Soora 41


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


The meaning


More explanation

[2] 1. Ha, Miem:

[These abbreviated Arabic letters mean:]

[Wisdom, O Mohammed!] [: W. M.]


[3] 2. [This] revelation is from [God] Most Gracious, Most Merciful. a


[4] 3. A book whose revelations provide the complete details b; a Quran in Arabic c, for a people who know [the fluency and eloquence of language d.]


[5] 4. [As] a bearer of glad tidings [of Paradise e] and [as] a warner [of chastisement f ], yet most of them have turned away [from believing in it] with arrogance g, so they listen not [to it. h]


[6] 5. And they say [to Our messenger i]: "Our hearts are inside shells, [concealed] from such [monotheism j ] to which you invite us, in our ears is deafness k, and between us and you is a barrier l; so do [whatever you like; for] we are doing [plots against you. m]









2 a This has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, soora (or chapter) 40.




3 b expounding the bidden and the forbidden; the lawful and the unlawful; the promising with prosperity and the threatening with punishment; the invitation to Paradise and the warning of the Fire, in addition to the parables and admonitions.

3 c Which is the language of the Arab.

3 d To know for certain that it is not the word of Mohammed but the word of God.





4 e To those who believe.

4 f To those denying and disbelieving in it.

4 g Against Mohammed, and with stubbornness.

4 h Because it includes the scorning of their gods and denial of its divinity.




5 i With their extreme stubbornness and arrogance.

5 j Or the exclusive devotion to God alone.

5 k So we neither hear what you say, nor understand what you want.

5 l Which prevents communicating. It means: a difference and variation in religion and belief.

5 m And you will know who will overcome his opponent.



[7] 6. Say [Mohammed]: "I am only a human being like yourselves; [but a] I am inspired that your God is only One God b. So be constant c to Him [with your supplication and prayers], and ask Him to forgive you [your past sins]; woe [of a painful chastisement] be to associaters"


[8] 7. "Those who pay not the 'Zakat [-alms]' d and who [in addition to their withholding the alms] do even deny the Next Life."


[9] 8. Surely, those who believe and work righteous [deeds] will have a reward that will not be suspended.



6 a God favored me exclusively with the revelation, and commanded me to invite you to worship Him and to forbid you from worshipping the idols and statues.

6 b Having neither associate nor guardian nor assistant nor sons nor daughters nor parent nor wife or female companion.

6 c In such monotheism and exclusive devotion.




7 d To the poor and needy.



[10] 9. Say [Mohammed, to the idolaters]: "Do you, then, disbelieve in [God] Who created the earth in two days a, and do you ascribe to Him opponents?b That c is the Lord of [all] the worlds d!"


[11] 10. And He made [mountains] that landed upon it e, blessed it f, and apportioned therein its sustenance g in four daysh; alike for those who ask [for their provision.]


[12] 11. Then He tended to [build] the sky [of the earth] and it had been smoke i; He said to the [sky] and to the earth: "Come, both of you [to the gravitational force of the sun], willingly or loath." The two said: "We [all] have come obedient."


[13] 12. And He separated them into seven firmaments j in two days k, and inspired into each firmament its 'amr' [: its race of genies l], and We adorned the nearest firmament [to your earth] with [meteors m to be as] lamps and [for] protectionn; such [creation and formation] is the ordaining of the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing.


9 a i.e. in two thousand years; because one of the days of God equals one thousand of our years.

It is written in the Psalm 90 a prayer of Moses; he said:

You God, turn men back to dust, saying, "Return to dust, O sons of Adam; for a thousand years in your sight are like a day.

The creation is the transformation from one thing to another; it means: He transformed it into an earth after being a sun, and that lasted two thousands of our years, which was the period in which the surface of the sun, whose life finished, became cold.

9 b i.e. equals and rivals (or peers) whom you worship besides God.

9 c One Who created the earth in two days.

9 d i.e. the Lord of all people.




10 e Which are prominent on it in order to use its shade to protect you from sun heat and to moderate the climate and for other advantages.

10 f i.e. He increased the earth volume by many factors:

First: The earth crust started to become cold more and more.

Second: In addition, the falling of meteorites on it increased its volume.

Third: Moreover, the falling of the particles coming from the outer space [caused more increase in its volume and mass.] Such particles originally came from meteorites whose parts had scattered in the space.

Fourth: the minerals increased also in its volume, by means of combining with other elements. Examples: The oxygen combines with the iron forming the iron oxide so its volume will increase; the carbon dioxide gas combines with the lime forming calcium carbonate and so the volume of the calcium will increase; and the nitrogen combines with the sodium and potassium forming sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate. And so on the gases combine with most of minerals to increase their volumes; and as such the earth body started to increase by the passing of years and eras.

10 g Which is the nutrients of food and drink for man and animal.

The meaning: He sent down the water on it and created the plants, trees and animals and made that as provision and sustenance for man when He would create him on earth; for God be glorified had created and prepared these things for man before creating him on it; as did He create the two breasts of woman before He created the fetus in her womb.

10 h i.e. He created and formed all that in four thousand years; so the sum is six thousand years; because the cooling of the earth was completed in two thousand years; as God be glorified said in the Quran 32: 4, which means:

(It is God Who created the heavens and the earth and what [moons] are between them in six [of the] days [of the Next Life.] Then He mounted the throne.)

So He means by the heavens and the earth the planets because they were one earth which exploded and became many planets.




11 i Which is the smoke that emerged from the earth when it was flaming; and that smoke was a mixture of seven gases.




12 j It means: He separated and divided that smoke until it became seven gaseous layers.

12 k i.e. in a period of two thousands of the earth years.

12 l i.e. He inspired to those genies and souls inhabiting these seven firmaments the administration of their affairs and to seek after their provision and livelihood by themselves.

The indication, that these gaseous firmaments are inhabited by the creatures of the genie, is His saying be glorified in the Quran 23: 17, which means:

(And We have created above you seven [gaseous] layers [for the dwelling of the genie]; and We are not heedless of creatures [neither of genies nor of humans.])

12 m Which flash by night and light the sky.

12 n i.e. And We made it as a protection from devils lest they should ascend to the ethereal heavens.



[14] 13. But if they turn away [in aversion from the belief, in spite of this explanation], then say; "I am warning you [then] of a blast a like the blast of Aad and Thamood b."


[15] 14. When the messengers (or apostles) came to them

[: to Aad] from before them [: from their city: not far away from them],

and [to Thamood, the apostles came] after the [termination of the tribe of Aad;]

[They said to them:] "Worship none but God [alone.]"'

The [disbelievers among them] said [to their apostles]: If our Lord pleased [to send any apostles], He would send down some angels [from heaven and send them to us, instead of sending humans like ourselves];

so we deny the [message] you were sent with.

[Then God detailed their case after the summary, and said:]

[16] 15. As for Aad, they waxed proud in the land [over Gods apostles and over those believing in them] without [having any] right [against the believers],

and they said: Who is more powerful than we are? [Therefore, we subdue any who defame our religion and revile our gods]

[So God said]: Did they not see that God, Who created them, is more powerful than they are? [So had He willed, He could have terminated them in one minute.]

And they went on denying Our signs.


[Then God be glorified - told about the way in which they were terminated, and He said:]

[17] 16. So We loosed against them a furious c wind [: storms] for [several] ominous days [in the time of bitter coldness], to let them taste the chastisement of disgrace in the life of the World. And the chastisement of the Next Life will, surely, be more degrading, and they will not be helped [: none will save them from the punishment.]


[18] 17. As for [the tribe of] Thamood, We showed to them the right way [of guidance], but they preferred the blindness [of misguidance] over guidance, so there overtook them the stunning [earthquake: and they suffered the] chastisement of humiliation; according to what [crimes and guilt] they earned.


[19] 18. And We saved [from the earthquake] those who believed d and warded off e.



13 a i.e. a sudden chastisement and a quick termination.

13 b i.e. like the chastisement which afflicted the tribe of Aad and the tribe of Thamood.




















16 c i.e. having roaring sounds like the thunder; they were the hurricanes.









18 d Together with Prophet Salih.

18 e The occurring of that earthquake, about which We had told them.



[20] 19. On the day when [they will die and go to the Afterlife a] the enemies of God shall be gathered together to the fire [of volcanoes], and shall be distributed [on its gates: the volcanoes b.]


[21] 20. Until when they come to it, their hearing, their eye-sights c and their skins shall bear witness against them of what [evil] they did.


[22] 21. And they [shall] say to their skins: "Why have you borne witness against us?" They [shall] say: "God let us speak Who let everything speak." d

[Then Gabriel will say:] "He did create you [naked] at first, and to Him [shall] you be [after death] returned [naked also.]"


[23] 22. "You did not hide yourselves [behind curtains and in inner rooms] lest your ear-hearing and your eye-sights and your [ethereal] skins should testify against you e.

But you deemed that God would never know much of [the evil] that you were doing [and concealing f.]"


[24] 23. "And that is your opinion which you thought about your Lord; it has ruined you; and you find yourselves [this day] among the lost."


[Then God be glorified said:]

[25] 24. If they, then, show patience [about the chastisement], the fire will be a home for them g! And if they beg for 'pardon and good pleasure [of God]' h, their suit shall not be granted i.


[26] 25. And We exchanged for them [some devils as] comrades [instead of the righteous believers] j, and they made fair-seeming to them [the idols] that were before their hands and [the evil programs k] that they left behind them, and the decision [of punishment] was deservedly pronounced against them, together with nations of the genie-kind and man-kind l, that passed away before them; they indeed were losers m.


19 a Which is the Barzakh world.

19 b And shall be imprisoned inside it.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 15: 44, which means:

(It has seven [volcano] gates; to every gate will there be a separate portion of them.)

The gates are the craters of the volcanoes; they were seven in the past, but today the number of volcanoes has increased.

The Arabic word in the aya, translated here as distributed has been explained also in the interpretation of the Quran 16: 17.



20 c These are the names of the soul special senses. The skins are also ethereal, and He did not mean by that their material bodies.

However, we do not know about how they give witness; but when we shall go to the Barzakh world [or the Afterlife], we shall then see and know.

Anyhow, it is not surprising; for as have we in the life of the World the recorder with its tape which speaks and gives witness against you according to what you spoke and uttered, including even the moaning, the coughing and the yawning.



21 d Man has become able to make the phonograph record made of pitch and used in the gramophone, and the tape used in the recorder set, and others like the cinema film and the video tape; and so the speaking of skins has been fulfilled.




22 e Because you denied the sending [of souls] to the Next Life; but in fact your hiding, behind the walls and in the inner rooms when you committed the fornication [and the disobedience], was because you feared lest you might be exposed and dishonored.

22 f And therefore you dared to do what you did.



24 g Of which they cannot get rid.

24 h And to return to Gods obedience.

24 i i.e. God will not be well-pleased with them. This word has also been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, soora (or chapter) 16.




25 j i.e. We substituted for them the evil companions instead of the righteous companions; the evil companions are the devils; that is because they refused the righteous companions and insisted not to be altogether with them; the righteous companions are the believers; and so We substituted for them with the evil companions or comrades.

Therefore, their comrades ,there, are the devils who will completely take control of them in the Barzakh [or Afterlife] world.

25 k i.e. the monuments, innovations and false doctrines.

25 l Who did like them and associated in the worship of their Lord.

25 m They lost Paradise and its prosperity.



[27] 26. And those who disbelieve said [to each other]: Do not listen to this Quran but oppose it with much speaking and [interrupt, the one reciting it, with shouting], so that you may overcome a.


[So God threatened them with punishment, and said:]

[28] 27. So [In the Next Life] We shall make the disbelievers suffer a terrible chastisement, and shall recompense them according to their worst acts.


[29] 28. Such [punishment] will be the requital of God's enemies: the Fire, in which they will [be chastised] and will have [exhaling and inhaling; it is] the Home of Eternity b, in recompense for that they denied Our signs.


[30] 29. Those who disbelieve [will] say c, "Our Lord, show us those, of either of genies and humans, who misled us, so we may [trample] them under our feet d, and so they will be the lowliest."




26 a i.e. you may overcome the one reciting the Quran, and he may then stop reciting it.












28 b From which they will not be taken out.







29 c When they will enter into Hell.

29 d And take revenge on them.



[31] 30. Surely, those who say, 'Our Lord is God'a, then they keep up straight and steadfast b the angels descend on them [when they die, giving them the glad news of Paradise and saying to them:] 'Fear not [of devilsc] and grieve not [for leaving the family and children] d, but hear the glad news of Paradise which you were promised [by the tongue of your prophets];


[32] 31. We were your guardian [angels] in the life of the World e and [now] in the Afterlife f. Therein shall you have [all] that your souls desireg; therein shall you have [all that] for which you pray.


[33] 32. A hospitable gift h from [God] the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.


[34] 33. And who is better in speech than one who calls [people] to [worship and obey] God [alone] i, and does righteous [work] and says: "I am one of those submitting themselves [to God's command j?]"


[Then God be glorified addressed His noble messenger and said:]

[35] 34. Not equal is [the rewarding by people for] the good conduct, nor is the evil [conduct in requital by them.] k

So [O Mohammed] repel [the evil conduct] with a better [conduct] l;

then one between whom and you is enmity [will become] as it were your [loyal] friend [and an] intimate [kindred.]


[36] 35. But none is granted this [kind of conduct m] save those who steadfastly persevere. n

And none is granted it save a man having a mighty share [of wisdom and knowledge.]


[37] 36. If a provocation from Satan [with his suggestions] should provoke you [Mohammed, against your people], then seek protection of God [against him] o; [for] it is [God] Who is the All-Hearing [of your words], the All-Knowing [of whatever affliction may afflict you.] p


30 a Admitting that He is the Lord, and that He is One.

30 b i.e. they keep up constant to this doctrine and to doing the righteous work, until they die.

30 c For we are with you, and we guard you.

30 d For we will let them follow you later on.




31 e Protecting you from genies and devils, and we wrote your deeds and recorded your words.

31 f Also we are your guardians: guiding you to Paradise.

31 g Including the food, drink, wives etc.




32 h The meaning: God has prepared for you this prosperity in Paradise, and made it your home where you dwell and reside forever.






33 i And forbids them from worshipping the idols, statues and from worshipping the angels, prophets, imams and others.

33 j And to what the messengers (or apostles) brought from God.





34 k For some of people return the evil act with a more evil act, others return it with an equal evil act, and others may pardon.

34 l The meaning: If one treats you with an evil act, then treat him with a good act, or if he speaks to you with a bad word, then speak to him a good word.










35 m that is to return the evil act with a good act.

35 n With the distress; and so they return the evil act with a good one.









36 o And say: I seek refuge in God from the cursed and rejected Satan.

36 p An aya similar to this one has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 7: 200.



[38] 37. And of His signs are the night [with its darkness] and the day [with its clearness and their continuous succession], the sun [with its lasting heat] and the moon [with its rotation around the earth and its connection with it] a.

Prostrate not yourselves in adoration neither to the sun nor to the moon b, but prostrate yourselves in adoration to God Who created them [all], if [truly] Him [alone] you do worship.


[39] 38. But if [your people, O Mohammed,] become arrogant [to the prostration c], yet those [angels in the neighborhood] of your Lord d do [continuously] glorify Him by night and day, and feel not bored [from the glorification.]


[40] 39. And of His signs [is this], that you see the land dry and cracked [without plant]; but when We send down the [rain] water upon it, it stirs e and increases f; surely, He Who revives it g, surely, He it is Who will revive the dead; [for] He is Most Able to do all things. h


37 a So all these are signs indicating a Creator Who created them and an All-Knowing Who perfected their making.

37 b Because these two are some of His creatures.

In fact God be glorified said that (Prostrate not yourselves in adoration neither to the sun nor to the moon) because some of the associaters prostrated themselves to them and worshipped them.

Similarly, in our present time, some sects prostrate themselves to them; some of such sects are the Yezidi.

God be glorified said in the aya that: (Who created them [all]) in plural, while they are two; it means: Do not prostrate yourselves to the sun which you see, nor to the moon which you see, but prostrate yourselves to God Who created all suns and moons, if you truly worship Him.

[When you recite or hear an aya of the Quran like this aya, in which the prostration is ordered , then prostrate yourself to God and] say in your prostration:

Truly, truly, there is no god but God.

I believe a certain belief that there is no god but God.

I prostrate myself to you, Lord, and I am your servant and slave.

God, my work is so little, so double it for me, O Generous Lord; according to Your generosity; for You are the Most Merciful more than all the merciful.




38 c And do not comply with Gods command.

38 d In the ethereal heavens.




39 e i.e. the land shakes and vibrates with the plant.

39 f i.e. its soil increases because of the water and its absorption of the nitrogen gas present in the air and the carbon dioxide gas solved by the coming down rain.

39 g i.e. Who revives the land with the plant.

39 h A similar aya to this one has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 30: 50.



[41] 40. Those, who deny [the truth in] Our revelations, will not be hidden from Us [when they will be in the gravesa].

[Consider then:] is he who shall be hurled into the Fire better, or he who shall come secure [of the chastisement] on the Day of Judgment? b

Do [then] whatever you [people] like; surely, He is All-Seeing of what you do.c


[42] 41. Surely, those [will regret] who disbelieve in the admonition [of the Quran] when it has come to them [from God];

and surely the [Quran] is a precious book [to believers, although associaters disbelieve in it.]


[43] 42. No falsehood can approach it, neither at the present time [of its revelation] nor in the future [: a long time afterwards] d; [it is] revealed from a Wise [and] Praiseworthy e [God.]


[44] 43. No [mockery or denial] that has been said to you [Mohammed], but it had been said to the messengers [: apostles] before you f;

surely your Lord [offers] forgiveness [to the believers] and [afflicts the associaters] with painful punishment.




40 a It means: When they will die, their souls cannot hide from Us, but they will be in Our grip, wherever they go and wherever they hide: they will be cast in Hell.

40 b It means: Think about the final consequence, and consider which will be better the atheist or the denier who will be cast in the fire, or the believer who will come secure of the punishment.

40 c Nothing of your acts of falsehood may be hidden from Him; this actually is a threatening and warning of the occurrence of the chastisement.













42 d So that none can distort the Quran as did they distort the Torah and the Gospel and they added and omitted many things in them according to their desires.

42 e i.e. He is Worthy of being praised by His servants.





43 f It means: Whatever the associaters [and idolaters] have said to you in answer to your inviting them, is like to the denial and mockery that had been said to the other messengers before you; so do not bother yourself in case they deny you and do not be sad in case they ridicule you; for this is not a new act of theirs.



[45] 44. Had We made it a Quran in a foreign [non-Arabic language] a, the [people of Mecca] would have said: "Why have not its revelations been expounded [in Arabic so that we can understand their meaning and know their implication]?

How can [the Quran] be in a foreign [non-Arabic language], and [the messenger] be an Arabian?" c

Say, [Mohammed, to them]: "The [Quran], to those who believe, is a guidance d and a healing e; [whereas] those, who disbelieve, have an impairment and deafness in their ears f, and it is a blindness for them g.

Such [associaters] will [on Doomsday] be called to, from a place far away [from them.] h


44 a It means: Had Gabriel recited it to Mohammed in Hebrew as did We send the Torah to Moses, or in Syriac language [: a form of Aramaic language], as was the Gospel written, then the Arab would not have understood it, and they would have said:

44 c It means: They would have said: The book is non-Arabic and the messenger is an Arab; so how can we understand its meaning and how can the messenger instruct us to his purpose?

44 d To the way of the truth in the life of the World, and to the way to Paradise in the Next Life.

44 e From psychological diseases.

44 f Preventing them from accepting it and from listening to its revelations.

44 g So that they do not ponder its revelations nor do they listen to its words.

44 h It means: they will remain on the earth, suffering till Doomsday, when israfil will call to them, and they will answer his call and go up to the gathering-together in the space.

While believers will ascend to heaven, long time before disbelievers; and that is when the earth will stop its axial rotation.

So the Caller (or Crier or Summoner) is Israfil; he will stand in the space and call the souls which will be on earth, to come up to him to the Gathering-together for Judgment and Requital.

That is because the earth will tear up, as have I mentioned previously, so the souls will scatter in the space like the scattered locust, and they will not know where they may go and in which direction; so when they will hear the voice of the Caller, they will go to him quickly.

This is His saying be glorified in the Quran 17: 52, which means:

(On the day when he [:the angel Israfil] will call you [for Judgment and Requital] and you will respond, with His praise, and will think that you tarried [in the World] only for little time.)

It means: He will call you to the Gathering-together and you will respond to his call ascend up to him.

Moreover, God be glorified said in the Quran 36: 51, which means:

(And when the 'Horn' will be blown; behold, they will then go up, from the graves, in crowds, to their Lord [: to the gathering-together in the space.])

It means: To the space they will ascend group after another.

He specified the disbelievers exclusively by the far place; because believers will ascend up to the paradises together with the angels, when the earth will stop its axial rotation, and disbelievers and associaters will remain suffering till Doomsday; and therefore, they will be far away from the Summoner or Caller.



[46] 45. And We did give to Moses the Scripture a, but it was contradicted b. And but for a word that had been pronounced by your Lord [to postpone their punishment till Doomsday, the matter] would certainly have been concluded between them [by bringing down the plague on them, so that We terminate the disbelievers and spare the believers.]

And they have a dreadful doubt concerning [your book O Mohammed.] c


45 a i.e. the Torah.

45 b It means: The Children of Israel went into dissension about the Book and its statements, so they contradicted some of its laws, so they drank the wine which is unlawful to them, abandoned the washing after copulation while they were commanded to do it; they were commanded to refrain from working on Saturday, but many of them did not comply with this; moreover, most of them associated [in the worship of their Lord] so they worshipped the idols and the Star Sirius.

45 c So that they say: How shall we disbelieve Mohammed, while he brings the same heavenly religions brought by the messengers or apostles? And how shall we believe in him and forsake our religion and the religion of our fathers; therefore, they waver and are suspicious about your matter.



[47] 46. Whoso does righteousness, the [reward] is for his own soul;

and whoso does evil [work], the [punishment] is against [his soul.]

And thy Lord is not at all any wrong-doer of His servants [so that He may punish them with no sins they committed.]




[48] 47. To [God] is referred the knowledge of the Hour [of birth and the Hour of death of man];

And [He knows about the plant:] no fruits may come forth from their sheaths [neither may any leave fall, nor may any fruit fall out of its branch],

nor may any female [human or animal] conceive, nor may she be delivered [of her pregnancy] but with His knowledge. a

[Then] on the day when the [angel in charge of their chastisement will] call to them: "Where are my partners [who are like me, and whom you associated with God? So call them now to intercede for you! b]

They [will] say: "You have heard us calling them [but none of them has answered us], and none of us has seen [any of them c.]"


[49] 48. And those whom they, previously, called [as intercessors will] have been lost from them d.

And they [will] become certain that they [will] not have any escape [from the fire.]



47 a It means: He knows about the time of her becoming pregnant and the time of her delivery of her child.

47 b Therefore, they will turn right and left [searching about their intercessors], but they will not see anyone of them.

47 c To beg them to intercede for us, but we miss them.

So the word my partners is the saying of the angel in charge of their chastisement; therefore, they will address the angel and answer him saying: ("You have heard us calling them [but none of them has answered us], and none of us has seen [any of them.]")

Moreover, the word my partners has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, chapters 16, 18 and 28.









48 d Because they [will] not find such claimed intercessors, who [even will] not intercede for them.



[50] 49. Man never wearies of seeking after wealth [all his life] a; but when evil visits him [as a trial], he gives up all hope [of goodness] and is desperate [of Gods mercy.]


[51] 50. But if We make him taste mercy b from Us after distress c has touched him he will surely say:

"This [fortune] is my ownd, and I think not the Hour [of my death] is imminent e; and if I am brought back to my Lord [following my death], shall I have with Him a better [condition than this!?]" f

[Then God be glorified said:]

So We will inform those who disbelieve with what [evil] they did, and We will surely let them suffer of a hard chastisement g.


[52] 51. When We bestow a grace on man, he withdraws [in aversion, from praying and glorifying his Lord] and turns himself aside [from the religion and from obedience to God]; but when distress inflicts him, he abounds in prayer. h


49 a So he will work and toil for collecting money; so that if he is given two gold mountains, he will desire for a third one; and he does not pay attention to his Next Life, as is he occupied with his life of the World.

Similar to this in meaning is His saying be glorified in the Quran 100: 8, which means:

(And he [: man] loves wealth very much.)

Moreover, God be glorified said in the Quran 102: 1-2, which means:

(The striving [to have more wealth and children] diverts you [from God's obedience.]

Until you [die and] visit the [people of] tombs.)

It means: The collection of money distracts you from your Next Life.




50 b i.e. prosperity, health and richness.

50 c Like poverty afflicting him, a disease befalling him or an enemy humiliating and abasing him.

50 d It will not go away from me, and I will not expend out of it on the poor.

50 e It means: he will say: I dont think that I shall die soon, but my life in the World will be long.

50 f No, I will not expend out of my wealth, nor will I desire for any life better than it in the Next Life.

50 g Which is so severe.




51 h The meaning: If man falls in a distress, he will start to pray, supplicate and ask God to save him from the distress; then if He saves him from it, and he becomes in prosperity and well-being, he will forget about his Lord, and will be occupied with collecting money and with amusement and rapture, and will not mention his Lord neither in asking Him nor in prayers to Him.



[53] 52. Say: "Tell me your opinion [about the Quran]: if it is [really] from God [not from myself], and yet you reject it a: who is more astray than one who is in a contradiction far [from the truth]?" b


[54] 53. We will show them Our portents [indicative of the truthfulness of Mohammed] c on the horizons [of the sky] d and among themselves e in order that it will become evident to them that [the Quran] is the truth [from God and not from Mohammed f.]

Is it not enough that your Lord [is a Witness to your truthfulness, O Mohammed, and He] does witness all things g ?


[55] 54. In fact they h are in doubt and dispute about the meeting i with their Lord; but surely, He j has full knowledge and might over everything k.


52 a Without listening to it or thinking about its meaning, eloquence and fluency and its foretelling about the unknown; what will your fate be in the Next Life before God, and what answer you will give about that?

52 b It means: none will be more misguided than you are; because you decided it is false without thinking about it and without pondering its revelations.



53 c It means: In the future, they will see the cosmic signs to be a confirmation of the Quran.

That is because people are different in religions and doctrines, some of them believe in the Quran and others deny it, like Jews, Christians and other sects; therefore, God will show them such portents in order to be certain that the Quran is the word of God, for He will fulfill what He promised about the changes in the universe.

53 d They are the portents and extra-ordinary events mentioned in the Quran and which will occur in the Last Days, like:

        the fixation of moon [as full moon], then its division into two halves, then its attraction towards the sun;

        the cessation of the earth from its axial rotation so that the night will be perpetual in one side of the earth, and the day will be perpetual in the other side;

        the moving of the meteorites towards the sun,

        the falling of comets down upon the earth,

        the dispersion of mountains,

        and the evaporation of the water of rivers and seas facing the sun.

Therefore, such portents or signs will be on the horizons.

53 e i.e. and another sign will appear among themselves: he is the Mahdi who will bring to them the explanation of the mysterious words of the Quran, the meaning of which they do not understand, and do not know their implications, and for this reason, they deny such words of the Quran.

So the Mahdi will explain to them their meaning and implication, in order that the signs will be scientific and applied and practical; so they may believe in them and be certain, because the appearing portents will confirm what God told about in the Quran.

53 f As do they claim; therefore they will believe then, when their belief will not profit them.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 6: 158, which means:

(On the day [that] one of your Lord's portents will come, it shall not profit a soul to believe [at that time] that never believed before [the occurrence of that portent], or earned some good by his belief.

Say [Mohammed to these associaters and idolaters]: "Wait you [for the occurrence of that portent; for] we [too] are waiting [for your death in order that We will punish you in the world of souls].")

So the first extra-ordinary sign to appear on the horizons will be in moon, which will be its fixation [as a full moon] in the beginning, then its fission into two halves then its attraction towards the sun.

However, I have explained about these portents and signs and how they will occur in the End of the Time [or the Last Days], in my book entitled: The Universe and the Quran

53 g i.e. He is Present: hears and sees.



54 h i.e. the associaters.

54 i i.e. with the sending to the Next Life, the Judgment and the Punishment.

54 j i.e. God be glorified.

54 k So, following their death, He will punish them according to their disbelief.




By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 41 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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