Soora 81


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[Some associaters asked about Doomsday when it will be, so God be glorified said in reply to their question:]

[2] 1. When the sun shall be 'divided into many spheres'. a


[3] 2. And when the stars shall lose their luster and be dim [to the sight.] b


[4] 3. And when the [space] mountains [: the meteorites c] shall be moved [towards the sun.]


[5] 4. And when the friendship [among disbelievers] shall be disrupted. d


[6] 5. And when wild animals shall be musterede.


[7] 6. And when seas shall be 'seared and baked' [by the sun heat f.]


[8] 7. When the souls are sorted out, (being joined, like with like. g)


[9] 8. And when the female baby that was buried alive h, shall be asked [by the angels] i :


[10] 9. For what crime she was slain. j


[11] 10. And when the [Heavenly Books] k [of the prophets] are displayed [before them.] l


[12] 11. And when the heaven shall be stripped off [the earth.] m


[13] 12. And when Hell shall be kindled furthermore. n


[14] 13. And when Paradise shall be brought nigh [to those who will see it.]


[15] 14. [At that time, every] soul will know what [good or evil work] it has produced. o


1 a At that time, Doomsday will take place.

Because when the life of the sun will end, and its surface will cool down, then it will have a cold earthy crust which will prevent the emergence of the gases out of its core. And when the gases will increase in its core and will be imprisoned inside it, then the sun will burst and will be cut up to become nineteen pieces, which will be drawn by the gravity of the sun nearest to them, which is called Saqar, and they will circle around it as do the [present] planets circle around our sun.

In this way, a new solar system, else than our present solar system, will be formed. The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 14: 48, which means:

(On the day [of Doom] when the earth shall be exchanged by another earth, and the [gaseous] heavens too [shall be exchanged by other gaseous heavens]; and [all] shall come forth unto God, the One, the Subduer.)




2 b The meaning: When the stars will disappear from sight, because of the turbidity of the atmosphere, the thick fog and the smoke in the space.




3 c Which are in the space; they will be drawn to the sun, after the depletion of the earth of its gravity.

This in fact has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, soora (or chapter) 78.




4 d The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 43: 67, which means:

(Intimate friends on that day will be enemies of one another, except the God-fearing [: they will not be enemies of one another.])




5 e i.e. they will be gathered together to eat the flesh of the dead, that will be cast on the ground without burial, because of their large number. This will be on the night side; that night which will last one thousand years. So the wild animals in particular here are the carnivorous beasts which eat the meat.

While on the day side no man, herbivorous or carnivorous animal can live, because of the burning heat and the high temperature there.




6 f This will follow the evaporation of their water.

Such water evaporation will happen after the cessation of the earth from its axial rotation; for then the sun rays and heat will persist on one side of the earth, so that heat will increase and the water of seas and rivers will evaporate, [and the bottoms of seas and rivers will be exposed], and the sun will sear their bottoms.




7 g i.e. the righteous with the angels and will go up to heaven, and the disbelievers with the devils and will stay on earth. That will be when the earth will stop its axial rotation.

Moreover, after the Judgment: the believers will go to the paradises together with the angels, while disbelievers will go to the Fire together with the devils.



8 h Some Arab tribes used to bury the living female child for the fear of shame and disgrace; some mothers hid her daughter from her father lest he should kill her or she put her as a trust with some of her relatives or neighbors, so in this way the daughter would be saved of the killing.

8 i The question will be:




9 j i.e. the angels will ask her: For what guilt, did they kill you? And she will say: Without any guilt?

So this in fact is a threatening and warning for her killer.




10 k Which are the scripture of Abraham, the Torah of Moses, the Psalms of David, the Gospel of Jesus and the Quran of Mohammed.

10 l Each one of the prophets will have his book displayed before him, in order to judge his nation about its statements which they changed, and its words and meanings that they altered; lest they deny and say: This was not written in the Book.



11 m i.e. disjoined or separated from it.

I have previously said that the material is the mold of the ethereal; so that for every material object, an identical ethereal skeleton will form inside it, which will be its true copy, but only that the first one is material and the second one is ethereal. Moreover, the material will tear up and disappear, while the ethereal will remain preserving its shape, and it will not tear up neither will vanish forever.

Therefore, when the earth tears up, a new ethereal layer will separate from it which will be the issue of the earth, and this new layer will raise up to join the seven ethereal heavens to be eight ethereal heavens [in total.]

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 69: 17, which means:

(And above the [souls] on that Day [of Doom] will eight [ethereal heavens] bear the Throne of your Lord.)

While now, seven heavens bear it; as in His saying be glorified in the Quran 23: 86, which means:

(Say: "Who is the Lord of the seven [ethereal] heavens, and the Lord of the Throne [of Glory] Supreme?")

However, these ayat have been explained in details in my book The Universe and the Quran




12 n i.e. its blaze and heat will be increased.




14 o Similar to this aya is another one, that is His saying be glorified in the Quran 79: 35, which means:

(The day when man shall remember [all the good work] that he did [in his life in the World.])



[16] 15. But I [should] not swear by [the comets] that [now] slink [away from your sights!]


[17] 16. The moving along [: floating in the space], the swept [before Doomsday] into their dens [inside the earth!] a


[18] 17. And by the night when it will persist! b


[19] 18. And by the morning when it will come forth! c


[20] 19. That the [Quran] is the utterance of an honorable messenger [: Gabriel.] d


[Then God be glorified started to describe Gabriel and his might and position, so He said:]

[21] 20. Endowed with power, and is authorized and supported e by [God:] the Lord of the Throne.


[22] 21. Obeyed [by angels, messengers and prophets f], and moreover trusty [concerning the message g.]


[23] 22. And your fellow [: Mohammed] is not mad [as you imagine.]


[24] 23. And surely [Gabriel] taught [Mohammed some knowledge of the Unknown and Fore-future], while [they were in the space] in the clear [eastern] horizon h.


[25] 24. Neither does [Gabriel] withhold niggardly [from Mohammed the information of] the Unknown.


[26] 25. Nor is the [Quran, as you imagine,] the word of a cursed devil. i


[27] 26. Where then are you going [with your imaginations and delusions]!? j


[28] 27. This [Quran] is only an admonition to all nations.


[29] 28. For whosoever of you who would maintain k [his believing in the religion of monotheism l.]


[30] 29. But you shall not will [to keep up on your belief], unless God wills m, the Lord of the worlds.


16 a It means: Before Doomsday, the comets will fall upon the earth and disappear inside it.

Such oath implies the future time; it is a threatening and warning about the occurring of such chastisement in the future.

God be glorified swore by the comets: that they will fall upon the earth when Doomsday will approach, and the comets will burn, destroy and ruin; so what will your fate be on that day, O disbelievers!?

Similar to this aya, is His saying be glorified in the Quran 56: 75-76, which means:

(But, no! I swear by the falling [sites] of comets [in the future.] And it is surely an awesome oath, did you but know [that.])

This has also been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, chapter 53, and in my book The Universe and the Quran




17 b i.e. when it will be persistent and perpetual.

This will happen when the earth will stop its axial rotation, so that one side of the earth will confront the sun and persist like this till Doomsday, and so there will be a perpetual day [on that hemisphere] lasting for one thousand of our years.

While on the other hemisphere there will be a perpetual night, to which the sun light will not reach till Doomsday.

Therefore, God be glorified swore by that long night: about the chastisement which will afflict the disbelievers who will remain on the earth at that time.

The meaning: What will your outcome be, if that night comes and you will be there, when you will be on the day side: what will you do, if the temperature exceeds one hundred degrees centigrade? And what will you drink, if the water of rivers and seas evaporates and you have no water other than the bitter and salt water of wells?

Similarly, you, the inhabitants of the night hemisphere: what will you do, if your water freezes because of the extreme coldness, and your cattle and farms perish? Can you save yourselves from the coldness and hunger? Not, at all.




18 c i.e. and I swear by that long day when its light will shine forth, and its morning will appear.

Similar to this aya, is His saying be glorified in the Quran 74: 34, which means:

(And [by] the morning when it will shine forth!)




19 d This is the main clause of the oath.

The implication: I swear by these events that the Quran is the utterance of Gabriel, which he brought on Mohammed, and it is not like what you say that it is the word of Mohammed himself.




20 e It means: he is one of those brought close to God.




21 f Concerning what he orders them by Gods leave.

The meaning: Mohammed has not brought it to you of his own accord, but Gabriel came down on him with the revelation, and commanded him to warn you against the worshipping of the idols and statues, and to invite you to worship God Most Gracious, so Mohammed obeyed that which Gabriel brought.

21 g But he works as has God commanded him and conveys the message to the prophets.




23 h That was during their ascension to the ethereal heavens.

Similar to this aya is His saying be glorified in the Quran 53: 5-7, which means:

([Mohammed] is taught by [Gabriel: an angel] mighty in power. To whom is referred [by angels, prophets and messengers or apostles] for consultation. And [Mohammed] became similar to, and together with, [Gabriel.] When he [: Gabriel] was at the high horizon [in the atmosphere of the earth, teaching Mohammed some religious instructions.])




25 i That is because the associaters said to the Prophet salam to him: The one who revealed to you is a devil and is not an angel.




26 j So that one time you say he is a soothsayer, another time you say he is a magician and another time you say a poet, and still one time you say mad or possessed, and lastly you have said it is a revelation from the jinn (: the genie) and not from the angels; therefore, God be glorified said:




28 k Or keep up on his belief.

28 l And would not apostatize from it.




29 m So He will make it fair seeming to you, and make the Islam fair to your hearts, and so you will yield to the truth and believe in it.

The meaning: Whoso has good manners, God will guide him to the way of the truth; and whoso has bad manners and he wrongs people, then God will misguide him away from the way of the truth and will not guide him.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 14: 27, which means:

(God misguides evil-doers, and God does [to the two parties, on Doomsday] what [goodness and blessings to believers, and evil and revenge on wrong-doers] He pleases.)


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 81 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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