Most people consider someone or something as equal to God Almighty, and this in fact is the idolatry
or associating others with God Most Gracious

Once, I wrangled with a man belonging to the Yezidi sect: they sanctify Satan.
Then I told Abu abd-Allah about that; and he said:
"These Yezidi are associaters: they associate Satan with God."

So more and more I came to understand this truth about the associating of others with God.

You can discover in this way that all sects have fallen in this idolatry of equalizing someone or something with God.

While the original religion of God is to worship God alone without associate and without equal or peer.

This in fact is the original teachings of all the messengers of God: like Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed and the rest of the prophets and apostles, but then people used to distort God's religion into some sort of idolatry on account of their enthusiasm about their particular messenger or apostle.