Soora 89


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. [I swear] by [the zone of] the dawn! a


[3] 2. And by the ten nights [preceding the standstill of the earth!] b


[4] 3. And by the even c and the odd d!


[5] 4. And by the night e when it will spread [like an infection, from one planet to another.]


[6] 5. Will this [threatening and warning] be enough as an oath for a rational manf?


1 a It is a swearing for the future; the dawn is the zone which will be in-between the day [side] and the night [side.]

This will happen when the earth will stop its axial rotation, so that (a night which will not be succeeded by a day) will be in one of its hemispheres, while in the other side there will be a day which will not be succeeded by a night.)

The zone, by which God swore will be vulnerable, to the falling of comets; which is the same [zone] by which God swore in the Quran 56: 75, which means:

(But, no! I swear by the falling [sites] of comets [in the future.])

So the site of the falling down of comets will be where the dawn will be; i.e. it will be between the night and the day.




2 b Before the complete stopping of the earth from its axial rotation, there will be ten long nights, the duration of each night of them will equal three months. That is because the heat of the earth core will not have completely depleted; therefore, its rotation will be slow. Then after ten long nights, the heat in the core of the earth will finish, so the earth will stop its axial rotation, so that the night will be perpetual on it till Doomsday, as will also the day be on the other side.



3 c i.e. the two planets: Mercury and Venus; because the heat of their cores finished before the heat of the earth core; for by depletion of the heat, the axial rotation of every planet will end.

3 d i.e. The planet Mars, which will stop its axial rotation after the standstill of the earth, because it is bigger than the earth; and for this reason God here mentioned the pair before the odd, while it is expected that the odd should be mentioned before the pair according to arithmetic.




4 e It means: that long night.

The meaning: It spreads from Mercury to Venus then to the Earth then to Mars, as does the infection spread.

So each one of these planets will have a long night on account of the depletion of the heat which is in its core; and each one of them has a period different from the other:

The Earth will have a night which will equal one thousand years, while Mars will stop after the stopping of the Earth by about five hundred years, then Doomsday will take place, after Mars complete five hundred years; so this is an oath of threatening and warning about the chastisement of that day and its horrible afflictions.

In my book The Universe and the Quran

I have explained these ayat in details.



5 f i.e. will such man, who has mind and reason, understand such words, receive admonition, believe in his Lord and comply with His messenger?



[Then God be glorified described to them the conditions of the ancient who denied the messengers, and how God terminated them with the chastisement, in order that the associaters might receive admonition and would not be like the nations that preceded them, so He said:]

[7] 6. Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with [the tribe of] Aad a?


[8] 7. And [their city of] Irum with its [high] pillars [built of stone, and its marvelous buildings]?


[9] 8. The like of which b was never made in the land?


[Then God be glorified mentioned another tribe who denied their messenger, so He terminated them on account of their denial, and He said:]

[10] 9. And [the tribe of] Thamood who brought c the rock [from the mountains and built their dwellings] in the Valley [of Qura.]


[Then God be glorified mentioned other people who denied the messengers, and so He terminated them because of their denial, and He said:]

[11] 10. And Pharaoh [and his people] with his stakes [of torture.] d


[12] 11. Who transgressed, beyond the bounds, in the land.


[13] 12. And worked much iniquity e therein?


[14] 13. Therefore, your Lord poured on them various kinds of chastisement f.


[15] 14. Surely, your Lord is [over His Throne] in the place of ambush. g


6 a They were the people of Prophet Hood.

The meaning: How God terminated them when they denied their messenger Hood.




8 b In strength and firmness, for it was made with the hard rock; and God be glorified terminated them with the hurricanes.

This is according to His saying be glorified in the Quran 51: 41, which means:

(And [there is a sign and a lesson] in [the story of the tribe of] Aad: when We sent against them the terminating wind.)

This in fact is a threatening for the associaters; which means:

Look to those before you: they were stronger than you in their bodies and in their buildings: how We terminated them with the stormy winds so that their houses collapsed over them and they perished!

So are you stronger than they were, or are your buildings stronger than their buildings were, so that you may shelter yourselves inside them from the chastisement when it will inflict you?

The event of the tribe of Aad was after the people of Noah; as it is indicated in His saying be glorified in the Quran 7: 69, which means:

(Remember [the favors of God on you] that He has made you successors [to possess the land] after the people of Noah, and increased you in stature, [power and possessions.])

The tribe of Aad was named according to the name of their king: Aad, son of Aos, son of Aram, son of Shem, son of Noah.

Aad worshipped the moon and the idols; his country was in the region of the Ahqaf; i.e. the sandy dunes, in connection to Yemen.

He is also mentioned in the Torah, Book of Genesis.

God sent them a messenger (or an apostle): one of them; he was Hood, but they denied him, so God terminated them with the hurricanes.




9 c i.e. they cut out and carried the rocks from the mountains to build their dwellings in the Valley of Qura.

The tribe of Thamood was named after their king Thamood [: Almodad in the English Bible], son of Joktan, son of Eber, son of Shelah, son of Arphaxad, son of Shem, son of Noah.

They succeeded after the tribe of Aad; the indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 7: 74, which means:

(And remember [the bounties of God on you] that He appointed you successors after [exterminating the tribe of] Aad, and established you in the land.)

Their habitation was between Levant and Hijaz extending to the coast of the Red Sea; their habitations were at Faj Al-Naqa; some of their homes and ruins are still remaining till now, on the mountains and in the way of the pilgrims coming from Levant, near to the Valley of Qura.

This is written in the Arabic book of Murooj Al-Thahab page 42.



10 d When Pharaoh wanted to torture a man, he tied his hands and feet with four pegs or stakes which he dug in the ground, and left him under the sun without water or food until he would die from starvation and thirst.




12 e By worshipping the idols, altering the religion, by the wrong-doing and tyranny.



13 f i.e. He terminated them with a mixture of various kinds of chastisement.

Among the kinds of chastisement, which God sent on the people of Pharaoh, were the locust, the insect, the frog, the blood and others mentioned in the Quran 7: 133.




14 g i.e. He is in the high place, sees and watches people, so that none of their deeds or acts may be unknown to Him.

The place of ambush is the Throne, for He be glorified is over the Throne.



[16] 15. As for man: whenever his Lord tries him [with prosperity] by being Generous to him [with wealth], and by blessing him [with many bounties], he will say: "My Lord has honored me [because He prfers me a.]


[17] 16. But whenever He tries him [by poverty] and restricts his provision, he says: "Surely my Lord has humiliated me [with the poverty, because he hates me.]"


[18] 17. Nay b, but c you do not honor the orphan.


[19] 18. And [We hate that] you do not urge [people] on feeding the needy. d


[20] 19. And [We hate also that] you devour [the annual income of] the inheritance e successively [without paying alms to the poor and needy.]


[21] 20. And [that] you love [hoarding] the wealth with an ardent love f.


15 a And therefore, He has given me this wealth; but he does not know that We are only trying him by that.






17 b i.e. neither do We love the man whom We enrich, nor do We hate the man for whom We restrict the provision, but We only try them by the richness and poverty.

Similar to this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 21: 35, which means:

(We try you [once] with evil and [another time with] good, so as to check you, then to Us you shall be returned [following your death.])

Then God be glorified said:

17 c i.e. but We hate the stingy who does not honor the orphan.




18 d i.e. We hate the one who does not encourage people to feed the needy; it means: if he is able to feed them, he will not feed them; and if he is not, he will not encourage people to feed them.




19 e i.e. you devour the outcome of their possessions each year, without giving alms to the poor and needy.




20 f So that you collect it and do not expend out of it on the poor and needy.



[22] 21. Not at all a!

[Then God be glorified started to describe some events which will occur on Doomsday, and He said:]

But when the earth is demolished and become many pieces,


[23] 22. And [the judging of people by] your Lord comes, and the angels stand in rows [waiting for the command of their Lord.]


[24] 23. [All souls] will come on that day to Hellb; on that day man will be admonished, but how can the admonition avail him [then c]?


[25] 24. [At that time] he will say: "O would that I had forwarded [good workd] for my [eternal] life!" e


[26] 25. On that day, none [of angels] shall carry out his chastisement. f


[27] 26. And none will bind his bonds. g


21 a This is a deterrent word for the one having such manners.

The meaning: Devouring of the inheritance does not prolong life, nor does hoarding money save man from God's punishment; but it is the honoring of the orphans that prolongs life and the paying of alms to the poor and needy that saves from the punishment.




23 b Because it gravitates them, so they will circle around it.

It is narrated that the Prophet salam to him said:

When Doomsday comes, the sun will be brought near to servants of God, to the extent that it will be about one or two miles away from them, then the sun will scorch them and they will be drenched in sweating according to their deeds: some of them the sweat will cover him to his heel, and some of them it will even cover his mouth! This is in the book of Sahih Muslim.

I [the Quran interpreter] say: The sun has a gravity which draws the souls to it, so they will orbit around it, and for this reason, he salam to him said: To the extent that the sun will be about one or two miles away from them.

Moreover, in the book of the Bihar [which is also a book of many narrations], he said:

Hell has hooks like the Sa'dan thorn, that none can appreciate their huge size save only God, which pull people: because of their deeds; so that some of them will be completely imprisoned, whereas some others will be trapped then will get out of it."

I say: the 'hooks' [in this prophetic tradition] means the gravity; but because people were ignorant about the gravity, he expressed it by the word 'hooks'. It means: Hell has a gravity that attracts the souls to it so that some of them remain inside it suffering because of his deeds, whereas some of them will get out of it afterwards.

And God - be exalted - said in the Quran 19: 71-72, which means:

(Everyone of you, people, without exception, will go towards [Hell]; that is an inevitable ordinance of your Lord. Then We shall save [from the gravity of Hell] those who warded off [God's disobedience], and shall leave the wrong-doers crowding therein.)

23 c When he will have confronted the chastisement.




24 d And righteousness and expenditure in the way of God.

24 e But such wishing will be useless.




25 f i.e. none of angels will chastise him, but the Fire will be enough for him as a chastisement.




26 g i.e. none will be tasked with guarding and binding him, but Hell will bind him with its gravity, so that he cannot escape from it.

The meaning: Following their admission into Hell, they will be left in it as if they are forgotten about; as in His saying be glorified in the Quran 45: 34, which means:

(And it will be said [to them]:"Today We [will] forsake [and leave] you [in the Fire, and will not remember you with any blessing];

even as did you forget about [and neglect] the meeting of this your day [so that you did not prepare anything for it.])



[28] 27. "O you, soul having certainty [of beliefa]!"


[29] 28. "Return to [the neighborhood of] your Lord, well-pleased [about the reward and prosperity], and well-pleased with [by God!]" b


[30] 29. "And enter into [the Garden of Refuge, together] with My [righteous] servants." c


[31] 30. "And enter into My Paradise. d "


27 a It means: the soul who has certainty of belief about the sending to the Next Life and the Judgment, and who complies with his Lords commands.

In fact, these words are said to such soul, after he leaves the body.




28 b It means: God has been well pleased with him and with his deeds.




29 c This will be after its separation from the body by death; he will enter the Garden of Refuge.




30 d The Garden (or Paradise) of Everlasting, on Doomsday.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 89 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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