The Next Life is an essential principle of belief: the belief in God and in the Next Life.

Deniers of the Next Life are of many kinds:
>> Some atheists deny the existence of God and deny the Next Life.
>> Some believe in God, but do not believe in the Next Life.
>> Others believe in the Next Life, but does not believe in God.

Moreover, believers about the Next Life are also of many kinds:
>> Some think the Next Life is in the grave.
>> Others say the Next Life is spiritual not material.
>> Still some believe that the body will be resurrected.
>> While others believe the body will not be resurrected.

The thing that prevents most of people from believing in the Next Life is that they think that the Next Life means the body of the dead, after dying, then decaying ... will be resurrected; therefore, they say this is impossible and they don't believe in the Next Spiritual Life.

While in fact, the Next Life is spiritual not material, and the body will decay and will not be resurrected once again, but the soul will depart from the body and will go to the soul worlds or the Afterlife; i.e. following man's death, his body will die, while his soul will leave the body and will be transmitted to the Next Afterlife to live forever and will not die again.

Quran 40: 59, which means:
{59. The hour [of death] is [inevitably] coming; there is no doubt about it [when We will punish the guilty souls according to their deeds]; yet most of people believe not [in the existence of souls.]d}
.................................................. ......

d The meaning: The associaters deny the ‘sending of souls to the Next Life’, because they think it means that bodies will be resurrected following their death and decaying, but it is not like what they imagine.

In fact at the hour of death, We send the souls from the bodies to the Barzakh world [or the Afterlife or the world of souls], and they will be in Our grip, and We shall severely punish them if they are disbelievers; while if the soul is a believer, We shall mildly punish him, then he will gladly go to his family in Paradise.

The interpretation is by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly.