America's crimes include
The atheism, the enthusiasm about Jesus Christ, believing in the Darwinism and Evolution theory, legalizing the homosexuality and abortion
Biasing to the side of Israel against Muslims .. against God's religion the Islam and His House of worship: the Aqsa mosque in which God's name is glorified day and night .. God alone with no associate or peer
Transgressing on the Palestinian, the Arab, and Muslims: plundering their wealth and property and trespassing their rights .. and in the same time cherishing the Zionists of Tel Aviv with every means of support: frankly and shamelessly transgressing on every human value
Making conflicts everywhere all over the world in the east and west: being drunken with their present power .. and not putting into consideration the dark future consequences

So for such atheism and blasphemy in addition to their transgression, America is to be warned of God's terrible revenge which may be about to settle on the USA and its allies: the Satanists and Zionists of Tel Aviv

Quran 6: 147, which means
(But if they [: these Jews] unbelieve you [Mohammed, in that We have told you

say [to them]: "Your Lord has a great mercy [so He gives you respite till another stated time
while His might cannot be averted [at its due time] from [you:] the guilty people