"Stephen Hawking, people admire your perseverance and patience in spite of your difficult circumstances, but neither those who admire you or others will avail you anything against God Most Gracious.
Man will inevitably die sooner or later, and will go to the Next Life, so if he is lucky:

>> man should believe in God as One Eternal God without associate or equal or son or daughters,
>> and believe in the Next Life
>> and believe in the Quran revealed to Mohammed, in addition to the Torah of Moses and the Gospel of Jesus
>> and work the righteous work: help the poor and the weak for God's sake alone without any other patron.

So Hawking, believe and be lucky in the Next Life, or else you will lose both the Next Life prosperity in addition to the life of this World.

A great reward from God will be for you in heaven or the paradise according to your belief + your perseverance and patience.

And this is our site where the books of the interpreter of the Quran and the Bible Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly (died in 1991), the inspired apostle of the Christ are cited:

Google search <quran-ayat Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly introduction to the interpretation of the Quran>
see there also <quran-ayat Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly The Universe and the Quran> "