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The night journey to the Aqsa mosque then to heaven - منتديات الهدى
  • تطبيق البحث في القرآن الكريم مع التصفح وتفسير الآيات القرآنية المتشابهة بأسلوب واضح ومفهوم للجميع من كتاب تفسير المتشابه من القرآن.
  • اثبات عدم وجود ناسخ ومنسوخ في القران الكريم
  • وقت الافطار الحقيقي في شهر رمضان على ضوء القران الكريم
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    مشرف عام
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    تاريخ التسجيل : Sep 2010
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    The night journey to the Aqsa mosque then to heaven

    Tonight we have a discussion of some details of this marvelous journey of Prophet Mohammed - salam to him - to the Aqsa masjid at Jerusalem, the his ascension to heaven, after which he returned to his sleeping body which he left in bed.

    So Gabriel came and took the soul of Mohammed out of his body, which Mohammed left sleeping in bed, and he went together with Gabriel in their spiritual journey in the world of souls; they went at first to the Aqsa masjid at Jerusalem, where Mohammed performed the prayers, then he ascended together with Gabriel to the seven ethereal heavens [which are called by Christians: the kingdom of heaven.]

    Then they went up and Gabriel guided Mohammed to the Throne of God; this Throne which is over these ethereal spiritual heavens. God be glorified is over the Throne.

    So Mohammed went to reach a very short distance from the Throne: as two confronting bows distance.
    Then God revealed to His servant Mohammed the commandments of the 'exclusive devotion to God alone' and the religious instructions.

    After which our noble prophet returned back accompanied by Gabriel to where he started his journey and his soul returned to his body again.

    In this journey, God acquainted His servants a lot of knowledge and practical information about the spiritual world so that he would believe a sure and certain belief.

    توقيع إبن سينا

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    مشرف عام
    رقم العضوية : 4
    تاريخ التسجيل : Sep 2010
    المشاركات : 1,581
    التقييم: 195
    Of course people divided into two categories: disbeleivers who disbelieve the story of the night journey and the ascension to heaven; these are the atheists and idolaters and disbeleivers
    Others believe a certain belief about this night journey of Prophet Mohammed - salam to him - together with Gabriel, who kept telling Mohammed much knowledge about many things, during their ascension then during their coming down to the earth

    Quran 53: 1-18, which mean
    1 [I swear] by the [tailed] star [: the comet] when it will fall down [upon the earth!] a
    [Then God – be glorified – said]
    Your companion [Mohammed] has neither misled
    b nor deceived [anyone] c

    Nor does [Mohammed] speak out of [his own] desire d

    It is only a revelation [from God], revealed [to him by means of Gabriel

    [Mohammed] is taught by [Gabriel: an angel] mighty in power. e

    To whom is referred [by angels, prophets and messengers or apostles] for consultation. f
    And [Mohammed] became similar g to, and together with, [Gabriel

    When he [: Gabriel] was at the high horizon [in the atmosphere of the earth, teaching Mohammed some religious instructions

    Then [Mohammed] drew near [to the Throne, to which he] was guided [by Gabriel.] h

    And he was at [a distance of] two [opposing] bows [from the Throne], or [even] nearer [in case the bows were small in size

    And He i revealed to His servant [Mohammed] what j He revealed [to the messengers before him.]k

    The ‘[spiritual] heart’ [of Mohammed] lied not [to you, people,] concerning what [signs and marvels] he saw [in the ethereal heavens l

    Will you then dispute with him concerning what [portents] he saw m

    And surely [Gabriel] taught [Mohammed] yet another time while descending [from the seventh to the first heaven

    Near the lote-tree, at the termination [of their spiritual trip in heavens.] n

    Near to which is the Garden of Refuge o

    When the lote-tree was enshrouded in [lights] that overwhelmed [the eye sight p

    The eye-sight [of Mohammed] deviated not, nor yet did it wander beyond [his goal.] q

    For truly [Mohammed] saw [in heavens] the greatest of the signs of his Lord r
    .................................................. ..............

    a The meaning: I swear by comets when they will fall upon the earth in the future; which is our present time
    This in fact is a threatening and warning of associaters, wrong-doers and disbelievers about the falling of the punishment on them in this time; and it implies: You will see what destruction and ruin will inflict you
    Similar to this, is His saying – be glorified – in the Quran 56: 75-76, which means
    (But, no! I swear by the falling [sites] of comets [in the future.] And that is surely an awesome oath, did you but know [it
    The meaning: Shall I swear by ‘the places on which comets will fall’; which will certainly be a serious event, did you but know it

    b Anyone from the way of the truth

    c As you, associaters, claim
    And this is in reply to their saying, as in the Quran 25: 42, which means
    "He would have misled us away from [the worship of] our gods, had we not been steadfast to them"

    d Nor has he received the [Quran] from a priest as you claim

    e This is a description of Gabriel that he is mighty in power; as also He described him in the Quran 81: 19-20, which means
    That the [Quran] is the utterance of an honorable messenger [: Gabriel,] endued with power, and is ‘authorized and supported’ by [God:] the Lord of the Throne

    f On account of his intelligence, wisdom and high position

    g i.e. Mohammed became equal to Gabriel in kind and in ascension to heaven on the night of the ‘Ascension’; i.e. they became alike in kind: for Mohammed ascended with his spiritual soul, and Gabriel is a spiritual creature; and moreover, they ascended together up to heaven

    h i.e. Gabriel guided him to it

    i i.e. God – be glorified

    j Commandments of monotheism, and abandoning the idolatry and association

    k The indication of this is His saying – be glorified – in the Quran 39: 65, which means
    (And it has been revealed to you [Mohammed], as [had it been revealed] to those [messengers] before you [that]: "If you associate [anything with God], your work will be in vain, and you will be of those who lose

    For God – be glorified – revealed to His messenger Mohammed, when he was in heaven, and Gabriel taught
    him many things

    l On the night of the ‘ascension’, and he did not doubt about what he saw, because that has been imprinted on his memory

    The ascension was spiritual not corporeal; it means: it is his soul that ascended to the seven heavens, and he saw the angels who also were spiritual, and he communicated with the prophets and they were spiritual souls, in addition to that the فؤاد i.e. the ‘spiritual heart’ is one of the soul organs

    m And what evidences he learnt

    n i.e. in the conclusion of their trip in the heavens, and that was near the lote-tree [: the nettle tree], which was an ethereal tree, i.e. spiritual; its fruit is the ‘nabk’ or the lote tree fruit

    o i.e. the Garden of Refuge, is near that lote-tree (or nettle tree
    To this Garden, the souls of the pious, martyrs, and devotees to God, resort in the Barzakh world [or the spirit world or the Afterlife

    It is the lowermost layer of the seven heavens; it is not the Garden of Everlasting which they will enter on Doomsday

    p With its light

    q i.e. that he intended to see

    The meaning: Mohammed looked only forwards, without turning right and left; and that was in a way of respect and for glorifying his Lord

    So (The eye-sight [of Mohammed] swerved not) indicates that the ‘Ascension’ was spiritual, because the ‘sight’ is one of the soul special senses, about which I have explained in my book Man after Death. While the ‘eye’ is one of the body organs of special senses

    r i.e. the Throne of the Lord, which is the greatest sign above the heavens; the indication of this is His saying – be glorified – in the Quran 23: 86, which means:
    (Say: "Who is the Lord of the seven [ethereal] heavens, and the Lord of the Throne [of Glory] Supreme

    And here is the recitation of the soora including this story of the night journey of Prophet Mohammed - salam to him

    توقيع إبن سينا

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