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[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[Doomsday will come when these events will occur:]

[2] 1. When the sky [: the gaseous layers] shall tear apart. a


[3] 2. And listen [and comply] to [the command of] its Lord, and be entitled b [to do so.]


[4] 3. And when the earth shall be [cut up into pieces that shall be] spread out [in the space.]c


[5] 4. And cast out all that inside it [of evil souls], and be void [of them.] d


[6] 5. And listen [and comply] to [the command of] its Lord, and be entitled e [to do so.]


1 a This has previously been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 69: 16.




2 b i.e. it has the right to listen and comply to the command of its Lord.

The meaning: The heaven with its tremendous extent, comply to its Lords command, while you people have not complied to your Lords command.




3 c It means: one piece will part away from another.

Similar to this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 82: 2, which means:

(And when the planets [shall break up into pieces that] shall be strewn about [in the space to be meteorites.])

And of course the earth is one of the planets.




4 d Similar to this aya is His saying be glorified in the Quran 99: 2, which means:

(And earth shall expel its burdensome [insufferable, wicked souls]!)




5 e This in fact is not any repetition, for the first [: aya 2] is about the heaven and the second [this aya] is about the earth.

The meaning: If such events take place then Doomsday, about which you are inquiring, will happen.



[Then God be glorified started to address His noble messenger, and He said:]

[7] 6. O man, you are striving a hard striving a, for [the sake of] your Lord; and you will surely meet His [reward, after your death.]


[Afterwards, God be glorified explained about the conditions of people in the Next Life, and He said:]

[8] 7. Then as for him who is given his book [of deeds] in his right hand,


[9] 8. He shall be punished with a mild punishment b,


[10] 9. And will return [after the punishment] joyfully to his [new] family c [in the Paradise of Refuge.]


[11] 10. But anyone given his book [of deeds] behind his back,


[12] 11. He shall invoke [on himself] destruction. d


[13] 12. And shall broil in a blaze [on Doomsday.]


[14] 13. Surely, in his family, he was joyful [with his disobedience to God e.]


[15] 14. He thought that he should never return [to Our quarter to be punished.] f


[16] 15. Yes, indeed [he will return to Us g; for] his Lord is Ever Seeing him h.


6 a It is the toiling which influences man causing a mark or abrasion in his body because of the tiredness and toiling or because of war.

Therefore, the meaning of His saying be glorified in this aya is:

You do toil and strive in the way of your Lord and for the preaching of His religion, but do not be embarrassed of that, for God will give you your reward and moreover will increase you out of His surplus, on the day when you will meet Him; it means the day when you will go from this World to the Next.

In fact, the forehead of Gods messenger salam to him was wounded and his incisor teeth were broken in the Battle of Uhud; so this reflects his toiling and suffering in the way of God.

In addition to that, God be glorified said: (O man), and He did not say: O messenger; which means: You are only a human being and your ability is limited, but you did more than your capability, so We will accordingly reward you in the Next Life.



8 b The meaning: The monotheist, who has some sins, will be punished with a mild punishment according to his sins; this will take place on earth in the Barzakh World [or the Afterlife] like: imprisoning him in his grave according to his sins.




9 c His family will be those who died before him: his sons, daughters, wives in case they are righteous monotheists pertaining to the right; in addition to his wives: the hoories in Paradise.

The indication, that the family means the sons, daughters and wives, is His saying be glorified about the story of Moses, in the Quran 20: 10, which means:

(And he said to his family: "Stay here; for I perceive a fire!)

At that time, there were none with Moses other than his wife and his two sons.

While as regards those who are neither of the people of the right nor of the people of the left: such man will return to his family in the life of the World, after he fulfills his punishment; i.e. to his home where he died, to remain there till Doomsday; so he will see and hear his family members, but they neither see nor hear him, because he will have become an ethereal soul (: spirit); and for this reason they neither see nor hear him.

I myself saw the soul of my uncle, Ali, standing in the house where he died; that was when I went to the world of souls, by my death, and I stayed for one hour of time then I returned to my body and arose alive. You will find this incident written in details in my books Man after Death and An Hour with Ghosts




11 d i.e. he will long for death, but cannot find it; on account of the chastisement which he suffers and on account of the straitened living in the Barzakh [Afterlife] world.

In fact, he is given his book of deeds behind his back, because his two hands are bound with fetters; and also in order that souls may read the crimes and disgraceful acts written in it, to be lowly among souls; therefore, he is more guilty than the one given his book in his left hand.




13 e And fearing not Gods punishment.




14 f The meaning: he was a denier of the sending of souls to the Next Life and of the Judgment.




15 g And will come into Our quarter, and We shall then punish him according to his disbelief and sins.

15 h From the first day of his creation till his sending forth to the Next Life.



[Then God be glorified threatened the disbelievers and the deniers of the sending of souls to the Next Life; He threatened them with the chastisement, so He said:]

[17] 16. But nay! I swear by the sunset redness [zone!] a


[18] 17. And by the night b and [by] all [the beasts] that it will round up.


[19] 18. And [by] the moon, when it will become a full moon [and will never be a crescent once again!] c


[20] 19. [That] you [people] will cross a plane after another. d


16 a Which is the zone intermediate between the day zone and the night zone.

The expression i.e. (But nay!) points out to the future, and (the sunset redness) is the zone intermediate between the day and the night; that day and night which will last for one thousand of our years; it will be the last one of the earth days, and it has been mentioned in many sooras (or chapters) of the Quran.

God in fact swore by that zone, because it will be vulnerable to the falling of comets.

This swearing is for threatening and warning the associaters and disbelievers about that day, and in particular about that zone.




17 b It is that long night which will be the last night on the earth surface.

The meaning: The night will take revenge against these guilty men, and take of them its due compensatory fine.




18 c At that time, the earth will rise with you and get nearer to the sun, as in His saying be glorified in the next aya:




19 d The meaning: The earth will take you up crossing the atmospheric gaseous layers: a layer after another, so it will raise up and get nearer to the sun.

So (a plane after another) means the gaseous layers, as in His saying be glorified in the Quran 71: 15, which means:

("Have you not considered how God created seven [ethereal or spiritual] heavens, as layers [one above another], and let the moon [give] light therein?)

The reason for that the earth will get nearer to the sun is that:

the gravity influence the cold object more than the hot object; therefore, when the heat which is in the core of the earth will end by the passing of years, then the sun gravity will influence the earth more than it does nowadays, so then the earth will be drawn by the sun and the distance between them will be less than it is now.

The earth in fact will rise up with people across these gaseous layers, a year after another, as long as the heat inside the earth will decrease, and so it will get nearer to the sun, and accordingly the heat on the earth surface will increase.

Moreover, the aya indicates the invention of planes which man will manufacture in the nineteenth century, in which he will ride, and which will take him up, in the twentieth century, to the heaven layers: a layer after another.

Anyhow man mounted on his planes and rose up with them to the space then to Moon, and he landed on its surface; the first man landed on the moon surface on July 20 1969 AD; they were two men.



[21] 20. But what is the matter with them a that they do not believe [in the Quran] b,


[22] 21. And when the Quran is recited to them, they do not comply [with the truth?] c


[23] 22. But [actually] the unbelievers deny [the messenger and the truth, like to their forefathers.] d


[24] 23. And God knows very well what [gold and silver] they are keeping [in the safe.] e


[25] 24. So foretell them with a painful retribution for them [in the Next Life.]


[Then God be glorified made an exception: the believers out of them, and He said:]

[26] 25. Save those who believe and work righteous [deeds]; there will be for them a wage that will never be deprived [of them.]


20 a i.e. the disbelievers of Mecca.

20 b The meaning: What suspicion diverts them from believing, in spite of the clarity of proofs? Have not We told them about the past and the future? Have not We told them about what is in the past heavenly books although they were written in foreign languages, and were not written in Arabic?

So, in case Mohammed studied them, according to their claim, but did he study Astronomy also? And did Mohammed know the Unknown Fore-future, so as he told you about the cosmic events and time incidents? Is not that Our revelation which We revealed to him?

Are not such telling and foretelling indication of his truthfulness? So whats all such arrogance and haughtiness?




21 c i.e. they do not yield and do not submit themselves to the truth.




22 d i.e. they have not abstained from believing because the evidence is not clear or the proof is not obvious; but in fact they follow their ancestors and their leaders with their denial.




23 e Without paying the due Zakat-alms.

Similar to this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 70: 18, which means:

(And [he] hoards [money] and stores it [in the safe.])

It means: he keeps it in the vessel, and does not spend out of it on the poor, and does not give the due zakat-alms out of his money.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 84 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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