Soora 15


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


The meaning


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[2] 1. Alif, Lam, Ra. : Recite To people O Messenger a

such revelations [that you, Muslims, wrote in] the Book,

and [recite also this soora which I, Gabriel, am reciting to you; it also is ] a clear Quran [: so also recite it to people; for it includes the proving of your truthfulness and apostle-hood.]


[3] 2. It may be that [in the future] the disbelievers will wish they were Muslims b [: submitting themselves to God alone.]


[4] 3. [O Mohammed, after having conveyed the message and warned them] leave them to eat and enjoy themselves [with their wealth and women],

and let [false] hope [of staying in the life of the World] distract them [from following your religion], but they at length shall know c [the evil consequences of that.]


[5] 4. Never did We destroy any city [population] without having a specific, predetermined time [for its punishment.] d


[6] 5. Neither would any population bring earlier their appointed time [of the coming of the punishment on them], nor could they postpone it [even for one houre.]



1 a This has previously been interpreted.


2 b Before their people who converted, because of the correctness of your words and the prevailing of your religion which they see, but their pride and haughtiness prevent them from complying with your command and from submitting to your words.


3 c After they die and go from the material world to the ethereal world: the world of souls.

This in fact is a threatening and warning for them about the punishment.



4 d It means: A stated time decreed beforehand for the coming of the punishment on them.



5 e But the punishment would come on them at their stated time.



[7] 6. The [associaters] said [to the Prophet]: "O you to whom the exhortation has been revealed, truly you are a madman [and a liar in your claim a.]"


[8] 7. "Why shouldn't you bring to us the angels [to speak and testify to us about the truthfulness of your words] if you are truthful [in your claim?]"


[So God be glorified replied on their words and said:]

[9] 8. We do not send down the angels save with the true [word b]; nor even then will these be respited c.


[10] 9. It is We Who have sent down the admonition [: the Quran], and We do preserve it d [in the Preserved Tablet in heaven.]



6 a i.e. the exhortation [of the Quran] has been revealed to you.


8 b Which is the revelation to the prophets and messengers (or apostles), neither do We send them down to disbelievers and associaters in order to see and speak to them. And even if We send them down to these associaters and they see them with their eyes, then they will say: Mohammed has enchanted us so that we see such a thing.


8 c But then We bring down the punishment and annihilate them


9 d i.e. it is with Us in heaven, written in the Preserved Tablet, so that if any letter is inadvertently added or deleted, then We will tell the Mahdi about that, and he will correct and explain it to them.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 6: 106, which means:

(And that We may explain the [Quran in the future] to men who know [the modern sciences.])



[11] 10. We did send [many messengers] before you [Mohammed], into the factions of the ancients. a


[12] 11. And no apostle came to them but they mocked at him b.


[13] 12. As such do We insert the [faction and doctrine of the ancients] in the hearts of the guilty [in recompense of their saying: You are a madman.]


[14] 13. They believe not in the [Quran]; the while the way [of Gods dealing] with the ancients has been run c [before these sinners.]


[15] 14. And even if We opened before their [eyes] a gate of heaven and the [angels] continued ascending [to heaven] through it. d


[16] 15. They would only say: "Our eye-sight has been confounded e; and in fact we have been bewitched [by Mohammed.]"


10 a i.e. among the falsehood doctrines and the different religions which they invented according to their desires, but they denied Our messengers and mocked them, therefore We annihilated them because of their sins.


11 b As such have your people mocked at you [Mohammed], so pay no attention to their mockery.


13 c So that God guided to the submission to Him [lit. the Islam] the people merciful to the poor and kind to the needy, who did not wrong anyone, neither did they plunder the rights of anyone; as such will your people be: none of them will believe in you [Mohammed] other than only the one with this character.


14 d The meaning: Such sinners, just mentioned, would not believe even if We opened for them a gate of heaven and the angels started before their eyes to ascend and descend with the revelation to you, these sinners would not believe in you, but they would only say:


15 e i.e. our eye-sight has been covered by an illusionary cover, and the ascending and descending of the angels to Mohammed, which we are seeing, is only some illusion and magical imagination with which Mohammed has bewitched us.



[17] 16. And We made high towers in the [ethereal] heaven and bedecked them to those a who look on.


[18] 17. And We have guarded [that heaven] from every pelted devil b.


[19] 18. Except such [of the devils, in the past c], as tries to steal [some news] by eavesdropping d, and there will pursue him an obvious meteor e.


16 a Those angels, prophets, martyrs and righteous who inhabit those mansions and look to such beautiful decoration.

This is indicated by His saying be glorified in the Quran 4: 78, which means:

(Wherever you [people] are, death will find you out, even if you are in towers built up strong and high!)



17 b The angels pelt them with meteors, therefore they cannot ascend to it, neither can they enter into those Gardens, because they were driven out of them; as in His saying be glorified in the Quran 15: 34, which means:

([God] said: "Then, get out of the [seven ethereal Gardens], for you will be pelted [with the meteors, if you try in the future to approach the Gardens.]")



18 c While in the time of the revelation to Prophet Mohammed, they could not eavesdrop d anymore.

The indication of this is in His saying be glorified in the Quran 72: 9, which means:

(But anyone who listens now, will find a meteor [in his way] in wait for him.)

i.e. the meteor lies in ambush to him and prevents him so that it does not let him eavesdrop.

18 d It means: except the one that ascended in the gaseous layers and approached the ethereal heaven and eavesdropped on the words of angels and their talks, and intended to steal from them some news and bring that down to the earth.

18 e So when the devil sees the meteor following him, he will immediately fall down running away. While as regards the meteor: it is ready to ignite with any mild friction; just like how a match sticks is ready to ignite, but it requires some friction in order to inflame.

Therefore, when a devil approaches the ethereal heaven, the angels enkindle by friction a meteor near to them which will target the devil and pursue him, so the devil will go back fleeing to the earth.


This now is not any surprise, because a man who is only a created being, has made a rocket which pursues the airplane wherever it goes until the rocket burns it.



[20] 19. And the earth: We supplemented a, and cast on it heavily landing [mountains], and planted on it of every precisely measured b thing.


[21] 20. And We have made for you, [people], means of livelihood in the [earth], and [for the infant] whom you provide not for c.


[22] 21. And there isnt anything [nutritious to the plant d] but with Us are the stores thereof e. And We send it f not down save in an appointed measure g.


[23] 22. And We send the winds: to 'impregnate' [the fruit h and the cloudi], and We send down [rain] water from the sky j, and We give it to you to drink, and it is not you, [people], who store it upk.


[24] 23. Certainly, it is We l Who give life and cause death; and We are the Ultimate Inheritors m.


[25] 24. And We have known those among you who responded [to the Prophets command] and [so they] sallied forth [to the Jihad and fighting the associaters], as have We known those who responded [to the hypocrite Abdullah son of Ubay] and [so they] lagged behind [from fighting.] n


[26] 25. And it is your Lord Who will gather them together [for recompensing in the next life]; surely, He is the Most Wise [and] Most knowing.


19 a With the water, air, dusty and rocky substances until it became habitable.

19 b i.e. to the compounds, of every kind of plants and fruits, We made weights specific and different from others. It means: the substances of which the apple consists are different in weight from the constituent substances of the pear.
As such the constituent compounds of every fruit are comprised of specific substances and elements different in weights; so that if one element increases or decreases in weight, the taste, color and smell will also differ.



Similar to this aya is His saying be glorified in the Quran 54: 49, which means:

(Surely, We have created every [material] thing [to last] for a certain limited [time, then will vanish.])

20 c i.e. it is God Who provides for the infant from the breast of his mother, and it is not you who provide for him.


21 d And by which the plant grows and reproduces.

21 e i.e. it is stored with Us in the space, which is the rain and the nitrogen which is a nutrient for the plant (manure or fertilizer), and likewise the carbon dioxide gas which is one of the nutrients of the plant.

21 f i.e. this stored thing which is the rain.

21 g So that if it increases more, or decreases less, than the requirement of the plant, its growth will not complete, neither will it have any fruit, or its fruit will corrupt after its ripening, or it will be dry and become inedible.



22 h When the wind passes on trees and plants, it carries with it the pollens of the male to the female plant, so this latter will be pollenated or impregnated and the fruit will be formed.

22 i While about its impregnation of the cloud: the wind carries with it the dust particles, then when such particles collide with the snow particles, that are scattered in the space, such snow particles will melt, because of these dust particles and because of the heat of the wind, to become the rain.

22 j i.e. from the gaseous layers.

22 k But it is We Who store it in the earth, in the mountains and in the seas and We make to flow, out of this stored [water], rivers and fountains and out of rivers and fountains, We give you water to drink.



23 l It means: God be glorified and His angels work according to His commands.

23 m Of the ethereal of the property of people, so the angels will take that to Paradise.



24 n That was in the Battle of Badr, when Abdullah son of Ubay said to his companions: What have we to do with the fighting, and why should we kill ourselves; so let us return to the city of Medina.

Therefore, they returned when they were midway.



[27] 26. And We created man [: Adam a] from a black putrid clay b.


[28] 27. And We had created the Jann c, before [We created Adam], from the hot wind [emerging] from the fire. d


[29] 28. Behold! your Lord [O Mohammed] said to the angels: "I am about to create man [: Adam], from black putrid clay."


[30] 29. And when I have perfected him e, and breathed into him from [Gabriel] My spirit f, prostrate yourselves down before him."


[31] 30. So all the [kinds of] angels [in the seven ethereal heavens] prostrated themselves, altogether.


[32] 31. Except 'Iblies' g who refused to be among those who prostrated themselvesh.


[33] 32. [God] said: "What ails you, Iblies, for not being among those prostrating themselves?"


[34] 33. [Iblies] said: "I am not to prostrate myself to a human being whom You create out of a black putrid clay."


[35] 34. [God] said: "Then, get out of the [seven ethereal Gardens], for you will be pelted [with the meteors, if you try in the future to approach the Gardens.]"


[36] 35. "Upon you [Iblies] shall rest the curse [of God, angels and all people, in addition to the curse in the heavenly books], till the Day of Judgment."


[37] 36. Said [Iblies]: "My Lord, respite me [and dont punish me] till the day they shall be sent forth [to the Judgment and requital.]"


[38] 37. [God] said: "Then you [Iblies] are of those respited [as have you requested.]" i


[39] 38. "Till the day j, known [to angels k.]"


[40] 39. [Iblies] said: "My Lord, because You have seduced me l, I will surely make [sins and the disobedience] fair-seeming to the [Children of Adam] on earth, and I will surely seduce them all together."


[41] 40. "Save such of Your servants among them as are devoted [exclusively to You in the worship.]"


[42] 41. [God] said: "This is a standard straight way m, incumbent upon Me [to explain it to people.]"


[43] 42. "You will have no authority over My [devoted] servants, except [over] the beguiling n who will follow you."


[44] 43. "Hell shall be their promised [meeting-abodeo] all together."


[45] 44. It has seven [volcano] gates p; to every gate will there be a separate portion of them.



26 a i.e. Adam.

26 b Literally the word in Arabic, is the mud formed by scanty water, that is the little water, which remains of the rain in pits.

Then when this water was mixed with the decayed corpses, it became putrid, and became a black and offensive mud.



27 c The shape of the jinn is like the shape of man: they have round faces, bulging cheeks and wide eyes, but they have no feet like those of man; instead they have hoofs like the hoofs of horses.

I saw some of them alive in the World, as did I see some of their souls in the world of souls: when I went to the spirit world in my childhood.

Refer to my book: Man after Death with the title of Was it death or fainting?

And to my book: An Hour with Ghosts with the title of A trip in the world of ghosts

27 d Similar to this aya, is His saying be glorified in the Quran 55: 15, which means:

(And the Jann [: father of the jinn] did He create from [gases] emerging from fire.)

It means: from gases that emerged from fire.




29 e And completed His creation.

29 f i.e. from Gabriel who is My angel.

It means: According to My command to Gabriel whom I command and he complies.

The spirit here is Gabriel, who is also mentioned in the Quran 19: 17, which means:

(And We sent to her [Gabriel] Our 'spirit', who assumed before her the likeness of a well-made man.)




31 g who was the father of the jinn.

31 h Because he waxed proud over Adam and disdained to prostrate himself to him.





37 i In fact, God gave him what he requested, as a recompense for his worship.




38 j Of the standstill of the earth from its axial rotation, so that the night will be perpetual on it, as will the day be perpetual too in the other side.

38 k And written in the Tablet.





39 l Because You brought me close to You, and made me a chief of the angels, so I thought that you will not punish me for any sin that I commit, and by this you seduced me.



41 m Whoso takes it, will lead him to Paradise.




42 n It means: the wealthy, who like the lust and the worldly pleasure, will follow you, because of their lusts and loving the pleasure.



43 o Where all of them will be gathered.




44 p These are the volcanoes, which were seven at the time of Prophet Mohammed, and then they increased after him. The present Hell is the inside of the earth and its heat, and its gates are the volcanoes.



[46] 45. But those who ward off [the disobedience of God] shall be in Gardens and [water] fountains [which spring inside the Gardens.]


[47] 46. [It will be said to them:] "Enter into [the Gardens] in safety a, [and] being secure b."


[48] 47. And We shall remove what rancor may be in their breasts [in order to love each other as] brothers; [and they will sit] face to face [and recline] on the couches [at the time of their chatting.]


[49] 48. No fatigue may ever touch them therein, nor will they be expelled from [those Gardens.] c









46 a Of the punishment.

46 b Inside them from any harm or distress.









48 c i.e. none will drive them out of those Gardens.



[50] 49. Announce [O Mohammed] to My servants [about Me] that surely I am the Most Forgiving [to those who repent], the Most Merciful [to those who regret.]


[51] 50. And that My punishment is a most painful one [to anyone who disobeys Me.]


[52] 51. And inform them about Abrahams [three] guests.


[53] 52. When they came into his [home, after he permitted them to come in], and they said: "Peace!"

[Abraham] said: "Indeed, we are afraid of you [because you have not eaten of our food.]"


[54] 53. They said: "Fear not; we give you the glad tidings of a son [Isaac, born by your wife Sarah] who [will be] given a great knowledge."


[55] 54. [Abraham] said: "Will you give me the glad tidings when I have attained my age of elderly? What can it be then your glad tidings?"


[56] 55. They said: "We are giving you the true glad tidings a; so don't be of those who despair."


[57] 56. [Abraham] said: "And who despairs of the mercy of his Lord, excepting those that are astray [from the way of the truth?]" b


[58] 57. [Abraham] said [to his guests]: "What is it then your task, O messengers?"


[59] 58. They said: "We have been sent to a guilty people [to exterminate them with the earthquake.]"


[60] 59. Except the family of Lot [: he and his two daughters]: them shall we save all,


[61] 60. "Except his woman, whom we know for certain that she will be one of those buried under the wreckage c "












































55 a And we are not telling you any lie.

56 b So his wife Sarah bore Isaac.





















60 c i.e. the dust of the wreckage will cover her.





[62] 61. When the [three] messengers, [who had come to Abraham], came to Lot's family.


[63] 62. [Lot] said: "You are uncommon people unknown [to me a.]"


[64] 63. They said: "But [actually] we have come to you, [Lot], with the [punishment] about which they keep doubting and disputing."


[65] 64. "And we have brought the true [word b] to you, and [surely] we are truthful."


[66] 65. "So set out together with your family, after passing of a portion of the night c, and follow their backs d. Let none of you turn back [for his property so that he may return to the city], but press forward to where you are commanded."


[67] 66. And We made plain to him the case as was decided e: that these [people] would, surely, be exterminated at morning f.


[68] 67. And the people of the city [of Sodom] came joyfully rejoicing g.


[69] 68. [Lot] said: "These are my guests; therefore do not expose me to disgrace [before people h.]"


[70] 69. So ward off God [s punishment], and put me not to shame."


[71] 70. They said: "Didnt we forbid you from [interfering with our affairs and what we do to] people?"


[72] 71. [Lot] said: "These are my daughters [: the girls of Sodom], [: then seek after marrying them] if you must be doing [so, and leave my guests.]"


[73] 72. Then the angels said to Lot: "[May God grant] you long life! They do move blindly in their confusion." i


[74] 73. So the cry j overtook them at sun-risek.


[75] 74. And We made its uppermost parts lowermost l, and rained down upon them m the sedimentary stones of 'sijjiel' n [and they died.]


[76] 75. Surely in that [event] are signs o for such as investigate and deduce [lessons from their ruins and events p.]


[77] 76. And surely those [four cities destroyed by the earthquake] are on a way still remaining q.


[78] 77. And therein is indeed a portent for believers r.







62 a You are neither merchants nor tourists, for you have no luggage, nor any commerce or riding-animals which you might have ridden.








64 b i.e. In which there is no changing, and so undoubtedly the punishment is inevitably going to befall them.






65 c It means: Stay until a part of the night passes and people sleep, then set out together with your family, lest anyone of your people should see and prevent you from going outside the city.

65 d i.e. set your family before you and walk, you, behind them; so that you will watch them lest anyone of them should return back.





66 e It means: We explained to him about the punishment that will take place at early morning, and We affirmed to him that the punishment is inevitably going to occur.

66 f So that none of them will survive, but all of them will perish at morning.




67 g At the coming of the three angels, who were in the shape of beautiful boys, so they came intending to commit fornication with them.






68 h who will hear about our story.







72 i Then one of the angels took a handful of dust and smote with it the faces of those people so their eyes were blinded and they returned frustrated to their families.






73 j It means: they started to shout and cry, when the walls of their houses fell on their heads.

73 k That event took place at the time of sun-rise; it means: at morning.




74 l It means: their houses collapsed and fell down on their heads and they died under the wreckage.

74 m i.e. on the men of the four cities who escaped the earthquake.

74 n This word has also been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, chapter 11.




75 o i.e. obvious indications of Gods might concerning the destroying and ruining.

75 p To anyone who thinks about them, sees their ruins or hears about their tales, so he will receive admonition and take lesson.

Literally, the word means those who follow up, investigate and track marks and traces.


76 q i.e. people still travel always along this road, and they see their ruins. These cities were in Palestine near the Dead Sea.




77 r i.e. a clear sing indicative of Gods might that He can destroy and ruin in one hour or even less than that.



[Then God be glorified explained about another event, so He said:]

[79] 78. And the people of the 'Ayka' a were also wrong-doers [when they denied Our apostle Shu'aib.] b


[80] 79. So We took vengeance on the [people of the Ayka.] And both of the [people of Lot and the people of the Ayka] were [mentioned] in [the Torah which is] an obvious scripture that preceded [before the Quran.]


[Then God be glorified mentioned another event, and said:]

[81] 80. The people c of 'Al-Hijr' d denied the messengers.


[82] 81. We gave them Our signs, but they persisted in turning away from them e.


[83] 82. And they used to hew [stones] out of the mountains [to build] dwellings wherein they felt] secure [from destruction by the rain and flood.] f


[84] 83. So the cry g overtook them at morning.


[85] 84. And all [the wealth and houses] that they earned did not avail them. h


[86] 85. We created not the heavens and the earthi and everything between them j but only with the true [promise] k; and the [appointed] hour l is [inevitably] comingm; so [O Mohammed], pardon [the associaters who have converted n] with fair pardoning o.


[87] 86. Certainly, your Lord is All-Creating, All-Knowing. p



78 a The ayk in Arabic is the [kind of] trees having no eatable fruit, like the Tamarix aphylla (or Tamarix arabica) the cypress, the cedar and others. An area including many trees of the ayk is also called 'ayka'.

The 'Ayka' was the miracle of Shu'aib, which has also been explained in the Quran 7: 85, which means:

(There has now come to you a clear [miracle] from your Lord.)

78 b They inhabited the wilderness of Sinai to the south of Palestine.




80 c i.e. the tribe of Thamood: the people of Prophet Salih.

80 d i.e. the stone houses.




81 e And they did not submit themselves to the truth.




82 f So We quaked the earth with them.




83 g They started to shout and cry when their homes collapsed on their heads, and they died.




84 h i.e. their stone houses and wealth did not avert from them any part of the punishment, and in fact their homes were the causative factor of their death and perishing.




85 i i.e. the planets including the earth.

85 j He means by that the moons, meteors and meteorites because they are situated between the planets.

85 k An aya similar to this has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, chapter 6.

85 l i.e. the hour of destruction of all these objects, which is the Doomsday.

85 m And then We shall punish them according to their acts.

85 n And dont take them to account about the past.

85 o By showing them kindness, in recompense of their offense.




86 p So He created the heavens and the earth [i.e. the planets including the earth] with wisdom and perfection, and made them float in the space and circle around the sun, and do not escape in the space, and created on them various kinds of creatures: [man], animal, plant, bird and insect; so blessed be the creation of God the Best of creators.



[88] 87. We have offered to you, [Mohammed], seven repeated a [stories which had been written in the Torah and have been repeated in the Quran], and the great Quran [in addition to that]. b


[The Prophet salam to him had four sons, but they died as little children, so when he would see some of the sons of the associaters, he would persist in looking at them, and wish that one of his sons would remain living; therefore, His saying be glorified in this aya was revealed:]

[89] 88. [O Mohammed] do not keep your looks on [the sons] that We bestowed on some parents among the [associaters]; and do not grieve on [your children who died c]; but show kindness to the believers.d


[90] 89. And say [to the associaters]: "I surely am an evident warner [of punishment]e."


[91] 90. As had We brought [the punishment] down on those [people of Salih] who had made distribution f.


[Then God be glorified started to dispraise the associaters among the people of Mecca, and He said:]

[92] 91. Those who considered the Quran as 'spiky thorns.' g


[93] 92. But [O Mohammed] by your Lord! We will question them all.


[94] 93. About what they did. h


[95] 94. Therefore, separate [the believers from the associaters i] according to that you [Mohammed] are commanded; and turn away from the associatersj.


[96] 95. Surely, We will certainly suffice you [Mohammed] against the scoffers k.


[97] 96. Those that claim with God another god, but soon [following their death] will they come to know [when they will face the punishment in the world of souls.]


87 a Any words repeated in speaking or writing is called , like the Book of Deuteronomy of the Bible, [which is called Deuteronomy] because it was mentioned twice.

Therefore, (We have offered to you, [Mohammed], seven [stories which had been written in the Torah and have been] repeated [in the Quran]) means: seven stories of the past prophets which we had mentioned to Moses, and his people had written them in the Torah, then when these stories have been written in the Quran, they have become repeated stories: it means: they were written twice: the first time in the Torah for Moses, and the second in the Quran for Mohammed.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 39: 23, which means:

(God has revealed the best story: a book [: the Quran] similar [to the story of the Torah], repeated, at which the skins of those who fear their Lord tremble with quivering, then their skins and their hearts do soften to the admonition of God.)


(God has revealed the best story) means : the best stories of the ancient people in order that your heart Mohammed may be reassured, and your nation may take lesson of the nations before them with their prophets.


The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 12: 3, which means:

(We do relate to you [Mohammed] the best of stories [of the ancient.])


(a book [: the Quran] similar [to the story of the Torah.])

It means: the stories that We have revealed in the Quran is similar to the stories of the prophets.


The indication of this is in His saying be glorified in the Quran 87: 18-19, which means:

(Surely, [We mentioned all] this in the former [heavenly] scriptures: The scriptures of Abraham and [the scriptures of] Moses [: the Torah.])


And in His saying be glorified in the Quran 20: 133, which means:

(Has not come to them the clear explanation of [the story of the past nations] that is in the former Scripture [: the Torah, the Psalms and the Gospel?])

(repeated) means: it is mentioned twice: one time in the Torah and the other time it is for Mohammed in the Quran, so they became (repeated.)


(at which the skins of those who fear their Lord tremble with quivering)

It means: At such stories, the skins tremble with quivering.

The meaning: When believers hear the stories of the past nations who denied the messengers and how God terminated them with various kinds of punishment, then their skins quiver because of mentioning and hearing such stories, and they fear of their Lord and ward off His punishment by doing righteousness acts and avoiding the sins.



(then their skins and their hearts do soften to the admonition of God) because of the good reward and prosperity in Paradise, with which God promises them.

87 b It means: We have given you also the Quran, which none of the prophets had before, as to its fluency, eloquence, laws, telling about the past, foretelling about the future, and others.

As regards to the seven stories mentioned in the Bible, the Book of Genesis, and are also mentioned in the Quran are: the story of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Lot, Ishmael, Jacob and Joseph: all these came before Moses, and God mentioned their stories to Moses, so his people wrote them in the Torah Collection [and were then included in the Old Testament.]




88 c Because you will find them before you in Paradise, to enjoy their presence and play with them, which will be better for you than their staying in the World and that they will grow older, and you will be in Paradise without children to enjoy yourself with.

88 d There is another aya, similar to this one, in the Quran, chapter 20: 131.



89 e I warn you of punishment in case you do not believe.



90 f Who slaughtered the female camel and distributed its meat among themselves. Moreover, the water was a distribution between them: one day for them and another day for the female camel. This is according to His saying be glorified in the Quran 54: 28, which means:

(And tell them that the water is to be shared between them [and the female camel]: each [of them and the female camel] is to be present [at the water-spring] to drink in turn [every other day.])



91 g i.e. they have considered the Quran like the 'spiky thorn : as if it hurts them, falsifies their opinions and disproves their doctrines. While God has made it as an admonition and mercy for them.

The Arabic word in the aya is derived from the Azhah which is a wild tree having so many stout and long thorns or spikes.



93 h So that the disbeliever will be questioned in a way of rebuking and censuring, while the believer will be questioned in a way of judgment, and the prophets will be questioned about their conveying of the message, and everyone responsible will be questioned about those whom he was responsibile about.



94 i By the emigration to Abyssinia.

94 j It means: Dont pay attention to their words, mockery, and that to which they invite you.



95 k i.e. We will rid you from their evil by making them perish; they were five out of Quraish men: Aas son of Wael, Walid son of Mughierah, Abu Zamaa: Aswad son of Muttalib, the Aswad son of Abd Yaghout and the Harith son of Qays.



[98] 97. Certainly We know that your breast is much embarrassed by [their words, of denial and mockery], that they say [about you.]


[99] 98. So celebrate the praises of your Lord [O Mohammed], and be [one] of those who prostrate themselves [to Him] in adoration.


[100] 99. And worship your Lord until you will become certain [that you are sent to them by God a.]






99 a And that the revelation which has come to you is from God, and is not from the jinn and devils as do the associaters claim.

That is because, at the start, the Prophet doubted about himself when he saw his people ridicule him, and they said to him: The one who brought the revelation to you is a devil and not one of the angels.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 15 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)



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