Mars is full of flowing water and people

I shall here enumerate some of the mistakes of Astronomers about Mars

The reason for their mistakes inspite of that they have gone with their rovers there: it is because they have presumptive ideasthat are like dogmatic for most of them

Then when the data and observations came different from their presumption, they think their machines are wrong, and that it is only an error of experiment, then will correct their findings to suit their presumption. (In fact by so doing: they distorted the truth

The first mistake:they think the planet Mars is actually red, while it is only refraction of light because of its position from the sun and from us, as does Jupiter also look red
While in reality Mars is almost like the Earth
Therefore when the raw pictures that came as thumbnails; such images demonstrated its ground color is like that of Earth, and its sky is not red, but blue; only the sun set and sun rise the sky will be red like Earth

The second mistake:they think the atmosphere of Mars is thin, and that it is thinner than that of Earth.
While it is more extensive than that of the Earth; the dust storm reaches a height more than such storms on Earth; and the cloud is drifted by the wind on Mars, and they utilized such extensive atmosphere to bring down their rovers on the surface of Mars: rockets of the space crane, and the paraschute; if it was truly thin, there wouldn't happen anything of that

The third mistake: they imagine the atmosphere of Mars is composed principally of CO2, and that the N2 and O2 is only trace gases there
while this is the opposite of the truth: it is just like Earth's atmosphere it is clear and the air is fresh and refreshing; the N2 and the O2 are the predominant gases there

The fourth mistake:they deem the temperature on Mars freezing all over the surface(because Mars is farther than the Earth is from the Sun); while the temperature on Mars varies: there are regions that are frozen, other regions are temperate and still others equatorial are somewhat hot. But anyhow, Mars tends to be colder than the Earth
Therefore, they found the temperature at Gale Crater hotter than they expected

Fifth:they think there is no flowing surface water on Mars
While their images proved there are seasonal variation and that there is now flowing water on Mars; but misfortunately they deliberately went to deserted regions
They deliberately did not go to the regions where their cameras caught such seasonal variation

Sixth: They think Mars is smaller than Earth; while it is bigger: about one and a half times the size of the Earth or less than two times the size of the Earth

Seventh: they think some of the meteoritic rocks found on Earth, are of Martian origin

Eighth: they deem there is not any form of life on Mars; while there are all forms of life on Mars: plant, animal and people. In addition of course to the microbial

why didn't they go to areas where they have strong evidence of flowing water now on Mars, like the Newton Crater?

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