The Recent Solar Cycle 24 is the Weakest in 100 Years
The Sun usually shows its performance of magnetic activity every 11 years (when there are usually flares, sunspots accompanied by magnetic field disturbances), but this time it delayed one year to show its usual performance, which was the weakest performance in 100 years.
Moreover, scientists are puzzled and cannot give any good explanation, for such strange observation about the sun.

Our view about such solar changes:
The sun has become old, and it is gradually losing its heat, but this is difficult for observers to decide, because of the tremendous heat of the sun.

Actually, yes, the sun is losing its heat, and this is a gradual process.
It is acquiring a membranous and incomplete crust, but the process is proceeding and is in progress.
The complete cooling of the sun surface will take about 2000 years, after which the sun will burst and break up into 19 pieces (in the next Doomsday.)
The sun will burst