God Almighty is the True God
Other gods or idols are illusion and invention
So inventing gods did not stop at any time: Satan instigates man to invent gods every time and everywhere: in the form of sacred trees, sacred tombs and idols

In villages and towns: in the rural and urban regions ... everywhere in the world: statues and graves of saints and imams are still being invented and erected; almost fake persons and fake graves ... to meet the purpose of idolaters to sanctify objective things and to associate other beings and other things with God Almighty and Most Gracious

"Nowadays, a large number of such charlatans and impostors deceive people and invite them to worship the graves, on the pretext that they are the graves of saints; and that is in order to live on the unlawful money, and they do not take any consideration about the Next Life; so that you see a bad-mannered man who is mean and forsaken by his own family, and he comes to a place situated by the side of a road, collects dust and build there a grave, then he brings a green slab of cloth and puts it on the fake grave, then he enkindles a candle stick on the grave, then he ascribes to it a name and attributes it to one of the sons of prophets, sheikhs or imams.
Then when one of people passes by him and asks him about the grave, he will say: “He is the son of Hassan” or ascribes it to other imams, then he starts to praise that grave and say that he wrought miracles, healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind and made the handicapped rise and walk, and as such he deceives people with his lies and trickery, so that his case will spread in the villages and the neighboring cities, so people will come to him with presents, alms, sacrifices, candles and others
Then following a short period of time, may be less than one year, such man will become rich, respectful among people, having cattle, property, wealth and others out of the wealth of people; but he does not know that he has sold his Next Life for the expense of his life, and cast himself in Hell, together with a multitude of people who worshipped and sanctified the graves
Therefore, this man is like the Samaritan who made a calf statue of gold, and invited his people to worship it and they worshipped it; so he is one of human devils, and will go to Hell with its evil consequences