The Wicked Zionists of Tel Aviv and their allies are never chosen by God

Chosen People not now, but in the past: God chose the Israelite to worship Him alone and exclusively and to fight the idolatry.. but later they declined and God discarded them from His preference.. and they are no longer the Chosen People of God

And here is why God discarded them from His grace

God later on chose the early Christians to be His chosen.. and when these fell in the idolatry of the Trinity and the enthusiasm, He substituted them with Muslims to worship Him alone without associate or peer or son

So the "Chosen People" are not because they are preferred more than other God's servants, but to serve Him and obey His commandments and believe in all His messengers including Jesus and Mohammed

Prizes, jewels and money are not the things preferred by God, but the God's fearing and the piety are the manners which God likes

And certainly the wickedness, haughtiness, deception, transgression and cunning are among the evil manners abhorred by God Most Gracious

Quran 40: 10, which means
[The angels] will cry to disbelievers: "God's abhorrence towards you is greater than your own abhorrence towards one another. For you were invited [by the messenger] to believe, and yet you chose to disbelieve." a
.................................................. ......................

a The meaning: In fact God abhorred you, because the Prophet invited you to the belief, but you denied his word and disbelieved in his book; and therefore, God abhorred you