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God may now answer the prayer of people - منتديات الهدى
  • تطبيق البحث في القرآن الكريم مع التصفح وتفسير الآيات القرآنية المتشابهة بأسلوب واضح ومفهوم للجميع من كتاب تفسير المتشابه من القرآن.
  • اثبات عدم وجود ناسخ ومنسوخ في القران الكريم
  • وقت الافطار الحقيقي في شهر رمضان على ضوء القران الكريم
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    مشرف عام
    رقم العضوية : 4
    تاريخ التسجيل : Sep 2010
    المشاركات : 1,581
    التقييم: 195

    God may now answer the prayer of people

    All people all over the world: Jews, Christians, Muslims and others now pray and supplicate God .. their suffering has become so extreme, they have much difficulty and hardship

    Jews also claim they may be helped by God .. although He did not command them to come to Palestine .. the Zionism commanded them .. anyhow they pray and supplicate, dreaming that God may respond to them

    Christians await for the coming of Jesus Christ .. some of them say: Elijah will come first

    Muslims await the Mahdi .. the Shia'a say he is the twelfth imam: the claimed Mohammed son of Hassan Al-Askari who disappeared in the tunnel of Samarrah (1000 years ago) and will appear later on

    Most of Sunni await for the Mahdi and they think he is a loyal friend of God who will be helped by God (although some of the Sunni say no Mahdi and no need for any Mahdi

    Other religious sects (other than these three major religions) also await someone to come

    All these people pray and supplicate God to give them a miracle and to help correct the situation

    Therefore, I think God may now answer the request and prayer of people and send them the Mahdi or Elijah of the Last Days (or the Comforter

    This may be prior to their punishment in case they do not believe

    therefore, their deserved punishment may be postponed to see what their reaction will be (And God is the All-Knowing! this is only my opinion

    This is in the Quran 25: 77, which means
    {Say [O Mohammed, to these associaters
    "My Lord would not make any concern for you, were it not for that you prayed [and supplicated in the time of distress and prayed Him to send you the promised messenger
    but now you have denied [the messenger], so [the punishment] will befall you

    It means: before the sending of Prophet Mohammed, people supplicated and prayed God to send them the promised messenger to save, promote and teach them, and that they would then believe and support him

    But then when He sent them Prophet Mohammed and revealed the Quran to him, they denied and opposed him, because he invited them to discard their idols

    So, God sent them the messenger according to their prayer and request, but when they denied him, their punishment was justified

    More explanation here
    التعديل الأخير تم بواسطة إبن سينا ; 05-15-2017 الساعة 11:16 AM
    توقيع إبن سينا

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    مشرف عام
    رقم العضوية : 4
    تاريخ التسجيل : Sep 2010
    المشاركات : 1,581
    التقييم: 195
    Unless God guides people, they will not believe in the coming Mahdi or Elijah

    All these people belonging to all these religions have their traditions, and they want the Mahdi or Elijah come to confirm them and confirm their beliefs

    But it can't be as do they desire .. because most of them follow the falsehood and the corrupt traditions and idolatry

    The Mahdi or Elijah will come to fulfill God's will, not the desire of people. And he will call people to be just and worship God alone without associate and to follow the Quran which is the last heavenly book

    So unless God guides people (or oblige them) and support the Mahdi or Elijah with the miracles and with His help .. most people may not believe God is the All-Knowing; this is only my opinion
    التعديل الأخير تم بواسطة إبن سينا ; 05-15-2017 الساعة 11:22 AM
    توقيع إبن سينا

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