they get rid of its gravity and escape its heat?
This in fact is the conclusion of the swear clause [that has passed in the previous ayat.]

37 e And ascend before them to the Paradises, on account of his faith and righteous deeds, and so he will get rid of the chastisement and horrors of that day.

37 f And so he will stay on earth, then the chastisement of that day will afflict him, the day which will last for one thousand years; so let him stay on his disbelief and ingratitude, and so he will lag behind his people and will not ascend up together with the believers.



[39] 38. Every soul shall [in the Next Life] be [held imprisoned a] in pledge for what [sins] it earned.


[40] 39. Except those pertaining to the right [: they shall be free and prosperous.]


[41] 40. [They will be] in Gardens, inquiring [each other],


[42] 41. concerning the guilty [among their people];


[43] 42. [They will say to them:] "What led you into Saqar?"


[44] 43. They [will] say, "[In the life of the World], We did not observe the prayers.


[45] 44. "Nor did we feed the needy."


[46] 45. And we indulged [in disbelief and corruption] with those who indulge [therein.]


[47] 46. "And we disbelieved in the Day of Judgment" b,


[48] 47. "Until certainty came to us [following our death. c]"


[49] 48. So the intercession of intercessors will never help them [at that time.]


[50] 49. So what ails them [now] that they turn away from the admonition [of the Quran]?


[51] 50. As if they were the startled [wild] asses,


[52] 51. Fleeing from a lion.


[53] 52. But every man of them desires to be given, [in order to believe], open pages [from God, on which is written: 'Believe in Mohammed; for he is the messenger of God.']


[54] 53. No, [he will not believe eventhough We bring down to him pages from heaven], but [actually] they fear not the Next Life [because they believe not in it.]


[55] 54. No d, [but] the [Quran] is an admonition.


[56] 55. So whoever wills, shall receive its admonition e.


[57] 56. But they cannot receive admonition, unless God wills [to guide them] f; Gods [punishment] is Worthy to be warded off g, and He is Worthy to grant forgiveness h.



38 a i.e. having no freedom.




































46 b Which is Doomsday, the day of yielding to the punishment, so that we said: there will not be any sending to the Next Life, nor any Judgment.




47 c When we saw the angels, souls and jinns (or genies) by our sights, and we then became certain about the Judgment and punishment, but now our belief is useless.





























54 d They even fear not Our portents, because We have not brought to them some dreadful portents like what We sent against Pharaoh and his people, like the staff of Moses, the locust, the frog, the insect, the blood, and others.





55 e It means: Whoso likes to receive admonition, then let him receive its admonition.

Similar to this in meaning, is His saying be glorified in the Quran 54: 17, which means:

(And We have made the Quran easy [to you] for admonition. Is there, then, any that will be admonished [with it?])




56 f Therefore, anyone whom God likes to guide to the way of the truth, He removes the cover from his heart and the veil from his sight, so he will listen to the Quran and understand its meanings, and so he will receive admonition and believe, or else he will not.

56 g By avoiding the disobedience.

56 h So seek after His forgiveness, by repenting and doing the righteous work.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 74 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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