The time of the occurring of Doomsday is unknown to people, and even to prophets.
When prophets were asked about the time of Doomsday, they could not tell its time: when it will occur.

Prophet Mohammed also was asked by people, and particularly by some Jews in a way of checking to see is he a true prophet or only a claimer:

So they conspired: Ask Mohammed about the time of Doomsday, so if he tells you it time: when it will occur, then he is a claimer, but if he says he does not know, then he is a true prophet.

Therefore, they went and asked him, and he said: "I don't know about its exact time of occurrence, but it may be near, for I have been sent so near to Doomsday as these two fingers of mine", and he signed with his index and middle fingers together.

But in the Quran interpretation: God will tell the Mahdi about its time and he will tell people about that, and in the Gospel, the Comforter (the Mahdi) will tell you about things that will occur in the future.

So Abu abd-Allah (Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly) told us about its hour: it will be 2000 years following the stopping of Venus from its axial rotation, and Venus has stopped its axial rotation: now it circles around the sun with one side facing the sun, just like the Moon which circles around the earth with one side of it facing the Earth, the other side in invisible to us on earth.

Therefore, Doomsday will take place after less than 2000 years from now. This is according to the interpreter of the Quran and the Bible: Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly in his book: The Universe and the Quran.

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