Soora 11


[1] ( In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


The meaning


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[2] 1. Alif, Lam, Ra.

[These abbreviated Arabic letters mean:]

Recite To them, O Messenger. a

[This is] a Scripture b the revelations whereof are [fluently mastered and] perfected c and then expounded d;

[they e are] from a Most Wise f [and] All-Aware g [God.]


[3] 2. [Telling people] that: "You should worship none but God [alone];

I am to you from Him a warner [of chastisement to those who associate in the worship of God],

and a bearer of good tidings [of Paradise to those who obey God and associate not in His worship.]"


[4] 3. "And ask of your Lord forgiveness [for your past sins], and turn to Him with repentance [and never associate anything with Him in the future],

and He will let you enjoy a good livelihood [in the life of the World] until an appointed time [of your death], and will give an extra reward for anyone working an extra work.

But if you turn away [from the belief and from Gods obedience], I shall fear for you the torment of a mighty day [: lasting one thousand of your years.]


[5] 4. To [the judgment of] God will be your resort [after death h]; for He is Most Able over all things.


[6] 5. Even, they fold their breasts to hide [themselves] from him [: Mohammed] i;

and when they veil their heads with their clothes, [God] knows [the enmity to the prophet] that they conceal [within themselves] and [the fighting of the prophet] which they proclaim;

He is All-Knowing about [the hearts] that are inside the breasts. j


1 a These abbreviated letters have been interpreted previously: in the chapters 2 and 3 of the Quran.


1 b i.e. a book, i.e. the Quran [refer to the beginning of the soora or chapter 2 of the Quran 2: 1-2.]


1 c So that it has become a miracle.


1 d In another site in the Quran, in order that they may understand them.


1 e i.e. the ayat or the revelations of the Quran.


1 f Concerning the affairs.

1 g About His servants.

























4 h When He will punish you according to your disobedience, and He will give us victory over you.





5 i It means: when the associaters met Gods messenger in their way and saw him, they twisted themselves aside lest the Prophet might see them and speak to them, invite them to the Islam and forbid them from worshipping the idols, because they were embarrassed from his words and did not accept his invitation.

Some of them covered his head with his garment lest the Prophet should see him and speak to him


5 j Similar to this aya, there is another one in the Quran 71: 7, which means:

("And whenever I called them [to believe], that You might forgive them [their sins], they thrust their fingers in their ears, veiled their [heads] with their garments and insisted [on their disbelief and rebellion] and turned [extremely] arrogant [against me and against the believers.]")



[The associaters used to dedicate a portion of the crops to their idols, so when one of the cattle entered in that cultivation and ate out of it, they would dedicate that animal to the idols and forbid the eating of its meat; therefore, God be glorified dispraised them for such acts, and He said:]

[7] 6. There is no 'moving creature' on earth, but its provision is incumbent on God a;

He also knows its 'lodge' [: in the womb b] and its 'repository' [: the breast from which it sucks the milk c]; moreover all [the lawful and the unlawful of the cattle] is [stated] in a plain Book [: the Torah and the Quran.]


6 a That is because it is God Who planted the plant, and it is He Who created the animal which ate of the plant that God planted; then why do you forbid its meat to yourselves, while it is among the wholesome and lawful kinds of meat; had God known it may cause any disease, then He would have forbidden the eating of its meat; because God knows its exterior and interior.

6 b In which the semen is lodged to form the fetus.

6 c The repository is the breast of its mother in which God stores the milk for its nourishment.

It means: God knows where it is created and where it is formed, and with which milk it is nourished; had He known it causing any disease, then He would have forbidden it; but He explained for you the lawful and the unlawful of the cattle.



[8] 7. It is [God] Who created the heavens and the earth in six days [: six thousand years], and His throne had been upon the water [vapor] a; to try you: which of you does best [and He will reward him according to his acts];

but should you [Mohammed] say [to them]: "You [being souls] will be sent forth [from your bodies to the Afterlife] after death" b, those who disbelieve will surely say: "This is only an obvious sorcery. c "


[9] 8. And if We delay for the [people of Mecca] the punishment [because Mecca is a home of peace and safety] to a schismatic generation d [in the future, in the time of the Comforter or the Awaited Mahdi before his sovereignty e],

they [: the stubborn disbelievers] will surely say: "What withholds it [from afflicting us f]!?"

But, on the day [of their death] when it g will come upon them; it will not be averted from them [whatever they may beg and supplicate], but that will surround them [the punishment] at h which they mocked.


7 a This has been interpreted in my book The Universe and the Quran, , as is also explained in the interpretation of the Quran, chapter 13.


7 b i.e. the souls will be sent out of their bodies, following death, and then the souls will be by Our capture and control, so We will deal with them according to their acts and punish them according to their deeds.

7 c i.e. such words are only delusions that are not correct.



8 d i.e. they have different opinions and doctrines, and they divide into conflicting sects.


8 e That is because of their disbelief, hypocrisy, wrong-doing and their disobeying the command of their Lord.

The punishment is the punishment of extermination: like the earthquake, cleavage, hurricanes, drifting torrents, destructive diseases and devastating wars; all of which have occurred in this generation.


8 f They say this in a way of mockery about the punishment because they are not certain about it.


8 g i.e. the punishment.


8 h i.e. they mocked about the coming down of the punishment on them.



[10] 9. And if We let man taste mercy from Us a, and then We withdraw it from him [in order to try him: will he forbear patiently, or will become ungrateful infidel?] he is desperate [of God's mercy], ungrateful [to God for His bounties.]


[11] 10. But if We let him taste prosperity after hardship that has visited him b, he will say, 'The evils have gone from me [and will not come back again]'; behold, he is joyous [with the blessings that he has], boastful [and proud over the poor, and will not pay the Zakat-alms.]


[12] 11. Save those who forbear patiently [in the time of distress c],

and [keep up] doing [the deeds of] righteousness;

for them awaits forgiveness and a mighty wage d [in the Next Life.]



9 a i.e. We bestow on him a grace like the health, wealth, children and other bounties of the World.





10 b It means: If We give to him blessing like health of his body, wealth, children and others even after he was in distress, illness and poverty.







11 c Because they will also be grateful in the time of prosperity.

11 d i.e. much recompense.



[Some of Quraish tribesmen said: What is the matter with this Messenger that he eats the food and walk in the market-places!? Why shouldnt an angel be sent to him to be a warner with him so that we may believe him then, or a treasure be cast to him to spend it on us so that we may then follow him; therefore, this aya was revealed:]

[13] 12. It may be that you [Mohammed] may leave [confined to your comrades] a part of what is revealed to you [rather than you should convey it to the associaters; in order to avoid their ridicule a],

and you may be embarrassed by their saying: "Why has a treasure not been sent down onto him [to expend out of it on us, for then we have to believe him], or an angel not come [to warn us] with him [and to testify to the truthfulness of his words? For then we must believe him!]"

[So God be glorified said addressing His messenger:]

But you are only a warnerc;

and God is a Guardian against everything d.


[14] 13. Or do they say: "[Mohammed] has forged the [Quran]"?

Say [Mohammed, to these associaters]:

"Then produce ten sooras the like of the [Quran sooras], forged [according to your claim];

and call, apart from God, upon those [your chiefs e] whom you can [convince with your opinion, to help you in bringing about ten sooras like to the Quranic sooras],

if you speak truly [in your claim that Mohammed has forged it.]" f

[15] 14. If [your chiefs whom you take as patrons] answer not your request g;

then know [O associaters] that the [Quran] is only revealed with God's knowledge [of the forefuture, some of which has been told to you in the Quran h],

and [know also] that there is no god [in the universe] but He [Who alone knows the forefuture];

then will you submit yourselves in compliance [to God]?







12 a i.e. in order to avoid their scalding words and trivial suggestions.


12 c And you have not any benefit from their suggestion, because there is no advantage in that.


12 d i.e. a Protector; it means; God will protect you from their evil and plotting against you.













13 e Whom you took as patrons.


13 f An aya similar to this aya, has been interpreted within the interpretation of the Quran 10: 38.












14 g And you are not able to produce ten sooras, then


14 h Because We have told you in the Quran about what had been before you, and what will be after you, while the unknown forefuture is only known by God alone; so this is the best proof for you about its revealing from God, and not from Mohammed himself.



[16] 15. Whosoever [with his righteous deeds] aims at the life of the World and its adornment [and does not desire for the Next Life],

We shall repay them, in full, [the reward of] their deeds a in the [World],

and they shall not therein be detracted [from the reward of their deeds.]


[17] 16. Such [men b] will, in the Next Life, have only the Fire [of Hell as punishment for their association with God];

their [righteous] work [in the life of the World] will be uselessc, as will their deeds [for the idols] be void.




15 a Like the communication with the relatives and kindred, feeding the poor and helping the weak.







16 b Who work exclusively for life of the World.

16 c Because they received their reward in the life of the World, and nothing would be left to their Next Life.



[The associaters listened to the words of Abu Sufyan and followed him, while they denied the messenger of God and opposed him; therefore, God be glorified rebuked them for that and said:]

[18] 17. [Do you, people, forsake and deny Mohammed] who relies on the clear evidence from his Lord!? a

And out of his [nation, the Mahdi as] a witness [to his prophet-hood] will follow after him b;

and [another witness was] before him c: the book of Moses was a guide d and a mercy [to the Children of Israel];

such [of the people of the Bible will in the future] believe in the [Quran and the other heavenly books, in the time of the Mahdi: the Comforter] e;

[Then God started to threaten the associaters:]

but whosoever of the [Meccans and their] confederates g denies the [Quran], the Fire will [in the Afterlife] be His appointed [abode.] h

So be not [Mohammed] in doubt [about the Quran being revealed to you i]; for the [Quran] is the truth [coming] from your Lord, but most of people believe not j.


17 a But instead you follow Abu Sufyan, who has not any clear evidence, neither has he any knowledge about the religion?

17 b And the Mahdi being one of his nation, will follow after Mohammed to give witness, that he is the messenger of God.


This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 13: 43, which means:

(Say [Mohammed, to them]: "God suffices as a Witness between me and you,

as does [the Mahdi] who possess [true] knowledge of the Scripture.")


It means: he who possesses [true] knowledge of the Scripture will give witness to my apostle-hood when he will bring the Quran interpretation.


17 c i.e. moreover, another witness that came before Mohammed, which is the Torah of Moses, in which the description of Mohammed is written; moreover, the Torah testifies that Mohammed is the messenger of God.

17 d According to the instructions and statements of which, the Children of Israel worked.

17 e The people of the Bible will in the future believe in all the heavenly books including the Quran, and this will be in the time of the Mahdi, the Comforter; because the people of the Bible believe in their Bible but they do not believe in the Quran, while in the future they will believe in it, because the proofs will be evident to them that the Quran was revealed from God and that Mohammed did not invent it as do they imagine.


17 g i.e. the people of Mecca and those round about them.

17 h So, Mohammed, be not sad because of the disbelief of such disbeliever.

17 i And because the confederates of Mecca and those round about it, denied the Quran and did not believe in it.

17 j Because of their ignorance about the truth and because of their stubbornness.



[19] 18. And who can do a greater wrong than one that forges a lie against God [when he attributes a son or daughters to God, or claims that the idols are intercessors with God?]

These [forgers of lies] will be presented before their Lord [to be rebuked and punished, on the Judgment Day],

and the witnesses [: the recording angels will give witness against them, and] will say: "It is these who forged lies against their Lord a; may God's curse be on wrong-doers [who wronged themselves and their followers b!]"


[20] 19. Who bar [people] from the way of God[s religion] c, seeking to crook the [truth] d, and they [moreover] deny the Next Life e.


[21] 20. Such [deniers] were unable to frustrate [God] on earth [for God exterminated them in one minute], neither had they, apart from God, any patrons f.

For them the chastisement [on Doomsday] shall be doubled g.

[In the life of the World] they were unable to hear [the dispraise of their idols h], neither were they able to see [the way of the truth i.]


[22] 21. Such [deniers] will lose their own souls [in the Next Life j], and moreover, [the intercession of their associates] that they forged k will go astray from them.


[23] 22. Undoubtedly, in the Next Life, they will be the greatest losers. l




18 a By attributing to God the daughters [, the son and the intercessors.]

18 b By such claim.










19 c i.e. they bar people from the way leading them to the religion of God.

19 d i.e. they upset and distort the truth, by their lies to people and by misguiding them, so that they turn the truth as falsehood and the falsehood as truth, and by this way they bar them from Gods way.

19 e i.e. they deny the sending of souls to the Next Life, and deny the Judgment, the prosperity [in Paradise] and the punishment [in the Fire.]




20 f To take care about them and to save them from the punishment when it befell them.

20 g So the first punishment was the punishment of the extermination. And they suffered the second punishment in the Next Life, which is the punishment in the Fire.

20 h And the forbidding of them from worshipping the idols.

20 i Because their loving of the idols blinded them, so they could not see or have insight.





21 j i.e. they will lose Paradise on Judgment Day.

21 k Because they said [concerning their associates]: These are our intercessors with God, but they will not find them there neither will they intercede for them.

22 l Because they will lose Paradise on Doomsday.



[24] 23. Surely, they who believe and work [the work of] righteousness, and are comforted a [by inclining] to their Lord; such are the people of Paradise to dwell therein forever.


[25] 24. The likeness of the two parties b is as the man who is blind and deaf c, and the man who sees and hears d; are they equal in likeness e?

Would you [people] then be admonished?


23 a It means: they are reassured about the meeting with their Lord and with the prosperity about which He promised them.

Similar to this aya is another one in the Quran 89: 27-30, which means:

("O you, soul having certainty [of belief]!"

Return to [the neighborhood of] your Lord, well-pleased [with the reward and prosperity], and well-pleased with [by God!]

And [following death] enter into [the Garden of Refuge, together] with My [righteous] servants.

And enter into My Paradise [of Everlasting, on the Day of Judgment.]")

24 b i.e. the party of believers and the party of unbelievers.

24 c This is the likeness of the unbeliever.

24 d This is the likeness of the believer.

24 e i.e. to the rational man, is it equal the condition of the man blind and deaf to the condition of the man who sees and hears?

So as are these two cases not equal in the sight of the rational man, similarly are the cases of the unbeliever and the believer not equal in the sight of God.



[26] 25. We sent Noah to his people [and he said to them:] "I have come to you as a warner [against worshipping the idols], evident [that I am sent by God, as do my obvious and evident signs testify to this.]"


[27] 26. "[So] worship you none but only God. I fear for you the retribution of a painful day. a "


[28] 27. Said the chiefs of his people who disbelieved:

"We see you [Noah] not other than a mortal like ourselves [and you are not an angel b],

and we see not any following you but the vilest of us [but not the chiefs and the rich c], with an obvious purpose [: that you may give them money d.]

Moreover, we do not see you [all] have any preference [of wealth, tribe or children] to us e; and in fact we believe that you are liars f.


[29] 28. [Noah] said: "My people tell me your opinion g:

that if I rely on an obvious [guidance depending on revelation h] from my Lord,

and He gave to me [the prophet-hood as] a blessing from Him,

and it has been obscured for you i [so you have denied it, then what will your fate be?]

so shall we compel you to [recognize] it j, the while to it you are averse?" k


[30] 29. "My people, I ask not of you any recompense for [conveying the messagel]; my recompense [for this] is up to God [alone.]

Moreover, I will not drive away those who believe m; they shall surely meet their Lord n [and shall complain to Him against me if I drive them away.]

But I see you are a people ignorant [of the final consequences.]"


[31] 30. "My people, who will save me from God['s punishment], if I drive them away?

Would you then receive the admonition!?"


[32] 31. "I do not say to you: "I possess the treasuries of God" o;

I know not the [knowledge of the] fore-future p;

and I do not say: "I am an angel q."

Nor do I say, about those [poor] whom your eyes despise r, that God will not give them any good s; God knows best what t is in their souls. Surely in that case I should be one of the wrong-doers."


[33] 32. They said: "O Noah, you have disputed with us and prolonged the disputation with us; now bring upon us [the torment] that you threaten us with, if you speak truly."

[34] 33. [Noah] said [answering them]: "It is only God Who may bring it on you when He wills; when then you will never escape [from Him.]"


[35] 34. "And my sincere advising will not profit you, if I desire to advise you [more than that I have advised you], if God wills to entice you [to misguidance because of your wrong-doing];

He is your Lord, and to His [sentence] you will be returned [after your death.]"








26 a which is the day in which they were drowned.






27 b So if you were an angel, we would have believed you.

27 c But those who follow you are only the poor who have neither wealth nor any position.

27 d i.e. it is obvious that they follow you in order that you may help them and give them money because they are poor and weak.
The meaning: Those who have followed you: their subject is known and their secret is exposed: they have followed you so as to get money and support.

27 e And in fact, we are more than you in wealth, children and the number of tribesmen.

27 f Concerning your conversion and the prophecy of Noah to you.





28 g What will your fate be?

28 h It means: I rely on a sustained guidance and explanation depending on a continuous revelation from my Lord, while you have denied me; so what will be you fate after the denial?

Similar to it in meaning, is an aya in the Quran 41: 52, which means:

(Say: " Tell me your opinion [about the Quran]: if it is [really] from God [not from myself], and yet do you reject it: who is more astray than one who is in a contradiction far [from the truth]?")

28 i Because you have not used your minds, but worked according to the traditions of your fathers, and therefore you have lost.

28 j i.e. the blessing.

28 k It means: Is it something material, which I can put in your hands by force, or is it something incorporeal which you should think and contemplate about and use your minds in order to realize the truth?






29 l And for the warning.

29 m As do you demand of me.

29 n In the Next Life.

















31 o This is in reply to their saying: (we do not see you [all] have any preference [of wealth, tribe or children] to us); so he said: I dont say to you that I have more wealth than you have, or that I possess the treasuries of God.

31 p so that I may tell you about the time of the coming of the punishment.

31 q This is in reply to their saying: (We see you [Noah] not other than a mortal like ourselves); so he said: Truly I am a human being like yourselves, but God chooses for the message any of His servants whom He pleases.

31 r i.e. those whom you despise because they are poor.

31 s In the future, but all the good will be for them, and all the evil will be for you.

31 t i.e. about the good intention, pure heart and noble manners and generosity are in their souls; and therefore He guided them to the belief; so if I drive them away, I will wrong them by such act.



[Then God be glorified said:]

[36] 35. Or do they say: "He [: Mohammed] has forged it"?

Say: "If I have forged it, my guilt is my responsibility, and I am quit of the guilt you have done [: when you have ascribed daughters to God.]"




[37] 36. And it was revealed to Noah [by God that:] "None of your people shall henceforward believe but only those who have already believed; so grieve not over [the evil deeds] that they do."


[38] 37. "But build the Arka under Our observation and as We instruct you by revelation, and address Me not on behalf of the wrong-doers [that I may pardon them, and do not intercede for them]; surely they are going to be drowned."


[39] 38. So he [and his companions] were building the Ark b;

and whenever a council of his people [who disbelieved] passed by [Noah] they scoffed at him.

He said: "If you scoff at us [this day], we shall surely scoff at you [in the future], as you scoff [this day.]"


[40] 39. "But soon you will come to know [the consequences of your ridicule, and] to whom will come a chastisement degrading him [in this life of the World], and upon whom there shall settle a lasting chastisement [in the Next Life.]"








37 a i.e. the ship.








38 b So he made the ship from the wood of the teak, from which is also extracted the turpentine oil.

The length of the ship was three hundred cubits, its width fifty cubits and its height thirty cubits (about 140 meters long, 23 meters wide and 13.5 meters high). He made for it a cover (or a roof), and made in its bottom three floors (or decks or stories: lower, middle and upper) for carrying the animals inside it, and He pitched it within and without (or from inside and outside) with pitch.
Refer to the Bible, the Book of Genesis, chapter 6.



[Then God be glorified told about the destruction of Noahs people:]

[41] 40. [Thus it was a] till, when Our decree [of exterminating his people] came to pass, and the 'baking clay-oven' gushed forth [water] b,

We said [to Noah]: "Carry in the [Ark] of each [kind of the cattle, domestic animals and birds] two spouses [male and female],

and your family members [: his wife, his three sons and their wives] save those [: his betraying second wife c and his grandson: Canaan] against whom the word has already been pronounced [by the Lord]

and [carry in the Ark] those [of your people] who believe",

and there believed not with him except a few.


[42] 41. [Noah] said [to those of his people who believed]:

"Embark in the [Ark!]

In God's name [we start at the beginning of] its course [on the water] and [at the time of] its berthing [on the mountain.]

Surely my Lord is Most Forgiving [for us concerning our past sins], Most Merciful [to us by saving us from the drowning.]"


[43] 42. So the [Ark] ran with them amid waves [as high] as mountains,

and Noah called out to [Canaan] his son who had isolated himself [from the Ark and from his father's companions]: "My son, embark [in the Ark] with us, and stay not with the disbelievers [for then you will be drowned.]"


[44] 43. He said: "I shall resort to some mountain that will save me from [drowning in] the water."

[Noah] said: "This day there is nothing that can save from God's decree [concerning the downing of the disbelievers] except anyone to whom [God] has been merciful [by guiding him to believe d.]"

And the wave came between them [: Noah and his son Canaan], so his [son] was among the drowned [in the water.]


40 a His condition with them and their condition with him, till


40 b The interpreter wrote: I think, deriving my opinion from the signs and indications, that Noahs people were near the Mosel city [in Iraq] in a region nowadays called Ain Sifni, which means in Arabic: the ship and the water fountain; and the 'baking clay-oven' was there.

The indication of this is the saying of Noahs son: "I shall resort to some mountain that will save me from [drowning in] the water", which indicates that it was a mountainous region.

The second indication: You see the effects of the water on the mountains of that region and in the mountains of Sinjar; the waves affected those mountains creating some obvious lines indicating that they were formed from the impact of the waves on them.

The third indication: the pitch, with which he pitched the ship or the ark, is available in large amounts near the Mosel city.

Moreover, I think the deluge did not involve the entire earth, but was confined to one country: Iraq, and in particular near the Mosel city, because the torrents came from Turkey, and that was because of the profuse rain which lasted forty days; so that the rain, the torrents and the fountains drowned Noahs people while the ship floated on that water.

The sign indicative, of the time stated for their destruction, was that at first the water would gush from the 'baking clay-oven' in his neighbors house; and his neighbors wife was a believer, so she told Noah about that, and he prepared to embark in the ark, and the water fountains gushed from the earth, the rain came down from the sky for forty days and nights, and the torrents came down of the mountains.

40 c Her name was Waghila.















43 d So he believes and embarks in the ark.


The water remained on the surface of the earth for one hundred and fifty days.



[45] 44. And it was said [by the angels]:

"Earth, swallow your waters [so the waters went inside the earth, some went into the rivers and seas, and some evaporated]; and sky! be cleared [of clouds, and cease raining]"

And the waters [on the surface of the earth] were made to subside.

And the affair [of destroying the disbelievers and saving the believers] was concluded.

And the [Ark] settled upon the [mount] Judi a, and it was said [by Noah and those with him]: "Away with the people of the wrong-doers."





44 a The Judi mountain is in Turkey.

It is also written in the Torah [included in the Old Testament] that the ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat. These mountains are situated in Turkey.



[46] 45. And Noah called unto his Lord, and said:

"My Lord, my son is one of my family members [whom You promised me to save from the drowning],

and Your promise [concerning their saving from the drowning] is surely true [that will not be broken a.]

You are the Most Wise among rulers [with your words and work.] b


[47] 46. [God be glorified ] said:

"Noah, he is not one of your family members [whom I promised you to save c];

this [your request to save your son Canaan] is unrighteous deed; so ask Me not concerning that [of his deeds about] which you have no knowledge

I admonish you that you should not be [one] of the ignorant d."


[48] 47. [Noah] said: "My Lord, I take refuge with Thee, lest I should ask Thee for that of which I have no knowledge e, and unless Thou forgive me and have mercy on me, I should indeed be of those who lose [in the Next Life.]"


45 a So, please save him.

45 b Canaan was the grandson of Noah, not his son; but He called him his son because the son stands in the place of his father; moreover, the grandson shall have, out of the inheritance of his grandfather, the share of his dead father.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 12: 6 telling about Jacob [addressing his son Joseph, which means]:

(And [your Lord will] fulfill His grace to you [with prophecy and sovereignty], and to the men of Jacob's house, as did He fulfill it before to your fathers: Abraham and Isaac.)

Since Isaac was the grandfather of Joseph not his father, and Abraham was the father of his grandfather, not his father. But because the grandfather stands in the place of the father, he called him his son.




46 c This is according to the aya 11: 40 (save those [: his betraying second wife and his grandson: Canaan] against whom the word has already been pronounced [by the Lord]) to leave him behind.

46 d It means: Dont decide that someone is righteous, in spite of that you are ignorant about his deeds or whom you do ignore.





47 e About its truth.



[49] 48. [Then after the ship settled on the mountain and the water disappeared, the angel addressed him:] it was said:

"O Noah, descend [from the mountain to the plain land] in safety [granted] by Us, and blessings a on you and on [some] nations of those [of the black and yellow races b] who are with you [in the Ark.]

But [some other] nations [in other countries of the earth that the deluge did not reach] c, We shall allow them to enjoy prosperity [with wealth and children in the life of the World] and then there will touch them from Us a painful torment [according to their infidelity and association with God.]


48 a i.e. lasting bounties and increasing grace.


48 b i.e. And on the other races who embarked with you in the ark and who were not the seed of Adam, but some of them were of the black race and the others of the Yellow Race; that is because the human beings existing on our earth are four races:

The Black: Abyssinia and Sudan.

The Yellow: the people of China.

The Red: Red Indians: the indigenous people of America.

The White Race: they are the Children of Adam.


48 c This indicates that the deluge did not involve the entire earth as a whole, but it was confined to one of its countries [: Iraq], and that there were other inhabitants else than Noahs people, but they were in another country far from Noahs people, and therefore the deluge did not involve them.



[Then God be glorified addressed His messenger Mohammed, and said:]

[50] 49. These [stories and tidings] are [some] of the tidings of 'the Unknown' that We reveal to you [Mohammed]; which neither did you nor your people [the Arab] know, before this [revelation];

so be patient [concerning the hurt of your people, O Mohammed; as was Noah patient concerning the hurt of his people];

surely, the [best] final sequel will be for those who ward off [God's punishment by obeying Him.]




[Then God be glorified mentioned another incident, and said:]

[51] 50. And to [the tribe of] Aad [We sent] their brother a Hood.

He said: "My people, worship God [alone b]; you have no god other than Him; you are only forging lies c."


[52] 51. "My people, I ask of you for no wage about it d; my wage is incumbent only on Him Who originated me [in my mothers womb] by division [of cells] e; will you not then discern [and abandon the idolatry f]?"


[53] 52. "My people, and ask of your Lord forgiveness [for your past sins], then turn to Him with repentance [that you will not repeat such acts in the future],

and He will loose the sky with profuse [rain] on you, and add more strength to your strength;

but turn not away [from my invitation] as guilty."


[54] 53. They said: "Hood, you have not brought to us any clear sign g [to indicate your truthfulness]; and we are not going to forsake our gods according to your words; and in fact we do not agree with you."


[55] 54. "We say nothing, but only that one of our gods has afflicted you with some evil [and so confused your mind, because you curse and revile the gods.]"

[Hood] said [to his people]: "I call God to witness, and do you witness: that I am quit of all that you associate [with God.]"


[56] 55. "apart from Him [so let your idols take revenge on me, if they can take revenge, as you claim.]

So try your guile on me [you and your idols h] all together, and give me no respitei."


[57] 56. "Truly, I have relied on God, my Lord and your Lord [to preach the religionj];

there is no beast [: 'mobile being' k] but He does grasp it by its forelock [and has full control of it],

and surely my Lord is Straightforward [: Just, Who does not wrong anyone, in spite of being the All-Mighty.]"


[58] 57. "But if you turn away [from me and listen not to my words],

I have conveyed to you [the message] with which I was sent to you,

and my Lord will [exterminate you and] make, a people other than you, to be successors [who will not associate as do you associate with God.]

You are not going to hurt Him any bit l.

My Lord is Guardian over everything m."


[59] 58. And when Our commandment n came to pass We saved Hood and those who believed with him by a special mercy from Us o, and saved them from a harsh doomp.


[60] 59. That was [the story of the tribe of] Aad; they denied the signs of their Lord q, rebelled against His messengers r and followed the command of every froward tyrant [among their chiefs.]


[61] 60. And they were followed by a curse s in this World and in the afterlife t; for indeed Aad denied their Lord u, so away with Aad v, the people of Hood.



50 a i.e. their brother in lineage. This has been explained fully in the aya 7: 65.


50 b And dont associate with Him anything.


50 c Against God by claiming the associates to Him.

Another aya, similar to this aya, has been interpreted in the Quran 7: 65.


51 d i.e. about conveying the message and to the warning.


51 e i.e. Who created me. The explanation of this word is written in the Quran 23: 14 that is His saying be glorified, which means:

(Then We made the scanty liquid [: the semen]: a worm [-like structure])


51 f i.e. worshipping the idols.







53 g i.e. an argument and miracle to prove your truthfulness.







55 h If you are able to design against me so as to kill me.


55 i It means: neither you nor your idols can kill me, because God is my Helper against you.



56 j And so I fear not anyone.


56 k i.e. there isnt any animal or man moving on earth, but that God possesses it, and directs it as He likes.



57 l With your association and with your turning away from worshipping Him, but the hurt will be on you.


57 m i.e. having control of everything, and can do anything.


58 n To punish them.



58 o It means: with Our instructions and revelation.


58 p i.e. as did We save them from the punishment of the World, did We also save them from the severe punishment of the afterlife.






59 q i.e. they denied the miracles of Hood, indicating his truthfulness and the truthfulness of his prophet-hood.


59 r Hood was one messenger, but God said it in plural, because when Hood promised them about the punishment, he departed from them together with the believers who followed him, then he sent some of his companions to warn his people of the approaching of the time of the punishment on them, that they might repent and forsake worshipping the idols, but they disobeyed them and did not listen to their words, until the punishment afflicted them.







60 s In the Torah and the Quran.


60 t The angels curse them as will their followers do.


60 u i.e. they denied their Lord. It means: they said: there isnt in heaven any God, but the gods are those whom we worship on earth.


60 v i.e. God turned them away from His mercy.



[Then God be glorified mentioned another incident, and said:]

[62] 61. And to [the tribe of] Thamood a [We sent] their brother Salih; he said: "My people, worship God [alone! b] There is for you no god other than He; He formed you out of the earth c, and let you make civilization on it d.

So ask of Him forgivenesse, then turn towards Him repentant f; [surely] my Lord is Near g and Responsive h."


[63] 62. They said: "Salih, you were among us one of whom we hoped [every good] before this i;

do you forbid us to worship that which our fathers worshipped?

But we, surely, are in dubious doubt as to that to which you call us."


[64] 63. [Salih] said: "My people, what is your opinion? j that if I rely on an obvious [guidance k] from my Lord, and He gave to me from Him a grace l;

but who will save me from God['s punishment] if I disobey Him m, then you [from all this] will cause to me only increasing loss n."


[65] 64. "My people, this female camel o of God is a miracle for you p; so leave her to graze q in God's earth and afflict her not with evil, or r there will overtake you immediate torment s."


[66] 65. But they hamstrung her t; and [Salih] said: "Take your joy in your habitation for three days u that is a promise not to be beliedv."


[67] 66. And when Our command came to pass, We saved Salih and those who believed with him by Our special mercy w from the ignominy x of that day.

Surely, [Mohammed] your Lord is All-Powerful y, All-Mighty z.


[68] 67. And the 'cry' a a seized those who did wrong, and next morning they were prostrate b b [under the wreckage] in their homes.


[69] 68. As if they never prospered there c c:

surely Thamood denied their Lord, so away with Thamood d d.


61 a Thamood is an ancient Arabian people, who were extinct in the Pre-Islam time. Its existence has been confirmed historically by the inscriptions of [the Assyrian king] Sargon II at 715 BC, and in the books compiled by the Greek and Byzantine historians, and in the pre-Islam poetry. It is also mentioned by the author of the Munjid Arabic dictionary.

61 b But dont associate anything with Him.

61 c i.e. He created you from it; because the human body consists of many earthy elements like the calcium, sodium, potassium, sulfur, phosphor, iron and others; so these elements enter the human body by means of the food.

61 d i.e. He enabled you to civilize it by building, dwelling, cultivation, agriculture ..etc.

61 e For your past sins.

61 f So that you will not repeat such acts in the future.

61 g To those who ask of Him.

61 h i.e. He answers the prayer of those who pray Him, those who exclusively devote themselves to Him alone, and those who are obliged with extreme distress.

An aya similar to this one has been interpreted in the Quran 7: 73.


62 i We hoped for every good to come out of you, before such recent words of yours; but now we are despaired of you and of your goodness.



63 j i.e. tell me your opinion: what will your fate be

63 k And continuous revelation from my Lord, and you deny me, what will your fate following such denial?

63 l Which is the apostle-hood.

63 m And follow your opinions and listen to your words.

63 n i.e. loss on loss.



64 o Which you demanded of God and He created it.

64 p To my truthfulness.

64 q On the grass and plant.

64 r If you do that.

64 s Which will destroy you.



65 t i.e. they slaughtered it and distributed its meat among themselves.

65 u After which the punishment will befall you.

65 v It will not be lied to you about the promise.



66 w i.e. according to Our revelation and instruction.

66 x i.e. We saved them from the ignominy which befell the associaters, among souls, following their death

66 y So that none can overcome Him.

66 z In His kingdom; nothing can be impossible to Him. So God destroyed them with the earthquake.



67 a a i.e. they started to shout and cry when their houses were demolished on them; the indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 36: 43

(And if We will, We may drown them, and [because their mouths will then be full of water] they cannot cry [for help], nor may they be saved [of the drowning.])
That is because the drowned cannot cry because his mouth is full of water.

67 b b i.e. dead and motion-less.




68 c c With their wealth and children.

68 d d i.e. Let them be away from Gods mercy.



[Then God be glorified mentioned the story of Abraham and Lot, so He said:]

[70] 69. Our messengers [: the angels] a did come to Abraham with the glad tidings [of having a boy.] b

They said: "Peace [to you, Abraham!] "

he said: "Peace [to you!]"c,

and he delayed not to bring [them] a roasted calf d.


[71] 70. Then when [Abraham] saw [that] their hands e did not reach to the [food] f, he mistrusted them and conceived [some] fear of them g.

They said: "Fear not [Abraham], we are [only] sent to [terminate] the people of Lot.


[72] 71. And his wife [Sarah], standing by [: behind the curtain of the tent, and hearing their words], laughed h; and We gave her the glad tidings of Isaac i, and after him, of Jacob [from the seed of Isaac.]


[73] 72. [Sarah] said [when she heard the glad news of the male child]:

"Oh, woe is me! Shall I bear a child when I am an old woman, and this my husband [Abraham] is an old man [whose age is one hundred years?]

This, indeed, is a strange thing."


[74] 73. The [angels] said: "Do you marvel at God's decree [and might?]

The mercy of God and His blessings be upon you, O members of the family of the house [of Abraham j]!

Surely, He is All-Laudablek, All-Glorious l."


[75] 74. And when Abraham's fear subsided, and the glad news [of the male child] came to him, he started to dispute with Us m about Lots people.


[76] 75. Indeed, Abraham was clement n, oft-sighing [for his father and his people o] and oft-returning [to God with obedience and worship].


[77] 76. [The angels said:] "Abraham, forsake this [word and the disputing about Lots people]; for the bidding of your Lord has come [about the punishment and the termination, so it will inevitably befall them], and indeed there is, coming to them, torment that cannot be turned back [away from them.]"



69 a i.e. they were three angels, who came in the shape of young boys, who brought the glad news to Abraham.


69 b i.e. that he would have a boy.

69 c Then he seated them in the tent and went into his home.

69 d i.e. roasted on stones, which is the way they used, like the oven which we use nowadays.

It means: he brought them food in the form of a roasted calf, bread, butter and milk which he laid before them, and said: Eat.





70 e i.e. the hands of the angels.

70 f i.e. their hands did not outspread to the food, and they did not eat of it.

70 g Because they did not eat of his food.





71 h Glad at the destruction of Lots people and surprised from the foolishness of their act.

71 i Whom she would give birth to.

The age of Abraham at that time was one hundred years, and the age of Sarah was ninety years.





73 j It means: How do you despair of having a son, the while Gods blessings is continuous for you and his grace is blessed and is increasing more and more for you.

73 k He deserves that you should praise Him for giving you His bounties.

73 l You should always glorify Him.




74 m i.e. to dispute and ask Our messengers about Lots people.

His dispute was that he said to them: If there are in the city fifty believers, will you destroy [all Lots people]?

They said: No.

He said: Then if forty!

They said: No.

And he kept up decreasing the number, and they kept up saying: No, until he said: If one!

They said: No.

So he argued with them concerning Lot, and said: Lot is in the city of Sodom.

They said: We know better about those in the city: so we will save him together with his family.





75 n i.e. he does not rush in various circumstances.

75 o Because they did not listen to his words, neither did they refrain from worshipping the idols.



[After the story of Abraham was completed, God be glorified started to explain about the story of Lot and his people, and He said:]

[78] 77. And when Our messengers came to Lot a, he b was troubled by themc, and was much embarrassed for their affair d; he said: "This day is so hard e."


[79] 78. And his people came towards him walking in haste f and before the [coming of the angels] they used to commit abominations g [Lot] said: "My people, these are my daughters; they are purer for you [in marriage h.]

Beware of God then, and do not dishonor me by [hurting] my guests; is there not among you [even] one wise man i ?"



[80] 79. They said, 'You certainly know that we have no right to your daughters [: the girls of the city j], as do you know what we desire for. k '


[81] 80. [Lot] said: "Would that I had power [to suppress you k k], or resort to some powerful supportl."





[82] 81. [The angels] said: "Lot, we are the messengers of your Lord; they will never do you [any harm m];

so take your family n and set forth in a travel throughout the remaining part of the night o,

and let not anyone of you turn back [for his property or luggage p],

excepting your [betraying] wife q, for it will befall her the [earthquake] which will befall them;

their [destruction] appointment surely is the morning, will not morning come soon?" r


[83] 82. And when Our decree s issued, We made the high parts [of their houses] their low parts t.

And We rained down upon them u packed sedimentary stones v,


[84] 83. marked [i.e. have marks w from their origin by sedimentation x], with [the knowledge of] your Lord y [O Mohammed.]

And the [stones] are never far [in time] from [the incident of] the transgressors z.


77 a It means: When the angels departed from Abraham and came to Lot

77 b i.e. Lot.

77 c i.e. their coming troubled him, because he saw they were beautiful, and he did not find any way to protect them from his people.

77 d i.e. he was much embarrassed because of them when he did not find any way to save them from the evil of his people.

77 e i.e. a day with much evil, so that man may wrap his head with a band because of the headache that afflicts him.

Lot in fact said that because he did not know that they were angels, and he was afraid of his people lest they should disgrace them.


78 f To do fornication with them.

78 g i.e. They used to commit fornication with males.

78 h Than fornicating with males; he meant by that the daughters of the people of the city; because the prophet to them is like their father.

78 i It means: Isnt there among you any wise man to enjoin the righteousness, forbid the indecency and rebuke these men about their ugly act?



79 j i.e. Because we have not paid their dowry, and because their fathers stipulated condition with us that we should not come in to our women in their rears; (such condition had been before they married their women); therefore, we have no rights to that.

It does not indicate anything about Lots daughters; had it meant this, they would not have objected to him and said: We have no right to your daughters.

79 k About the three that are your guest.



80 k k And avert my guests from you.

80 l It means: Or join some powerful tribe to help me against you.



81 m And one of the angels took a handful of dust and smote the faces of the men with it, which fell in their eyes so they became blind, and returned to their families saying: There are, in the house of Lot, some magicians who blinded our eyes.

81 n It means: Go out from among them, you and your family.

81 o i.e. Go away from them as far as you can within some part of the night.

81 p i.e. let not anyone of you return for something he has forgotten or something he has left behind.

81 q Because she will turn back and return for something she has forgotten.

81 r Therefore Lot, his wife and his two daughters went out at the pre-dawn time.

This is according to His saying be glorified in the Quran 54: 34, which means:

(Save Lot's family when We saved at the pre-dawn time.)


Then midway, his wife returned to bring some of the furniture she forgot in the city, so that it was morning when she was in the city, so the earthquake seized them and she was dead together with them.


Then a shower of stones was rained out of the sky on the rest of them.

And the earthquake, in that region of the earth, destroyed four cities which were: Sodom where Lot dwelt, Gomorrah, Zeboyim and Admah.


82 s To punish them.

82 t The earth quaked with them, so their houses were demolished over them, then the land was cleft so that a lake was formed in its place, which nowadays known as the Dead Sea.

82 u It means: upon the people of those four cities.

82 v with many layers packed on each other, which are the pebbles.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 29: 40, which means:

(We sent against some of them a pebble swarm.)

And by His saying be glorified in the Quran 51: 33, which means:

("That we may loose upon them stones of clay.")



83 w Which are the colored lines between its layers.

83 x The Arabic word sijill is the large bucket used for irrigating the garden and the field, and the Arabic word sijjiel [which is the word in this aya] is the precipitate that remains in the bottom of the sijill i.e. the bucket after completing the irrigation.

83 y i.e. your Lord is All-Knowing about the sites and the falling of such sedimentary pebbles.

83 z Who intended to destroy the Kaaba at Mecca.
It means: the incident of the host of the elephant is not far in time from you, people of Mecca; therefore, remember it, contemplate, take lesson and repent to your Lord, so that you will not be afflicted with the same punishment which had afflicted those before you.



[Then God be glorified mentioned another incident, and said:]

[85] 84. And to [the tribe of] Midian [We sent] their brother Shu'aib; he said: "My people, worship God [alone a]; you have no other god save Him.

And do not diminish the measuring and the weighing; [for] I see that you are in prosperity b, and I do fear for you the retribution of an overwhelming day. c "


[86] 85. "My people, fill up the measure and the balance justly,

and do not diminish the goods of people d,

and do not do mischief, spreading [your] mischief in the earth e."


[87] 86. "God's remainder is better for you f, if you are believers g. And I am not a guardian over you."h


[88] 87. They said: "O Shu'aib, does your prayer i bid you that we should forsake what our fathers used to worship,

or to dispose with our own properties as we will j,

whereas you have been the clement [and] the wise [man]?" k


[89] 88. [Shu'aib] said: "My people, what's your opinion l ? If I depend on an obvious [guidance] from my Lord m, and He has provided fair provision to me n.

I do not either intend [with my words] to contradict you to that from which I forbid you o.

I purpose only to reform [you] as much as I can.

But my success [in reforming you] is only due to God p in Whom I put my trust [to admonish and guide you] and to Whom I do refer [in all my consultations.]"


[90] 89. "My people, let not your opposing me induce you to sin q,

lest [a destruction] may befall you like that [destruction] which befell

the people of Noah [with the drowning]

or the people of Hood [with the terminating storm]

or the people of Salih [with the earthquake],

and even Lot's people are not far away from you [in time r.]"


[91] 90. "And ask of your Lord forgiveness [of your sins], then turn repenting to Hims; [surely] my Lord is Most Merciful t [and] All-Loving u."


[92] 91. They said: "O Shu'aib, we do not understand much of what you say v.

In fact we see you weak w among us.

But for your clan, we should certainly have stoned you x.

And even you are not so dear to us y."


[93] 92. He said: "My people, is then my clan more dear to you than God z?

And [even] you cast [God's religion a a] away behind your backs [with contempt b b.]

But surely my Lord is All-Aware of what you do c c.


[94] 93. "My people, work according to your management d d; I [too] am working e e;

and certainly you will [in the future] know to whom [: to me or to you] will come the chastisement degrading him f f, and who [: you or I] is a liar.

And watch [for the chastisement]; I shall be watching along with you."


[95] 94. And when Our command [to punish them] came to pass, We saved Shu'aib and those who believed with him by a mercy from Us g g,

and the 'cry' h h seized those who did wrong, and at morning they were prostrate i i [under the wreckage] in their homes.


[96] 95. As if they never prospered j j there, so away with [the tribe of] Midian k k, even as Thamood was done away [from Gods mercy.] l l




84 a But do not associate anything with Him.

84 b With cheap prices and fertile land so you dont need to diminish the weighing

84 c If you dont repent and forsake such habits.

An aya in the Quran 7: 85, which is similar to this aya, has been interpreted before.






85 d i.e. do not diminish the property of people, when you steal it by means of the measuring and weighing.

85 e i.e. do not do mischief and corruption in the earth when your corruption will spread because of your journeying and sojourning.






86 f i.e. the lawful which God keeps for you after completing the measuring and weighing is better for you than diminishing and reducing the goods, because the unlawful money will remove the blessing and the grace, and you will be punished on account of it; so forsake this habit.

86 g In my words.

86 h If the punishment comes on you. It means: I cannot protect you from it, neither can I save you if the punishment afflicts you.




87 i This is in a way of ridiculing his prayers.

87 j So that you forbid us to sacrifice the sacrifices to our gods.

87 k It means: you are known to be clement and wise; then how can you say such words?





88 l i.e. tell me your opinion: what will your fate be

88 m And continuous revelation from my Lord, and you deny me, what will your fate following such denial?

88 n It means: Dont you see what fair abundant provision God has provided for me, because I do not diminish the measuring and the weighing; therefore do like me in order that God will increase your provisions and add more to your bounties.

88 o It means: I dont intend to make dissension between you, so that you will be two different parties because I forbid you from worshipping the idols and giving sacrifices to them and from the diminishing of the measuring.

88 p For it is God Who leads to every success, and every easiness and every blessing and righteousness.







89 q The meaning: Dont contradict my orders and dont oppose my forbidding; because it may prompt you to sin and guilt and lead you to destruction.

89 r But they were near of you in time.









90 s But dont repeat doing the same in the future.

90 t To those asking forgiveness.

90 u To those who repent.







91 v The meaning: We dont listen to your words, neither do we work according to your order.

91 w i.e. you have no power which prevents us from killing you.

91 x i.e. were it not for your tribe who follow our religion, we should have stoned you with stones and killed you.

91 y Because you dont follow our religion.








92 z So that you refrain from killing me for the sake of my clan, but you dont protect me for the sake of God Who sent me to you with the religion of the truth!

92 a a With which I am sent to you.

92 b b i.e. you have discarded it behind your backs: neither you work according to it, nor accept it.

92 c c So that He will punish you for your evil deeds.





93 d d i.e. work as much as you can manage about me and to kill me, for I dont fear you, because God will help me against you.

93 e e According to what my Lord commanded me to convey the message and to forbid from worshipping the idols.

93 f f Because they threatened him with their gods and said: they will take revenge against you.








94 g g i.e. by means of Our instructing and revealing to them; that is: We said to them depart from among [your people], and they departed.

94 h h i.e. they started to shout and cry when their houses fell upon them.

94 i i i.e. dead and motionless.





95 j j Enjoying with their wealth and children.

95 k k i.e. Let the tribe of Midian be away from Gods mercy. While Midian himself: he was a righteous man: the son of Prophet Abraham the devoted to God alone.

95 l l This incident was after Lots people and before the coming of Moses.



[Then God be glorified followed the previously mentioned stories of the prophets, by the story of Moses, and He said:]

[97] 96. And We did send Moses with Our [nine] miracles and [with] an obvious authority.


[98] 97. To Pharaoh and his princes, but they followed Pharaohs order a, while Pharaoh's order [to them] was not right b.


[99] 98. He shall go before his people [guiding them to Hell] on the Day of Judgmentc, and lead them down to the Fire [in the Next Life] evil the resort and those resorting to it d!


[100] 99. And they were pursued by a curse e in this [life of the World],

And f on the Day of Judgment

an evil [delegation to Hell] will be both the followers and their leaders.










97 a And forsook Moses and his miracles.


97 b But in fact he led them to the misguidance.




98 c As did he misguide them in the life of the World.


98 d It means: Evil were those who went to it, and evil was the place to which they went.




99 e In the Torah and the Quran.


99 f The angels, and their followers who blindly followed them in their religion, will also curse them.



[101] 100. That is [some] of the story of the cities [of wrong-doers] which We tell you [Mohammed] some of them are standing [till now] and [some are] mown down [like the harvest a.]


[102] 101. We did not wrong them b, but they wronged their own souls c.

Their gods, on which they called upon, apart from God, availed them nothingd, when there came the command of your Lord [concerning their punishment.]

Nor did they add to them anything but more loss.


[103] 102. [Mohammed,] as such will the overtaking of your Lord be [in the future], if He overtakes [with punishment] the cities of wrong-doers; His overtaking [with punishment] will surely be painful [and] severe.


[104] 103. In that e, surely, there is a sign f for him who fears the doom of the Next Life g. That is a day to which mankind will be gathered h, and that is a day which will be witnessed i.


[105] 104. Nor do We defer it j but only to a term already calculated.


[106] 105. On the day when it will come, no soul will speak [with intercession] save only according to His permission k; then some of them will be the wretched l and [others] the happy m.


[107] 106. Those who are wretched shall be in the Fire: there shall be for them sobbing and exhalation [of fire. n]


[108] 107. They will remain therein so long as the heavens and the earth will endureo,

save for that your Lord [O Mohammed] will [to pardon them so He takes them out of the Fire.]

Your Lord surely does all that He likes.


[Then God be glorified made an exception: the sinners among the devoted to God alone]

[109] 108. But those who will be happy [on that day]: they will be in the Garden (or Paradise): to remain therein so long as the heavens and the earth endure, p save for [anyone] that your Lord [O Mohammed] will [to drive out of it]: a gift unfailingq.



100 a It means: the buildings of some of the wrong-doing cities are still standing till now and have not been destroyed, while others were demolished and obliterated like the mown down plant.




101 b By afflicting them with the punishment.


101 c Because of their disbelief and stubbornness.


101 d It means: Their gods did not avert from them any part of the punishment.







103 e Which We have mentioned to you, Mohammed, about the story of the nations who denied [their apostles.]

103 f Indicating the existence of the punishment in the Next life.

103 g So he avoids everything forbidden.

103 h for accountability and punishment.

103 i By all creatures: genies, humans, angels, prophets and messengers (or apostles.)


104 j i.e. Doomsday.


105 k It means: only by Gods permission to that intercessor to intercede for the one whom God pleases.

While if God does not permit that intercessor to intercede for anyone of the people in the Gathering-together, then he will not have the right to intercede, even though the one interceded for is the son of the intercessor, his father or one of his relatives.

So Noah has no right to intercede for his son Canaan, neither can Abraham intercede for his father Azar.

105 l With his sins.

105 m With his righteous deeds so he will be admitted into Paradise.


106 n i.e. for them will be suffocating gases.


107 o i.e. as long as there is in the universe, planets circling around a sun. It means: as long as there is in the universe a solar system.


108 p Then God be glorified made an exception: anyone who waxes proud in Paradise (or the Garden), or he does not comply with Gods command when He commands him with anything, so that He will drive him out of Paradise as did He drive out Iblies (or Satan) when he rebelled against Gods command and waxed proud over Adam

108 q i.e. not to be stopped or decreased.



[Some of the associaters among the Arab said to Prophet Mohammed salam to him: We worship the angels, and these idols are the symbol of the angels; therefore, when you revile the idols, you will [in fact] revile the angels; so are you allowed to revile the angels?

Therefore, this aya was revealed:]

[110] 109. Be not then in doubt as to what these [associaters] worship.

They only worship [the idols] that their fathers worshipped before. a

And We will give them [in the life of the World] their full portion without [the least] reductionb.





109 a It means: They blindly follow the worship of their fathers, and what they said to you is only an excuse and camouflage.

109 b But in the Next life, they will have no portion.




[111] 110. And We gave to Moses the Book [: the Torah], then they disagreed thereabout a.

Had it not been for a word that had already been decided by your Lord [to postpone the punishment to the Next life], the decision [with punishment] would have been passed between them b.

And, verily, the [Jews and associaters] are in a horrible doubt concerning the [Quran.]


[112] 111. And each of the [Jews and the associaters among the Arab], when [they die and go to the world of souls], shall your Lord recompense them in full according to their deeds c; surely, He is All-Aware about what they dod.


[113] 112. So keep up e as you [Mohammed] are commanded [in the Quran], together with those [of your people] who have repented f with you g, but transgress not [the statements of God h.]

Certainly, He is All-Seeing of that which you [all] doi.


[Then God be glorified forbade from the concession about the religion and from the inclination to wrong-doers, and He said:]

[114] 113. And [O believers] incline not to those who do wrong j, or else the Fire will touch you, and [then] you will have no patrons k apart from God, nor will you then be helped l.


[115] 114. And establish the prayers [to your companions, Mohammedm] at the two ends of the day n and at the approaches of the night o.

Surely, righteous [works] avert the evil p.

Such [establishing of the prayers] is a reminder to the mindful [who remember God and worship Him.]


[116] 115. [O Mohammed], be steadfast with patienceq; for God surely does not waste the recompense of those who work righteousness.


110 a i.e. After him, his people diviated, changed, altered and worshipped the idols and statues.

110 b It means: We would have destroyed those who deviated and changed the religion, and would have spared those keeping up to it.


111 c It means: Your Lord will punish them with full punishment according to their evil deeds.

111 d For nothing of their deeds and secrets may be hidden from Him.



112 e To convey the message and to warn.

112 f From the association [with God in the worship] and converted, so let him also keep on upright.

112 g According to your program.

112 h Concerning His bidding and forbidding.

112 i So He will reward you according to your work.


113 j i.e. dont incline to wrong-doers by being kind towards them, neither should you believe their words nor should you help them to their wrong-doing. (Those who do wrong) involves the associaters among the Arab, because they wronged the Prophet, so they transgressed on his rights and fought him.

113 k To protect you from Gods punishment.

113 l Against your enemy, if you incline to them concerning any of the religion affairs.


114 m i.e. pray with them in congregation.

114 n i.e. before sunrise, which is the morning [or dawn] prayers; and before sunset which is the afternoon prayers.

114 o i.e. close to the night, which is the sunset prayers.
While the noon prayers and the night [: Isha] prayers have been mentioned in the Quran 17: 78, that is His saying be glorified, and which means:

(Establish the prayer from [the time of the] sun's decline till the darkness of the night.)

So the sun's decline is the noon prayers, while the darkness of the night is the Isha prayers.

Anyhow, it is allowed - for one who is busy in an official job or in a factory and cannot pray the noon prayers at its due time - that he may perform it together with the afternoon prayers, i.e. minutes before it.

114 p It means: if man prays, God will avert from him some misfortune; and if he gives alms to a poor one, God will avert from him some mishap; and if he feeds a hungry one, God will save him from an expected evil.

115 q To establish the prayers with the believers among your people, and be kind to them.



[117] 116. If only, among the generations [whom We destroyed] before you,

there had been men of a remainder [of conscience and righteousness] forbidding corruption in the earth,

[We would not have destroyed them a]

except a few of those [believers who forbade the corruption] whom We saved [of the destruction.b]

But the wrong-doers followed the [lusts] in which they were prospered c, and [moreover] they were guilty [in addition to their corruption.]


[118] 117. Nor would your Lord [O Mohammed] destroy the cities unjustlyd when their people being reformers.


[119] 118. If your Lord [O Mohammed] had willed, He would have made people one sect e, but still they disagree and contradict f.


[120] 119. Excepting those on whom thy Lord has mercy g, and for such [reason] He has created them h.

And it has been fulfilled the word i of thy Lord [that]: "Certainly, I will fill Hell with the genie-kind and the man-kind altogether."


116 a It means: If among the past generations, there had been some men having conscience and forbidding the corruption, We would not have destroyed them with the punishment.


116 b i.e. except the believers whom We saved: they forbade the corruption, and they were few.


116 c It means: They followed their lusts, and therefore, they did not forbid the corruption, because they were in fact the people of the corruption.



117 d Without having any sin [deserving the punishment.]




118 e i.e. Muslims devoting themselves to God alone.

But they deviated from the truth and wronged each other; so, because of their wrong-doing, He left them alone with their falsehood.


118 f The truth, till now.




119 g i.e. save anyone whom God guides because of his kindness to the poor and needy and because he is merciful to the weak and helps them; therefore, God guides him to the way of the truth.


119 h i.e. He created them in order that they become merciful to each other, so they should be merciful to each other and should be kind to each other.


119 i The word of your Lord was that God addressed Iblies saying: ("Certainly, I will fill Hell with the genie-kind and the man-kind altogether.")

The meaning: Hell has been filled with the disbelievers out of the genies and mankind, as had I promised Iblies with that.



[121] 120. And each of the relation a of the messengers b We relate to you [Mohammed] that thereby We make firm your heart c.

And in this [city of Mecca] has come to you [the revelation including] the truth d and an exhortatione and a reminder for believers f.


[122] 121. And say to those who believe not: "Strive [against us] whatever you can g; [for] we [too] are striving [against you.]


[123] 122. And wait! h We (too) are waiting i.


[124] 123. [The knowledge about] 'the hidden secret' in the heavens and the earth j [belongs] to God,

and to Him the Am'r k all together will be returned.

So [O Mohammed], worship Him and rely on Him l;

truly [O Mohammed], your Lord is not unmindful of that you do [O associaters.]


120 a i.e. the stories.

120 b Or the apostles.

120 c So that you may forbear the hurt of your people and persevere patiently as did persevere the apostles (or messengers) who had the firm will and determination.

120 d And it is not the falsehood as do the associaters claim.

120 e To anyone receives the exhortation.

120 f Because the reminding and admonition benefits them, and so their belief will increase.



121 g i.e. as much as you can against us and according to the weapon which you prepare for the war against us.



122 h For the defeat and loss which will afflict you.

122 i For the victory, from God, against you.



123 j i.e. the planets including the earth.

It means: the knowledge about what is unknown in the planets, nothing of that may be hidden from Him.

123 k The (Amr) means the spiritual kind: like the human souls, the genie souls and the different kinds of angels.
It means: To Him the spirits of the genie and the human will return and He will judge them with justice and reward them about their deeds.

123 l For propagating the mission and conveying the message.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 11 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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