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Prophet Joseph: a messenger to Egyptians before Moses - منتديات الهدى
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    Prophet Joseph: a messenger to Egyptians before Moses

    When Joseph son of Jacob (Jacob surnamed Israel which means: God's servant).. so when Joseph was taken to Egypt, as the story is well known, he preached monotheism: that God is One to Whom the exclusive devotion is due. And that God is to be glorified, and none else to be worshiped

    Then God gave Joseph authority in Egypt, and he ruled like the prime minister of the present time
    So the Egyptians were in good condition on account of Joseph's teachings and instructions

    Then His eleven brothers together with his father and aunt came and joined him in Egypt
    All of them prospered in Egypt, while the countries round about them were in bad condition and famine

    Later on,the Israelite, in one way or another, fell into the idolatry of the Egyptian, and started to sanctify the gods and idols of the Egyptian, that is after the family of the king of Joseph were ousted, and another family of Pharaohs came to rule.
    That was Ahmose and his sons: they considered the Israelite the allies of the previous royal family and started to persecute them for this reason

    God - be glorified - told us the story of Joseph and what he said to the two inmates who were with him in the prison

    Quran 12: 37-40 which mean
    Such [knowledge of the dream interpretation] is some of that my Lord has acquainted me with
    I have forsaken the religion of a folk [who are associaters: worshipping the idols with God, and ]who believe not in God [alone], and [moreover] of the Next Life they are deniers

    And I have followed the religion of my fathers: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; we ought not to associate anything with God; that is [some] of God's bounty to us and to people, but most of people give no thanks [about God’s bounties to them.]

    O my two companions in prison, which is better: many differing lords [of stone, silver, and copper which neither harm nor profit, or is God: the One, the Omnipotent

    You worship none, apart from [God], other than mere names which you and your fathers have named, concerning which God has not revealed any authority
    The decision [about the worship] is up to God [alone]. He has commanded [in the heavenly books] that you should worship none other than He [alone]
    That is the religion of [Prophet Jacob] the guardian [on his sons and his people], but most of people do not know [the truth.]

    التعديل الأخير تم بواسطة إبن سينا ; 03-27-2021 الساعة 10:45 PM
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    The Israelite were in excellent condition in Joseph time
    Because they glorified God alone without associate or peer or equal, and worshiped none other than God Almighty. That was before Moses

    Afterward, when Moses came, they were suffering much from the persecution of Pharaoh and his family members
    God commanded Moses to remind the Israelite about their prosperity in the days of Joseph: about their dignity, wealth, lands etc

    Quran 14: 5, which means
    And We sent Moses [to Pharaoh] with Our miracles

    [We said to Moses:] "Bring your people out of darkness into light

    and remind them of the days of God['s grace

    That indeed includes signs to everyone forbearing patiently and is grateful

    .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ................................

    b i.e. the days of blessings, which passed away in the time of Joseph, when he was prime minister, and he had authority on Egypt and its people. He only attained that position because of his God-fearing and his obedience to God

    While you disobeyed your Lord’s command and disbelieved in Him, so He abased you and let you suffer the ruling of Pharaoh who enslaved you

    But now repent to your Lord and work according to what He commands you with, so that He may save you from the hand of Pharaoh and from the slavery, He may then bring your glory back to you, as was it in the time of Joseph

    More explanation by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly in the link
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    The man of Pharaoh's kindred who believed in Moses

    He was hiding his belief in God Almighty as One God and in Moses the servant of God; he attended the dispute between Pharaoh and Moses, until Pharaoh said that he wanted to kill Moses.. so the man spoke defending Moses.. he spoke to his fellow Egyptians, and reminded them of the messenger of God to them: Joseph - salam to him

    The believer out of Pharaoh kindred said as in the Quran 40: 34, which means

    Joseph [son of Jacob] brought you the clear signs before [400 hundred years ago.]

    Yet you ceased not to doubt of [the religion] that he brought you

    At length, when he perished, you said, "God will not send any messenger (or apostle) after him." [And you kept on your disbelief, thinking that God would not bring about new evidence against you: by sending you a new messenger]

    As such does God misguide those indulgent [in wrong-doing] and doubting [about the sending of prophets.]

    More explanation by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly
    توقيع إبن سينا

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