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Comments about the monotheism or the devotion to God alone - منتديات الهدى
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    Comments about the monotheism or the devotion to God alone

    The essential part of the religion is the worship of God alone without associate or equal

    So God is the Patron and no patron to man other than God,
    and God is the Provider and no provider with provision in fact but only God,
    and God is the Creator,
    and He is the Great; so anyone claims he is great or another one is great besides God,
    then this is the association with God, or associating or joining others with Him

    "It is mentioned in the book of 'Nahj Al Balagha' that when Imam Ali –peace be on him- passed across Iraq in the battle of Nahrawan, some of the people of Iraq came to him kissing his hands and legs, glorifying and magnifying him; but he rebuked them, and drove them away and said to them: "What are you doing!? Don't do like foreigners who glorify and sanctify their kings! I am merely a human being just like you, then why do you kiss my hands and legs; for this is not allowed. The glorification and sanctification is exclusively for God alone."
    I say: if Imam Ali-peace be on him- did not accept that anyone might kiss his hands and legs, while he was alive; then how does he, following his death, agree that they kisshis grave and the walls of his shrine and the front of the door of his shrine, and so on!?"
    التعديل الأخير تم بواسطة عبد العليم ; 09-21-2015 الساعة 06:39 PM
    توقيع selfsame

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