Some people say: why not these three religion followers: Jews, Christians and Muslims unite into one program

Politicians and impostors want to subject Muslims by one means or another: by claiming peace, tolerance .. etc

But God gives you the correct way of unifying these three religions who claim they pertain to God and they love God ..etc

So if you, the followers of these religions, want truly to unify yourselves and your religions .. then this is the true way and the only way you do so

Quran 3: 64. Say [Mohammed], "People of the Bible [: Jews and Christians], come to a word of agreement between us and you

that we shall worship none but God [alone
that we shall not associate anything with Him
and that none of us shall take others for lords other than God

But should they turn away [from you and do not submit to God] then say [to them:] "Bear witness that we have submitted [ourselves to God alone

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