The Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem is God's House of worship, where Muslims worship Him by glorification and celebration and sanctifying His Holy name day and night

So it is against God to harm the House of God and to prevent Muslims from prayer and worship there

The transgression on the House of God: the Aqsa mosque is not an act against Muslims, but it is an act against God and His religion and His Quran

The USA is biased and inclined to the side of the Zionists of Tel Aviv .. this is obvious. Their will is to support the Zionists of Tel Aviv against Muslims and to the disadvantage of Muslims .. they only want to make this a gradual process

Muslim countries are now weak and divided (by the design of their enemies: to divide them so as to weaken them as much as they can), and God has now empowered and enriched the USA (and other Western countries) and has set them on Muslims .. not because the West is better than Muslims, but because Muslims have become enthusiastic about their imams and patrons .. instead of glorifying God alone

It is like the setting of Nabuchodonosor (and others) on the Israelite in the past, when the Israelite worshiped the Baalim and Astaroth. Not because Nabuchodonosor was better than the Israelite in religion

So I expect that God (in the coming days) may punish the USA government and leaders with severe punishment, which may come in many ways

Comets and meteors falling down on them from heaven
Destructive wars
Or other ways of severe imminent punishment