Soora 87


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. Glorify the name of your Lord, the Most Higha.


[3] 2. Who creates [creatures], and makes perfectly symmetrical [their body organs.] b


[4] 3. Who decrees [for them their means of livelihood], and guides [them thereto, with the mind and the instinct.]


[5] 4. And produced [from the earth] the pasture c.


[6] 5. And He turns it [after being fresh vegetation] into stubble d, containing [nutrient substances e and remediesf.]


[7] 6. We shall recite to you [the Quran by Gabriel] and you will not forget [it,]


[8] 7. Save [some revelations or ayat] which God wills [to make you forget, in order that you will not recite them to your people g]; surely He knows what [words] are spoken aloud and what [secrets] are hidden [in breasts.]


[9] 8. And We shall make it easy for you, for the 'advantage and happiness' [of people.] h


[10] 9. So keep on admonishing [people with the Quran]. The admonition is profitable [to him who accepts it.] i


[11] 10. And he will receive the admonition, who fears [God's punishment.]


[12] 11. But the most wretched [among the disobedient] shall flout the [admonition],


[13] 12. He who shall broil in the great fire j.


[14] 13. Then he will neither die therein [and get rid of the torment] nor live [and be at comfort k.]



1 a i.e. the High above everything; for God be glorified His majesty is over the Throne, and the Throne is over the Chair; the Chair is the seven ethereal heavens inhabited by angels; the Chair is over the gaseous layers, and these latter are above the earth. Moreover, none knows the distance between one ethereal heaven and another but only God Himself.

While (Glorify the name of your Lord) means: Mention Him in your prayers and in others, and say: (Subhana Rabbiy AlAla Wa Lahu Alhamd) i.e. Glory to my Lord the Most High and praise is due to Him.

However,  The Throne and  the heavens have been explained in details in my book The Universe and the Quran




2 b It means: He perfected their creation and mastered their manufacturing and equalized between their organs and special senses organ: so that no eye is bigger than the other one, and no hand is longer than the other one, but all of them are equal in length and thickness.




4 c Which is every plant grazed by the cattle and by grazing animals.




5 d Which is dry and broken up, like that which the river water carries of: straw, sticks, reeds and others.

5 e Beneficial and satiating for the cattle and for animals.

5 f Medical and curing for man.




7 g Because such revelations are exclusively special for you alone, but not for your people.







8 h Because prophets are obliged, while people have free choice or option.




9 i Similar to this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 50: 45, which means:

(So admonish with the Quran him who fears the threat [of God.])








12 j i.e. the large one, as in His saying be glorified in the Quran 74: 35, which means:

([That] surely [Saqar] is one of the greatest [suns.])

It means: It is one of the large suns [: it has a large volume.]




13 k A life that may profit him or give him comfort, but his living will be a continuous suffering; so he will long for death, but cannot die.

Here man may ask: how can it be that one stays for millions of years suffering in the fire, without being burnt and without dying immediately?

The answer of this is: because he will be an ethereal soul, and the soul suffers the chastisement but does not die or burn.



[Then God be glorified started to describe the believers and what He has prepared for them in the Next Life, and He said:]

[15] 14. Prosperous will be he who purifies himself [from sins and from the association.]


[16] 15. And [he] mentions the name of his Lord [when commencing his prayers] a and performs [the prescribed] prayers.


[17] 16. But you [people] prefer the life of this World [to the Next.]


[18] 17. While the Next Life is better and more enduring [than this life of the World.]b


[19] 18. Surely, [We mentioned all] this c in the former [heavenly] scriptures:


[20] 19. The scriptures of Abraham, and [the scriptures of] Moses [: the Torah.]










15 a In the beginning of his prayers, by exclaiming: "Allahu Akbar": "God is the Most Great"; then he says loudly: "Bismillahi Rrahmani Rraheim" i.e. "In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.








17 b The reason is that: what is in this World will tear up and vanish because it is material, while what is in the Next Life will remain without vanishing or disappearing because it is ethereal or spiritual.




18 c Concerning the admonition, the prayers, the dispraise of this life of the World, and the praise of Next Life, which We have mentioned to you.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 87 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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