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The association of others with God - منتديات الهدى
  • تطبيق البحث في القرآن الكريم مع التصفح وتفسير الآيات القرآنية المتشابهة بأسلوب واضح ومفهوم للجميع من كتاب تفسير المتشابه من القرآن.
  • اثبات عدم وجود ناسخ ومنسوخ في القران الكريم
  • وقت الافطار الحقيقي في شهر رمضان على ضوء القران الكريم
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المشاهدات : 15761 الردود: 1 الموضوع: The association of others with God

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    مشرف عام
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    تاريخ التسجيل : Sep 2010
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    The association of others with God

    To associate others with God is the major guilt. It is opposite of the 'exclusive devotion to God
    The heavenly religion purpose is this subject which is to be against the idolatry

    Three examples
    1- A company in which many associates work: the work and the profit is divided between them<<
    2- A government in which many rulers participate<<
    3- A wife who associates other men with her husband<<

    The heavenly books purpose is to explain this to people. In the entire Quran, this meaning is the outstanding, while in the other heavenly books, this meaning has been distorted or is obscured



    In this subject, there are two related points
    The enthusiasm
    The intercession or redemption

    The enthusiasm issues from the exceeding love and admiration of some religious men, like Jesus or Ali, which will lead to the exaggeration about them, and will result in associating them with God
    The intercession: is the pretext of the associater to allow such association to himself
    توقيع إبن سينا

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    مشرف عام
    رقم العضوية : 4
    تاريخ التسجيل : Sep 2010
    المشاركات : 1,581
    التقييم: 195
    The association: is to associate or join others with God in the worship, so that man will worship that associate beside God or together with God
    The associate: is the one associated with God in the worship, like the idols, the stars, Jesus, Ali, some rabbis and saints, etc
    The associater: is the one who associates with God anyone or anything, like the idolater who associates an idol or more with God

    Quran Man after Death

    So the associater worships God, but at the same time he, out of the glorification and enthusiasm, worships another being or another thing

    Quran 12

    { But most of [people] believe not in God unless they associate [others with Him.] c}
    c It means: Most of them believe that God is their Creator and Provider, and that it is He Who revived them and He controls their death, but they associate the creatures in the worship with the Creator, so they vow to the angels, ask their needs from them and sanctify them

    Similar to this in meaning is His saying – be glorified – in the Quran 29: 61, which means
    If you [Mohammed] ask them [: the associaters]: "Who created the heavens and the earth and subjected the sun and the moon?" they will say: "God [did all that.] How then are they turned away [from worshipping God to worshipping others apart from Him

    i.e. How then are they turned away [from worshipping the Creator to worshipping the creatures

    As such, most people nowadays believe that God is their Creator, but they associate the sheikhs and imams by worshipping them together with God, so that they worship the graves of imams and sheikhs, kiss the graves and seek to be blessed by their dust and walls; they vow to them, seek their help when they stand up and sit down, and ask their needs from them, and say: “These are our intercessors before God

    So you may see a Muslim build a mosque and write on its door (masjid and husseiniah), and by so doing, he associates Hussein with God

    Or he may vow a vowing to God, but he associate Hussein with God in his vowing, so that he says: “I vow to God, the reward is for the Hussein”, or he may vow to Hussein and associates God with his vowing

    Or he may associate concerning his praying, so he says: O Allah, O Mohammed, O Ali
    And by such praying, he associated two humans together with God

    Thus, you see most of people associate with God, concerning their acts

    Christians, for example, associated the Christ and his mother with God in their worshipping

    As such are the rest of sects, while all of them admit that God is their Creator

    The interpretation is by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly
    توقيع إبن سينا

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