I think that NASA together with the American government is tricking the world .. by claiming no life, no water, no suitable atmosphere on Mars .. while the logic and the findings tell something different

In fact, there is water, life in all its forms, in addition to the excellent environment on Mars

Therefore, while they are cheating the entire world, the Quran and Bible interpreter: Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly said this since 1947, while he was not graduated at any school even not the first year in any primary school .. he depended on the inspiration from God Almighty and Most Gracious Who knows everything that He created

So the atheists and idolaters (among the American and others) deny the existence of life on Mars and the rest of the planets, while he affirmed this, and they may never admit that he was correct and that he declared this more than half a century before them

And they insist on their lies, but he told them his truthfulness and belief